Today’s Question by the reader : Julian

Do you accept the thought of an intellectual elite, if yes – what is its responsibility?

I believe that a taxi driver and a writer or a gardener can have the same connection with life, and can learn everything if they do their work with love. I do believe that Jesus learned everything while working as a carpenter. It is our attitude towards this life that will inspire us. Be open, take your risks, dare to do something different, this is what life is all about.


  1. THELMA says:

    Thank you all, half day without being able to get here and I was .. miserable!!
    Dear Marie-Christine I think that it is Mozart’s music that makes the flowers blooming more than the gardener’s care.
    I have read that, after some experiments in a farm, scientists found out that the cows gave more milk, after they had Mozart’s music playing continually!
    It heals also deppression.

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    The gardener next door listens to “Mozart”. He is great and the flowers are blooming under his care.
    Long live the gardeners of this world.

  3. orly says:

    dear paul from austria
    this movie is the example…. and how many times in life we realize that actuall we r all the same,,,, look at the movie my fair lady- with the teacher and the flower girl
    and in 11 minutes,,,, the fantastic book, the prostitute and the people – the big bosses,,,,,,,

  4. orly says:

    i agree with the idea that we all equal, never mind whats is that we do in our life,,,, we have to respect each other and be respected,
    i work as a volunteer in the hospital (in toronto canada) in the surgery room twice a week and i can see the relation between doctors, nurses, technitians, cleanning ladies, etc,,, and there is no difference what so ever between each others,, and that what makes me happy,,, to know that we can be all together with no importance of proffession, colour or race,,,,

  5. Leaf says:

    since what intellect would presume itself to be better that all others unless he/she aspired to power?
    – The church of England

  6. Alexandra says:

    A gardener can study and become an scholar.

  7. Nancy says:

    I think the greatest joy for people who are evolving intellectually and spiritually is the feeling that they can give a helping hand to another who is aiming for his/her personal legend.

  8. ‘Being There’ (Both the book and the film) is possibly one of the most profound pieces of satire ever created.
    In response to Viorel Agocs’ comment above: I think what you refer to as the intellectual elite is actually the financial elite, for it is they who run the country. They will employ the intellectual elite (among other tools) to aid in the control of the country’s citizens.

  9. THELMA says:

    A wonderful film, dear-est Paul from Austria.
    ‘The Party’ was also an amusing comedy with Peter Sellers and ‘Pink Panther’ something like …. agent 000!!
    Have a nice afternoon.

  10. Viv says:

    How not to answer a qoestion!

  11. THELMA says:

    It is said that knowledge comes from past lives! ;]
    It is also the ability of human intellect and mind to dive into the Universal knowledge and collect information intuitively.
    This knowledge is given to humanity for evolution and to transform matter into ..spirit, Light.
    The ‘intellectual elite’s’ responsibility is to guide humanity to higher levels in every aspect of life, our journey.

  12. Viorel Agocs says:

    A country without intellectual elite is doomed. If someone wants to destroy a country, he must destroy it’s intellectual elite first, which is the main keeper of intellectual, cultural and ethical values. Communists did that. A country without intellectual elite is doomed to mediocrity and decay. But the main reason is that without intellectual elite there is no real value, because everything is “valuable”, and where everything is “valuable”, the is no real value.

  13. Savita Vega says:

    Fantastic definition, Pisces Iscariot!

    Wasn’t it Walt Whitman (hope I don’t have my poets confused) who basically refused to have anything to do with the “intellectually elite” of his day. He preferred hanging out with the likes of taxi drivers and carpenters and bartenders instead. He was also a deeply spiritual person, whose work is largely driven by the spark of the Divine so evident within it. He was one of the most lauded poets of his day, perhaps the greatest American poet of the century, he was brilliant, a genius, and yet he was in no way an elitist. He thought himself no greater than any man, or woman. And he thought no man greater than himself. he adored the scent of his own armpits as much as the most costly French perfume. He found no shame in his own nakedness, no cause for rebuke in the nakedness (bodily or otherwise) of others. He loved men and women both, as well as all creatures, and all created things. The grass of the fields, the dust of the earth, he counted himself no greater then these. The stars of the heavens, no less.

    Walt Whitman should be an example to us all. His works read like a Bible unto themselves. A Bible for every man and every woman and evey child upon this earth, whether of elite ir humble birth.

  14. Marie-Christine says:

    Well said Pisces Iscariot and Santosh Kalwar

  15. -“There are very few intellectual elites and those who think they are, are merely not and those who are not shows us the intellectual power of human mind.”

    -“Learning never stops till the very end of life’s existence from whoever and at whatever time or situations.”

  16. The concept of the intellectual elite is yet another system of control – it presupposes that only a chosen few have the intellect to form what will become cultural ‘truths’ and all who disagree with these ‘truths’ are somehow of inferior intellect.
    Elitism is a narrowing of possiblities and those who procaim their place in the elite should have their motives questioned – since what intellect would presume itself to be better that all others unless he/she aspired to power?