The lecture in Chicago

Paulo Coelho

A Chinese writer and I were getting ready to talk at a meeting of American booksellers. The extremely nervous Chinese lady said to me:

– Speaking in public is difficult enough, just imagine having to explain your book in another language!

I asked her to stop or else I would get nervous too, because her problem was the same as mine. Suddenly she turned to me, smiled, and said in a low voice:

– Everything’s going to be fine, don’t you worry. We’re not alone, look at the name of the bookstore of the lady sitting behind me.

On the woman’s name-tag was written: “The Reunited Angels Bookstore.” We both managed to give an excellent presentation of our works, because the angels sent us the sign that we were waiting for.

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  3. Alexandra says:

    Ha ha ha.I remember before an tough exam in faculty .I did same.I was worying loud voice,so,one of my coleagues asked me to stop,for I made her nervous.One cried,really.But,I got the highest mark,only 2 of such in our group.I should say fear is good,hinders you to become lazy.

  4. orly says:

    dear sido
    i got ur note i tried to get into ur blog it was for me imposible,
    ill ask maybe one of my family member to help me,,,
    i might tell u part of my angels story,, a few of my stories r a bit too personal, and i think,,, its not the time yet to tell those stories on a blog,
    but once we already getting some blog friends,, may be one day!!!
    so when ill get into ur blog- i ll write u there
    thanks and lots of love

  5. Marie-Christine says:

    NiniRebekka, Santosh K , Candie
    I watched them all,they were good, love your smile Nini, Santosh too Candie oui oui aussi.
    Sido, I have been onto your site a few times, however I don’t know how it works, still working on it….
    Love to all

  6. sido66 says:

    savita , savita ,

    and the pink became the blue

    love and love’s energy

    the colors of life

  7. THELMA says:

    Dearest All,[Annie, Paul from Austria, Sido66, Hildegarde and most of all Paulo Coelho]
    Thank you.
    How can I …stay sick, since I have all this love coming from all of you and my family and my …Guardian Angels?
    Now I want to cry. [Remember dear/est Paul from Austria, at the beginning of my being here in the Blog I had mentioned that whenever I hear ‘I love you’ I cry].
    All my love to all of you,

  8. sido66 says:

    for keeping anonymous if you want to share , you can contact me on


  9. sido66 says:

    Orly , Orly ,

    you said “i can relate story about angels” , your four angels perhaps

    I shall be honored to read your story


  10. THELMA says:

    To have ‘angst’, stress is human. I think it is the point that makes all our energy gather. At the same time we must .. forget reality and let our inner self appear and act. To use our intuition with the help of our Guardian Angel.

  11. orly says:

    yes, angels give lot of power, strength and courage,,,,
    in my personal life i’ve got 4 angels,,, they r the ones who r alwys help me! they have saved my life fisically, and spiritually…
    and i would never ever have enough words in my own dictionary- to express my thanks to them,
    i am vvvery lucky human beeing,, who found my angels,,, and they came almost all together at the same time,,,
    so i can relate to ur story about ur talk and the angels guardians!!

  12. Mirela Baron says:

    I will never forget that day for nine years,wen we met!Every step was perfect timed!Everyone on the way was disturbing my hurry!My client in cosmetic studio,the bodyguard by the entrance,the shop sailer in partere,the kassa man in the fifth floor ,the very extravertiert manager lady (or maybe jurnalist),in elevator;we all were the instruments of The Angels-just because at 11 am punctually I had to`hold you´with the elevator!Amazing feeling!
    Thank God for the small miracle of the days!

    Mirela(the woman in elevator)

  13. Irina Black says:

    Beacon.Signs show us the direction to follow,without saying, either when to start,or when to stop.

  14. Savita Vega says:

    This, for me, is the perfect definition of what I call “spirituality.” This IS my “religion” – just this constant dialogue with God, via the “signs” that pop up in my life on a daily basis. I read the Bible almost constantly. Come into my house and you will find it, inevitably, sitting here or there (on the kitchen counter, on the coffee table, on the night-stand by my bed) lying open to a page where certain passages are underlined or highlighted, in red, black, blue, neon yellow, green, pink – whatever pen I happened to have in my hand at the moment I opened it and pointed, with eyes closed, to a certain segment of the text. People see the Bible lying open there, and they ask, “So, you read the Bible a lot?” I nod and go on with whatever I was doing at the time. They look more closely and read the passages underlined, then ask in a skeptical voice, “So, what is that story supposed to mean? Job suffering on a dunghill – what do you get out of it? Does that mean all we have to do in life is suffer through, and just believe, no matter how hard it gets – just believe, and we’ll have eternal salvation?!” I just stare blankly, because I don’t have those kinds of answers. I don’t even look for them. That’s not why I have the Bible open in the first place – to look for some philosophical answer to life’s larger questions. I’m usually not even looking at the story as a whole – just that single verse or passage underlined. I have the Bible open for a much more personal reason, because it is the medium through which I follow a personal dialogue with God. The passage underlined is a “sign” to me at that given moment, nothing more, or less. I open the book at random, point, and the passage at my fingertips will be a direct address to the situation in my life at that moment. Sometimes I start with a question in my head – a question I have of God, concerning some obstacle or situation I am facing – and when I point at random, I open my eyes to see an answer as direct and to the point as though someone were standing in the room, speaking to me. The meaning is finite, personal, like the words spoken in a private conversation.

    So, when someone looks at the passage to which the book is open today and reads the underlined words: “Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning, and ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will return from the wedding; that when he commeth and knocketh, they may open unto him immediately. Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he commeth shall find watching….And if he shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants…. Be ye therefore ready also, for (he) commeth at an hour when ye thinketh not…. Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he commeth shall find (waiting patiently),” that person reading might ask me, “So, this means that we must be ever prepared for the Second Coming?” I stare blankly, because I hadn’t been reading the Bible in this way at all, from a “religious” perspective, looking for the answers to large, philosophical questions. When I opened it to that page I was thinking about my boyfriend, who has been missing, neither heard from nor seen for three days, and questioning in my mind if I should go out and try to find him. The answer I found in those lines, the message I read in that “sign” is highly individual, personal, directed only to the situation at hand and my role in it: I am to wait, wait and be patient. That is the only message I got from reading those words. That, for me is the essence of the “religion” I practice, if it can be called a “religion” at all – not memorizable dogma, not imposed precepts, but simply an on-going and immediate dialogue with God.

    That may sound crazy to some, and I’m sure that by some text-book definition it is, but this is the way I navigate through my life, day to day, hour by hour: by reading and interpreting the “signs” that pop up before me. Sometimes they come in the form of written words, in the Bible or other books. Sometimes they are spoken – a snippet of conversation overheard or a song or advertisement on the radio. Sometimes an actual sign beside the road, a slogan on a t-shirt some stranger is wearing. Sometimes there are no words at all: a non-native bird lands in the birdfeeder in front of my reading room window, a hawk careen down in front of my truck and catches a small rabbit in the road, I go outside and find a snake coiled up around the water hose, and no one, not even the herpetologist I take it to, can identify the species. I find a feather. I stumble into a hole. I lose my keys, get locked out of the house and have to crawl in through the study window; the patio door-lock gets jammed and the door won’t open at all (in essence, I am locked in rather then out).

    Signs take many forms. The key, I think, is to be open to them, not to have your thoughts on high-speed, your mind so jumbled up or intent on a singular aim that you don’t notice them. The physical realm in which we live and move mirrors the spiritual. It is not “over here” and “over there” – this life and the life hereafter. The realms of existence are intermingled, and you can indeed access the spiritual realm from the material. All you have to do is listen, and be, with eyes wide open: God is speaking to you in this very moment, offering directions (as direct and precise as roadsigns along a highway), telling you which path to take and how not to stumble along the way, and even how to get back up if you do.

    In the Bible, three angels walked right up to Abraham and started talking to him. Many people claim that the world was somehow different back then, that those sorts of things can no longer happen because God has withdrawn his direct guidance from humankind. Those people are walking – or more likely, running – with eyes closed, too busy trying to be in control or their own lives to recognize angels when they see them.

  15. candie says:

    Ah..angels!Beautiful angels,they are everywhere!I love them all and they give you so much.I met them so many times,when the others have passed carrying with them darkness and wounds,they would come on so many different forms to wipe the tears away from my eyes,there would be just a scar left that would get smaller time after time.There’s always an angel watching over you and when they are many I can tell you that the other ones cannot go through even if they try and try.The love of an angel is stronger than anything else and when you’re lucky to have plenty on your side than it’s a magical line that no drak forces can cross over no matter what.

    Sunshines and angels feathers..