Quote of the Day

By Paulo Coelho

When he is forced to perform the same task several times, the warrior transforms work into prayer.

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  1. cat forsley says:


    and in saying the same thing
    it’s a meditation
    with each inhalation- breathe in love
    with each exhalation – breathe out love

    ALL LOVE=cat

  2. ): ): ): says:

    I saw Che down the super market this morning, I knew the revolution had started.

  3. Savita Vega says:

    Once upon a time, when I used to be a member of an Ashram, we peeled mangoes, once a year, during mango season. This lasted for about a month. Each day the mangoes were harvested, brought in by the wheelbarrow loads from the orchard each morning. Then several of us, who were not allergic to mango, had the job of peeling these. Many people, it seems, are alergic to the peelings, as the mango is a relative of poison ivy. At any rate, each year the job fell to the same five of us to peel this whole orchard full of mangoes. A more tedious job there never was: hours and hours spent repeating the same task over and over again, one mango after another after another. It could have been a time for chatting, as several of us were usually present at any one time, but dispite this opportunity for gossip, the room usually fell silent as we took on this task. Oddly, it was more a time for meditation and silent introspection than anything. I suppose “prayer” is a good way to describe it as well. I myself always thought of Lord Shiva and how these mangoes were for him. In reality, they were to be frozen and used throughout the year in the delicious homemade mango yogurt that was always served as desert for Sunday dinner. That yogurt, though, was somehow special, like a “holy food” shared by all. It wasn’t at all like the rest of the dishes served, but was regarded by all who partook in the harvest – the peeling, the processing and the preparation – as a sort of “nectar of the Gods.” In essence, the whole process of the mango harvest was converted into a sacred act in which many individuals took part. Mango season could have been a time of grumbling and complaining, as it entailed much labor, but the reverence with which the work was approached, made it something we looked forward to – an opportunity for prayer.

  4. T.K. says:

    EXCELLENT! When working at a job I did not especially like, I shifted my perspective of my work and viewed it more like a ‘living prayer’. I noticed I put more love and attention into my daily duties, which led to getting a promotion and a pay raise. However, after a set amount of time (once I received the lesson) I was able to move on from that place of business and move in faith understanding whatever work I do should be a living prayer. It has made my life’s journey enjoyable and satisfying.

  5. ELena says:

    Of course… because how many times are you going to try to make things right?if we try and we try… only God can help us, becuase is beyong our capability as humans. :)

  6. THELMA says:

    My dearest Paul from Austria, welcome back, we missed you here!!
    I fully agree with your comment above!
    It is time for .. prayer.