Knowing when to remain still

Paulo Coelho

A warrior of the light never forgets that good men do not complain.

Injustices take place. We all go through situations we do not deserve – generally when we cannot defend ourselves.

At such times, the warrior remains silent. He does not waste energy on words, for they can do nothing; it is better to use the strength to resist, be patient, and know that Someone is watching. Someone who has faced unjust suffering, and who does not accept it.

This Someone gives the warrior that which he needs the most: time. Sooner or later, everything will work in his favor once again.

A warrior of the light is wise; He doesn’t comment on his defeats.

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  1. Zeljko says:

    This just might be the most important virtue for a warrior.
    He is a believer in justice, he knows his time will come, and the time of injustice will come to an end! Therefore, he developes patience, but he does not get lazy or complacent!
    No, his awareness is greater than ever, because he will recognize the wright time to act, and he will use that turn of Wheel Of Fortune in his favour!
    He also knows that he shouldn`t waste his time on vengeance, because he doesn`t need to poison his soul just to prove his strength!
    He will simply avoid that wave of insults and in situations that are unfair to him, when he feels that he didn`t deserve this what he is going through, he won`t be the one cursing life, but he`ll be the one celebrating it, as he knows that, sooner or later, everything will work in his favor once again.
    WHen someone reaches this virtue, he can consider himself a real warrior, and wiseman, a believer, all in one, united in his heart, the one who can proudly say he has lived a life of a man, the way it`s meant to be!
    But it`s not easy to fight away fire of passion in which vengeance posseses heart, leaving that malignant flavour of sweetness!
    This is why this is a virtue, overcoming this alluring face of evil!

  2. Tania says:

    Hmm I like this -someone is watching ..true – we are being witnessed all the time ..everything always works out in the wash so they say ..
    and Yes true for Libras middle daughter too is one ,and she loves style and fashion -always they dress sharp – and have real flair for it, so her dream so far as she is only 10 is fashion designer ,or surgeon. Blessings Tania

  3. THELMA says:

    My dearest Jessica, It was your bithday yesterday!!
    I am sending you my best wishes and all my love.
    It is wonderful that you bought the .. magical necklace. I know Libras have an appreciation for beautiful things and a tendency for silence and .. flying away in daydreaming, in order to avoid ..reality.[remember, I am a Libra too!!]

  4. rastasufi says:

    Espreitar através do Poder do Silencio…Coincidencias existem, sr. Paulo Coelho?

  5. Heart says:

    To remain still, often is to let go of all our insatiable self pity.

  6. danny niño says:

    palabras justas y exactas. en un momento en donde sientes pasar la injusticia por el frente de tu cara. pero alli esta tambien la aceptación y aquella certeza lejana que existe alguien que observa y felicita la aceptación

  7. Lucia says:

    con Lagrimas en los ojos le agradezco su mensaje señor Coelho

  8. elisabeth delage says:

    i love that “know that someone is watching” this help me, but i know also i must do things by myself now.

  9. Maria Papamichael says:

    There is a Greek proverb which says that ‘he who does not speak will be buried alive’. If someone does you injustice should you not speak and defend yourself to stop the injustice; should we let others take advantage of us; Personally I am by nature a low profile person and during my business career I always worked hard, concientiously and efficiently and never complained strongly enough when the promised promotion didn’t come. I believe if I had been assertive I could have been promoted earlier, instead of waiting for 20 years!!

  10. THELMA says:

    Thank you! I had to come back after reading our Paul’s from Austria message.
    My dearest Paul, I forget that I think of myself to be .. metaphysical. But we live in matter and we need to see and touch. We will all together be at the Book Fair with our Paulo Coelho.
    Just because you are so nice above, dear Paul from Austria, I would like you all laugh with me. Just go to the Virtual Exhibition, click on my photo and read a comment added two days ago and answer.
    Thank you all for being there.
    I love you.

  11. ka-soi says:

    thank you paulo… your command of words… commands our heart in cadence.

  12. Alexandra says:

    How you know to chose the right words.Sometime I also complain about my unfair faith,not often.But sometimes I also remember the pains of Jesus Christ ,and I think that my troubles are so minor respect to what mankind did to our Lord.And usually all turns fine soon,than I have to thank God for His great mercy.

  13. THELMA says:

    It seems that you were with me yesterday, my dear Paulo Coelho! I had to face a fight and a disappointment.. I came home, all the way ‘silent’ and then I …slept!! Sleep, the medicine of the Soul and the complete silence of the mind and It seems that injustice is the …routine and sometimes, for a moment there appears a spark of a small fire of hope that at last there will be a change in human’s behaviour or attitude, but ..irresponsibility is the ‘mildest’ word I can use.
    Thank you, my Paulo, once again for … ‘reading’ our needs and thoughts, for being there and for being a Magus and our Teacher.
    I wish I could be in Frankfurt next week!

  14. Pepper says:

    ahhhh…I needed this today! Thank you Paulo!

  15. Mari Raphael says:

    Que a Luz de Deus seja nosso guia !
    Mari Raphael.

  16. Pilar says:

    Yes!! querido Paulo, muchas gracias!!!
    un beso muy grande!!
    con amor