The Strength of the Warrior

Paulo Coelho

The warrior – inadvertently – takes a wrong step and falls into the abyss. Phantoms startle him, loneliness torments him. As always he sought the Good Combat, and didn’t think this would happen to him.

But it did. Surrounded by darkness, he communicates with his master.

"Master, I have fallen into the abyss," he says. "The waters are deep and dark."

"Remember one thing," replies the master. "That it is not the fall which drowns, but the length of time underwater."

And this causes the warrior to use all his strength to get out of the situation in which he finds himself.

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  1. Nelson D'Silva says:

    ‘The fall will not drown you.’ Yes, but it depends on how you fall, the fall itself may kill you.

    It is important to try to avoid the “fall”. My favourite prayer always remains the Our Father, specially the line ‘lead us not into temptation.’

    May love(God) protect every moment of our lives.

  2. Lee says:

    Thank you for this. Today, as many other days, I am the warrior of which you write, as are so many of us. This is because we are all Warriors of the Light, and therefore so much the same person.

    Having read this today brings me sadness as I realize how far in the abyss I currently am; however, I also feel great hope as I realize I just need to make the commitment to pulling myself out.

    It is always a great gift to read the postings of your blog, Mr. Coelho.

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  4. jasmin says:

    When you fight your demons, be gentle. Actually the best thing to do is, not to fight them at all, because if you do, they only grew bigger and so you have to fight them again on other occasion. They gain strenght from you and the more you feed them with your will to fight and the fight alone, the stronger they get. If you want to win, you must invite them in, pour lots of love and light upon them, be gentle, loving and forgiving to yourself. And know that no harm can come to you.:-)

  5. Alexandra says:

    I hope I will always find the force to combat.I know there will be many challenges on my way.We must pray also,because sometimes we need help.Lately I was in a hard situation.For my greatest surprise,some kind people,my relatives were there for me.Just a balm for ones heart.Not always the people I helped in past help me,but is not important.Not being alone is important.Still,I always prefer to be able to handle by myself all sort of troubles.

  6. Anneliese Flores Clar says:

    Thank you Paulo!!! I so needed to hear this!!!
    Thank you Thelma too!!! Your comentary has been very helpful too!!!
    Much Love and Light!!!

  7. THELMA says:

    Wnenever we find ourselves in the ‘darkness’ and in despair, we must always think of the Light. We must use our knowledge, wisdom and imagination to find a way out. Despair is a bad advisor. We must become the Poenix and be reborn.