Believing without fear

Paulo Coelho

The warrior of the light believes. Just like children believe.

Because he believes in miracles, miracles begin to happen. Because he is sure that his thought can change his life, his life begins to change. Because he is sure that he will find love, this love appears.

From time to time he is disappointed. Sometimes he gets hurt.

And then he hears comments like: “that fellow’s so naive!”

But the warrior knows that it is all worthwhile. For each defeat he counts two victories in his favor.

All those who believe know this.

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  1. Cynthia Pugh says:

    I think fear is such a primeval emotion that it can seem impossible to tame as our bodies react. Some of us for what ever reason spend a whole lifetime on this.

  2. Bath Towels says:

    somehow there is mind power in everyone of us, we just need to develop it ‘”*

  3. mind power somehow exists in one way or another;*~

  4. Deesha says:

    Hi am Deesha from mauritius.
    Just wanted to ask something!!! u always say that u should believe hav courage n all…but what if u believee so much in something…n when the results come out, its not what u were expecting??? :S i always pray! i always believe in god!! but when im dissapointed, i wonder if god really exists…all my life i’ve been praying to d one who doesnt listen to me!!!

    1. Maggie says:

      What I believe is that sometimes we want something that may not be good for us…But because we want a certain result we feel as if the Lord is not hearing us…He hears you..Don’t stop believing…You’ve got a better result coming….

      Maggie ‘Free Your Mind’ Online Advice

    2. didah says:

      hey Deesha i feel u on that,at the moment i vary between fear and uncertainty,i feel lyk i shud be feeling smthng m nt then i feel ungrateful…but trully think its because i dnt love myself enough to be comforatble with my loneliness….i fear nd hate it nd feel ashamed by it…m on the net loooking for answers even tho i believ in God,seeing it written down makes it more real…believe and dnt beat yourself up for being disappointed

  5. Patricia says:

    As the saying goes, “Face the Fear and do it Anyway”…………..

    My Saying is……”A fear is only a fear as long you let it frighten you, Face it and it no longer a fear”

    It makes sense to me lol

  6. LIANA says:

    I am despared at this moment and I absolutely do not know what to do … I was close to getting doubtful in all the values which I’ve appreciated up till now. And once again you,Paulo,ordered me-BELIEVE . And I am beleiving …

  7. Monika says:

    This is the only way belief works at all. – To believe with fear is impossible, because you cannot have faith then.

  8. THELMA says:

    To use freely and fearlessly our creative, imaginative fantasy and mind power. To guide our thoughts with our Divine, luminous Self.

  9. Nancy says:

    T.K. it sounds like you are on the right track. I wonder how many times you have made the people who said you lived in a bubble smile, feel good, gave them hope, feel inspired? A lot of people just do not get it…how do they expect the world to be a better place if they do not participate. You are doing great!

  10. Kathleen says:

    Beautiful, I agree.

    Kathleen xxoo

  11. Adina says:

    My favourite subject! :) :) :)

    I think nobody forget to be a child. From the moment you remember YOU, then is easy to believe without fear and trust God. Trust God as you trust a parent and love Him as you love your parent, and believe that He will do everything for you as a parent does. The difference is that God is not a limited human been and that He always succedes, allways keep his promisse and always gives you presents and love… :)

    “Let the children come to Me”. Meaning too “Let your inner child come to Me”.

    I think the child conserves better the original soul that has been put in his little body at birth. And we still have all that kind of soul, it’s not gone, it’s just hidden under tons of worries, fears, sadness, things that have been teached and delivered to us by our own family, by the school and by society. A child believe everybody and everything and drink both healthy education and poisoning feelings…So no wander why our soul lost its vigour and purity, the original shiness.

    Getting mature, we are now able to realise that and start washing and polishing our child soul.

    Believe like a child!

    Thank you, Mr.Paulo, for this reminder.


  12. Anlao says:

    Dearest Paul, Oole_tm, Leonard

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Thank you for your references to Brida. I wanted to read a book in Spanish while on a trip to Mexico this November and it just happened to be the only PC book I haven’t read. It was the first time when I understood that letting someone go when in a dual situation can be an act of love. It was the first time I saw outside of me what I’ve been struggling on the inside.
    It is the shine in my own eyes I am fighting for right now.
    Danke für die Liebe, Glauben und Hoffnung.
    In der richtigen Reise ist es wie weit nicht von Bedeutung…


    “may the voice of your heart be the only one you listen to”
    In the midst of deciding which continent to choose, which work to continue and which to sacrifice, and in between rationalizing just how wrong and right I might be in my actions or my judgment of his actions, these words made me stop and gasp for air. Like the quote on here a few weeks ago, “direction is the most important before embarking on a journey”. I’ve been feeling guilty for not being able to make the goals for 2009 yet, not being able to choose a direction.
    I stood still, and realized I couldn’t stop my mind, and also couldn’t feel my heart. I need to find it; no direction is worth following if I can’t hear my heart.
    Thank you for your wisdom.


    Sometimes limits are a necessary step. One cannot release itself without knowing what it’s releasing from first. Thank you for placing the mirror back on the self, it made me think that maybe I have preconceptions and maybe I am projecting my ignorance in love on him.
    “The warrior of light believes . . . that his thought can change his life, and his life begins to change.” – it is true, I have seen it happen in other areas of my life, where it was maybe easier to believe. I feel I need to find my voice and then the courage to believe in it.
    Thank you for reminding me that words and never just words.


    A man was walking on the street, weighed down by the two baskets of stone he was carrying. He reached a crossroad, and, uncertain of where to go, asked God.
    – Which is the right way to reach you?
    – The way in front of you. Let go of your weights and follow it, replied God.
    The man was so thrilled that God has spoken to him, that he started walking on the road in front of him. But it was full of rocks, and it was hard to carry heavy baskets. Sooner or later, he tripped and fell. Some of his rocks fell out his baskets, and he tried to replace them, but it was hard to tell which ones are his and which ones were on the road.
    He kept walking, and tripping, thinking that this is the path God chose for him. As he got tired, and bruised, he stopped putting rocks back in his baskets every time he fell, and with every fall his basket would get lighter and easier to carry. Even so, he still kept tripping on rocks and falling, but he would get up, thinking “it is my path to God”
    At the end of the road, he asked God:
    – I have found you! I passed every test and hardship you placed on my road, so I can be worthy. I got up after every rock I tripped on knowing it is there to test my faith. I only have one rock left to give you.
    – I didn’t place any hardships on the road, answered God. And it pains me to see all you people carrying those rocks. That’s why I told you and everyone before you to let go of your weights and follow. But people think that letting go is not something God would say, and choose only to listen to the follow.

    In tears, the man took the last rock he was carrying, and instead of giving it to God, finally dropped it on the ground.

  13. Cuballega says:

    “…by controlling and enlightening ourselves, we can change how others perceive us, and thus change others.”(Leonard from California)

    Concisely, and brilliantly put. Bravo.

    I’m 38 years old and have been going through experiences and challenges that have brought me to these realizations on my own over the most recent years of my life. What I am learning now is that an important factor in not only the epiphany, but the maintenance of the sentiment, is to reaffirm it regularly in whatever manner you choose whether it be in writing, creating, prayer, meditation, physical work out, or any other ritual you create for yourself.

    Time to pamper your soul is not usually a priority for us and I believe it should be a part of everyone’s life. Unfortunately, self reflection has taken a back seat to an inundation of superficial media input. It’s just easier. That’s where the hard work comes in. Discipline. Without it, life seems to sail by without oars and before we know it 10 years have passed and nothing in your life has changed except your frustration level – not for the better.

    When I forget, I instinctively search for that thread so I can pick up where the stitch left off. Thank you for being the thread this time. I’ll be checking in every once in awhile to avoid losing my place again. It’s hard to see the road in the dark sometimes and it seems I keep letting people shut those damn lights off no matter how high I try to put the light switch.

    From one naí¯ve human to another – Te quiero, Paulo Coelho. The Warrior Stands Alone, but it’s nice to look around and see you’re not the only one. ;)

  14. Pavlik says:

    thanks for this strong words, enriched me this morning

  15. Sefer JAN says:

    There is a saying in Turkish: “If God did not desire to give to us, he would not give to us the desire.”

  16. Leonard from California says:

    Dear Anlao and Savita,
    I think you are both placing limits on yourselves. Paulo’s words are meant to release yourself from limits. In another blog I read Anne Truitt’s thoughts, “Unless we are very, very careful, we doom each other by holding onto images of one another based on preconceptions that are in turn based on indifference to what is other that ourselves.” The warrior of light believes . . . that his thought can change his life, and his life begins to change. We cannot control others, but by controlling and enlightening ourselves, we can change how others perceive us, and thus change others. How curious!

  17. toni j says:

    today i stood still. i looked at all who were around me. one woman in particular, i’ll call her temperance for today, was using a new skill. magnificently it showed. i watched as her spirit was crushed by those who live for fire. i encouraged her when appropriate, however, by the end of the day she went from balance to dancing on the edge of the cliff with all of them. this creates havoc in my mind. i’m learning when people seek advise they’ll ask. there are those who want to work towards solutions and those who drain you of your sensitivities. energy affects energy, and misery love’s company. we cannot sacrafice our identity, know who you are, know your fufillments. love YOURSELF before you love ANOTHER…*

  18. Marie-Christine says:

    “A sense of humour results from perspective. The wider the perspective, the more humor you will perceive”. R.Anton Wilson
    There is nothing better than pretend-play, it was my favourite at all with children. Let’s keep our spirits up.
    We all have everything we need. Let’s rock and hugs

  19. oole_tm says:

    “I am tired of being told that to love and feel all the insanities of love I should close my eyes and just jump. I believe you can feel every intensity of love with your eyes wide open, and after knowing and seeing it would be a hypocrisy.”

    What a moving, chaotic landscape of your yearning soul you paint, Anlao!

    Keep your ears shut and may the voice of your heart be the only one you listen to, if you like your love untarnished. People’s words are a maze: listen to them long enough and you are lost.

  20. orly says:

    with a lot of our will power and with our power of energy we can really but really do sssso much , some call it magic but it is reality!!! and with our creative imagination we can get almost every thing, we have to want, believe, and our mind and brain can really do those magic things!!!!! it happens to me in the last few years…. and i am amazed,,,, i dont ask questions,,, i know its happenning!!!!!! and i just feel happy,,,,,
    so if u ever want something ,REALLLLY REALLLLY!!! U CAN HAVE IT!!!!!

  21. Lana says:

    I apologize, I meant to reference Savita Vega’s comments rather than Jessica’s. Like Jessica, I, too, needed to hear these words today!

  22. Lana says:

    Thank you, all, for these words. Since the beginning of this year, it is like a mirror is being held in front of me, through other people’s experiences and the words of others. It has given me much “food for thought,” and the realization that I want to continue on the path of authenticity. This path continues to illuminate my inner self, whom I truly am and whom I am always on the way to becoming. Like Jessica, it can be at once frightening, humbling and encouraging, shifting my own perceptions of reality. Thank You. And, thank you, Paulo, for being one of the few “celebrities” who actually take the time to write on their own site. Powerful.

  23. Akua says:

    Dear Paolo,

    Your words are so very true. We all need to be reminded. Thank you!

  24. Alexandra says:

    oh,how kind words.Like a balm to my heart…healing the pain.You describe the world around us.Sometimes I feel very low,even if I strugle not to let myself touched by rude persons.But you are so right,giving as example the child who believe in miracles.Is wonderful being able to trust life and people,to never forget that God is always with you.And the reward is the miracle,a wonerful day,a wonderful word ,kind gestures that wash away all that was bad,just in a minute.Sunshine is returning after every rain.

  25. ANLAO says:

    So unsyncronized with today’s message, that I keep reading it and reading it hoping I will get it, hoping it rubs on me.

    I am tired of believing he will love me only to discover every time he just activates every woman in his circle and goes with the first one to respond. I am tired of believing in a fight where I see all the other warrior ‘enemies’ being wonderful women being hurt, and used, like I am. How can I be so rude and cruel to believe that I am better than them, I deserve him more than them, how can i aim at their weaknesses just to gain a few meters in a monstrous battle, when I know from my own skin the kind of damage that those strikes can do? And if I ever get him, how can I than expect them to respect our love and to stop throwing themselves at him, when even i didn’t, and acted to separate whatever relationship is there, all in the name of ‘love’.

    I am tired of feeling I have to strategize, strike, give in and hold up, analyze, compare and hit again, when everything I believe about love inside of me isn’t that. i am tired of tarnishing my ideals of love.

    I am tired of seeing him hurt and use wonderful women in my name, when i am here, single, unattached. i am tired of realizing i am not the one he loves, just the one he loves to use as an excuse.
    I am tired of feeling i don’t love him enough because i refuse to live a lie, and close my eyes to everything he’s doing. And of showing that because of my love, i owe it to myself and him to face up the reality, unpleasant as it may be.

    I am tired of defending myself all the time, tired of being called a coward because I would not walk on other’s woman relationship to reach his lips. I do not feel a coward, but it is used against me so often I feel I should feel a coward.

    I am tired of loneliness, of believing i can love, of believing love will come, and then feeling guilty of daring to think it will come maybe from some one else, anyone else. I am tired of being accused that maybe I didn’t love him enough if I don’t fight for him, that means I don’t love him more than anything else.

    I am tired of being told that to love and feel all the insanities of love I should close my eyes and just jump. I believe you can feel every intensity of love with your eyes wide open, and after knowing and seeing it would be a hypocrisy. I am tired of being accused of everything I know somehow inside of me is right.

    I am tired of believing there is somebody that can understand me, that can see every side of me, and willing to understand that there are more sides to a person. I am tired to see people project on me what they think the stereotype of a single side should be, and only feed and react to that side.

    I am tired of all the hype men put on a hymen, i tired to be in pain. i am tired to see that only that matters, my tears don’t matter, my skin screaming for a touch doesn’t matter. I am tired of being reduced to only that, and of fighting to believe that there is actually more to me.

    I am tired of needing, and afterwards tired of feeling a whore.

    I am tired of thinking I need to escape, and get out of here. But I feel if I stay, more parts of me will die. i am tired of cutting roots again, and losing friendships. and i am tired of being accused of running away. I don’t feel a coward, I don’t feel wrong about wanting a new place and maybe finally love for my heart.

    I am tired of him projecting his rape fantasies on me, when all i want is to be held and cry until i can cry no more.

    I am tired. with the story of him or not, I am tired of this mental swamp of mine. I am tired of seeing no end in sight, of seeing no relief for my heart, no love that can be free in me.

    Forgive me to fail believing today, Paulo.

    The only thing that keeps me going today is that I have already been by the side of the road. And that is why I must get up and walk.

  26. cheri says:

    Sometimes you can be so afraid of yourself that you have to believe in something much greater,something beautiful that will remove the void.To believe is to feel free from struggle.I think.

  27. T.K. says:

    Someone told me this week that I live in ‘a bubble’. That I have no real sense of what is going on in the world. Initially I didn’t take offense to their comment, but after a few days I began to feel as if no one understands me. While reflecting on my own perception of self I admit that I may appear to live in ‘a bubble’. And yet, I know that my ‘bubble’ is a world where I believe that anything is possible. I guess that would make me look as if I live in ‘a bubble’ if I choose to visualize a world of peace and a world where dreams come true.

    “For each defeat he counts two victories in his favor.” This quote reminds me of an old phrase the elders in my community would declare that in adversity don’t lose hope because your blessings will reward you “double for your trouble”.

  28. Savita Vega says:

    These words you wrote, dear Paulo, are like a balm to my soul this early morning. And the treatment could not have been more precise for the injury.

    Just last night I went to bed feeling rather crushed – no, feeling very crushed in spirit – due to an incident that occurred yesterday. When I read these words about the warrior just now, they seemed to be speaking to my very heart.

    Now I could try to explain in some vague terms the incident in question, but I think, at least in some cases, there is no substitute for specificity, and, considering how very far away you all are from here – from this tiny town with its 1,500 inhabitants – I see no harm in saying it like it is:

    Yesterday morning, I went into town rather early to run an errand and, as I was passing along a city street, I came upon a dog, a Pitt Bull (they are common around here) that had obviously gotten loose from her owner’s abode. She was running down the side of road, dragging a huge chain (big enough to pull an automobile with) which was tied to her collar. As I say, whatever one’s opinion may be on the topic, Pitt Bulls are common around here, and in no sense illegal to own. In fact, I have two myself – both darling dogs. However, as with any strange dog, you just never know. On top of this, she was right across the street from the elementary school. So, two things went through my mind immediately: 1. the dog is going to get run over, and 2. who knows – she might just bite someone…maybe a child.

    So, with this in mind, I pulled up beside her to see if I could catch her; when I did, she darted into the driveway of this house, where I saw another Pitt Bull tied to another chain, and yet a third, a pup, running loose. I too pulled in the driveway up to this house, and rolled down my window to speak to the dog. She wagged her tail and seemed friendly enough. (I deal with a lot of dogs on a daily basis, so I feel fairly secure in assessing a dogs capacity for aggression.) I could tell the dog would not bite. But the house, now that was another question altogether! Around here (this is Texas) it is, again, not altogether uncommon – I know of at least two cases – for someone to get shot just for driving into a stranger’s driveway, even in broad daylight. I could also tell, by the presence of the dogs (staked out to guard the front door) as well as by other miscellaneous evidence that this was, to put it politely, a “questionable” residence. In other words, a drug house. So, I did not get out of my car and go up to knock on the door. Instead, I blew my horn. No one came. I blew my horn again. This was about 9:00am, so I didn’t feel really feel guilty in terms of the possibility of waking someone up; by this time, the whole town was beginning to stir. Yet, again, nothing, despite the fact that there were two cars in the drive, and a third in the garage. They were home alright, but, for whatever reason, they did not want to come to the door. Which left this bulldog yet loose in the neighborhood.

    This is when I decided to resort to what seemed to me the final and only reasonable option. I called the city police department and had them send an officer over to assist in catching the dog and making sure it got back to its owners (making sure it got tied back up). This all went down, more or less, without incident. The officer came, caught the dog, knocked on the door, a woman came, and watched while the woman re-chained the dog to a post on the porch. I then left and went back home. A while later, I told my boyfriend about the matter. He knew the dog, knew her as a puppy, even knew whose litter she had come from and told me about how she hadn’t been eligible for registration with the American Pitt Bull association, due to her color. This was not surprising – this is such a small town. He also knew the house, and the people who lived there. So, he called them, in a friendly sort of manner, just to say: “Hey, how is your dog? Everything okay?” and, in the process, told them that it was me, his girlfriend, who had seen the dog and been instrumental in returning it to them. Well, this was a mistake! The guy on the other end of the line was furious – not at my boyfriend, but at me! I should have minded my own business, I was told. I should know better than to call the cops to someone’s house – never, ever, do this, for any reason whatsoever, I was told.

    Well, the conversation was continued – the whole incident continued to blow up in my face – and by the time I went to bed last night, I was thoroughly distraught. In fact, just before going to sleep, I sent a text message with a formal apology to my boyfriends phone, so that he could forward it to these people who were so irate. My text read: Please tell your friend that I am sorry for calling the cops to their house. You were right, and I am wrong: all the world’s problems are not mine to solve – even if a dog loose on the side of the road, unless it is mine – and I should mind my own business more often. Humility is a lesson I have yet to learn.”

    Now this might seem a bit drastic on my part, but again, as I say, this is Texas, a small town in Texas, a town where serious drugs are not only present, but prevalent. In other words, extreme measures seemed called for in order to keep the peace, and in order to avoid future danger, either to myself or to my boyfriend, in retribution for the social wrong I had committed.

    The thing is, I know I was right in stopping to do something when I saw the dog loose, in calling the police to assist me in getting the dog off the street. And yet, at least in consideration of this particular social context, I was wrong. I was wrong in a sort of way that is dangerous, despite whatever “higher good” I thought I was doing at the time. Furthermore, by the end of it, I decided it best to make an apology – a sincere apology, as I see the error in my actions, and will not commit it again – and yet, to make that apology somehow hurt me deeply. I was right, or at least I was trying to do what was “right”, and yet I was wrong. In thinking it was my job to “save the world” (or at least this dog, or whomever it might bite) I was acting in a rather egotistical manner, as though I were in the judgment seat and were somehow coming from a “higher place”. In short, I was being a “nosy body” and a “do-gooder”, even perhaps expecting a pat on the back, when, considering the reality of the context, I am lucky that I did not get a slap in the face, or worse: a shotgun fired through my car window.

    Anyway, I feel thoroughly humbled this morning. But, after reading your words, dear Paulo – about the “naive” warrior – at least I no longer feel shattered. I no longer feel hurt, as I am turned to thinking on the numerous victories in my pocket, rather than this one incident of defeat. I also believe, as the warrior in your account, that all of this happened for the best – that good is yet to come of it in the end, even if I did make a serious mistake. Who knows – if am walking away from it with the sense of having seen the other’s side and thereby learned a lesson, perhaps I am not alone – perhaps someone else involved has learned a lesson too, and will benefit from it likewise.

    Thank you for your words of encouragement, Paulo Coleho.

    Savita Vega

    1. John says:

      Hi Savita, I am confused a little bit about this situation. Despite the reaction of the dog owners, you were not wrong for possibly saving the life of someone or the dog, for not minding your own business. The dog was in a public domain and as such became your business as you are a part of the public. Why should we feel bad for calling the police on our neighbors if they are breaking the law, and in this case was not responding to your alert that may have even saved them from a lawsuit. Don’t take their response personal – they clearly are up to something illegal.


  29. MIT says:

    Beautiful Words and the best message that I have ever read…

    Thanks you,

    Maria I

  30. Nika Marie says:

    For about a week now I have been feeling sad. I started questioning and doubting and I remembered all of this is apart of the journey and this to shall pass.

    Thank you for the post.

    Marie (Bright Light Warrior Nika)

  31. Antara says:

    I’m myself quite a skeptical kind of person…you see I’m so much so skeptic that I myself call me so :) But off late I’ve been experiencing something quite strange. If I get to believe in something, it seems so much so obvious and often turns out to be true. On the contrary, what I don’t believe in, never materialize.

    Its not about possibility of occurrence of events, for I’ve believed things next to impossible and found them materialize at ease. I really don’t know how this happens, but it does. Would be grateful to get some insights.