Phrases about happiness

By Paulo Coelho

I do not try to understand why I believe in happiness; but I believe I can understand what it is to be happy. (Saint Anselmo)

A child on the farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of a faraway place. A traveler on the plane sees the farmhouse and thinks of home. (Carl Burns)

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  1. Randy says:

    La felicidad esta a nuestro alrededor, en cada una de las cosas que nos hacen sentir vivos, en cada sentimiento positivo,en cada suspiro, en cada sonrisa, esta en cada uno de nosotros y no necesitamos buscarla simplemente sentirla estamos aqui para ser felices, esa es nuestra razon de ser.

  2. true happiness can be difficult to achieve, you can be rich but still not be truly happy *;;

  3. everyone aims to have happiness on their lives and live a life that is full of it,’*

  4. rose dagbay says:

    happiness is knowing how to appreciate what you have and waiting for the right time to achieve the things that you don’t have yet..

  5. Lindy says:

    I believe the true happiness is in everyone’s heart that realy knows love and its magic… in everyone who believes in friendship…in fact it’s quite related, because everyone has their own conception of hppiness, and for me it’s being satisfied with my family, my friends, my work, my life and with myself of course.
    lovely day to all,

  6. nissa says:

    u can t be happy every day it will be boring than be happy if u not because u will see the difference if u will be

    1. marilyana cerezo says:

      bueno mi gran señor yo no creo en la felicidad pero en la de pareja no creo que el amor lo que puede existir al principio es amor ganas de pasarla rico pero luego luego se hace una construmbre y llegamos hacernos daños luego de que vale el arrepentimiento si cada vez mas lo repetimos con frecuencia en el unico amor que yo creo es el de madre

  7. Amira from Egypt says:

    Lynette, your reply brought happiness to my soul, all the words you stated implies that you are a person who knows how to be happy with all the tears of your heart.
    I’m not an easy happiness feeler, i have few things that bring happiness to my life, and unfortunately they are rare to happened…i’m not sad thou- it’s just that i’m always waiting for happiness to come and knock my door, i always have a hope :)

    Bright and lovely day to all,

  8. Lynette says:


    A bubble that starts in the chest rumbles to the heart and bursts with the first smell of spring …………………………….

    Happiness is an intuitive thing in that it is relative to each person and has its own meaning for each of us!

    The words that spring to mind for me are -:

    sunshine, yellow, giving a hug, smelling fresh rain, eating a plate full of icecream with lashings of caramel topping, hugs from my Dad, cuddling with my husband and feeling safe and secure in his arms, reading in bed with my cats cuddled next to me, spontaneous laughter for no apparent reason, family together enjoying each others company, knowing you belong to someone, love and having it returned, a smile from my patients, thanks for a job well done, and riding in a car with the top down just letting the country road take me where it will.

    Happiness is brimming with the knowledge that all things are achievable if we believe in ourselves.

    How lucky am I!!!!

    Love and Blessings to All

  9. THELMA says:

    In Greek the word is Ευτυχία= ΕΥ * ΤΥΧΗ = Good + LUCK,FORTUNE.

    I think that when we imagine the word Happiness, we have in mind something continuous. This is wrong, because we cannot be in ecstasy continously. So happiness may be minutes or fragments or glimpses of Paradise.
    For me it represents Harmony. Harmony between our three bodies: material, psychical and spiritual. This is the end of our Path. To become LOVE and in unison with LIGHT.
    May be this sounds a little too abstract,
    I remember a story a book from the elementary school..:
    A king asked Solon, one the 7 wisest men in Ancient Greece. Do you concider me to be the happiest man on Earth? The answer was : Μηδένα πρό τού τέλους μακάριζε. We cannot consider someone happy before the End.
    LOVE and Happy day,

  10. Agnieszka says:

    “Happiness is neither without us nor within us. It is in God, both without us and within us.”
    Blaise Pascal


  11. luce says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I agree with St. Anselmo, I do not try to understand it and why I feel happy, and I do feel happy, on plane or in the field, good weather or in bad weather, in game or in pain.
    I do not have explanation for it but I know that I am fortunate person. Thank you for reminding me of the fact !

    With love

  12. Emi says:

    Seeing my most loved ones truly smile or laugh makes me happy

  13. María I. Torres says:

    Con frecuencia una alegrí­a improvisada vale más que una tristeza cuya causa es verdadera. Sepamos pues improvisar nuestra alegrí­a.

    Often a joy improvised worth more than a sadness whose cause is true. Let us know how to improvise because our joy.

  14. Angeline says:

    I believe in happiness because I know I feel it.
    Happines is found in simple things.
    It’s found in ordinary objects that we associate with things that are familiar and close to us.
    The child looks at plane and maybe sees the things that he aspires to be, where he would be and the traver sees in the farm house the memories, his family, himself even.

  15. Randeep says:

    I couldn’t find any relation b/w plane story and happiness. I think it is related to Hope-Dream-Curiosity and Nostalgia.

    May be I am not matured enough to understand it.. Confused

  16. Heart says:

    This is the day
    this is the day that the Lord has made
    the Lord has made
    We will rejoice
    We will rejoice
    and be glad in it,
    be glad in it
    This is the day that the Lord has made
    we will rejoice and be glad in it
    This is the day,
    this is the day…that the Lord has made
    Psalm 118:24