The importance of joy

By Paulo Coelho

Al Husayn asked Ibn Muhammad:

– Do you think the great prophet of our religion, Mohammed, knew how to tell amusing tales?

Ibn Muhammad replied:

– God sent our prophet with the gift of joy. He had sent other messengers before, who suffered and spoke the language of pain; Mohammed came to relieve his people’s woes.

“And one of the ways he encountered, was just that of teaching them to play and enjoy themselves. He did this in order to keep his men united in one ideal and plan. My father, who knew the Prophet, heard him say: “God hates all those who show sad faces to their friends.”

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  1. Word of God says:

    There is a great importance tied to Joy and all those who practice and preach it. One of the importance of joy is peace of mind.

  2. Heart says:

    Good Friday faces…

  3. Alexandra says:

    I think is right.When I read from Paulo Coelhos books,I find stenght,power of will,self-confidence,optimism.That is why I search for his books.How can I put here my experience?Right now I met a man ,who is in search for new wife.I tried to keep pace with him,but he is complaining all the time,nothing is ok,he enjoy to listen requiem.I like to be happy,my granny says that when I enter the room,seem that I bring in the sunshine.

  4. Angeline says:

    A simple smile painted across the face can make a big difference in another’s life. We should always be glad.

  5. Ninni says:

    And one of the keys to getting closer is. The path of Compassion. And Not the Grand Canyon. That the words of intolerence or hate. Creates.

  6. Ninni says:

    Art. In the wisdom of the present lays that Your brother/sister – doesn´t need your smile – to know that you love him/her. If he/she loves you. Because love doesn´t need smiles to be Love. Love is also within. Tears. No one is sacrificed in the benefit of the other. Tears are no threat. In the real smile. Because in the real smile we carry our tears. And in the tears we carry our smiles. We need them. Both. Witout validation. And none of them is an obstacle. Of the living. Of anyone.

  7. Sibila Maria India says:

    I think this story contradicts it´self. God isn´t hateful of anyone. And if someone reads that and really believes that message, it creates fear which has absolutely nothing to do with joy. It sounds more as a dictating story to keep people “in their place” as a power tool. “God” is not a powerful dictator.

    Joy is a revitalizing emotion and flow inside that promotes health and healing inside. And loving beingness. Maybe even awareness of the divine.

  8. Tania says:

    If you are a open channel for Gods love to pour into your heart then you will express -Love ,laughter and Joy for everyone – and that can heal and up lift -brighten, anyone who is sad ,lonely or sick ..Our paths sometimes cross with these people and when we feel down or out of sorts – Someone ,a stranger or a friend will suddenly appear and put a smile back on our face :-).Angels and Gods Love is everywhere ..all the time ..Blessings Tania

  9. Agnieszka says:

    True! dear Emi, God doesn’t hate, and the prophet would’ve not said that. How would I have missed that..?


  10. Agnieszka says:

    When we spread joy around…the sadness goes away..goes for a walk…even if for a little while..
    from one second to another, from one minute to another…the chain reaction goes on and on,…from one person…to another…, those seeds of joy grow into….happiness.


  11. Art says:

    “God hates all those who show sad faces to their friends.” It is really interesting to read what others hear when they read ancient wisdom like this. I believe there are many ways to interpret these teachings, and each of us could interpret it differently, based on the place we have reached at the time of reading, as that will sure to change. I hear him say: “I love you brother, and no matter how much challenge there is in my life today, it has nothing to do with how much I live you…” It is not a fake smile to hide the truth, but a real smile to show the love. Thank You.

  12. Emi says:

    “God Hates ??? “..A prophet would have never said that…God doesn’t “hate”

  13. Ninni says:

    No room for black sheeps, then. In the King-dom. Of heaven. And many has come between. Man and God. In the EbonyandIvory. Yes.

  14. THELMA says:

    It seems that my father had heard this teaching..! He used to tell me and my sister: whenever you go out of the house, you put your clean and nice dresses and a beautiful smile on your face. It is not necessary to show to the world if you are sad. There are, for sure, many who will happy for your …sadness. Do not give them the pleasure!
    Whenever I am sad I ..sleep. Next day for sure it will be a better day.

  15. Heart says:

    Good Friday faces…