No one changes destiny

By Paulo Coelho

Before a decisive battle, the Japanese general decided to take the initiative and attack, knowing that the enemy was greater in number. Although he was sure of his strategy, his men were fearful.

On the way to the confrontation, they decided to stop at a temple. After praying, the general turned to his soldiers:

– I will toss this coin. If it is heads, we return to camp. If it is tails, that means that the gods will protect us, and we shall defeat the enemy. Now, our future will be revealed.

He threw the coin high up, and the eyes of his anxious soldiers saw the result: tails. They all rejoiced, and as they attacked were filled with confidence and vigor, and were able to celebrate victory later that afternoon.

His chief officer said proudly:
– The gods are always right. No one can change the destiny they reveal.

– You are right, no one can change destiny when we are resolved to follow it. The gods help us, but at times we must help them too. – he replied, handing the officer the coin.

Both sides were tails.

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  1. THELMA says:

    The story emphasizes the power of Mind. The power of mind over the material World. When we 'believe' in something and we can 'see' it happening, then ..miracles happen. Everything is possible.
    But if it is a …written Destiny, I believe, the only thing we can do is to change our…attitude!

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    good trick, he was a wise man, a bit of a magician.

  3. Nona says:

    Dear Hildegarde, Elisa, Thelma, Chieko,
    Many thanks for your heart felt. People to people contact is important at a time like that. What happens in Georgia is a global problem. The world society should stand together to curb Russian aggression.
    Much love to you all!

  4. Ali says:

    When you have faith in something or someone. You believe everything about it. and that’s the point. They hadn’t any doubts that they will be victorious. And when you have NO doubt and fear that something will happen. it will happen. The greatest gift of God to us.

  5. Elisa says:

    Dear Nona,
    I do understand how you may feel at this point…however, I will not only toss the coin for you with both sides as tails, but I will also pray for you and your people… and I can assure you that God’s hand and love will be the ones who protect you all from the darkness of the war and the pain that the injuries causes.

    I’m from El Salvador, Central America, which is also a little country (because we are not even small, we are a little country)and we suffered a war for 12 years which is now 15 years in the past. The worst part of my people war, is that this was not an international war, it was a political internal war which killed houndred thousands people includding kids, ancians, pregnant women, and so on… Brothers killing brothers!! Killing us eachother!!

    However, as this is in the past, and I’m still living in my beautiful country, I can assure you that you will make it up too… It made me strong, straight also, since I was a little child when the war get started, and now I have no weapons to share with you for your self defense (and I know that sometimes in this cases are necessary), but I have the immense power of the prayers that kept us (and still keep me and my family)stand, as one… Yes, please keep your faith alive, there’s always an angel who cares of us, and even more in the worst days or in the dark moment, Jesus will be carrying you on his arms and his army, that is an army of angels, will protect you…because the smaller you are, the more protected you will be by God’s hand!!!

    ” Immaculate Conception give me strength to fight injustice and cruelty”.


  6. THELMA says:

    Thank you all. for expressing your feelings… I read them first thing every morning! My family says, I am addicted to the ineternet…How can I explain, that I have a ‘spiritual family’ there?
    Dear Nona, unfortunately, this is the destiny of all ‘small’ countries. My country, Cyprus, had experienced a similar situation in 1974 and we are still fighting for …solving the problem. I believe, they wait until one or two generations die, and then again the ‘mighty’ will do what they want. This is ‘cruelty’, in my opinion.. So many lives lost.
    Love, THELMA

  7. chieko says:

    Dear Nona,
    i truly hope God brings peace once again in your country. it is already 21th century. and i think it is time to welcome something beautiful such as love, passion, art, friends and family, etc…i never saw war tanks or solders in my life. i cannot imagine how scary it would be to see those things entering the town. only when we make a decision, miracle happens. (with God’s help, of course) love

  8. Nona says:

    The wisdom of your beautiful story is being tested in action today in Georgia that has been attacked by Russian jets for several days. The destiny of my small country is under question today. What can we do against Russia’s brutal actions? The truth is on our side, we fight for our territorial integrity, for democratic values. I do hope the God helps us if we are resolved, strong in spirit and don’t fear the Russian tanks.

    Let Love and Peace be in our hearts!

  9. THELMA says:

    The story emphasizes the power of Mind. The power of mind over the material World. When we ‘believe’ in something and we can ‘see’ it happening, then ..miracles happen. Everything is possible.
    But if it is a …written Destiny, I believe, the only thing we can do is to change our…attitude!

  10. Agnieszka says:

    No one can change destiny Yes, there are always reasons that either push us or pull us. I guess this is a mystery of life, from the day we are born till the day we are no longer here. Sometimes we are cowards, sometimes we are brave, sometimes we just need a helping hand. What we choose is the result of the past we are holding inside, our believes, our fears. The rest is…in the hands of God.