To the One

By Paulo Coelho

To the one who understood her task and her purpose.
To the one who looked at the road ahead, and understood that it was a difficult journey.

To the one who did not make light of those difficulties,
but, on the contrary, made them manifest and visible.

To the one who makes the lonely feel they are not alone,
who satisfies those who hunger and thirst for justice, who makes the oppressor feel as bad as the oppressed.

To the one who always keeps her door open,
her ears listening, her hands working, her feet walking.

To the one who embodies the verses of another Persian poet,
Hafez, when he says: Not even seven thousand years of joy are worth seven days of sadness.

To the one who is here tonight, may she be one with all of us,
may her example multiply, may she still have difficult days ahead,
so that she can do whatever she needs to do,
so that the next generations will not have to strive
for what has already been accomplished.

And may she walk slowly,
because her peace is the peace of change,
and chage, real change, always takes time.

(Message from Paulo Coelho to honour Shirin Ebadi at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony, Oslo, December 11th 2003).

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  1. Farhang says:

    To the one who thought Shirin Ebady would cause a change,
    it was just another nightmare
    To the one who wrote follow your dreams,
    but did not understand even Nightmare is a dream
    To the one who thought changes, real change that takes time
    did not say that change means getting worst.
    To the one who is so blind, that couldn’t see the game of Shirin Ebady and the nobel prise the real game

    To the one who wrote
    “who satisfies those who hunger and thirst for justice, who makes the oppressor feel as bad as the oppressed.

    I just laughed my head off.
    OMG Paulo your sooooooo funny

  2. totally amazed ‘to the one’ who wrote this very expressive poem. to you Paulo Coelho more power!

  3. Atra says:

    Thank God for people like her …. as an Iranian women she makes me so proud

  4. Omar says:

    its nice i can tell

  5. sushma says:

    let the one be all of us

  6. zeinab says:

    As a woman in a country like hers, I strongly believe that Shirin deserves even more than such expressive words,,,,wish her all the best and more and more success and prosperity.

    Thank you Mr. Coelho for your words which I think will inspire her to keep going on the same path…


  7. Ihda'a says:

    To the one , he always keeps a door open, his ears listening

  8. Yumna says:

    Beautiful and expressive, “the her” makes it more sensitive and touchy.

    Regards from one of yours many admirers,


  9. Mari Raphael says:

    Pí´xa !!! Que Lindo !
    Muito emocionante, mesmo !
    Deve ter sido um momento maravilhoso e especial para todos os que estavam alí­ ouvindo isso .
    Muito bacana,
    grande beijo,

  10. Marie-Christine says:

    J’ai ecoute la musique et je suis allee marcher.
    Ud sabe muchas cosas.
    Voce e magico e a tercera olhos de seus…
    Amor sempre que sao es melhores , do meu corecao Obrigado voe e tao bom

  11. Marie-Christine says:

    That’s really nice. I like that.

  12. Lynette says:


    I honour your words that you wrote spoke for Shirin Ebadi!!!.

    I quite often hear words such as these spoken of a person but they are often said postumously at a funeral. How sad!

    We should always let someone know how they are appreciated and how much change has happened because of their impact in this world.

    Your eloquence and truth would have brought tears of gratitude and resolve that further work carries its challenges, but is worth the ultimate effort! May her courage and justice prevail.


  13. Lynette says:

    May the door of my heart always be open to all blessings that come my way ………………………………………………..

    Love and blessings


  14. nimmy theresa says:


  15. Victor van Rij says:

    Let the one become many so the river will start to flow

    Victor van Rij

  16. bess sia says:

    change also requires courage. sometimes, it takes real courage to go out from our comfort zone and face the hard knocks of life.