The everyday masters

Paulo Coelho

Outside the city of Oslo is getting ready for winter. I am chatting in the bar with a very popular European singer. We talk about fame and success, and at a certain moment she asks me if I have anything important to teach her.

“Of course not,” I answer. “You lead your life like someone who knows that one day they are going to die, and that is what is most important. Nevertheless, I can propose a task for you: for the next six months, keep a diary called “the everyday master.” We always learn something different between dawn and dusk: why not write it down?”

She accepts the task. Six months later, I receive a copy of her diary full of very interesting notes, lessons from people she met only once but who are certain to remain for ever. This week I will be publishing here the most important of these entries.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Yes,is a good idea.Keeping a diary is a way to relax,because we get rid of the stress and we organize our thoughts better if we write all down.Well,I had a diary long ago,but ,being young and restless I wrote everything in it,some really hot stuff.Once I had to go by plane in a far away city,so I let my brother in my house to watch it.I think he read the diary…What a shame.I throw it on garbage,and never wrote new one.It would be ok if written in a code ,maybe,so if somebody find it is not able to understand .

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  3. Trish says:

    What a great idea. For me, I wake up everyday with the feeling that everyday is the same: one monotonous ritual. So I will start keeping a similar diary to help me start recognizing the hidden signs and treasures from God.

    Thanks for the inspiration Mr.Coelho!
    And Annie too!

  4. […] The everyday masters Paulo Coelho Outside the city of Oslo is getting ready for winter. I am chatting… […]

  5. Cherie says:

    Everyday someone teaches me something of importance. There are lots of lessons to be learnt.
    It is just a matter of looking for the treasures that are disguised in the everyday mundane and having an Aha! moment.
    I will never stop looking and learning and I love those Aha! moments.

  6. raj says:

    The Everyday master. What a amazing idea. You really enlights everybody. Looking forwards to read it..

    lots of love

  7. Marie-Christine says:

    To day I did a few things differently:

    I unlaced my shoes instead of dragging them off.
    I put my jeans on the “normal way” not lying down.
    I read the first pages of a magazine instead of starting at the end.

  8. Bettysun says:

    La Vanidad,la Gran Señora que nos hace encontrarnos y perdernos en un pestañéo, lo positivo,de ella, la seguridad que nos costó encontrar por muchos años, o a través del tiempo, nos hace tomar decisiones, atrevernos a lo jamás habiamos soñado, nos transforma y nos hace dar un paso adelante, lo que no vemos es que todos estos cambios los hacemos bailando en un acantilado. Cual es el limite?, yo me perdí­, no se, si se pueda controlar, yo no pude.Me llevo a cavar mi propia tumba. Me llevo a perderme. Entonces…Cual fue lo positivo? “Demostrarme hasta donde puedo ser capaz de llegar”.La cara opuesta: “sin importar las consecuencias”

  9. bAREthoughs says:

    That will be interesting :D realy, thanks a lot

  10. Irina Black says:

    2+3.The ability to be “down to earth” and to see “stars” in everyday life makes “earthly” existence such an interesting adventure.Every day there are so many lessons to be learn.The next “step” on the “ladder” is possible by learning the previous one.”Forwards” and “Backwards” depends on our capacity to feel,to hear,to see,what we have to see,hear,or feel.To find the right proportion,our “missing” parts-is to follow “the everyday masters”.

  11. THELMA says:

    It seems that for a year now, without noticing it we have the .. “Everyday Masters” in our lives!! Paulo Coelho’s Blog!! With our being here and Paulo Coelho creating his Blog and asking as our .. opinions [ now you take the … floor!!] and with … Privacy Zero we have opened our hearts to each other and to …ourselves. I was just writing here at the spur of the moment and I have not kept my …. wisdom !! ;]
    They are our ..thoughts and feelings that have transformed us to what we are now. We have shared a time of our lives and the warmth of our hearts. Paulo Coelho has transformed us to .. Warriors of the Light and to …. Bees and Butterflies flying towards the Light.

  12. Catherine M says:

    Very good idea Paulo. :) Thank you. I will create a category for the blog I’m just beginning to do.

    Have a shiny day Dear.

  13. Nancy says:

    “The everyday masters” sounds like an interesting section for this week. Your friend knows you are doing this I hope :)

  14. -It is a nice concept and idea to keep a diary where you can learn and interact with people around.

    -It not only gives fresh thoughts and ideas but also enhances and flexes the imagination beyound boundaries and race.

    -Every day is new day and every day has new lessons to be learned.

    -Every people is unique and we all love their uniqueness.

    -Imagine if all of mankind would have been same, we would have power to collide with darkness and bring light at our doorsteps.

    -Master’s are none only those who we collide and interact are your true self image just like mirror speaking infront of you.

    -Following Guru and thinking Master’s to someone else will supress your thoughts and imagination because all those who you think are not Master’s but mere supression.

    -Open to the vastness of life and humanity, walk like the king of jungle and see you will find the true treasure within you.

    -Everybody around us are great teachers or Master’s because we all have one very good thing hidden inside all of us, know it yourself and think of giving because other do not has the same thing.

    Vanity at stake
    Amazing creature at stake
    Full of suprise and mistakes
    With confirmation and solidarity
    We can all learn how to give

    Life is pain so is love
    O thee, Pleasure in pain
    Witch of East or West
    True beauty lies in rest

    Learning exits till the last breath
    We all are Master’s of our own fate
    Like the wind and the tree
    Just dance with the flowing breeze

    O thee, beauty isn’t it
    Jesus, Allah and Krishna

    Thee, God or Master’s of fate
    Bible, Quran and Gita for prayers
    Listen to you or around those who say
    All inside you and your mirror self

    Life is worth giving without fake
    God bless the peacemakers, and all of
    Humanity ! O thee, Wow what a wonderful
    Poem which speaks of vanity at stake


    God bless you all ! :)

  15. Savita Vega says:

    I look forward to reading this.

    I look forward also to taking note this week of who pops into my own life with a lesson to teach.


  16. Angeline16 says:

    we do learn new things everyday. sometimes we even learn things unconsciously .


  17. çigarra says:

    Very interesting…I’m happy…I will read with big pleasure!

  18. Marie-Christine says:

    Wrote a message indicating that
    Seven syndicates (Railways, buses , Air France) have lodged a strike notice for the 19th of October. Follow the link above for further details.

  19. Ca says:

    Querido Paulo,

    Muito interessante. Coincidíªncia porque hj mesmo estava pensando em comeí§ar um diario. A cada dia aprendemos muitas coisas, que acho valido registrarmos, pois as vezes as mais valiosas e pequenas descobertas podem passar desapercebidas na correria do dia a dia. O diario nos permite fazer um balaní§o do dia.E depois de um tempo, vocíª pode reler e perceber entí£o como as coisas mudaram. A cada dia, espero ansiosamente pela atualizaí§í£o do blog, pra ter a reflexí£o do dia, a cada dia uma novidade, um insight, uma descoberta… a cada dia felicidade e gratidí£o de poder ler suas sabias reflexíµes… Vocíª é uma das pessoas com quem mais aprendi e aprendo na vida. A cada dia agradeí§o a vc e a Deus de poder aprender um pouco mais com vocíª. Meu sempre muito obrigada!



    P.S: Paulo, pra festa do dia 19, ní£o sei se vocíª ja esta sabendo mais a RATP esta anunciando greve justamente neste dia, entí£o como talvez vocíª ainda ní£o saiba, queria informar, pra que assim os convidados possam ser prevenidos, ní£o terem problemas e se organizarem com o transporte, ja que neste dia os taxis ficam tb quase indisponiveis por causa da alta demanda. E nem a greve nem nada podera atrapalhar a nossa felicidade neste dia!!!Mesmo que ainda esteja noticiado a greve como uma possibilidade ainda ní£o confirmada, vale a pena nos previnirmos.
    Segue os links com a noticia da greve:

  20. sido66 says:

    Every day has to learn us.
    Every meeting has to learn us.
    Every act and every not act has to learn us.
    Each of our errors, and each of our success has to learn us.
    Every enjoyment and every sadness has to learn us.
    We have to learn of us even, and learn the others, and every thing.
    Remain opened all the time by life, a lesson of knowledge which we do not know …And that the life teaches us and we “model” every day, and change our world, and the world…