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  1. Weijun Loh says:

    25 Random Things about me (WEIJUN from Malaysia)

    1. My Name is Weijun (LOH WEI JUN on Identity card, Weijun Loh on Facebook). I seldom use my surname unless it is for official matters or filling up forms. WEI stands for Brave and JUN for Handsome. I had issues with my name when I was younger cause I was neither brave nor handsome and Jun was uncommon. But I grew to love and embrace my name.

    2. I’m dyslexic. Growing up with it wasn’t easy. But over the years, I have managed to find ways to cope with it better.. I don’t really know how to explain dyslexia but you can do a search and read more about it.

    3. “Hi nice to meet you Weijun, what do you do?” I find it hard to answer that question.

    4. I grew up spending most of my first 5 years living with my nanny. Then when my sister Amy was born my nanny took care of us during the day while mom and dad went to work.

    5. We lived in a 2 bedroom flat on the fifth floor (no elevator). 1 room was a store room while my sister and I slept with our parents in the other till I was 12 and we moved to a 3 bedroom house.

    6. Now I have 2 sisters. Amy is 25, Grace is 16 and I am 30 or something like that…

    7. Nanny still lives with the family till this day.

    8. A psychic reader once told me of my 3 significant past life. I was once a student of Carl Jung, a monk and a er-hu (Chinese instrument) player. It kinda makes sense to me.

    9. The secret to happiness and love is to give happiness and love. But I don’t know how much of that I practice each day. I don’t except everyone to have the same definition for happiness and love. It is so universal yet so individual.

    10. I like to read and research on subjects that interest me. Often I make very independent conclusions and come up with a eureka moment. This is a EUREKA moment.

    11. I usually don’t follow crowd or subject to peer pressure. Once I was in a seminar where the whole ballroom had to go around introducing themselves. I was the only one seating. I like to socialize and I also pretty much like to do my own thing.

    12. I analysis a lot, intellectualize a lot and rationalize a lot. I also give in a lot.

    13. I speak lossy mandarin, cantonese and hokkien and I can’t read nor write Chinese. I am cool with it. Maybe one day I’ll pick up lessons.
    14. Organized chaos to me is perfection.

    15. I like being a kid. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child as much as I can. I’m forever making up for loss childhood.

    16. Favorite color – RED

    17. I love a silent night on my own writing, reading, dreaming and creating. It is said that the voice of GOD is silence.



    20. Can’t understand the concept of recession. Where is all the money? Why is there property? Everything should be FREE. Everyone should be FREE as GOD’s LOVE is FREE for ALL.

    21. Love is the foundation of a loving relationship. But it is not always about the feeling of love. Love is knowledge. Knowing that love is constant but our feelings will always evolve and is easily manipulated.

    22. WAR. We are all warriors. There are battles to fight everyday…. Fight not to conquer or to win but fight for the sanity and insanity of the human mind. Who is right? Who is wrong? Is there a need for a right and wrong?

    23. Paulo Coelho – Favorite author. His writings and stories are simple yet profound. Can’t wait for his new book ‘The Winner Stands Alone’ out soon.

    24. My resolution this year is to grow 2 inches taller and 2 kg heavier.

    25. I would like to visit all the Disneylands and theme parks the world. YES! YES! YES!

  2. Marija says:

    I live in Australia specifically Victoria, Melbourne. In the last 48 hours, our state and country has been devastated by the horrific events on Saturday 7/2 where bushfires killed at least 130 people and counting…the death toll is rising every hour, as more and more people are discovered burnt in their homes, with their children, cradling them from the flames and smoke that took their lives. I have been crying all day, for all that has been lost. Families, friends, lives and homes destroyed. The authorities are saying that the worst is yet to come. The most difficult part to comprehend is that these fires were deliberately lit. I can’t understand. Why, why, why ? This is not a natural disaster, it is mass murder.

  3. Sergio Pacheco says:

    O Autoconhecimento eh exercicio diario.
    Entender que so posso mudar a mim mesmo eh indispensavel.
    O crescimento espiritual nunca tem fim, como disse Sao Thomaz de Aquino:
    “Parece ser um Dom natural do Homem mover-se constante e gradativamente em busca de um aprimoramento infinito”
    So Deus eh a perfeicao absoluta mas o meu crescimento espiritual na direcao de Deus pode e deve ser aprimorado a cada dia.
    Conhecer meus defeitos de carater, aceita-los e pedir a Deus que os remova, aprimoram meu crescimento espiritual

  4. Kahmen says:

    When we decide to love someone (and I think this is not only true for male-female relationships) and try to separate the heart from the mind, there is a word that will define love or relationships. And that word is commitment.

    Commitment is a BIG word. Think of the men and women (and there are quite a number of them) who are in and out of relationships like they were changing clothes. And while they may not admit the reason why they can’t stay in a relationship for long, the truth is simply because they are afraid of commitment. It is also applicable for people who claim not to have close personal relations with others, be it family or friends.

    It takes a lot out of a person to commit. It’s akin to giving your “word of honor”. While commitment does not mean giving up your individuality, it requires, in large part, to take into consideration “” and respect “” another person’s being “” their life, behaviour, eccentricities, emotions, thoughts, and even dreams.

  5. franoise33 says:

    Oh yes , we cann’t live without dreaming ! I ream the night I dream the day and so a day my dream will be reality? why not? I’m positive today , Ibelieve in my dreams! Have good days ,a little better§§

  6. Khushboo says:

    I wrote this while I was trying to clean out all the ambiguous thoughts in my mind.

    It’s been long- long that we have been treading on the path of knowledge, long that we have waited for “the” moment, long that we have been obsessed with being perfect- perfect lifestyle, perfect husband, perfect children, perfect parents, perfect body and much more. Where does the quest end? An endless foray for perfection! The more you foresee the more the imperfection grows. The more perfection you crave for, the more imperfect you become. What you resist persists!
    The world and the worldly pleasures lure me. The confused harmony between my spiritual life and social life commands me to choose between the two even when I know I cannot let go either. What is needed is balance. But what defines this balance? What does it mean to balance these two? How can this be achieved?

    Thoughts captivate me. Actions limit me. Freedom is what I and everyone else is ultimately aiming at. Freedom of expression, freedom from concept of “the right” thought and “the wrong” thought, freedom from the preconceived notions that have been engraved in you since you were a little child, freedom from the world that demands perfection, commands your mind and body to be perfect. There is no one way to free your Self from such a confinement. There’s no right, there’s no wrong. Only the mind is identified with making such judgments.

    The mind works along the concept of duality. Duality is subjecting your Self to unconscious or conscious bias. Free yourself from the duality. Let everything dissolve into the One. Take a breath and see the duality melt. Feel One with everything and everyone- the world inside you and the world outside you.

    The soul, the Consciousness is One, One with the Universe. Only when the mind stops thinking logically, analytically and rigorously, can the Consciousness experience love- Divine Love. But the mind rigorously thinks, and hence controls your consciousness from reaching such level of spiritual experience.

    What is it that you can control? Nothing at all! You cannot even control yourself. Controlling is like repressing a spring under tremendous pressure which can explode anytime. Let go. Let go off all inhibitions. Let go all that hinders your growth as a seeker on the path of knowledge. The journey of knowledge and learning is eternal and the beginning and the end is inseparable. Rediscover your Self as you traverse the path of spiritual augmentation. The more you know yourself the more you’ll know the others around you, the more you’ll appreciate beauty in everyone you interact with. Share. Share all your joys. Share and expand you happiness to everyone around you. This will expand your consciousness. This will allow you to experience The One.


  7. THELMA says:

    This video-spot was sent to me this morning from a friend. ‘LIFE IS FOR SHARING’.
    Contrary to Joshua Bells’s playing in the tube station, it seems that people respond more in pop music than classical and/or either people in England are ‘warmer’ or have more time!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  8. beeba says:

    Could he be my soulmate?
    I have always wondered about soulmates.. who are they and how are we supposed to find them.. how do we know its them when we meet.. until the age of 22 I had been single.. no boyfriends and no relationships.. a year before (When I was 21) I met him but we were no more than just good friends on the internet.. We hadn’t met in person and although we weren’t even living in the same country I decided to save money – which was so hard since I earned a little which was barely sufficient for the tickets – and to go and meet the mystery friend i had been talking to for a year.. My family being conservative would have never allowed it but I fought for it and although it seemed more than just impossible I managed to fly to his country and meet him.. and we did.. Due to the horrible circumstances I was in at that time our meeting lasted no more than 10 minutes in which we barely exchanged 10 words.. But before we parted I saw something in his eyes.. was it love? was it what he was feeling for me? I couldnt understand what it was I saw.. We promised to meet the next day but he never came.. I went home broken financially and emotionally.. i spent a lousy summer crying of the pain of a broken heart.. My pain lasted three months.. During these three months we barely communicated.. not even on the internet.. but what kept me thinking of him was that look.. if i hadnt seen it I wouldnt be here today sitting alone in front of the computer trying to analyse a strong love that started in a most unusual way.. After 7 months from that terrible summer I managed to move to his country.. to see him again.. and I did.. and here we are a year later.. as strong as ever.. we’ve had ups and downs but our love grows by the minute.. Even what may be considered as bad seems good for our relationship for it only brings us closer.. I have never felt this way.. Not even for him when we first started out.. Our love is like wine.. it gets better with time.. And I wonder now.. Could we be soulmates? He had had relationships before me but none of which had worked out.. we somehow have an interwined personality as if we complete each other in strange ways.. I cannot explain our love for there is no explanation for love.. It’s simply a stronger force outside and inside of the both of us.. and it seems to be the one controlling the lives we are living..
    I wonder how many people out there believe in soulmates… or in love (not desire or infatuation but simply love..
    love for the sake of love..
    is there?

  9. Timothy Tang says:

    Light // Flow // Peace,
    Lightworker = Peaceworker

    Energy in the material universe moves in different ways. It can be part of flowing energy or be part of restrictive energy.

    Light is reflected from the flowing movement of energy and Darkness is reflected from its disturbance or restriction.

    Energy that flows smoothly is peaceful. Energy that flows erratically reflects conflict and disturbance.

    Manipulating energy to create and maintain flow in thoughts is to create understanding that leads to Peace. A person who works in opposite by creating distortion in thoughts is one who creates and maintains conflict and disturbance.

    Flow // Peace

    Since Flow coexists with Peace, a Lightworker who works to create and maintain the flow of thoughts is also a Peaceworker who creates harmony.

    The mind is subjected to restrictions in its flow. As such restrictions are resolved from enlightenment, it would be filled with Peace that is of Light. A mind that is less susceptible to disturbance has true strength in its flow. It would have less density and could move and ascend easily to a higher state of peaceful existence.

    Whether or not people are suitable to exist in a higher flow-abundant dimension depends on whether they hold the qualities of Light/Flow/Peace on their ‘inner candle’, and their luminosity.

    People who are too attached to negativity and hold no Light in them would be less suitable to exist in a higher, peaceful and more flowing dimension.

    Those who hold and align their level of Light/Flow/Peace on their inner candle to that of a higher dimension shall be led to it.

  10. Remove choice–

    oppress to depress progress
    and regress happiness.

    Is this success or mere excess
    of free will?

  11. Many people mis-understand what I do! they claim I pretend to be what I am …I tried to change the concept of pretending, by writing the following, I might persue this idea more in the coming future..
    When we pretend, do we become people we are never be, what if pretending works in the end
    it is not pretending then, it is something new we tried, and it works.
    In my university people are never what they are, the students pretend to be good in what they
    study, but when it comes to reality, they forget how to pretend again, because people, who
    helped them to accomplish that pretending aren’t there anymore, but again, what if
    when going through reality, and the pretending they used to do, works out, it means
    they are not pretending anymore.

    The pretending, the assuming, or can we call it acting?

    myself, I do not pretend to be anyone I am not, at least I do not like calling it pretending
    I just try to go beyond my familiar limits, I know I have limits, it means I know what scares me
    and when I do know what scares me, it means I should not be afraid of this limit, this frightful thing
    and I have to go beyond, I can not ignore it though, because it makes me what other people
    depend on me to be, and I hold on to it, to keep believing that I can be places
    I never thought I can be in, besides, they say when you have something to be afraid of, it means
    there are things you still can lose, which means you, your life is not empty.

    So, I do not believe in pretending, neither should you, to pretend somthing, or to pretend
    something you are not, can be positive, when you know that the pretending will turn out
    to be real in the end. And I think when you realise that simple fact, you’ll have to start
    pretending, whether in front of the mirror, or, pretend to be a professor, standing in front of students, you are not lying at yourself, you are dreaming, and knowing your limits, limits
    that shall be admolished by you. It is not pretending in my world. Do not call it pretending
    call it: trying.

    Rana Al-Jamal
    1:13 Am

  12. viviana says:

    Hola! Eh llegado a la conclusión, que nos encontramos con la soledad que no buscamos, por que consideramos que somos seres superiores a nuestros pares, y por tal motivo creemos que merecemos la soledad hasta encontrar ese ser especial para nosotros. sin tener en cuenta que es ahí­ donde ponemos en juego la soberbia que tenemos dentro, creo que no es precisamente la persona especial a la que hay que esperar o buscar si observamos los detalles a nuestro alrededor no existen los seres especiales simplemente existen los ” seres esenciales” , lo que hace que todo se convierta en único. como es lo que somos cada uno de nosotros. Hay que poner mas en juego nuestra humildad, si hay que buscar, así­ será! Si hay esperar, se esperara! Pero no con la soberbia de creernos que no brindaremos nuestro ser a nadie que no sea especial, sin tener en cuenta que de ser así­ estamos poniendo demasiado tiempo en juego, y dejamos pasar “al ser esencial”

  13. Marie-Christine says:

    Tarzan and Jane are getting together again, Jane has been on a sabbatical for a year, roaming around the world, just for a change.
    Tarzan – How was your journey, honey?
    Jane – Bees are in the process of being extinct?
    The law of the Jungle is totally different to ours,Tarzan.
    In order to get something, I have to go to a machine, it is called an A.T.M. I need to have a card, then a special code number.
    Tarzan – Yes?
    Jane – Oh I do all the work myself and then at the end of the month when I finish with my transactions, I get a hefty bill, which means if I take $300 I end up with probably close to $20 less.
    Tarzan -Oh that is robbery to the highest, Jane.
    Jane – I guess you could call it like that.
    Wait, that is not all, I go from one country to another one, and I have to exchange some money or even do a transaction with my card and I loose an enormous amount of money, if I am outside of Europe, over there, they have the Euros, if you want to exchange your dollars you get 0.50 cents of1 euro instead. which means that I loose 50% of my money plus the transaction fees, plus extra that I am not too sure about, so by the end of the week I had to go on a fasting period, see that is why I look so trim and slim Tarzan.
    Tarzan – Oh and why is that so?
    Jane – Well, in my little head I worked it out, that the one that loose the most,are people like you an I, the average person, the big business – they go on thriving –
    Tarzan – And what do the people say?
    Jane – Well, Tarzan they just put up with it and accept it I guess.
    _ Tarzan – Oh I think they have to change that monetary system of theirs, that is not the right way you must treat people.

    Come on honey, let’s go and swing in the trees again, here the water is free and we treat the animals, the trees and the plants with respect. HEEEEIIIIIIIOOOOOO

  14. sanny says:

    ‘Dreams that come true are not real dreams.’ This was from one of my favourite animation series, Full Metal Alchemist. Human beings have such a zeal towards life when they are focused on fulfilling their dreams. Many a time, I feel we might have dreamt dreams that seem impossible – but even if they were, these are the dreams that give us a sense of purpose and a compass with which we navigate through life. Much as I agree with the peace of understanding contentment, it is important to always have something to strive for, no matter how far-fetched it is. I wish we could all fulfill our finest dreams and still have real dreams to pursue.

  15. sandra says:

    Dreams: Does age diminish the siren call of dreams? Does the sum total of one’s past overpower the x factor in what is still possible?

    Dreams and being alone: I don’t sleep alone, but I dream alone.

    Being Alone is different from being lonely.

    Being a Loner: Is learned behavior. Sometimes it’s thrust on one from childhood. Humans are social creatures, that’s why the internet has been such a boon to loners.

  16. orly says:

    in the bible its said … not good for a person to be alone,,,, and its better 2 than 1,,,,, and its true – we need our balance in life – and when we have our partner next to us we feel that we have 2 for this balance!
    but so many cases that there – 2 in the game but one feel lonely, sad, un happy etc,,,, and i think that to be together yes,,, but not for any price,,,, and if the price of together means loneliness and sadness,,,,, we should find a different path!

  17. Dear all who shared their dreams on this blog: thanks a lot. Sharing dreams is so inspiring and is makes it so easy and so much fun to connect with you. Love, Peter.

    PS: thanks for your greetings in Dutch Cristina :)

  18. Was H.P. Blavatsky – the founder of the Theosophical Society – a spiritualist? a medium? She said she was > then she said she wasn’t… What’s the deal with that?

    Long blogpost about consciousness, mediumship, theosophical and spiritualism history etc.

  19. These are turbulent times and common-sense dictates that, when the winds die down, we should not expect everything to be exactly as it was before.

    And yet trillions of dollars are being thrown at failed institutions in a desperate attempt to prevent essential change.

    We should realise that we are caught in the slipstream of Change and start rebuilding a better future, while we can still afford it.

  20. “I am the happiest person alive, I am not being selfish since I know that I am the Creators of my sufferings.”

    Somewhere in the mind of a stupid men, one story is evolving,

    Further readings at
    A story has begun-

    Good day ! :)

  21. Cristina says:

    PS: tot zienst (I hope I have written it correctly)

  22. Cristina says:

    Wonderflu Peter!
    A happy, nice, intelligent way to prepare us for the week end.
    The american writer Hal Borland said that “when legends die, dreams come to an end. When dreams come to an end, every greatness ends.”
    I do believe that soul is the house of dreams, cause soul is immortal, and also dreams want to be immortal.
    Let’s talke for example the martyrs who where burnt for their ideals.
    The purpose was destroying them.
    But in the end fire could only destroy their bodies, while their ideas, feelings, soul were turne by fire into energy.
    Dreams, ideas, feeling could survive and, as they were energy, they spread all over the worldand ove all times.
    The moral is: they won.
    Have a nice day.

  23. Ema says:

    Hi. Last night i had a very weird dream. I would like to share it with you.
    It was night and it was fool moon. I was in my garden and was about to become a witch! It was like a ceremony (just like in ‘Brida’) and one woman told me to get undress. Then i was naked. There were many stars in the sky and some of them were bigger and were moving and shining , it was beautiful. The the fool moon appeared. Then somehow the atmosphere changed, some animals started talking in human language, the moon was huge, i wasn’t afraid of the darkness and it was so magical! My hair became longer. I felt strange. I was still naked :D Then everything around me started shining magically in many colours.
    I was suprised how much my dream reminds ‘ Brida’ by Paulo.

  24. Candie says:

    Nice thing you wrote here,peter.

    Makes me think of my dream last night,I had a dream all in colours as we were in 1963!LOL(just thinking about the dream)

    About a dream I had few months ago,where a person was telling me goodbye by singing a song to me and went away with a woman I’ve never seen.Only,in real life I’ve seen that woman somewhere recently.Was does that mean?Does that mean that I had a kind of premonition?Well,I don’t know much about dreams,it’s complicated..

    Some quotes of Jim Morrison ;)

    That one as you all talking about fear those days..

    “Expose yourself to your deepest fear.After that,fear has no power and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.You are free.”

    That,one I like it:”I think of myself as an intelligent,sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moment.”:)

    A last one,even if there are many more:

    “People fear death even more than pain.It’s strange that they fear death.Life hurts a lot more than death.At the point of death,the pain is over.Yeah I guess it is a friend.”

    Jim Morrison

    Have a nice day everyone.


  25. ‘Dreams live in my head’. That’s what I read on the wall when I passed the railwaystation yesterday.

    But where do dreams live? My dreams also used to live in my head but for some reason they aren’t there anymore.

    One day, dreams want more than just being dreams. They want adventure and become reality. And therefore they need a fertile environment where they can become alive.

    That’s why my dreams left my head and moved to my soul.