Quote of the Day

By Paulo Coelho

Whenever we need to make an important decision,
it is best to trust impulse and passion,
because reason usually tries to remove us from our dream,
saying that the time is not yet right.
Reason is afraid of defeat,
but intuition enjoys life and its challenges.
(Acceptance speech delivered to the Brazilian Academy of Letters)

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  1. Emi says:

    When we take an important decision, we affect others’ lives as well..it is so hard to stick to your dreams when your reasoning tells you that others will be hurt…i am just saying that impulse and passion are our heart’s guidance, but the heart also is in pain when we think that we may hurt others by following our dream..so it is a hard decision..but what follows is even harder…

  2. THELMA says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho, your words, the pearls of your wisdom! And the most important they are addressed to Academics, who put.. Reason and Mind, first!!!
    You are a Poet, you act and you live as one. Thank you.

  3. adrienne says:

    i would love it if i could read this whole speech.

  4. Diana from Ecuador says:

    Gracias otra vez por sus palabras, afirman lo que siento en este momento, segui el impulso de mi corazon y es lo que me hace sentir viva… saber que alguien comparte la emocion de vivir que tengo

  5. Tania says:

    Yes ,I agree with Paul – go out on a limb -take a chance ,reason is other peoples fears as they feel unsafe with the change occurring ..Impulse and passion are your true guide ,anything else is your own excuses .Blessings Tania

  6. Mirela Baron says:

    It was a very hard day for me today.I´am waiting for somebody to give me an answer even if he said that will calling me at monday(for 3 days).My nervs were extremilly exciting.I`ve looked on the mobile phone every 15 minutes e-mails etc.Because I´ve suffered a lot I was very angry to my children ,I tried 3 times to call this person,I imagined myself how to press him to give his decision earlyer.But because it was busy a hand that is stronger than my will, was stopping me.I`ve cammed back to my peace because deep inseide I feeld that this decision is not my own and also not the will of this person it is the decision of God and in this situation my passion will not change annything.(sorry for my grammar,no time to use the dictionarry) love Mirela

  7. mariangela says:

    Eu acho que sempre é bom confiar no impulso da paixí£o. A Intuií§í£o se manifesta através do coraí§í£o.
    Na situaí§í£o de amor, a causa é amor e só pode gerar Amor, mesmo com os transtornos que também acontecem.
    Mari Raphael.

  8. luce says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I wish I did as you wrote. Too many decisions to remember, that I waited too long reasoning all “pro” and “contra”, went wrong or were useless in the end.

    Yes reason IS afraid of defeat and following intuition IS challenge, but it is worth while….