Quote of the Day

By Paulo Coelho

Fine words are meaningless when we come face to face with suffering.
(The Fifth Mountain)

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  1. cat forsley says:

    Suffering Happens when we do not SHARE the Human Experience with Each Other— When we become isolated, lost to our path…..

    Words, Compassion for another= which in Reality, is OUR SELF- As we are all One- MEAN a lot….I have to disagree with You Paulo….

    to make the world ONE …..
    To take the isolation that people Feel….

    This is why Our world Leaders at this point are not doing there Jobs correctly….Their actions do not match their words……

    IF You speak the word of Love, Be the Word of Love…..

    THIS can make a difference to those whom Suffer…..

    ALL LOVE=cat

  2. luce says:

    Nice words if not followed by right actions are meaningless and in certain situation even hurtful because they contain bit of hipocrisy.


  3. Ingmire says:

    Visual images of suffering either directly seen or experienced make profound impressions in our memory…when restimulated by actual real events, by factual accounting or photographs, personal health,accidents,our brain remembers this trama and our heart/soul revisists the familiar total collective pain.
    Our bodies carry the physical memory. Working with our mind and breath we can sit with suffering and practice and learn…how to find
    now and peace.

  4. Patricia says:

    I’m french, but language is universal, and love too..
    then, words are unuseless, sometimes, just actions, I think…
    and we are alone… it’s a fact, we have just to find love inside us… it’s a secret, but we are only human beings, and we need the others to love us… it’s a real problem, finding ourselves, and to find ourselves, we have to be…. alone, then to get in contact with us… the loneliness is useless to our soul!….
    The soul is our best friend, and our most terrible enemy, we have the choice to find the one or the other…
    Love to all of you…

  5. Tania says:

    Having dealt with my fair share of grief -I always say to anyone who has had to deal with death that -there is nothing I can say – but know I am here for you ..it helps as words just do not do it sometimes …my mum always says for parents who loose their children that its like a private club your in and the only ones you can relate to ,or talk to have suffered the same – but in saying that -most people have suffered in some shape or form at some time in their life .
    Blessings Tania

  6. Nia Wind says:

    when we get in contact (face to face)
    words are gone…

  7. Emi says:

    This is a period of suffering for me…no fine words can console me…and even a hug is just a temporary consolation to my aching heart..someone saying that he/she loves me is not enough…understanding, though, is…what Bobby Ozuna mentioned above (that “everyting will be okay” offers no comfort to someone’s pain) is so true..someone caring for your suffering just by hugging is just not enough…trying to console you by telling you that “we will fix everyitng..I am here and I will help you” maybe is…and this is love..when someone IS really by your side..

  8. Alexandra says:

    I think there are not enough,but still might help in a hard situation.I think words have greatest power we might be aware.

  9. Bobby Ozuna says:

    I believe words have little meaning and significance when compared to the power of suffering. There is a torment on the soul that cannot be shaken or comforted with any words…especially the (all too often used): Everything will be okay.
    I have never liked it when people would say that to me, when I was going through my season of suffering and therefore I don’t offer it to others…instead I remember the feelings associated with true emotional suffering and I help where I can: a hug or a touch when possible. Apart from that, I think its more powerful to share your experiences (thereby offering truth to the “there’s light at the end of the tunnel” statement) and let THAT gesture offer its healing.

    ~Bobby Ozuna
    Drawing Stories…With Words

  10. wanbliska says:

    I don’t know really.

  11. THELMA says:

    We have a saying : ‘those who are outside the dance, they know many ..songs’. Meaning that if your are not in a situation you cannot understand and give advices.
    If we really want to help, just..act.

  12. Maria says:

    I think that fine words are meaning whe we come face to face with suffering. The fantacy of the dreams became true when human compacion doing something to fix all those suffering. Something at least to relieve pain.

  13. Aretha says:

    Pain , any kind of, has is own language that must be learned by the person who is suffering in that moment.

    All we need in pain is only someone holding our hands.