Wizard of Id

Wizard of Id


  1. Alexandra says:

    Ahhhhhhhh,help…Oh,I just had breakfast…Why…Ha ha ha
    Very nice,but this should apply for many other places where they give supper,even in some restaurants.

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    Pot Pourri

  3. moth_3_spent says:

    Well, the brew may not be good enough to turn stone into gold or whatever it was originally meant for, however it’s still good enough to fill empty tummies. Proteins are still in there. The effort should worth something…

  4. wendylei says:

    That one is hilarious! I come back from a church mass just now,and this brings a grin on my face….HAHA

  5. Nancy says:

    Today’s Wizard of Id did not make me laugh but I found Annie’s comment funny. It is funny how everyone view expiration date differently…I follow the due date but will eat if a couple of days late. My parents will look and smell it and if okay will eat the food when it is many days overdue. People say what does not kill you will make you stronger. Annie, I think you must be very strong now!!

  6. Liina.L says:

    I see now.

    Some people actually do this. If things do not work out as they hoped, they actually try to act as it’s a great deed if they offer this ‘crap’ to others. And also expecting for others to be deeply thankful for the “wonderful gift” that they are presenting.

    Often it’s the people who are afraid to be wrong, or not to ever be mistaken in anything – noone should know that they are human enough to mistake aswell… As trying not to be wrong, they try to, in their actions or mind, make this “wrong deed/thing” into something to show how generous etc. they are. In fact it’s just a bunch of bullocks, as the englishmen say (hope I typed it correctly).

    Sometimes it’s good to take all the possibilities, to use everything, to give everything a possibility to serve a purpose for something. But another thing is to force it on others, or expect that this is what someone else was wanting.

    Especially if You want to come clean of something ‘You cooked up’ and try to give it “out of good will” to someone, to make it seem that this other person, not You, cooked it up.

    Lets take responsibilities for ourselves.
    Does that sound that bad?
    Not to me… I think we have to be stop being cowardly and face what we are/do.

    Does it make any sense to You?


  7. THELMA says:

    The incantation did not work!! A disaster!! A failure! Still our Wizard does not want to …. waste it! ;] Soup for the poor people in ..church. I think the … church will fall on his head! ;]