Quote of the Day

By Paulo Coelho

Whenever man walks the path of faith with sincerity, he becomes capable of growing closer to God and capable of miracles.
(By the River Piedra I sat down and wept)

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  1. THELMA says:

    I have faith. I look into my heart and I feel all love. This feeling of warmth brings me tears, because it cannot be expressed by words. I wish I could share this feeling with every human being on Earth. But in order to do that, we will have to be asked for this first.
    ‘We are never alone’. This phrase only can produce.. miracles! Someone is with us helping us carry our Cross. Because every soul on Earth has a task, a cross. It is also the Law of ’cause and effect’. Divine mercy sometimes interferes with Destiny and then we see miracles happen. It is the time of breaking ‘predictions’ and ‘laws’, the time of … walking onto the water and fly, make … astrals journeys! Then we will not need our… Paul’s from Austria Jets to .. fly to meet our Paulo Coelho!

  2. lia mara says:

    Sincerity and Integrity are qualities hard to find in this world of masks…but I agree with you because then and only then the men are REAL men.

  3. El Dormido says:

    faith is
    to take the next step
    on this pilgrimage

    to realize the journey
    is towards God

    the movement is of God

    the proof is the next step after

  4. Aretha says:

    Moreover, if you trace a circle on the ground with God as its center and many rays representing everybody’s path to God…
    the more you get closer to God the more you get closer to others and viceversa
    The same representations can be used for Charity, the more you are closer in love to others the more you get closer to God and viceversa.

    Have a good week,