The angel’s visit

Paulo Coelho

The Verba Seniorum – a collection of texts on the monks who lived in the desert at the beginning of the Christian era – tells the story of a hermit who managed to spend a whole year eating only once a week.

After so much effort, he asked God to show him the true meaning of a certain passage in the Bible.

He heard no answer.

“What a waste of time,” said the monk to himself. “I made all that sacrifice and God does not even answer me! Better get out of here and look for some other monk who knows the meaning of this text.”

At that moment an angel appeared before him.

“The twelve months of fasting only served for you to believe you were better than the others, and God has no ears for the vain. But when you were humble, you thought of asking your neighbor for help, and God sent me.”

And the angel told the monk what he wanted to know.

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    I have just started my fasting…

  2. orly says:

    angels r here on earth around us,,,,, we have them,,,, we find them,,,,,, they come,,,,,,,i think we have to be ready to get them near us,,, and when they come – when we meet them – they r just wonderful,,, we have them and they help us,,, i have 4 angels in my present life,,,, and i dont remember asking them to come in my day to day life!!!!
    they came when i most neede them.
    and they r next to me when ever i really need them, i love them and we have our vvvery special connection!!!!
    we have to be open mind to the universe- we can get ssso much !!!!

  3. Rapture Parable
    by Kara Rae Garland

    The Messiah returns to Earth to initialize the Rapture and his lambs are overjoyed. His sermon is broadcast all over the world simultaneously, in every language known to humankind. It is a momentous event that can not be mistaken: God is real and his son has returned to gather the faithful. But instead of the powerful message of peace, forgiveness and homecoming that most of his devoted flock were expecting, their Messiah is full of brimstone and vitriol.

    “Is this how you’ve kept my faith?” he screams from his pulpit and pounds his fist like a gavel. “You’ve allowed every kind of filth to go on in my father’s house, you’ve condoned every vile act and impure deed to stain the beauty of my father’s creation. The Hour of Judgement is upon you – listen to me, your Savior. I tell you now that you must prove yourselves faithful to me before I can take you with me to my mansions and gardens in Heaven. Purify my Father’s house, wash the stain of sin from the Earth!”

    He goes on to describe the evils of feminism, fornication, adultery, sodomy, transvestitism, prostitution, religions other than that of his own, various deviations from the natural order – all these he demands that his true followers burn away in a firestorm of righteous hatred.

    After the sermon, he dismisses his flock to do his work, and many of them take to the streets, killing in the name of their Lord. The Apocalypse nigh, the atrocities they perform in the midst of their holy ecstasies are unlike any that have ever been witnessed or even imagined before. Hundreds of thousands of deviants are destroyed in a matter of hours. Blood runs thick as oil in the streets.

    Many of the flock gather together in groups, watching the blood spill upon the land with smug satisfaction, thinking to themselves how these infidels brought their own demise with their faithlessness and brazen hedonism. They watch the horror with a bright-eyed fascination, but don’t want to dirty their own hands with the Lord’s work. Some look to the sky, weep openly and ask their Lord why he has instructed them to commit these horrific acts of violence when they are so contrary to his prior teachings of love, peace and forgiveness. Still others, the ones with valor and gut, run into the streets to try to stop the madness, reasoning with the blood-thirsty Berserkers, entreating them: “You know in your hearts that this is not the way!” They are mowed down in a hail of gunfire, cut down with makeshift spears.

    As the Holy Bezerkers tire and come to a standstill, the Messiah faces them all again with fire in his eyes. He runs his hand over the landscape, wiping the slate clean, removing all destruction from sight and restoring the lives of all who have been slain, taking away their memories of painful vivisection. Those who have killed in the name of their Lord stand in shock and confusion as their Savior undoes the results of their purifying rage.

    “I took you several days ago,” he tells them quietly. “You were brought to a part of my Father’s creation that seemed identical to your former lives. This was a test.”

    He pauses and looks at his flock with a great sadness. “Those of you who killed in my name failed the test. You must atone for another 2000 years before you will be ready for another chance at grace.”

    “Those of you who stood by and let it happen without questioning me will also have to atone. You will bide your time in Purgatorio, where you will learn humility and kindness and love, all of the goodness in my Father’s creation.”

    “Those of you who questioned me, who refused to kill in my name: you are blessed. You will live with me in the fecund gardens of Paradise forever.”

    “And those of you who tried to stop the others from destruction, I have a special destination for you. Fear not.”

    He pauses again and looks more heartened this time, resolute.

    “Fallen ones, if you would follow my commands blindly without question, you have never heard me and understood my words. You have never known my message. You have not been true to your convictions. It is not my image that must command you but the spirit of that which I have taught you. The qualities of greatness that I have spoken of are what must command you. Not the brazen image, but the living spirit. Do you understand?”

    There is silence under the sky, in the fields and valleys, the plains and mountains. This is an awe so deep.

  4. Alexandra says:

    A well known situation for me.We cant fix dead lines to God.A year,or a decade.Is God to decide when to give us the needed help.Anyways,the story is nice.Has also happy ending,the Angel did appear.I really like Angels a lot,hope my guardian Angel is taking good care of me .

  5. toni j says:

    he whos seeks wisdom for the good grace to help all shall find…*

  6. Pavlik says:

    thanks for sharing this lecture of humulity

  7. Karin says:

    This story is told and retold through the ages but we keep forgetting its truth!

    Christ taught us by word and example that we cannot be enlightened alone…we must reach out to each other in fellowship and love. Asking for help and learning from each other weaves the fabric of humanity tight and strong.

  8. Aretha says:

    The more humble or little we try to become, the more we’ll be fulfilled by God …
    We must become like an ant that goes on a plane made of paper: she can flies only because she is so little and light.

  9. Candie says:

    Yes;I think putting so much efforts into something is vain at the end if you don’t stay humble and share it with others.

    For exemple if you write something even about yourself,if you need it,there was always someone behind you,someone who has made you write this,unconsciously or consciously.

    Unconsciously for example,when you write about a moment of your life,they would have to be people who were there,who changed your perception of life or who caused the way you feel about that,even if it’s pain.Consciously,when you simply write about people you know,or people you just crossed.And unconsciously or consciously(depends)when there’s someone there but eyes cannot see that influences you…(well,my belief).

    Like I already said:there’s always an angel behind you,reguardless of the disguise he/she likes to wear.

    And yeah,it’s necessary to stay humble and not to forget it(cause it can happen few times);)

  10. THELMA says:

    I think that the hermit was fasting in order to .. follow rules and ..acquire knowledge and ..power and satisfy his ego. He considered his actions as sacrifices and not actions of LOVE. The moment that he remembers .. ‘humility’, his prayer was answered.

  11. sido66 says:

    “… The angels, being of pure spirits, do not need a language to communicate some with the others. They communicate at will by the power of the thought. The human beings communicate with words, which are symbolic representations of the thought. The purely spiritual beings can pass on their thoughts in a pure state ” (st thomas of aquin)
    They are surrounded with an alot of light and journey in the space.
    They are outside time
    They are not flesh-coloured any more
    They are carrier of God’s message, or they are defenders

    According to the Bible, when the bow will be above the throne, when the spirit / the water / and the blood will be (= when the knowledge-wisdom / when the purity of heart-humility / when the love of the generations – the energy of the love will flow in all), then the beginning will be fine and the end will be a new beginning, towards new one Jerusalem, where the pure love will be understood, where the pure love will be given in every towards the road of the tree of life

    Not easy to understand(include), and more difficult is the way which allows to find the road ;-)

    But the purity of the love which wraps(surrounds) you is so peaceful, which meeting of angels binds you for ever between the visible world and the invisible world :-D

    so ..Love all and Humility

    HOPE . Sido

    “…Les anges, étant de purs esprits, n’ont pas besoin de langage pour communiquer les uns avec les autres. Ils communiquent í  volonté par le pouvoir de la pensée. Les íªtres humains communiquent avec des mots, qui sont des représentations symboliques de la pensée. Les íªtres purement spirituels peuvent transmettre leurs pensées dans un état pur…” ( st thomas d’aquin )
    Ils sont entourés d’un alot de lumière et voyage dans l’espace.
    Ils sont en dehors du temps
    Ils ne sont plus chair
    Ils sont porteur d’un message de Dieu , ou ils sont protecteurs

    Selon la bible , quand l’arc sera au dessus du trí´ne , quand l’esprit/ l’eau /et le sang seront (= quand la connaissance-sagesse / quand la pureté de coeur-Humilité / quand l’amour des générations – l’énergie de l’amour coulera en tous ), alors le commencement sera fin et la fin sera un nouveau commencement , vers une nouvelle Jérusalem , oí¹ l’amour pur sera compris , oí¹ l’amour pur sera donné í  tous …..vers le chemin de l’arbre de vie

    pas facile í  comprendre ,et plus difficile est la voie qui permet de trouver le chemin ;-)

    mais la pureté de l’amour qui vous enveloppe est si paisible , que la rencontre d’anges vous lie í  tout jamais entre le monde visible et le monde invisible :-D

    so Love all

  12. susan says:

    edited to add; she was kinder then the angel.

  13. susan says:

    Abba, by Susan Loretta

    At last he scaled the mountain
    from the foothills of despair

    but called into the valley
    have you noticed all my ware

    brought, the whispers gathered
    until at last they found
    the one who knew the mountain
    but didn’t know the ground.

    And must he called the winds
    for mighty winds were she
    thought butterfly one day
    she morphs into a bee.

    …..thus he willed the wind
    and she kissed him where he stood
    ‘don’t be so heavenly minded
    that you are no earthly good.’

  14. Marie-Christine says:

    I have just started my fasting…

  15. sido66 says:

    St Benoí®t : ” you, whoever you are, listen to! Tilt the ear of your heart! And you will find the road of the life ”

    St benoí®t : ” Toi , qui que tu sois , écoute ! Incline l’oreille de ton coeur ! Et tu trouveras le chemin de la vie “