This will pass

By Paulo Coelho

The Sufi tradition tells the story of a king who was surrounded by wise men. One morning, as they talked, the king was quieter than usual.

"What is wrong, Your Highness?" – asked one of the wise men.

"I’m confused," replied the king. "At times I am overcome by melancholy, and feel powerless to fulfill my duties. At others, I am dizzy with all power I have. I’d like a talisman to help me be at peace with myself."

The wise men – surprised by such a request – spent long months in discussion. In the end, they went to the king with a gift.

"We have engraved magic words on the talisman. Read them out loud whenever you are too confident, or very sad," they said.

The king looked at the object he had ordered. It was a simple silver and gold ring, but with an inscription:

"This will pass."

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  1. Babylya says:

    Хм,согласен с предыдущими высказываниями
    ) :-)

  2. Rohit Kaliyar says:

    This poem must have inspired Paulo Coehlo:



    ONCE in Persia ruled a king
    Who upon his signet ring
    ‘Graved a motto true and wise,
    Which, when held before his eyes,
    Gave him counsel at a glance
    Fit for any change or chance.
    Solemn words, and these were they:
    “Even this shall pass away.”

    Trains of camel through the sand
    Brought him gems from Samarkand;
    Fleets of galleys through the seas
    Brought him pearls to rival these.
    Yet he counted little gain
    Treasures of the mine or main.
    “Wealth may come, but not to stay;
    Even this shall pass away.”

    ‘Mid the revels of his court,
    In the zenith of his sport,
    When the palms of all his guests,
    Burned with clapping at his jests,
    He, amid his figs and wine,
    Cried: “Oh, precious friends of mine,
    Pleasure comes, but not to stay “”
    Even this shall pass away.”

    Lady, fairest ever seen,
    Was the bride he crowned his queen.
    Pillowed on his marriage bed
    Softly to his soul he said:
    “Though no bridegroom ever pressed
    Fairer bosom to his breast,
    Mortal flesh must come to clay “”
    Even this shall pass away.”

    Fighting in a furious field,
    Once a javelin pierced his shield,
    Soldiers with a loud lament
    Bore him bleeding to his tent.
    Groaning, from his wounded side,
    “Pain is hard to bear,” he cried.
    “But, with patience, day by day,
    Even this shall pass away.”

    Towering in the public square,
    Twenty cubits in the air,
    Rose his status grand in stone;
    And the king, disguised, unknown,
    Gazing on his sculptured name,
    Asked himself: “And what is fame?
    Fame is but a slow decay “”
    Even this shall pass away.”

    Struck with palsy, sere and old,
    Standing at the gates of gold,
    Spake him this, in dying breath:
    “Life is done, and what is death?”
    Then, in answer to the king,
    Fell a sunbeam on the ring,
    Answering, with its heavenly ray:
    “Even death shall pass away.”

  3. Angeline says:

    Thanks Paulo!!!

    It makes me remember that everything in life passes and nothing is constant but change….


  4. luce says:

    If the day is terrible today, now…”it will pass” is good as the first step out, but immediately, not waiting tomorrow or day after !

    Maybe because of my age I’m not ready any more to say like Rossela O’Hara in “Gone with Wind” :
    – Anyway tomorrow is another day !

    I know there is another day but it might not be for me !

    So, thank you Paulo, this is good thing to be remembered in a moment of stress, and then act !

    When remembered “this will pass” in whatever moment it helps instantaneously.

    With love and optimism,

  5. lani says:

    when all things happen in the wrong path…dont worry……this will pass. an ordinary word but seems to have different meaning. God bless and enjoy life to the fullest.

  6. THELMA says:

    My dear Paul from Austria, Thank you.
    But then the ‘wounds’are there, even in….sleep!! They are there to remind us that we are humans and, thank God, we have…survived.

  7. ahahahahaha…. I love that story! Everyone has such brilliant comments – I think the story is funny.

  8. Tania says:

    There is a time for laughter
    and a time for tears,
    for each of us has happy days,
    and days when grief appears.
    But when we have our troubles,
    just as when we’re glad and gay,
    we should always remember,
    That this too ,will pass away .
    My nanna had this verse on a door and we would always read it – Funny part is I brought it for her when I was 16 ..
    and only fully understood some years back ..Blessings Tania

  9. Kathleen says:

    That is so true and what I tell myself when I’m troubled. At times in the past I have felt very depressed, I felt like I would never come out of it – but what always helped me was remembering how these days do eventually pass and trying to think of the days when I’m really happy and had great fun. I repeat it like a mantra – tomorrow I’ll be good, tomorrow I’ll be good. And that really helps.

    My sister when she’s down watches anything that makes her laugh. Once she starts, the weight of sadness starts to lift.

    Kathleen xxoo

  10. Niek says:

    Dear Jessica,

    Please do get also strength, take courage and endurance unexpectedly from the people around you, near and far, picking up your signal and bestowing you with well wishes…
    Life is to enjoy, to dream, to be inspired by sudden unexpected encouragements, maybe a smile tomorrow where you didn’t expect it, to be returned of course!, and suddenly you will find yourself beyond what’s keeping you from being happy and thriving again!


  11. “This will pass”

    The sentence is about the future, it states that any moment either it be the worse or good will pass one day.

    Worry is just an imaginary. It shows that we are being afraid of some moments which are creating the problems in our life.
    Every thing will pass one day. The things we do, the way we think and the way we think is just happening because we want them to happen.

    “Nothing is permanent in the world.” We are temporary living with the problems in our life, do not worry about the happening that are occuring in our day to day life.

    Every problems are subtacted if we divide them with those who are close to us and always remeber every thing will pass one day quickly with more often then not.

    Worries are good in our mind because it will keep us alert and we will work more harder with the worries.

    However, whatever be the case I have to stop it because- “this will pass too”

  12. Tony says:

    it is not suggesting that the feelings be bottled up, just that we experience them knowing they will not be there forever. life is a series of experiences, we must endure/enjoy them to the full to better understand the paths we follow

    tony x

  13. Monika says:

    This is not wise, it is banal. Nevertheless the story is funny – just because of the banality disguised as great wisdom.

  14. mariangela says:

    Com toda sapiíªncia dele,além do talismí£, que prá mim achei comodismo, ele poderia olhar o espelho,…. o complemento…
    Sení£o,… “ní£o vai passar”…
    Mari Raphael.

  15. Liola says:

    Dear Paulo.

    Just ‘Thank You’ for somehow knowing the right thing to say.

    Best wishes,


  16. Blue says:

    Dear Paulo,

    It’s a phrase I’ve relied on many, many times to get me through the most difficult points in my life. When I feel that I can no longer handle the situation, when I feel everything is completely out of control and at the end of the rope, I tell myself “This too shall pass”

  17. THELMA says:

    I usually do not remember my dreams, my sleep is so deep…
    A vivid dream, that I could remember, at a very difficult time of my life that I felt helpless:
    I saw a loving uncle of mine who was dead for a long time, telling me : My love, you must always remember, that everything in this World, good or bad, has an end.
    In difficult times or in happy times, I think of his words.

  18. Heart says:

    We all experience lack of confidence, and a little encouraging inscriptions like this certainly can be of help.

    Once I was feeling down, a friend of mine took a pen and wrote on my entrance wall; “Never give up”. These words has been empowering. Another time I was doubting my abilities to do a job; my spiritual director told me; “If you cannot do it, who can”, which helped me to fulfill my task.

  19. luce says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Though it is wise saying, wise men wrote it, I use it sometimes, but it should not be abused or too often used, as it could explode if too long bottled up.