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Paulo Coelho

Love gives us the strength to perform impossible tasks.
(By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept)

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  1. Kealan says:

    Love is the strength of the heart; the post powerful muscle in the body.

  2. orly says:

    yes love gives us this special spiriual force which also gives us the fisical strengh to over come so many struggles in our life,,,,,and if love was just perfect always, i believe much more people in our society would be much happier in the everyday life.

  3. Catherine says:

    oh yes !
    miracles even… ;o) xxx

  4. Alexandra says:

    Yes,love gives us a force that no other things can give.Is a motivation ,and we feel strong as some heroes.

  5. Mark says:

    Sometimes Love just isn’t enough…

  6. Irina Black says:

    “Love gives us the strength to perform impossible tasks.”(By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept)-named so by fear,and renamed them as “targets”.


    it is so true!
    right now i am in a situation in which i’m doing things that i thought i will never do
    my love is not with me, but that is giving me strenght
    he needs me more than ever
    and i am here for him
    even though at moments i feel weak and i cry of desperation.
    but the love i have for him is making me grow stronger

    i love you manuel iglesias…

  8. Grace says:

    God is love and he gives us strength to perform difficult tasks. Being in love with another person also gives us strength to perform difficult tasks. New love gives us a new perception to everything around us. We are willing to be more open to change and are more willing to better ourselves. Nothing seems impossible at the moment of being in love. In my mind as I am going through being in love I am wondering how I can make this last. I realize I am asking this question after reading my journal from the last time my heart was broken. Twelve years ago I wondered if I could just remove my heart because it was in so much pain. I learned some valuable lessons from my decision to deny love after that. To deny love is to deny life. I choose life no matter what happens. I have to trust in my journey even if that means more heartbreak. Choosing love which oftentimes seems like an impossible task is a big part of the journey.

  9. Hope says:

    In desperation i was looking for solace here and there,then i saw this qoute, but when i first read this,i read ,Lord gives us strength to do impossible task,instead of love.I don’t know why iread that,until i saw the comment about love and i realized it is written love not Lord,and today someone told me love give us strength to do many impossible things as well.I am scared,broken,clueless about future although i know many things too but i hope Love gives me strength.I hope the soul of this universe,gives me strength.For others i maybe losers,failure,but in my loved ones i will not fail and in God’s eyes too,and i hope i can be strong for them alone.I am searching my courage and strength like searching diamond inside a mine or huge mountan.Hope when i will return i will be stronger than before to face this world.First time in my life i cried a different cry,i,i closed my ears and shut my eyes,and held my tears and sreamed in my mind,i screamed all my pain out,and i knew the shrill echoed in this universe and beyond and even in heaven.For others i didn’t make crying noise but inside i was screaming in my mind,and i realized that the soul of universe was inside of me too.I could feel the echo,reverbating in the universe and also beyond but i didn’t make any sound or dropped a tear.Maybe i wanted to cry my last cry or rather my pain and offered it to the higher power as my last offering.Be strong he said,be strong,the path will open if you take a step.
    I am dreading to lift my foot coz the path is unknown,path can’t be seen,and i am scared and feel alone,but i just hope love will give me strength and i will do what he expects me to do.Lord give me strength to fail in everyone’s eyes so that i can rise in yours and my loved one’s eye.Eventhough i abandon you from time to time,not being able to see beyond darkness never abandon me,never abandon me Lord.

  10. THELMA says:

    The Mystery, the Power and Miracle of LOVE.

  11. MIT says:

    Pace, true and love.


  12. Savita Vega says:

    Dear Pisces Iscariot:

    I think you have hit upon the very definition of love – a force that “opens our eyes to the fact that we are capable of more.” And that is precisely why we all want it, why we need it, why we must have it – because in love we are lifted up and made to see ourselves as we truly are, in all our fullest potential.

  13. Liina.L says:

    Everything is possible – if we love. :)


  14. Perhaps the tasks only seem impossible until love opens our eyes to the fact that we are capable of more? :)

  15. Manish says:

    So true. I like it, and believe it from my heart. Because, love is the force more powerful then anything else – which can do anything, bring anything to you, and you can discover yourself with love alone.