Keeping open to love

Paulo Coelho

There are moments when we would like very much to help someone we love deeply and we just can’t seem to do a thing. Either circumstances prevent us from drawing closer or else the person has shut off to any gesture of solidarity and support.

So, all we have left is love. In those moments when everything is useless, we can still love – without expecting anything in return, any exchanges or thanks.

If we can manage to act in this way, the energy of love begins to transform the universe around us. When this energy appears, you always perform your work successfully.

“Time does not change men. Will power does not change men. Love changes men,” says Henry Drummond.

I read in the newspaper about a child in Brasí­lia who was brutally beaten by his parents. As a result, she lost her body movements and her power of speech.

Admitted to the Base Hospital, she was taken care of by a nurse who said to her every day: “I love you.” Although the doctors guaranteed that she could not hear and that the nurse’s efforts were all to no avail, she kept repeating: “I love you, don’t you forget that.”

Three weeks later on, the child had recovered her movements. Four weeks later, she started to talk and smile again. The nurse never gave any interviews and the newspapers did not publish her name – but let it be registered here, so that we will never forget: love is a great healer.

Love transforms, love heals. But at times love builds mortal traps and ends up destroying the person who has decided to surrender completely. What strange sentiment is this that deep down is the only reason for us to go on living and struggling and trying to make things better?

It would irresponsible of me to try to define it because, like any other human being, all I can do is feel it. Thousands of books have been written about it, plays put on at the theater, films produced, poems scribbled, sculptures carved in wood or marble – and even so, all that the artist can convey is the idea of a feeling, not the feeling itself.

But I have learned that this feeling is present in the small things and manifests itself in the most insignificant of attitudes we take, so we must always have love in mind when we act or fail to act.

Picking up the phone and uttering that affectionate word we have been putting off. Opening the door and showing in someone who needs our help. Accepting a job. Leaving a job. Making that decision that we were putting off for later. Apologizing for a mistake we made that will not leave us in peace. Claiming a right that we have. Opening an account at the florist’s – which is more important than the jeweler’s. Playing the music loud when your loved one is far away and lower the volume when he or she is nearby. Knowing how to say “yes” and “no” – because love involves all of man’s energies. Discovering a sport that can be practiced by two. Not following any prescription, not even those listed in this paragraph – because love calls for creativity.

And when none of this is possible, when all that is left is loneliness, then remember a story that a reader once sent me:

A rose dreamed day and night about having the company of the bees, but none ever came to land on her petals.

But the flower went on dreaming: during many a long night she imagined a sky with lots of bees flying towards her and kissing her tenderly. In this way she managed to resist to the next day, when she opened again to the sunlight.

One night the moon, knowing how lonely the rose felt, asked her:

– Aren’t you tired of waiting?

– Perhaps. But I have to struggle on.

– Why?

– Because if I don’t open up, I will wither.

At moments when loneliness seems to crush all beauty, the only way to resist is to keep yourself open.

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  1. rug says:

    Very time consuming trying to locate relevantblogson my besttopic. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. I know this is not on topic but,does anyone know how to clean a shaggy rug with a shoe polish stain? I have asked this question before but need an answer before I am Killed by my aunt.

  2. AllaSobirova says:

    I enjoy reading these kinds of stories. Also I keep these stories for my students.I would recommend to read “Chicken soup for soul” series for such inspiring story.

  3. G says:

    “There are moments when we would like very much to help someone we love deeply and we just can’t seem to do a thing. Either circumstances prevent us from drawing closer or else the person has shut off to any gesture of solidarity and support.”

    Thank you for your words. These resonate right now. Sometimes we feel helpless when a loved one is mired in his own stubbornness and cannot see that the choices he is making is hurting all those around us. He even uses the subtefuge that God’s support though the choices are clearly driven by self-indulgence. He does not heed any of our reasonings or emotional pleas and that is when it is hardest to love that person.

    It is important to remember the story of the rose.

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  5. girlie says:

    Thanks Mr. Coelho :D

    Reading your post is one of the teeming and peaceful time i had today…

    It’s amazing how you simplify things and affect your readers…

    Hmmmm love indeed is boundless…

  6. Antara says:

    Hello Kahil,
    I feel glad that you took time to reply :) Thanks u so much.
    But I really don’t know how to wait for love in a constructive way :(
    Though I know you are right; I can’t feel that way..anyhow.

    But there’s one thing that brings me back to Solace and engulfs my soul with peace. It is a smile on face of that person. When I just close my eyes and think of him smiling in his own cheerful way, I feel like I’ve lived my life.

    A moment of happiness which flashes across his face, makes me forget my all woes, troubles and everything. I’m assured that he is happy, and I feel happy for him. This is just so simple, so innocent and so much serene…well that’s how love is :)
    Wish you the best of life and love :)

    Take Care

  7. Rose says:


    I think I understand where you’re coming from, but I think it’s not love itself that acts like a traitor…
    LOVE is always there, all around…
    It doesn’t betray us, we do the job ourselves much too well…
    Or others do it…it depends…

    Waiting for love is VERY risky…
    And also very much a contradiction…
    Esp. if you lose focus on your own life…
    Forget following your own path…

    Waiting for love to arrive or to come back….
    Although it’s never gone anywhere to begin with…
    There’s always love if we just allow ourselves to feel it….
    Even when it’s not the kind of romantic love you were hoping for or dreaming of….
    Believe me, I should know from personal experience…
    I’ve earned myself the title ‘waiter extraordinaire’
    Try not to wait for love in a destructive, all consuming manner…

    I love everyday…
    And we should LIVE…Quite important too…

    Waiting…it can be a good thing, but also your downfall…
    Don’t let it ruin you…Wait in a good, contructive way….

    Wishing you all the best….

    (I was just as much talking to myself here ;-)

    Love… It surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be.
    Kahlil Gibran

  8. Antara says:

    Mr Coelho, your words reach me right at the time I need it the most.
    Yes, I’m too suffering too and you words really give me some solace. But I would really like to differ in some areas.

    I feel love in itself act like a traitor sometimes, when it turns blind to our emotions. We really wait for love to touch us some day… but for some unlucky folks that wait is for a lifetime…and it ruins him.

  9. El Dormido says:

    I think fear is the opposite of love.

    I do not, any longer, confuse ‘romance’ with ‘love’. I’ve live in that dream of romantic love before and it was quite pleasurable and beguiling. But when push came to shove, it did not sustain the relationship. It was not enough that when we danced together it Seemed like we were the only 2 people in the room and the music was for us…

    Afterwards, in my regard of this woman I have chosen to value and care for all those qualities I found attractive, that nurtured my ‘love’ for her so that my love for her lives on even though I have not seen her a day since.

    My love now is, as much as I can effect, by my choice and intention, the expression of my understanding that we are all interconnected with one another. It is the energy I apply to my part of life, as fearlessly as I can, without expecting a benefit.

    Taking action and leaving the results in God’s hands as it were…

  10. Lisa Melanie says:

    Thank you Paulo.
    I certainly believe you when you say when you are loved then you can do anything in the world. Recently, a person I really loved broke up with me and I found out he is moving back to his hometown due to the fact he lost his job in the city. The week before I found out, I took my road test. Before I left the house, I decided to pray to God that I will pass it this time. Then I started remembering the people who say they love and believe in me: My dad,mom,aunt,my three friends, and lastly him. I looked at a picture of him the moment before I left the house and the words coming him,”I love you” gave me a sense of hope of knowing deep down his confused mind and heart,he still have feelings for me.

    In many ways, I still do love him more than just a friend, because he brought so much hope and laughter into my life. I keep telling my heart, “the fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself”, but losing someone you love hurts especially if he is going to be almost 1000 miles away from you and the fact he broke up with me through text messaging without a clear explanation. Sadly, in less than two weeks I will be saying goodbye and letting go of the one I love.

    I am going to take your advice though. I will paint a self portrait of him as a going away present. This will be my first “big” painting I will do ever, 24×36, because I want to prove Paulo’s theory about the idea of being loved will make you move mountains. Maybe in time he will remember me by this act of kindness and decide to move back to the city of big dreams. I pray that one day he will come back to me, because I have faith in him and I love him.

  11. Johannes says:

    In this world love and suffering are intertwined and we cannot experience one without experiencing the other. In fact the more we love the more sensitive we become to suffering. That is why Christ’s suffering must have been great, because he loved so much.
    Yet love gives birth to hope and faith that are all moving towards a divine love. In the beyond we will abide in love.

    Thank you for the message!!

  12. Yvonne says:

    Dear Paulo!
    Like always you seem to find the right words at the right time. I was struck when I read the above, because it so much responds to a situation I face at the moment. And the only thing that´s right about it, is LOVE. This is what keeps us alive and what changes the world. Thanks for your thoughts!

  13. sido66 says:

    Beware opened to the love at in the gift(donation) of love without waiting in return… AND SO YOU GIVE ” THE energy OF THE LOVE” NEED OF WHICH WE HAVE SO MUCH ” all as much as us are (and even I) because we cannot live without love, we cannot live without the energy of the love then even if it is difficle (yes sometimes it is easier to say than to make, TK, but it IS NECESSARY to make it, to be opened brings much more to us and to the others)

    A testimony:

    Eric, a young patient, tumor in the brain, at the end of life under morphine so the pain is big I come to see him, I go into the bedroom and innonde his bedroom of my widest smile, I read to his demand ” the book of the angels ” that we offered to him and that he appreciates and also I read for him a book that I brought funny sentences, stories which make himit smile and make him laugh( And I know that on his bed when I shall have left, he will think again about all this and when he will still smile there) Here we are, the energy of the love, we can all give it and it makes so good and I when I go out of Eric’s bedroom, I cry in my car of the emotion shared with him, and then, I smile of the shared love and our laughter which still resound in my head…

    I also tell the end, it will also give you to reflect that if we close its flower, we also close it for the others (without judgment, because sometimes hold its opened flower is very difficult, and I know about what I speak: I having even lived the cancer at the house and the moral suffering not to be able to help any more my husband who suffered, but who suffered more “mentally” than physically).Thus I end Eric’s story: one day, I am going to see him, delighted by our meetings, and he say to me ” you know, I want to die ” ” but you fight so well ” i say to him , and even the doctors who had foreseen(planned) his imminent death had to notice that Eric, after months, was always alive!!!! He says to me ” yes it is not the suffering, I have the morphine, even if it is hard; but it is what there is in the glance of my mother = She suffers so much to see me suffering, and it is it which more makes me suffer than the disease, then I want to die ” / the flower which is in her close and it loses the energy of the love …… I had no time to give to his mom enough energy of the love so that she can have it in her for her son …one week later, Eric died because he wanted it …he has to decide not to fight any more..

    A lesson:

    The energy of the love which he had in him made him live, the energy lost in his mother makes his die …but the moral suffering is tellemment big sometimes (and I know it, I lived it during 4 long years!! My God, it is long!!) that it is difficult to hold the opened flower…

    But I am convinced, as says it Paulo Coelho, as the only way of resisting is to open you…
    Even in the moments the most difficult (as these 4 years of moral suffering) I went near my patients with the smile for them and also for the spouses and their children and if the strength is not or more in you, to ask for the love which you need for you, and also por to pass on in the others later..

    THE AMUR IS STRONGER THAN EVERYTHING, the love allows to live and also to survive …… and I never forget, as soon as I can, ” I love you ” to my son Paul, and to say ” I love you ” to my parents, and to say to my patients how much I count on them and as soon as they can and I speak to the man who lives outside in the cold, abandoned by all, and I smile to the one who passes and who concerns his punishment(pain) on the face,And I say words kind to my friends and knowledge as soon as I see them etc. etc. because I know ” THE POWER OF THE AMUR ” and as a sweet wave, I know that she can go far and bathe so many people who need it, and who can get up in turn and… LOVE!

    THANK YOU, Eric and the others, who had shared with me the love for the other one (: ” a gift of love without waiting in return ” = the creator of the Real Energy of the love)

    Today the suffering AND the daily happiness made what I am: a woman who feasts to look and again and again: SHARE AND LIKE LOVE

    ************* To YOU ALL, to YOU ALL, ************ A SHOUT OF the AMUR OF A QUITE SIMPLE GIRL: ” I LOVE YOU ” AND THAT IS WHY I AM There

    se garder ouvert í  l’amour …at au don d’amour sans attendre en retour …ET AINSI VOUS DONNEZ ” L’éNERGIE DE L4AMOUR DONT ON A TANT BESOIN” tous autant que nous sommes ( et míªme moi ) car on ne peut vivre sans amour , on ne peut vivre sans l’énergie de l’amour
    alors míªme si c’est difficle ( oui parfois c’est plus facile í  dire qu’í  faire , TK , mais il FAUT le faire , íªtre ouvert apporte bien plus í  nous et aux autres …)

    un témoignage :

    Eric , un jeune patient , tumeur au cerveau , en fin de vie … sous morphine tellement la douleur est grande …je viens le voir , je rentre dans la pièce et innonde sa chambre de mon plus large sourire , je lis í  sa demande “le livre des anges ” qu’on lui a offert et qu’il apprécie et aussi je lis pour lui un livre que j’ai apporté …des phrases humoristiques , des histoires qui le font sourire et le font rire ( et je sais que sur son lit quand je serai partie , il repensera í  tout cela et qu’il en sourira encore ) ..voilí  , l’énergie de l’amour , nous pouvons tous la donner et cela fait tellement de bien …et moi quand je sors de la chambre d’Eric , je pleure dans ma voiture de l’émotion partagée avec lui , puis ensuite , je souris de l’amour partagé et de nos rires qui résonnent encore dans ma tíªte …

    je raconte aussi la fin , elle vous donnera aussi í  réfléchir que si on ferme sa fleur , on la ferme aussi pour d’autres ( sans jugement , car parfois tenir sa fleur ouverte est très difficile , et je sais de quoi je parle : ayant moi míªme vécu le cancer í  la maison et la souffrance morale de ne pouvoir aider plus mon mari qui souffrait , mais qui souffrait bien plus “mentalement” que physiquement ) . Donc je termine l’histoire d’Eric : un jour , je vais le voir , réjouie de nos rencontres , et il me dis ” tu sais , je veux mourir ” ” mais tu te bats si bien ” lui dis – je , et míªme les médecins qui avaient prévu sa mort imminente devaient constater qu’Eric , après des mois , était toujours vivant !!!! Il me dit “oui ce n’est pas la souffrance , j’ai la morphine , míªme si c’est dur ; mais c’est ce qu’il y a dans le regard de ma mère = elle souffre tant de me voir souffrir , et c’est cela qui me fait plus souffrir que la maladie , alors je veux mourir ” / la fleur qui est en elle se ferme et elle perd l’énergie de l’amour ……je n’ai pas eu le temps de donner í  sa maman suffisamment d’énergie de l’amour afin qu’elle puisse en avoir en elle pour son fils …..une semaine plus tard , Eric est mort car il le voulait a décider de ne plus se battre ..

    une leí§on :

    l’énergie de l’amour qu’il avait en lui le faisait vivre , l’énergie perdue en sa mère la fait mourir …mais la souffrance morale est tellemment grande parfois ( et je la connais , je l’ai vécue pendant 4 longues années !! mon Dieu , c’est long !! )qu’il est difficile de tenir la fleur ouverte …

    mais je suis convaincu , comme le dit Paulo Coelho , que la seule manière de résister est de vous ouvrir …
    Míªme dans les moments les plus difficile ( comme ces 4 ans de souffrance morale ) j’allais près de mes patients avec le sourire pour eux et aussi pour les conjoints et leurs enfants …et si la force n’est pas ou plus en vous , demander l’amour dont vous avez besoin pour vous , et aussi por transmettre aux autres plus tard ..

    L’AMOUR EST PLUS FORT QUE TOUT , l’amour permet de vivre et aussi de survivre ……et je n’oublie jamais ,dès que je peux , “je t’aime ” í  mon fils PAul , et de dire “je t’aime” í  mes parents , et de dire í  mes patients combien je compte sur eux et qu’ils peuvent …et je parle í  l’homme qui vit dehors dans le froid , abandonné de tous , et je souris í  celui qui passe et qui porte sa peine sur son visage , et je dis des mots gentils í  mes amis et connaissances dès que je les vois je connais “LE POUVOIR DE L’AMOUR ” et comme une douce vague , je sais qu’elle peut aller loin et baigner tant de gens qui en ont besoin , et qui pourront í  leur tour se relever et …AIMER !

    MERCI , Eric et autres , qui avaient partagé avec moi l’amour pour l’autre ( : “un don d’amour sans attendre en retour” = le créateur de la Véritable Energie de l’amour )

    aujourd’hui la souffrance ET les bonheurs quotidiens ont fait ce que je suis : une femme qui se régale de donner et encore et encore : PARTAGER ET AIMER


  14. Mirjam says:

    What is love?
    You can say it and mean one thing. The one that hears it can think you mean another thing.
    More important than saying it, is just giving your time and 100% attention to every one you meet. For me that is love.
    Also give it to the things you do. Than you do everything with love and the right intention.
    In that way you need not be afraid of making mistakes.



  15. Good Story.
    Once upon a time there was a guy named Mr.Adam, in his mid thirties, long haired, good looking just like a scholar. Adam was happy with his life. He was a computer professional and most of the times he was working on the computers. The first love that he has discovered was only the computers since he was not involved with any women.

    Despite he was good looking and nice, there was no women who wanted to approach him and love him. One day he finished his degree and returned back to his country. He saw one girl who was busy in the Phone. He looked at her and thought, “She looks good”. Next day on the same place during same time-Adam saw her again talking in the phone.

    He thought, “She must be talking with her boyfriend”. Adam did not gave much of the importance after that thought. The girl was also in her mid thirties and very good looking and nicely build. She was beautiful as the Rose. Eve as her sister would like to call her.

    After few days, Eve looked at the Adam and Smiled. She must have thought something before smiling but Adam had no clue. May be Adam thought He knew with whom she was talking-her boy friend named Fox.

    Adam friend Moore was good at talking with the girls and he talked with Eve about Adam and his characteristics. Moore admired a lot about the Adam and he said many good things about the Adam to Eve.

    For couple of weeks on the same place and during same time, Adam could not see Eve anymore. His eyes were searching for Eve but he could not find her. “Where is Eve?”, Why did not see come today or yesterday to talk with her boyfriend?. These questions were on the mind of Adam.

    During this period of the time Adam was reading a Novel by Paulo called “Veronica decides to die”. While Adam was very fast learner, it did not took long for him to finish Paulo’s Novel. He finished it within the couple of weeks time. He learned about the women and why they are committing the suicide.

    After the couple of weeks period, Adam saw Eve but this time she looked little sick and weak. She was not even talking with anyone, silent and cold. She was just frozen or something thought Adam.

    Adam went close to her and said, “what happened to you?” why are you not talking any longer”. Eve replied that nothing has happened and she was OK.

    As Adam’s Nature was outgoing and friendly, he talked about the book which he read recently with Eve and with her sister Maria. They wanted to know about the book which Adam had read. The topic of the book was very fascinating to them.

    Adam explained all the details about the book and he told how a girl decides to commit a suicide and what goes wrong with her. He explains it is a coward act to commit a suicide and give up your life for some “reasons”.

    While Adam was explaining the story, Eve was smiling looking at Adam but she said no word. Adam and Eve started seeing each other like this and they continued for some time may be it was for couple of weeks or so.

    One day, Eve was alone in her shop and Adam went there to talk with her. Adam wanted to know where she went during those two weeks period since he could not talk with her. Eve started saying that, she was in hospital bed since she committed suicide.

    Adam was shocked to listen this- Adam asked her why?, Eve replied it was because of the Fox. I worshiped him more than the God, he was my God. I never used to eat before he has eaten, I never used to do anything before he used to say to me, I was truly and madly in love with him but he said that he cannot marry me.

    When he said he cannot marry me after we being together in love for four years, I was broken. My heart was broken and I thought for whom should I live? There is no one for whom I should live my life. That is why I decided to kill myself.

    After listening to Eve, Adam was sorry for what has happened with her. Adam asked one question to her, “Did he said-I love you to you?”. Eve replied with Yes, Many many times. Almost every day.

    Adam started thinking-“What is the value of I love you when you really do not feel the love for the person?”


    Saying one thing and doing one thing is common human nature.

    We say one word and we do not even care or mean it seriously. Every words spoken cannot be taken back. A good listener could be a good partner and it is one of the essential element to be in the relationship. Let us think, If you say “I love you” do you really mean that you really really love that person?.

    What if you are just faking? I do not know if there is any reality in it. “Want” does not describe love, “Needs” does not fulfill “thirst” or quest in our life.

    When the words like “I love you” is so much valuable. We should make it more valuable by saying only when you really really mean it and when your inner self says to do so. Most of the times we just say that words and we do not even know the value behind these three great words which make a complete sentence and this complete sentence could mean a lot to the other person.

    Written things or words could be edited but spoken words could not be taken back.

    All we need to do is make it more valuable and precious. Since these are most important sentence A Man would like to tell to her Princess.

    Good day !

  16. Rabi says:

    What a beautiful reminder… my favourite part was the story of the little brazilian girl and the nurse…

    Thank you.

  17. Popi says:

    As it’s already been ‘said’ by T.K, keeping yourself open when loneliness crushes everything, is easier said than done…

  18. Debra says:

    Thank you for the reminder of how powerful love is. Debra

  19. SFG says:

    Kiss or be kissed.
    Love or be loved.
    Eat or be eaten.

    YUM. i am rambling.

  20. T.K. says:

    Thank you Savita for sharing. I was encouraged through reading your post.

  21. Jane says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Paulo.

    I needed to hear this today.

    Your words are guiding me through life and I will be forever grateful that, at least in cyberspace, your path has crossed mine.

  22. Iqra says:

    Thankyou so much Paulo. Today your post showed me the way.
    I really needed this. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.


  23. No, no me he cansado de esperar y los sueños son fantásticos. Yo quiero ser como esa rosa que sigue amando sin esperar nada a cambio porque sabe que su mayor premio ya es el amor. Sentirse llena con lo que te da el amor, seguir soñando va en la naturaleza del hombre.
    Un beso es precioso este escrito, no se por qué me gusta tanto pero es que ya lo conocí­a y no deja de hacerme sentir ternura.

  24. orly says:

    I just love to read your thoughts, an amazing philosofy of life, and when I think love I can tell u that I love to love, and I wouldnt be able to go on in my life without this amazing feeling,,,, and we as human beeing can really love many people – our family, our partner, our pets, the univrese the plants, etc etc, but so many times love in life is a lot of pain,,,, and i think that means its a part of nature, and if we go with the flow of life we understand that we always have to have that HOPE, never loose that important feeling of hope, it can always help us to go on even when its not easy!!!! but to know that we r loved and can give this love- that energy just gives the peace to one!

  25. Pablo says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. Good night.

  26. leona says:

    love is live.

  27. Kathleen says:

    Reading about the nurse with that precious child, I was blubbering.

    I completely and utterly believe that. That is the perfect Nurse, one who uses science and spirituality in her works.

    More people (especially I’m afraid some doctors who believe they know for certain about life) need to be aware of the miracle of love.

    Kathleen xxoo

  28. Miguel Angel says:

    Querido Pablo;

    Hoy es un gran dí­a, hoy todo tu blog me dice lo que debo hacer, en primer lugar abrirme de nuevo al amor.

    Mucho tiempo he estado cerrado a el, por miedo al dolor, pero hoy querido Pablo verte con tanto amor me hace sentirme amado y querido y por que no confesarlo esperanzado.

    Por eso quiero darte mi agradecimiento y mi amor (ágape), solo el amor podí­a ayudarme le confesé a alguien y lo ha hecho.

    Me he visto reflejado en el que rechaza la ayuda, pero quiero que sepas que solo fue por miedo al dolor sufrido.

    Antes de leer tu blog (hacia semanas que no lo leí­a), venia pensando en mi situación, y he llegado a esta conclusión, que me ocurrí­a como al perro de mi primo.

    Te cuento la historia del perro de mi primo:

    Mi primo vio a un perro tirado en la carretera, estaba ensangrentado y herido, por lo visto habí­a sido maltratado hasta casi morir.

    El caso es que cuando el intento acercarse para recogerlo y ayudarle curarle las heridas y por fin darle un hogar junto a el, el pobre animal le huí­a se alejaba de todas las personas que se le acercaban.

    Por fin el animal quedo exhausto y mi primo lo recogió atendió y curo.

    A pesar de que mi primo le atendió y dio su amor y vive con el, el pobre animal huye de cualquier persona que no sea el.

    Yo pienso que me ocurrí­a esto porque a pesar de mis fallos y de no saber amar, yo tení­a una Fe en Dios muy grande, hasta el punto de no quitarme la vida por FE, pero me hicieron mucho daño aprovechando precisamente mi FE, hasta partirme el alma y como el pobre animalito yo, equivocado o no, lo achaque al grupo católico al que pertenecí­a y como el perro he huido de ellos para que no me hieran mas, pero hoy es un dí­a grande porque he comprendido que quizás solo quieran curarme las heridas y por el miedo que tengo me estaba muriendo solo.

    Por esto te doy gracias por tu amor y recibe el mió (mi ágape), que el señor ilumine mis pasos.


    Dear Paul;

    Today is a great day today all your blog tells me what to do, first open to love again.

    I have been long closed to him, for fear of pain, but now wanted to see Paul with so much love and makes me feel loved and wanted to confess that not hopeful.

    So I give you my thanks and my love (agape), only love could help someone and he confessed it did.

    I have seen reflected in rejecting aid, but I know that was only because of fear of pain suffered.

    Before reading your blog (for weeks not to read), came to believe in my situation, and I have come to this conclusion, as I did the dog of my cousin.

    I tell you the story of my cousin’s dog:

    My cousin saw a dog lying on the road, was bloodied and injured, had been seen as ill-treated to nearly die.

    The fact is that when approaching the attempt to collect and help cure the wounds and finally give a home next to him, the poor animal was fleeing away from all who approached him.

    At last the animal became exhausted and it took my cousin and attended curo.

    Although my cousin met him and gave his love and living with the poor animal flees from anyone other than.

    I think I did this because despite my faults and not knowing how to love, I had a great faith in God, not to the point of living off the FE, but I was just drawing a lot of damage my faith, even to the soul and the poor animal myself, wrong or not, the Catholic group andalusia andalusia infirmity that the dog belonged and I fled from them not to hurt me more, but today is a day long because I realized that maybe just want to cure injuries and I fear that I was dying alone.

    For this I thank you for your love and get mine (my meal), which Mr enlighten my steps.

  29. neruona says:

    Un beso.

  30. THELMA says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho and Hildegarde, reading you both I am speechless. All my ..cleverness, beautiful words and .. sharp tongue have lost their way…
    I am love, I feel love, I send love and the only thing that I can do is to ..cry, a big endless cry so that my tears will wash away all the pain of my heart and open the …petals to the Sun and Light.

  31. Bogdan says:

    “When you are present in this moment, you break the continuity of your story, of past and future.
    Then true intelligence arises, and also love.
    The only way love can come into your life is not through form, but through that inner spaciousness that is Presence.
    Love has no form.”
    Words full of love and wisdom from Eckhart Tolle. I believe love is our inner core. Letting the mind go, and we will feel it! We would be surprised entering this new realm of the Self. Love is all around! Love is necessity, love is food for soul, love is everything. And to feel it we just have to stop. Stop for a moment and look around.
    God bless!

  32. Kad Zenim says:

    Hello everyOne,

    I think that Love is what flows in your blood and make your heart beat and then make you breathe, that’s all, only this energy that no scientific knows about, so till I ‘m alive there is love in me.
    May it be for a long time.
    So you just got tio breathe.
    Bye Ya ;)

  33. Nancy says:

    Yes, it is difficult to explain what love is because of feelings and thoughts. I think the recipe for love is different for each person we meet. There is main ingredients but everything else is different. There are many types of love to add, and many ways of showing love when people change.

  34. Ellie says:

    I couldnt have found better words to describe my feelings today. Thank you…”Love changes men”
    Yet some people dont know what Love is. All they know is power, regret, hatred, unforgivness!

    Times are hard. People are mean. Decisions are difficult…
    And I feel I cant help him now.
    But when there’s nothing else I can do for him, what I do is Love Him! Thats all I can do now. I Love You D. with all my heart!

    And like the nurse said: “I love you.And dont you EVER forget it!”
    My love for you can heal all the injuries of your soul.

  35. Akua says:

    Dear Paulo, you have done it again…..or maybe we are all tapping into each others energy.
    Perfect timing for me, sometimes it is difficult to motivate oneself, then along comes something like this, and one can only smile, straighten up and move on with purpose.
    Thank God for you Paulo, and all your friends who come together and create love by sharing themselves openly.
    God bless us all!

  36. Savita Vega says:

    Like luce said, this is just what I needed to hear this morning, in this hour, in this very moment.

    I am, in this period, in these very days, in fact, struggling with my own fears and self-doubts – all the most wicked monsters in my own closet are knocking at the door, wanting out…. But first, let me back up for a moment, so as to add a little context here: there is this special someone in my life who is an addict. (I won’t say addicted to what, as that is irrelevant really.) This man, of his own volition, with no pressure on my part, has determined to free himself of this “demon” on his back.

    It is a struggle. I see him struggling. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be for him, nor can I fathom all the things he must be going through, emotionally, as well as physically. And yet I see him standing firm, and I cannot express the admiration I have for him. It is like someone who suddenly became tired of being chased by a grizzly bear, tired of running and cowering behind stumps, fed-up with hiding behind tree trunks, and so, suddenly turned on his own heals to face this beast head-on, face-to-face, toe-to-toe. Imagine that! – standing there facing this twenty-foot-tall ball of sinew and fang and claw, this monster that is towering over you, threatening to devour you, and knowing that the only weapon you have is your own courage and determination. Even if he fails – which I don’t think he will, because I see the enormous strength that resides in this man’s heart – but even if he should be gobbled up again by this beast, I will forever think of him as the most courageous warrior I’ve ever encountered.

    At any rate, as I stand to the side and watch him enter into this fight with all the bravery of a kamikaze pilot, I feel a certain degree of anguish, almost a sense of panic, at the fact that he is so far away at times – I cannot reach him. He can be right there by my side, and yet I know that the battles he is waging might as well be taking place a million miles away, because I am so completely helpless to help him in any way.

    As Paulo writes, “There are moments when we would like very much to help someone we love deeply and we just can’t seem to do a thing.”

    So, as I am reminded by this post: “all I have left is love. In those moments when everything is useless, I can still love – without expecting anything in return.” If he rolls over and turns his back to me, rather than withering inside like a caressed touch-me-not, I must be bold in my love and let it shine with all the warmth of a fire on a cold winter’s night. I must not let that spark go out, nor allow it to be dampened by the circumstances surrounding us. I have to know, down deep in my soul, that “even this shall pass.” The shadow of this beast looming above us will not last.

    I must believe with all my heart that, if I can manage to act in this way, the energy of love will begin to transform the universe around us.

    Thank you so much for your deep wisdom in this hour, dear Paulo.


  37. Alexandra says:

    I dont know how you can say things so well….Just wonderful words,the right example.I am so amazed,and imagine is again the exact answer to one of my unsaid questions.Maybe in distant future I will able to step on your way,now I am so awkward.Each day you come with a marvelous surprise.thanks a lot

  38. T.K. says:

    At moments when loneliness seems to crush all beauty, the only way to resist is to keep yourself open.

    That’s easier said…than done :-(

  39. sido66 says:

    A nuance maybe, Paulo, between the love and what I call ” the energy of the love “; they are 2 different things

    And it is indeed of ” the ENERGY OF THE LOVE ” that of which our world to need (I don’t have the “true” , but of this , i know / even if I often say (as the actor Gabin said): ” the more I know, and the more I know that I do not know, and that I know it ” ( = in front of the FUNNEL of the knowledge, the more we advance, the more we see the numerous things which remain in us to learn )

    une nuance peut-íªtre , Paulo , entre l’amour et ce que j’appelle “l’énergie de l’amour” ; ce sont 2 choses différentes

    et c’est bien de ” l’ENERGIE DE L’AMOUR ” dont notre monde í  besoin ( je ne détiens pas toute les vérités , mais í§a je le sais / míªme si je dis souvent ( comme l’acteur Gabin disait ): ” plus je sais , et plus je sais que je ne sais pas , et í§a je le sais ” ( face í  l’ENTONNOIR de la connaissance , plus on avance, plus on voit les nombreuses choses qui nous restent í  apprendre )

  40. Marie-Christine says:

    Paul from Austria
    thanks for your comment I was not aware you quoted that earlier on.;
    (the Chirokee)
    Jan – I’ll keep you in mind defenitively.

    Luce, I need these words too like the air, like water and I share the bread with you if you like’
    Love and light to all,

  41. çigarra says:

    Thanks Paulo

  42. luce says:

    Dear Paulo,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart !
    I need these words like the air, like water, like bread…


  43. sido says:

    And if I had said yes on our meeting the last month (maybe a next day!!), I shall have said:

    Paulo, it remains some warm coffee; it falls well


    et si j’avais dit oui í  notre rencontre le mois dernier ( peut-íªtre un jour prochain !! ) , j’aurai dit :

    Paulo , il reste du café chaud ; cela tombe bien

  44. sido says:

    At moments when loneliness seems to crush all beauty, the only way to resist is to keep yourself open.

    í€ des moments oí¹ la solitude semble écraser toute beauté, la seule manière de résister est de vous ouvrir.

    yes , i hope so Paulo

  45. sido66 says:

    Mon expérience personnelle (si elle est petite):

    I knew the moral pain and its devastating intensity / the love and the joy of living and the hope must be stronger than everything, and allows to survive Je savais que la douleur morale et ses effets dévastateurs intensité de l’amour et la joie de vivre et l’espoir doit íªtre plus forte que tout, et permet de survivre

    I knew the physical pain / strength of the life and the love allows to surmount (many patient who have the morale and keep the enjoyment of life in their heart, cure better that the others = and it is scientifically proved = never to give up(lower the arms) = 30 in 50 % no more chance to take(bring) out there better) my doctor said to me: it is what your strength, always to keep smiling and the laughter and the joy of living, it is your therapy Je savais que la douleur physique / force de la vie et l’amour permet de surmonter (de nombreux patients qui ont le moral et garder la jouissance de la vie dans leur cÅ“ur, í  la guérison de mieux que les autres = et il est scientifiquement prouvé = jamais de renoncer í  ( abaisser le bras) = 30 í  50% plus de chance de prendre (apporter) í  t-il de meilleurs), mon médecin m’a dit: c’est ce que votre force, de toujours garder le sourire et le rire et la joie de vivre, il est de votre traitement

    I am lucky, I am of positive nature, I was like that born!! Je suis chanceux, je suis de nature positive, je suis née comme í§a! I get up with the smile and I go to bed with the smile (even if my life also saw my tears of suffering) = keep always in the spirit that it is necessary to keep the love in your heart and the love for any thing, even in the MOST DIFFICULT moments, because the LIFE and the AMUR in you is STRONGER THAN EVERYTHING Je me lève avec le sourire et je vais au lit avec le sourire (míªme si ma vie a aussi vu mes larmes de la souffrance) = garder toujours í  l’esprit qu’il est nécessaire de garder l’amour dans votre cÅ“ur et l’amour pour toute chose, míªme dans les moments les plus difficiles, parce que la vie et l’Amour en vous est plus forte que TOUT


    ( DO NOT HESITATE in: to ask of the help(assistant), to ask for the love if you need to be stronger / to give some love and a smile which can return more hardly the one who suffers near you) (N’hésitez pas í : demander de l’aide (assistant), pour demander de l’amour si vous avez besoin d’íªtre plus fort / de donner quelques amour, et un sourire qui peut revenir í  peine plus de ceux qui souffrent le plus près de chez vous)

    Thus always act and react ^ – ^ Ainsi, toujours agir et de réagir ^ – ^

    mon expérience personnelle ( si petite soit elle ) : lundi expérience personnelle (si petite soit elle):

    j’ai connu la douleur morale et son intensité dévastatrice / l’amour et la joie de vivre et l’espoir doit íªtre plus fort que tout , et permet de survivre j’ai connu la douleur morale et son intensité dévastatrice / l’amour et la joie de vivre et l’espoir doit íªtre plus fort que tout, et permet de Survivre

    j’ai connu la douleur physique / la force de la vie et de l’amour permet de surmonter ( beaucoup de malade qui ont le moral et gardent la joie de vie en leur coeur , guérissent mieux que d’autres = et c’est prouvé scientifiquement = ne jamais baisser les bras = 30 í  50% plus de chance de mieux s’en sortir ) j’ai connu la douleur physique / la force de la vie et de l’amour permet de surmonter (beaucoup de malade qui ont gardent le moral et la joie de vie en leur coeur, guérissent mieux que d’autres et c’est = Prouvé scientifiquement = ne jamais baisser les bras = 30 í  50% plus de chance de mieux s’en sortir)
    mon médecin me disait : c’est quoi votre force , toujours garder le sourire et le rire et la joie de vivre , c’est votre thérapie lundi médecin me disait: c’est quoi votre force, toujours garder le sourire et le rire et la joie de vivre, c’est votre thérapie

    J’ai de la chance ,je suis de nature positive, je suis née comme í§a ! J’ai de la chance, je suis de nature positive, je suis née comme í§a! ! , je me lève avec le sourire et je me couche avec le sourire ( míªme si ma vie a vu aussi mes larmes de souffrance …) = garder toujours en l’esprit qu’il faut garder l’amour en votre coeur et l’amour pour toute chose , míªme dans les moments les PLUS DIFFICILES, car la VIE et l’AMOUR en vous est PLUS FORT QUE TOUT , Je me lève avec le sourire et je me couche avec le sourire (míªme si ma vie a vu aussi mes larmes de souffrance …) = garder toujours en l’esprit qu’il faut garder l’amour en votre coeur et l’amour pour toute chose, míªme dans les moments les PLUS difficiles, car la Vie et l’Amour en vous est PLUS FORT QUE TOUT


    ( NE PAS HéSITER í  : demander de l’aide , demander de l’amour si vous avez besoin pour íªtre plus fort / donner de l’amour et un sourire qui peut rendre plus fort celui qui souffre près de vous ) (NE PAS hésiter í : demander de l’aide, demander de l’amour, si vous avez besoin pour íªtre plus fort / donner de l’amour et un sourire qui peut rendre plus fort, celui qui souffre près de vous)

    donc toujours agir et réagir ^ – ^ donc toujours agir et réagir ^ – ^