Our possibilities

Paulo Coelho

I note down in my computer something said by Ken Casey that I read in a magazine on the plane:

“How odd the human race is – so alike and yet so different! We are capable of working together, build the Pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the cathedrals of Europe and the temples of Peru. We can compose unforgettable music, work in hospitals, create new computer programs.

“But at some moment all this loses its meaning and we feel alone, as if we belonged to another world, different from the one we have helped to build.”

“At times, when others need our help, we get desperate because that prevents us from enjoying life. And then there are other times when nobody needs us and we feel useless.”

But that is the way we are, complex human beings just beginning to understand ourselves; it’s no use despairing on account of that.”

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  1. anon says:

    Ah, the beautiful paradox that is human being.

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  3. Liina L. says:

    toni j – I agree, You can’t lift a weight that does not want to be lifted. The efforts of doing that would drain Yourself and do nothing good to that one that’s been lifted… because they can’t see that this has happened to them. And they don’t want to accept it and use it trying to find a ‘new understanding’ of something. They are blind to the fact of noticing it (the help, guidance, or how ever You ‘lend a hand’ to someone), because their eyes are closed, in a way.

    Thelma – I recieved Your ‘virtual’ hug in my mind and I am sending You one back aswell! :) And I’m glad I posted this video here on an impulse.

  4. Pandora says:


    I have had the feeling of burning in my heart many times, I don’t understand it, I always thought it was to do with Love, because when I feel Love I connect more than at anytime.

    Is it a calling? I am intrigued, to follow my heart is all I can do, to go against is too painful, it would be to go against my inner core.

    So while it burns, I am grateful, because I am alive, I can only hope to understand more with each day.

    Very interesting.

    With thanks

  5. Seema says:

    Exceptional clarity of presenting thoughts….It is rare…

  6. THELMA says:

    Liina thank you so much for sharing this video. I have just watched it and as nobody is around at the moment I am sending you …. a big hug. ;] The joy of sharing … emotions!

  7. toni j says:

    Liina, Thank you for sharing the video, It was great!…

  8. toni j says:

    to be needed, I never want, “co=dependecy”. I’m learning to give compassion when it does not drain me. If somebody is looking for a solution, I have created self help classes of my own. There are those who cling, who have been given help a number of times, I have now come to the realization, that I have reached my hand out to you, I can not carry weight that does not want to be lifted…*

  9. Mariëlle says:

    The more I know
    The less I understand


    Love Marií«lle

  10. Grace says:

    One does not find new land without losing sight of the coast. I really like that Hernan Vilar. When we finally get in the boat completely and row away without coming back to shore we are trusting that the universe is conspiring to help make our dreams come true. No more fear in the unknown. Once we are out to sea we can go as far as we would like. Across the entire ocean, to a neighboring island, or back to the land we sailed away from in the beginning. It is up to us to follow our hearts to determine where we should go.

    I also agree with Paul from Austria that when you experience the mysteries of the journey it is good to remain humble and grateful. I find that people forget this when things are going well or terrible and they stop listening to the signs and can no longer identify the mysteries and lose their way.

  11. Liina L. says:

    Please, if You have time – watch the following video from the start to the end. I watched it yesterday and it brought a tear in my eye and many good feelings. It’s a true story, with a bit of humor, and honesty about people who do something out of the blue, to brighten the day and bring positive feelings to others, to unite people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr3x_RRJdd4&feature=channel_page

    I saw a little connection to this text. We can all be united in the part of loving the life, and people around us. :) Like many people in this blog believe in… we can decide to love, and it will turn our worlds around.

    Love from Estonia,

  12. This is very like something I was thinking of today. If, one day, I hope, the world is without war. What will all the countries do? There will be no hunger, no need to protect “the bomb,” no need to worry about security, drugs, killings, mass graves etc.
    Will we finally find Paradise? Will the human race live as one with the world?

    My answer to my own question is that we would excel in science and space travel because we will no longer waste money on war. Our collective health would no longer suffer and our children would be free to roam the Earth doing whatever they wish… Interesting!

  13. luce says:

    If I may call myself like that !


  14. luce says:

    Nothing should prevent us in enjoying life, or make us desperate. But lot of things do !

    If I am enjoying life I have more to give to others, and my optimism is pushing away desperation !

    We should be responsible for ourselves and doing so, responsible for society and world in whole.

    When others need help does not need to make us desperate if we do something about it !

    And if nobody needs us, (who said that nobody needs us, we might not see the need) we should not feel useless, we have our personal legend to fulfil !

    A Warrior of the Light

  15. Nucha says:

    Excuse me for my English.

  16. Nucha says:

    It seems to me, that reason of one small person sometimes not in a condition to understand all greatness of mankind. It how to realise the Universe. The information stream is too strong, it washes off separate persons, twists them in the general stream under the name “mankind”. But the person is separate unit. And the person turns in this stream, understanding that it of all – only a grain of sand.

  17. THELMA says:

    The meaning of stars.
    Sorry I misspell above the word: Five-ponted Star.

  18. THELMA says:

    There are the two, everlasting war-powers inside us. Good and Evil. The Pentagram.The upward and downward force. The upward Triangle of the give-pointed Star of our existence and the downward Triangle with the … horns of Evil. The eternal battle in ous souls. The battle to transform material to pure LIGHT and be freed from the circle of incarnation.

  19. anon says:

    Ah, the beautiful paradox that is human being.

  20. MIT says:

    I’m tired of my behavior and scare.

  21. Alexandra says:

    Yes,is not working always as it should.Sometimes we succeed easily,sometimes we need to fight and to toil.But why one need to feel the joy of helping others?

  22. Hernan Vilar says:

    I see people quoting the bible here every now and again. One interesting story I would like to read about is the moment Jesus gets to the fishermen and says: “Follow me.” Think about that happen to you. Wouldn’t you think: “I got bills to pay”, “I have to fetch the children at school”, or even “Are you nuts? I just got promoted to helmsman!”. The “Call” invariably arrives one day and then we have to make a decision. In that story, no one says what happened next. No one knows whether the fisherman got the sack or is a row at home ended up in divorce. No one mentions his children left behind. Why? A “happily ever after story in the bible?”
    I don’t think so. Once one chooses to follow the “Call” there is no turning back. There is no returning home. It’s like death. You just die, full stop. Things are left behind and you move on.
    Funny feeling, though, the homesickness and the Portuguese word “saudade”, that tears the chest open and depicts a suffering heart for those who were left.
    Shivering timbers of the soul. I can’t remember who said “One does not find new land without losing sight of the coast”, but somehow it helps me express in words what the “Call” is all about and the feeling of smallness when we finally understand we are contained in the All.
    Wish you the very best,
    Hernan Vilar