Today’s Question by Gustav

Which moment changed your life?

The moment I decided to do my pilgrimage to Santiago.


  1. nicole says:

    Please,everybody be strong, some peoples need help but nobody cant see, life is beautiful, some peoples are starving on the planet, but I know when it is psychological it is more difficult, never give up, life is precious,,,,,



  2. Olivier says:

    Which moment changed your life?

    The moment when I have met sido… It was so far of here, it was 3 years ago, but it was over marvelous. Thanks for this

  3. Shabnam says:

    dear Rami,I cant understand you,sorry..

    You say that this girl completely changed your life,she is your soul-mate ect.Then why dont you fight for your love? or everything is soo meaningless for you…
    I think it is the very time for you to read Alchemist by Coelho and struggle for your LOVE like Santyago and Fatima did…

    Believe me there is no any difficulty for LOVE in human’s hand!

    the main thing is strong aspiration and will|!

    good luck!

    all the best,

  4. sido says:



  5. Josie says:

    Is a life changing experience something that happens only once? Or is the process of living a series of life changing experiences?

    I’ve never read one of your novels. Sold them, led people to them and spoken about them very briefly, yet somehow have managed to pass them by. But that will change soon, after viewing the trailer for the movie about to come out. I look forward to reading it.

  6. Gina says:

    Dear Paul from Austria, I don’t have the dreams no more, I am wake up! :-P ;-)

  7. Gina says:

    Dear Sido, I thank You for the moral support.
    My e-mail is: [email protected]
    I will give You my telephon number in private, but you must know that I don’t speak english very well.
    Don’t think that I haven’t many person who loves me; my mother and my brother in Serbia, than all my friends here in Italy…
    My problem is becose NOBODY understand me, NOBODY understand WHY I find me in this situation. Nobody understand why the man don’t pay me when I work, and I must forgive… Nobody understand why I forgive my ex husband, and leave them the social haus who ever belongs to mother and child… but I was ever try to put in act the Jesus instruction, my ONLY Master ON THE SKY. In HIS words I find all moral support I need. But I need now the material support, I need one haus for me and my doghter and one job where the man will PAY me. I am architect, but I was changed 13 trade (job) in 16 years in Italy. In this moment I survive selling my book door to door, but it’s not enough to take one house in rent. I am a flower without roots, I can change the places and country ever and ever. In one my song I was singing: “Left You on the wind of the life, he konw the road…”
    So, dear Sido, IF you can… help me. I was NEVER reject the blessings (spiritual or material)!
    Thank Thelma, and thank you all. :-)

  8. THELMA says:

    My dear Gina, you are a beautiful woman and with a beautiful soul.. It seems there has been a ‘connection’ with you and Paulo Coelho, before his …Pilgrimage to Santiago that has caused you feeling so unhappy. We cannot know… It is something, maybe, very private between you both. Now you have said openly what you wanted to say and expressed your ‘bitterness’. This opening of your heart has already acted as the …start of the healing of your wounds. Now with your pride and dignity .. regained you can proceed and forget what and whom has hurt you.
    Love is the most beautiful feeling but at the same time gives us many …poisons!! One thing that I know for sure it either it is given freely or you cannot make anyone … by force or pleadings give us his/her love.

  9. THELMA says:

    My sweet dear … Flower, what a beautiful …flight of a butterfly.
    Yes the Spring is the time of opening our petals to the warmth of the sun, Love. Unfortunately the beautiful red flower cannot fly. And there the …big black spider is envious of their .. romance and happiness. The circle of their lives is coming to the end too. For both, flower and butterfly life is short, but they feel both happy. They thank the wind that has brought them together and made them for a moment live their …dream..
    The next Spring will come and a new … flight will start.
    A young butterfly has just come out of the ..coccon and began dreaming ..

  10. Savita Vega says:

    Om, Shanti…Shanti…Shanti………..Om

  11. sido says:

    chère Gina ,

    je connais la “connection spirituelle” si tu veux en parler : elle s’est déjí  produite pour moi avec plusieurs personnes et cela míªme í  travers des centaines de kilomètres ( mais toujours une excellente connexion : je veux dire positive ) …

    d’autre part , tu sais pour ma part je me réjouis toujours si quelqu’un réussit ( paulo mérite sa réussite , il me semble qu’il l’ a déjí  “payé” cher ) On ne peut pas en vouloir í  une personne,
    essaie d’en vouloir aux évènements de ta vie , dire que c’est injuste : oui c’est injuste pour toi , la vie est parfois si difficile
    je sais la souffrance morale que tu ressens
    a noí«l j’ai choisi d’íªtre í  st jacques de compostelle,loin de la vie matérielle(un sac et moi) pour íªtre plus près des “sans domicile fixe” , ils sont dehors , et abandonnés de la société …je comprends ta détresse
    tu as notre soutien le plus profond , et ici tu trouveras l’amour qui te guidera ( si tu veux laisse un numéro , laisse moi íªtre í  tes cí´tés , aide moi í  t’aider et í  les aider tous í  travers toi )
    donne toi la chance d’íªtre í  nouveau dans la lumière et dans l’espoir , et dans l’amour pour ta fille et toi
    sache que nous t’aimons …

    Dear Gina,

    I know the ” spiritual connection ” if you want to speak about it: it already occurred for me with several persons and it even through hundreds of kilometres (but always an excellent connection: I mean positive)…

    On the other hand, you know for my part I am always delighted if somebody makes a success (paulo deserves his success, it seems to me that he has “paid ” it By certain things difficult to live ) We cannot attribute the fault for one person , try to attribute it in the events of your life, to say that it is inequitable: yes it is inequitable for you, the life is sometimes so difficult

    I know the moral suffering which you feel has Christmas I chose to be in st jacques of compostelle, far from the material life (a bag and I) to be closer “homeless persons”, they are outside, and abandoned of the society. I understand your distress

    You have our deepest support, and here you will find the love which will guide you (if you want give me a phonenumber, lets I be in your sides, helps me to help you and to help them all through you) give you the luck(chance) to be again in the light and in the hope, and in the love for your daughter and you
    know that we love you…

  12. sido says:

    cher rami ,

    je n’ai pas lu Brida ( j’essaierai de le trouver rapidement ), mais je pense qu’il n’y a pas de hasard et qu’il faut toujours prendre le bon dans toute chose proposée

    belle histoire … et pensez qu’il y a aussi la webcam pour se regarder discuter ( c’est un lien précieux pour 2 íªtres qui sont éloignés par la distance , et le sms , et une lettre , un petit colis … etc … )

    dear Rami,

    I did not read Restrained (I shall try to find it quickly), but I think that there is no fate and that it is always necessary to take the check in any proposed thing(matter)

    Beautiful story and think that there is also a webcam to watch discussing (it is a precious link for 2 beings which are taken away by the distance, and the sms, and a letter, a small parcel …etc.)


  13. Gina says:

    Beloveds Thelma, Annie and Paul from Austria, I understand all what you saying to me, but you don’t understand me. I not blame you for this because you don’t know me, you don’t know nothing of my life, and you don’t now how many times I have forgive in my life.
    I not blame not even Paulo Coelho, becose he didn’t know what he made.

    I was never bitter person. Who know me, call me “Angel”, but I was ever a fighter for the justice. I tolk to Paulo Coelho for save HE, not me. I make you see this video with one my song. The Art was never for me other that expression of my soul, and I havn’t never tried the succes, but love.

  14. GiiiiiN says:

    Dear, Paulo. Hi, from Russia)) come to the Russia and you can feel the God!!

  15. Flower says:

    the Flower and the Butterfly

    Once upon a time a young butterfly was flying in the air. As he was used to, he let the wind blow him away from places to places. He had often said to himself he would travel the whole world like this. He had already visited some places and met nice people. But this time wind was not strong enough and bring him to a hudge web, a hudge spider’s web as no one had ever seen on his planet.He saw many activity there.He saw cold people with stupid questions that he quicky moved away.But curiously, among this strange world, he felt a place that got warmer. He approaches silently and discovered a new season some call Spring. Spring said him it was not a nice place for a butterfly as the spider could come at any moment and maybe eat him! So he followed Spring who made him discover a much more sweet place… When he arrived he could see a beautiful red flower like in its dreams. She told him she had crossed many countries before she settled in this small sweet place. From here she could see all her new country: mountains, forests, lakes, birds, snow, rivers, bears,…all of them delighted her. She was a flower with a thin stem but with petals that sheltered a very big heart. The butterfly thanked the wind for bringing him here and thought he could stay with the flower for the rest of his life…

    Dear Paulo!
    This is a real story about how we “never met”… this moment changed my life.
    I am just a flower who asking my self, who is the Wind? Who wrote a story withouth the end?

  16. cheri says:

    My life changed after a loss and I developed agoraphobia.I had to relearn faith in myself and faith in general.

  17. Oi Querido! Que bom estar com vocíª!
    Mudei a maneira de ver a vida quando lutei para a mamí£e ní£o sentir dor devido a uma metástase avassaladora de um cí¢ncer de mama… percorrendo corredores… rotina diária nos hospitais… e mamí£e tí£o sabiamente apenas dizia; “Deus é quem sabe, tudo vai dar certo no final…”
    E assim fui percebendo que todas as coisas da vida, ficam tí£o pequenos diante do amor! Só levamos da vida coisas que nos trouxeram esse tipo de sentimento incondicional…
    Sentí­a-me como uma rocha, diante dela, para mostrar-lhe seguraní§a, para que ela partisse em paz. Uma forí§a inegualável invadia-me todos os dias para enfrentar mais um dia!
    Eu ní£o poderia dar, aquelas pessoas que também estavam com o mesmo problema, se ní£o o meu sorriso que mamí£e dizia contagiar í  todos no hospital…
    Querido, já se foram 4 anos, sem ela presente em corpo, mas com sua presení§a constante…
    Um forte abraí§o em vocíª, que vocíª possa sentir essa grande energia…
    Paulo, ainda assim sou muuuito feliz!

  18. Gina says:

    Dear Annie, You are still young to understand. Every winner create one loser. Jesus was the winner or the loser in this world? Jesus said:

    “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his SOUL? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? [Matthew 16:26]

    The Reign of God will NEVER settled down on the earth, until will be still the DIVISION between winners and losers, and between blessed and cursed. Can Yuo understand this, my dear little Annie?!?

  19. THELMA says:

    My dear Gina, thank you for answering to me although this must have been painful to you. How were you spiritually ‘connected’ with Paulo Coelho and you ‘blame’ him for your unhappiness and misfortunes to his ‘happiness and good luck’? If you have never met with Paulo Coelho, then there is/or was nothing to affect your destiny. Sometimes our minds play tricky and ‘evil’ games and we lose control of ourselves and then of our lives.
    We are all here in the Blog, full of concern for each other and trying to help each other. Yes, we speak about Spirituality and Love but at the same we mentioned that we must have ‘balance’ and harmony between our three bodies ‘material-psychical-noetic’, so that we will master our lives.
    Protect yourself and your loved ones with the shield of prayer and God’s love and let the ‘sad’ thoughts fly away. If someone has hurt you the judgment will be made by DIVINE power. You must forgive those that you think that have done injustice to you, because when you ‘carry’ in your heart bitterness and ‘evil’ thoughts of revenge, then for sure those thoughts will return back to you and make more harm to you. ‘Forgive and love your enemies’ Jesus said. And the TRUTH will free you. Start from this moment, take your life to your hands and start a fresh page in your life. Do not waste your life because after all this is what we all have ‘the journey’.
    Take care and have a really happy NEW year.

  20. Rami says:

    I am still very young but when I first read this post there was one immediate moment that came to my mind.

    Recently I have been reading Paulo’s Brida. Upon reading up to a certain point, I get a friend request from a girl on facebook. I have never seen this girl or talked to her before, and I am from the U.S and her from England. So I had no idea why this girl randomly friended me. My first thought was that this girl was crazy and not to accept because it could be trouble. But my instincts overcame me and I accepted her anyways. I ended up talking to her that day for hours. Everything that I love, secret, private, or public, she loved the same things. Everything I thought was only mine was hers also. It was without doubt the strangest encounter I have ever had. Then I recalled Brida. And on the last pages I read Brida’s teacher was talking about soul mates, how their are parts of an atom living inside everyone of us and the other piece is our soul mate. The only goal in life is to find your soul mate. It was such an ironic time, I read this and suddenly this girl comes into my life who is everything I could ever ask for. She too, shared her love for Paulo’s writing. And we both seemed to get the idea in our head that we were soul mates. Now, this girl lives an ocean away, and i tried to face the reality I would never meet her. But is that so bad? God would not have brought this girl unto me if it was not to show me and teach something; that everyone has the right person for them. I feel that this moment changed my life because in this girl I see everything I am and everything I want. Because of this strange encounter, I look at life much differently because it increased my faith in God and that He does have a plan for us all. In consequence, I now live my life as a journey. I don’t know the destination, I don’t know the path, but I know that wherever I go, I am on the right path if I follow my heart and soul.

  21. Gina says:

    Dear Thelma, it’s not easy explain me, because my english is limited.
    In this site man talk much about the spirituality, but nobody don’t understand when somebody talk about the SPIRITUAL CONNECTION between TWO persons. Paulo was ever spiritual connect with me, and me with him. Unfortunately, he has DESTROYED the initial EQUILIBRIUM between we two, when he was begun her search of the success. The spring of 1986, when Paulo decided to do pilgrimage to Santiago, I was 20 years old, and I have risked to die seriously…Now I would have to write a book in order to explain the rest of the “coincidences” in our “parallels” lifes. 22 years ago I was a happy girl full of dreams. Indeed, I was considered a wounded child.
    But my fortune has begun to abandon me more and more, in contrary proportion to the succcess of Paulo. Now, I am without home, without money, without work, without love. I have only the little doughter, but his life is in danger.
    In the Universe reigns the equilibrium. When from one part added too much, from the other part comes to lack the necessary. So Paulo is THE WINNER and I am THE LOSER, but we are the ONE.

  22. Adina says:

    A song in an almost empty church changed my life, while I was a teenager: “Our Father…”.

    There was just a priest, 4-5 people singing (I think they were just preparing for Sundays. I told my mom that day: let’s take a walk. Then, passing by a huge Orthodox Church, I saidL let’s take a look inside, i’ve heard it looks amaizing.

    I just made 2 steps through the front door and I couldn’t move more. And then this song (which I’ve heard many time before, but never hear it actually) just invadated my soul. I will ot enter into details, which are fantastic, but I just remember I absolutelly couldn’t stop crying FOR HOURS. People were looking at me in the church, on the streets, my mom was so ashamed of me. I-couldn’t-stop-it! I just empty my soul of aaaalll pain I accumulated in time.

    (And I was so optimistic that day before the church, and never thought about becoming sad the next moment, in an almost empty church). Today, I feel the best when the church is empty.

    So my feeling was: my sould was set free and forgiven.

  23. THELMA says:

    My dear Jessica, my best wishes for the new year.
    Well the story/joke shows a …Greek-Cypriot reality of my generation and my parent’s generation. Children come first. Also, my grand-mother used to tell me :”Marriage is like a …. nut. If you open it and it is … full of worms you cannot do anything !!It is your luck!!!! Thank God things have changed recently.So ….lawyers have much younger clients!!!
    I was reading yesterday in the newspaper that because of the crisis and recession, in America the divorce procedures have ‘freeze’ because the couples cannot pay their debts and the prices of properties have been greatly reduced.

  24. Rim says:

    I just finished ” the pilgrimage” yesterday.
    Everytime i read a book for Paulo Coelho, i say this is the best book i’ve ever read in my life and this is what i said yesterday :)… again !
    It’s amazing how his books can be life changing… they helped through lots of things … through life… he helped me have an unshakable faith in God and a blind trust in his mighty wisdom .
    For this i thank this wonderful man and i am for ever grateful.:)
    Peace and Love to all and may all ur wishes come true with the beginning of this new year :).

  25. Shabnam says:

    what changed my life…?

    There a lot of events and a lot of people that changed my life…

    one of them is my job…Thanks God my job gave me many things…
    My job peresented me a lot of valuable friends,self-confidence,experience etc…

    I have inspiration to live and create! because LIFE IS WODERFUL!


  26. sido says:

    The translation of my message (even if it transforms a little my thoughts):


    Return of the pélérinage of Santiago de Compostela where it had been asked to me to make what I had to make …

    On the road I felt, on the road I received, on the road I asked for all in particular in Christmas in front of st jacques, on the road I shed the tears of the love, on the road I saw the poor man and I know I owe, on the road I saw, on the road I met, on the road I was enlightened, on the road I met what we cannot name(appoint) because the understanding of the man could not
    On the road I wait and said that I am ready, on the way back I returned to heavy to say to him(her) and make, on the way back 27 I know who(which) I shall have to seek and that his(her,its) hour will come and I look at the stars of st martin and the city of tarbes at night, On the way back I ask in the church of st martin 28 at 9:45 am (this place which I found accidentally(by chance) one month ago during a movement montagnearbre of life + Lourdes) because st martin is the one for those who have nothing and what it is in this church because I am still far from st martin near to me to ask him(it))
    On the road I shall return by this road one day when I shall need you, when it will be told to me to return
    a road a road of LIFE

  27. THELMA says:

    After reading the comments of my dear-est Paul from Austria, I cannot resist of not saying a joke [from the lawyers’ stories] :
    A couple of 90 and 95 years old go to a lawyer’s office. They walk in slowly with their sticks, trembling from old age. ‘We want to get a divorce’ they say to the lawyer. ‘We are not happy!’
    The lawyer amazed looked at them and asked them : How did you come to this decision after so many years of marriage? And why NOW?
    “We were expecting our children to …. die” was the answer!!
    Have a nice afternoon.

  28. sido says:

    Paul de l’autriche ,

    Your comments are right, and the wisdom is present

    We have all the possibility of letting the flame grow in us


  29. sim,india says:

    i used to be very proudy and arrogant n alwayz used to desire for more and more…i wasnt satisfied with my life till i met dis gal..her name was puja,she wasnt fortunate enough to have still her lively attitude and the way she treats life made me change my perception…now i feel so blessed to be who i am..

  30. Corazon says:

    I am always blessed to read you.. and the readers uplifts me of my sadness at times, i am a courageous woman, who has gieven enought strength to battle this life’s journey.still a wanderer at times, ever hopeful of my destiny…. and this site gives me an undefining courage, to gain more patience and acquiring more love for others…a real inspiration for all!!Thanks Paolo…thanks for the blessing that can never be found in any counters out there…

  31. THELMA says:

    Dear Gina, as here we are all friends and respect each other, especially our host, Paulo Coelho, will you please explain to us and make more clear your … allusions above???

  32. orly says:

    my life got changed 5 years ago after i had breast cancer, today thank G-d I am a breast cancer survivor, but i have a feeling that the turning point in my life happend that time !!!

  33. zuzanna says:

    I had read few of your books, I did enjoy that.
    I took one of Your ‘treasure’ book and I was thinking who are you?
    Another ‘writter’, ‘reproduction’ or ‘lucky guy’
    So who You think You are????
    For me (so far) You are good narrator…

    Yours Faithfully,

    P.S I will send letter to Miss Claudia Cavegir…

  34. sido says:


    retour du pélérinage de St jacques de compostelle oí¹ il m’avait été demandé de faire ce que j’avais í  faire…

    sur le chemin j’ai senti , sur le chemin j’ai reí§u , sur le chemin j’ai prié pour tous notamment í  noí«l devant st jacques, sur le chemin j’ai versé les larmes de l’amour ,sur le chemin j’ai vu le pauvre et je sais je dois , sur le chemin j’ai vu , sur le chemin j’ai rencontré , sur le chemin j’ai été éclairée , sur le chemin j’ai rencontré ce que l’on ne peut nommer car la compréhension de l’homme ne pourrait , sur le chemin j’attends et dit que je suis príªte , sur le chemin du retour je suis retournée í  lourdes pour lui dire et faire , sur le chemin du retour le 27 je sais qui je devrai solliciter et que son heure viendra et je regarde les étoiles de st martin et la ville de tarbes dans la nuit , sur le chemin du retour je prie dans l’église de st martin le 28 í  9h45(ce lieu que j’ai trouvé par hasard il y a un mois lors d’un déplacement montagnearbre de vie + lourdes ) car st martin est celui pour ceux qui n’ont rien et qu’il est dans cette église puisque je suis encore loin de st martin près de chez moi pour le prier ) sur le chemin je reviendrai par ce chemin un jour quand j’aurai besoin de vous , quand il me sera dit de revenir
    un chemin …un chemin de VIE

  35. Raquel says:

    The moment that changed ma life was during the time I was extremely ill and about to die. Then I realized how valuable my life is and how much I wanted to live…from then on I live every moment to the fullest by living the present, above all God is great, for me there was a second chance to live again.

  36. Cristina says:

    Yo querí­a hacer una pregunta para que salga aquí­, un dí­a, con tu respuesta Paulo. Sólo es una; es esta:

    ¿Cómo quieres que te quieran?

    A veces queremos pero no sabemos querer, queremos mal. Espero tu respuesta.

  37. Terry :-) says:

    Grazie per i tuoi libri,
    Grazie per avermi fatto conoscere Claudia (Francia – preghiere in musica!),
    Grazie per quello che dici e fai(alimenta la mia fiamma della positivití )
    Grazie per ricordarci che il mondo ha bisogno di Amore,
    Grazie di essere come 6,

    Non sono sempre d’accordo con quello che dici ma condivido il 99% del tuo modo di vivere/pensare/essere.

  38. Sander says:

    It was nice book,
    in the future, I will do it too!

  39. Gina says:

    The moment YOU decided to do YOUR pilgrimage to Santiago has changed MY LIFE to!! You are DESTROYED MY LIFE!!! :-(
    You are the WINNER, and I am the LOSER?!?
    Thank Paulo, thank You very much!!! How many life want You destroyed IN THE NAME OF GOD?!?

  40. T.K. says:

    So the ‘decision’ itself became a moment of change. I’ll be sure to remain aware of every decision I make today – that its a moment that is changing my life.

    Happy New Year Paulo!

  41. Are says:

    In these days are my happiest moments. I have found my love of my life, realy true love and I so happy for me and my children, because my love has a big heart for them and me. I am going to write this down in a book. Because my journey of life is begun. Love Are

  42. THELMA says:

    I think that the ‘turning point’ is performed in our most inner corner of our Mind and our Soul. It is the time that we ‘know’ that we are never going to be the same again, for …. better or worse. It is a ‘real Pilgrimage towards any … Santiago'[for each one of us may be different], but it is also the inner Path towards .. Crucifixion and Resurrection. The awakening of the Soul.

  43. Savita Vega says:

    My daughter and I were at the grocery store, at the check-out counter. We had already paid for everything and were about to walk out the door, when she decided she wanted ice-cream. I started to say it was too late, but then I asked the checker to hold our bags for a moment, and consented to go back into the store. The moment I turned and walked down that ice-cream aisle: that changed everything.

    You never know who you are going to meet, or when, or where, or what that encounter is going to lead to. The simplest decisions – deciding to go back into the store and buy ice-cream – can sometimes be the turning of the tumblers in the door the leads to the manifestation of our wildest dreams and most heartfelt prayers, the opening of the door that leads to the fulfillment of our destiny. So, never underestimate the power of the present moment to change everything.

  44. Sefer JAN says:

    I have read about your pilgrimage to Santiago. I have learnt much from your “Pilgrimage”. Thank you, because you did this decision not only for yourself, but (also) for us ;-)