Who wants to go to heaven?

Paulo Coelho

A priest – who saw the devil in the pleasures of life – went to the town tavern and asked everyone there to attend church that evening. Everyone obeyed. With the church filled to the last pew, the priest roared out:

– Stop all this drinking! All those who want to go to heaven, raise their right hand!

The entire congregation raised their hand – everyone but Manoel, who was held by all to be a dignified man who fulfilled all his duties.

Surprised, the priest asked:

– And you, Manoel, don’t you want to go to heaven when you die?

– Of course I do. But I still haven’t experienced the life that God has given me, and you want to take it away from me already!

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  1. AllaSobirova says:

    it is important to live out lifr here. We need to be pprepared…

  2. Maru says:

    Yo si quiero, pero mientras llego, me dedicare a vivir la mejor vida que pueda…. hare de mi existencia una obra de arte…

  3. Liina.L says:

    Kasia, I like Your thought about not harming others while living Your own life.

  4. orly says:

    one can live and do his best to be able to get to heaven one day when he or she dies,,,,, i believe,,, that we can be happy in our actual life and feel heaven in our everyday life,,,(even its not all perfect),,,
    i am a verrry happy human beeing,,, (despite ,my mannnny chalenges that i have experianced in my first 57 years of my life),,,, each chalenge helped me overcome with so much possitive aproach,,, and yes i feel heaven… and one day when i get to heaven,,, some how it will be the continuation of my present!!!!!

  5. marja says:

    Good one.:) For me heaven and hell are both on earth

  6. Kasia says:

    I think that it is very important to enjoy the life we have but there is something even more important – that is not to harm others in doing so.

  7. -Unhappy Girl- says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    Yeah I agree with you,alcohol and other stuffs too.My mom is an alcoholic too(among other things),I didn’t suffer during my childhood,and I’m lucky for that,but now,even though I’m no longer living with her,so it’s the contrary.I’ve been really upset especially the past months cause probably because I had a child and she isn’t really a grandmother for him,but now I’m no longer angry,I take another approach.Well..this isn’t the subject I know.
    What’s the subject anyway?Ah yeah..Heaven!

    If I want to go to Heaven?I will and so will my mom.

    Life is made to live to the full,yeap.We make mistakes,it’s part of the learning process.We need to fix those mistakes,then.Your father just did it.Some of us will make things right in this lifetime,some will come back to finish the unfinished stuff..

    Who knows?We’ll see but me too,I’m not ready yet..


  8. Alexandra says:

    Well,I dont think is good drinking too much.With moderation,lets say can pass .My father was a drunkard,and I still remember the harsh childhood I passed.He has changed in the day mother opened a divorce process.I mention we were 4 brothers.Father was astonished,he swore to mom he will never drink .More,he stoped even smoking.He is healthier ,house nicer ,mom happier.Is not perfect ,but much better now than when he was a drunkard.

  9. Liina.L says:

    Everything starts from the point of view(s). What one person describes as a pleasure, can be others source of sin. And since every day we draw ourselves these lines of what is and what is not accepted by us and/or others, it may change us to be blinded towards to those things that we do not personally accept. But at some point we have to accept every persons choice to live the life how they see living it. And even if someone is asking for our guidance, we should remember this, not to pressure others to live as we are living… but giving them advice, the wider perspective, and then giving them free hands to follow their dream.


    We might think of the future (going to heaven someday)… but that doesn’t mean we have to live in it. We have to live in today, and absorb everything that is in our power to do so. We can’t concentrate thinking about ‘maybe one day I will go to heaven’. If You are a ‘good’ human being, You will get there anyway. If we concentrate on it too much, maybe we will forget living in today.. maybe we’ll forget how to live and miss out on some opportunities that life is giving us.

    Love from Estonia,

  10. THELMA says:

    We were given life, the journey. Our duty, I think, is to live life to the full, with all our senses but with our ‘super senses’too! To live life in .. harmony with our inner self and never losing sight of the LIGHT.