And above all else, courage

By Paulo Coelho

To manage to face this new moment and allow room for new ideas and for energy to be renewed, it is necessary to have courage. Courage to face prejudices. Courage to be fair. Courage to understand that everything we do affects the history of the world. Courage to take steps in the direction of the unknown, even knowing that from time to time we are going to make mistakes.

God has done his part by creating us and putting us in the world. Now He looks down on us with love and asks us to do our part.

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  1. it takes the courage of a child to simply live and be.
    that is the courage of non courage, thus it is true courage. it is simply action with out thought. pure actionless action.

  2. Mirjam says:

    I would love to have more courage.
    In case of doubt I often lack courage to take important decicions.
    Anyone knows how to get more courage?
    I need it

  3. Toni says:

    Courage to not get too comfortable and miss your life!

  4. LaClau says:

    Thanks Paulo,
    A very nice Christmas Present.
    Felicidades y gracias. Un abrazo y mis mejores deseos desde México.

  5. Paty says:

    Coraje lo necesitamos todos,
    a mí­ me falta coraje… y muhco
    a veces necesitamos de un suceso fuerte
    en nuestras vidas
    para ganar

  6. gina says:

    the courage to face our fears- is it born of instinct or commitment? inherent or chosen? granted or found?

  7. Marie-Christine says:

    “Grace strikes us when we are in great pain or restlessness…Sometimes at that moment a wave of light breaks into our darkness and it is as though a voice were saying : “You are accepted.” Paul Johannes Tillich

  8. Adina says:

    Some people still fights with themselves, even at an advanced age…Its about how we psychologically develope ourselves on different inner levels: for ex. a 40 year old person can have a mind of a 45 person, feelings of a 10 year old child and self-motivation of a teenager. If ya person has 30 or 50 it doesn’t mean necessarily that he/she won his/her inner fights and control the force of feelings, he/she can still been controlled by fear or other negative poisoning feelings.

  9. Adina says:

    To have courage is an inner fight. Is actually a self-sacriffice.

    Courage needs faith. Otherwise is not courage, is crazyness and irresponsability.

    Courage kills fear. Fear is a feeling. Feelings cannot be stopped, but replaced with something better and allowed to manifest in a different manner. It’s not easy job…It could take years or a whole life.

    But, ones you deffeted yourself just for a single time, then you trust more in your self. This I can see to my child. He learns to be courageous, and practices every day. Sometimes he cries, but he sees I trust him and respect him, and he transform his fear in courage.

    I discovered that the most courageous people used to be some the most inferiority complexed teeangers in the past, but they won the inner fights and now they are models for the humanity.

  10. MariaITorres says:

    Just Thanks

  11. THELMA says:

    The odd thing is that those who are closed to us are those trying to discourage us, to cut our ..wings or to laugh at our dreams. I believe it is the fear of losing .. authority over us and our destiny. The stability maintained after many struggles has led to a situation reminding me of … the peace of the … death! We are happy in our .. boredom and enjoy the … calm sea. But in our souls resides the ‘dream’ of the ..adventure, the passion, the life which makes our hearts beat quicker and our eyes sparkle. Behind the mask of indifference and austerity is hiding the ..child with the loving and daring soul. We have also closed ourselves inside the … castle so that we will be protected from ..the wounds of life. I admire you , Paulo Coelho, because you could look deep into your soul and .. with courage put it on paper. Thank you for being there giving courage to the whole world and bring the message of Light and Love of ourselves. Life was given to us and we must make a good use of it.

  12. Paulo,

    You are a master of courage and this is your most important legacy.

  13. T.K. says:

    When I think of courage, I am reminded of the lion character in the story of The Wizard of Oz. In the film, he sang a song “if I were king of the forest”. His desires were on pause because he lacked courage.

    I’m learning that courage is necessary on a daily basis. Its taken courage for me to believe…in myself.

    Thanks Paulo for sharing today. I am all the more blessed by your wisdom.

  14. Maria-M says:

    “to show your soul “to” the world or to “share” it with the world

  15. Maria-M says:

    To courage I would add faith, or trust. It’s easier to be courageous when you believe that there are greater forces that shape our existence, to trust that “when we follow our personal legend, the universe conspires to help us” Thank you Paulo for having the courage to write what is in your heart, and to “show” your soul with the world.

  16. Tania says:

    yep courage to know the meaning that lies within us …Blessings Tania

  17. Savita Vega says:


    So appropriate these words are, not just to the new year in general, but also to the specific circumstances I find myself facing at this particular moment in my life, I think I’d like to paint these words around my door-facing, in a great arch. Then, on the inside center panel of the door, about eye-level, two simple words:


    So that every day, when I step out over that threshold into the big wide world, I will be reminded to first open my heart to the infinite array of possibilities coming my way.

    Thank you, Paulo!


  18. Alexandra says:

    How nice,like if you see me.You wrote those lines for me?I dont know,but seem exactly the answer to my questions.Thanks.I need to recolect myself,little I feel lost those days.But it hepls a lot reading your words,you give me courage ,power to go forward.Thanks,wish you all the best

  19. Sefer JAN says:

    Courage demands provision of sacrifising. Without sacrificing, you can’t be brave, you can’t achieve.

  20. ANNA RITA says:

    E’ la sacrosanta verití , il vincitore resta solo perchè si erge dalla comune umanití  che preferisce tenere chiuse le finestre della propria mente, per non impegnarsi a guardare OLTRE, e per non rischiare di essere additati come coloro che si distaccano dal pensiero prevalente, che rappresenta per la maggior parte delle persone un guscio protettivo.
    Solo chi “sente” la propria missione, piccola o grande che sia, porta avanti con noncuranza e decisione il proprio CREDO, e naturalmente vince, ottiene un pezzo di cielo…

  21. U.Sidharth says:

    Wow!! exactly what I wanted to hear at this very moment!!!
    Coincidences may be intended by God after all!!


    Dear Paulo!


    Courage is what it takes for a small child to show his father the report card in which he has failed in 2 subjects. it power to admit our follies. As for new ideas we all like reading about them but really we lack courage to follow them. we wait for others to fail in tham before trying for our self. But i think we miss the beauty of the one trying it first of all.