Reflections of Warrior of Light

By Paulo Coelho

Carlos Castañeda says: “The great power of the human being is his capacity to make decisions.” Each decision that we take enables us to change the future and the past.

Choosing means: “I commit myself.” When someone makes a choice, they must remember that the path to be followed is going to be very different from the path imagined. Choosing means: “well, I know where I want to get to.”

Choosing also means: “I’ll have to give up a lot of things.” And it is with this commitment that the warrior of the light moves forward.

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    this is exactly
    u what I am saying : “I know where I want to go” I am not saying this in a selfish way, it is something so strong inside of me.

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    Entering SS this morning, it was a “perfect balance”.

  3. Nanci says:

    You mentioned that choosing means that you commit yourself, that it means that you know where you want to get to, and that you are willing to give up a lot of things. I agree with you. For myself, I find that by making the choice to follow a dream and move in a new direction I am giving up my fear-based, self-imposed limitations.

    So, I make my choice, and set my intention. I take the first step along the path in this new direction. Does this mean I am no longer limited in any way? Not necessarily…but now, in this present moment, I would say I am not limited. Does this mean that I have no more fear? Not necessarily…it just means that I feel the fear and step forward on the path anyway. The benefit at this point? No money, no fame. But, there is a lightness of spirit and a feeling of contentment that tells me that today I chose wisely.

    Maybe I am a warrior after all…

  4. Indrajit says:

    Decisions are like choosing one road at the crossroad, hence it defines the next route you are going to move on..

    however, are we not just a mere pawn in the larger game of the universe. Are we not part of the great game God and Destiniy plays? Do we not sometime find things get decided even without you choosing to decide? Things happen beyond your control, and then you are told to choose, making choices tougher.

    Its easy to preach, 100 times more difficult to follow what you preach. We keep searching for our soulmates, to seek strength, to become complete. And to search for decisions alone, to walk the path unsure of the destination, are times when you look for the guiding light.

    Its difficult to give up when you have little. But is it not that giving up the little we have it more valuable than giving up a lot from the even larger pool of things. Shouldnt that little sacrifice be rewarded my more, when we make a decision to give up all of the little we have and walk towards our future with the candle of hope burning inside?

  5. Anlao says:

    This awareness was much needed today. Thank you.

  6. Alexandra says:

    Ohhhh,yes.Sometimes is so hard to chose.When more ways seem very interesting,how hard is to guess which is the best one.Ye,of course we have to giv up all the other possibilities.Commitmet,yes.Is like a promise to the world and to ourselves.Is funny how tempting is to ask advice for our choise,than,if all goes wrong,to have someone to blame in our place.Sometimes I was so used to blame my poor dear friend,that even when was obvious I deed the thing,no other person touched a thing,I said “Is your fault”Now I am laughing,seem childish,I am happy a little I have changed.Instead of thinking who is to blame,I accept things and try to live life as better as I can.A fact already done how can be changed?

  7. ASWATHI . S says:

    As said in one oof your books sir ‘freedom is notabsence of commitments but it is choosing what is best for you and getting commited to it… when you take a decision in your life you should remember that your entire life may depend upon it..just one simple decision of yours can change the way you live … and as said by you we should be ready to take risks in our lives…cos the experiance we get is worth it..we build a ship to sail it in the sea..we do not keep it at shore itslef for fear it may drown in storm..

  8. THELMA says:

    It seems that Carlos Castaneda had transcended Time, since he is saying that we can change the ..Past, as well!
    May be, he wanted to say, that we can change the way we face things even from the past and have an effect in our present and future facing of the World.
    Choosing means commitment and giving up a lot of things. The most difficult choice in life and the most easily taken is Marriage! It is easily taken, I say, because when Eros is involved, then Logic is .. silent or absent.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Dear Paulo,

    this has not really something to do with the warrior of light. I just want to thank you! On some days I feel exhausted. I always try to give people hope and share my positive thinking, but there are days when I need someone to hold me. But no one´s beside me or they can´t express themselves. But I found your books and your words speaking to me and this gives me so much joy and power.

    Thanks a lot!

  10. sido says:

    To decide, each of we have the choice the free will, the “freedom” to choose knowledge why we decide on it, indeed to define its objective to become aware of consequences of its choice to know that the road will be difficult and even more difficult than what we imagined: to be ready to live it, to be watchful in every thing(matter), the present moment not the future has to drive(guide) us

  11. salam ammar says:

    i read by the river piedra i sat down and wept.i can see how people react to change.i think that only brave people can do so.and only those people can walk and never look back.they are rare thats why they change their destiny.hope that i possess the heart of that warrior one day.its then that i m set free