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  1. Cindy says:

    I was just wondering if anybody noticed the effects of the moon today in his/her life?
    Today it's full moon. That means the attraction of the moon is at it's biggest, and as an effect of this people feel energetic and more emotional. Also we are less grounded on days the full moon is there.


  2. Manish says:

    Yes, I know about the movie, haven’t seen that yet, will buy the DVD soon. I have visited and liked their website too..
    Thanks, Have wonderful times..

  3. Daniel says:

    The Big Issue

    There is a magazine in the UK sold by homeless street vendors which helps homeless people to earn some money legally. You can recognize them from miles by shrilling aloud in different tones of voice repeating “Here is The Big Issue!!!” and holding a big stack of the magazine. Everytime I pass by one of them I find their deafening scream very annoying, I was seriously thinking about to make a study of which irritating voice inflection is the most effective in selling these papers. One day when I was walking on the street I saw an ungroomed, middle-aged woman standing in silence on the corner turning to people who walked past her. I thought she was just a street beggar but as I got closer – to my biggest surprise – I realized she was holding one copy of The Big Issue in her hand showing to the people. Needless to say her silence was a very remarkable phenomenon on the street: I saw the surprised face of walking people and their searching gaze as if they were asking “What’s wrong with her? Why is she not shouting?” First I thought she was mute but when I stepped to her she said “Good morning!” with a shy smile.

    That was the first time I bought The Big Issue. It was the last one she had.

  4. Dear Mr Coelho. It is indeed a matter of pride and personal pleasure to share this space with you. I absolutely love your work and my favourite is “The Alchemist”, close to my heart because of its beautiful message. I would like to take this opportunity and share a small write-up from my Blog.

    Title: My realisation

    When you walk the path of truth, it does not matter whether there are others walking with you. Because on this journey of truth, god is walking by your side, with you. You feel his presence. His presence gives you courage. It does not matter you are alone. Your strength comes from God.

    But when you walk the path of lies, even if the entire world is with you; god is not with you. You miss his presence.

    People who commit crimes, lie, kill or do wrong know this in their heart, that I am in it alone. God is not with me on this journey. It is a very lonely journey.

    The only difference between choosing the path of truth or choosing the path of deceit & lies, is god’s company.

  5. gabriela says:

    Bonjour Maestro ! J`aime beaucoup votre 6 heures.

  6. Алексей Лайтер KZ. says:

    Здраствуйте пишу из Казахстана мне 17 лет. Меня мало интерисует литература, я не читал много книг я их вообще не читал. У меня была уличная жизнь школу сочковал, гулял с друзьями. Друзья мои были такиеже как и я! одним словом хулиганы(бродяги).Меня очень интерисовала Музыкальная аппаратура. Окончев с горем пополам 9 класс я уехал из родного города Тараза в город Алматы где по знакомству устроился в фирму SAMAT RENTAL. Там я наткнулся на книгу ВОИНА СВЕТА, в те дни я переживал тяжелые моменты в своей жизни был совсем один. Осмыслив все строки и осзнав все предложения я стал понимать смысл который автор пытается нам вырозить.Сейчас Я знаю для чего мы здесь есть! Спасибо! (если вам интересно узнать что я надумал на это повод тогда пишите на [email protected]) Спасибо!!!

  7. A auto estima ní£o pode ser derivada da vaidade. Tem que ser algo mais tangí­vel, mais sutil, mais elevado. A vaidade em si é vazia, supérflua, fútil. Denota má formaí§í£o de caráter, orgulho, soberba. No bom sentido ou na conotaí§í£o branda ainda padece da futilidade e inutilidade emocional. Quem é vaidoso é fútil, ní£o importa quí£o branda ou irrelevante seja esta vaidade. Pode-se ser despido de vaidade sem ser desleixado e é ai que a “giripoca pia”, porque ninguem sabe separar uma coisa da outra. Cuidar-se ní£o é vaidade, é higiene. Fugir de assédio ní£o é vaidade, é cautela e seguraní§a, etc. O que ní£o se deve fazer e muitos fazem é exagerar certas atitudes e atos e extrapolar para a vaidade e culto de si mesmo. Quando salomí£o condenou a vaidade aproveitou para ensinar que tudo era vaidade mesmo. Vaidade de vestir, de comer, de pensar, de saber, de amar, de viver, de tudo. Porisso é que é dificil viver sem vaidades. Ele próprio se considerou um vaidoso e infiel diante de Deus. Ní£o devemos nunca exaltar um sentimento tí£o arraigado na alma humana e, ao mesmo tempo, tí£o negativo. É muito fácil massagear o ego dos vaidosos, que somos todos nós, ao invés de dizermos na cara do mundo o que realmente somos. É porisso que existem guerras, que os ricos se deleitam em seus catres dourados sem se importarem com o sofrimento das multidíµes, que se manobram despudoradamente as massas incultas e infelizes, utilizando essa infelicidade como moeda de troca. É a arte de extrair agua de pedra ou enriquecer í s custas dos pobres. Tudo isso vem da vaidade. Vem da vaidade de se hospedar em hotéis de luxo, viajar de jatinho ou iate, morar em palacetes, passear em carros luxuosos, ostentar tí­tulos, medalhas, divisas, insí­gnias, etc. Por trás de tudo isso está a vaidade. Com todo o respeito por tua mente brilhante, Paulo Coelho, se fí´r nesse sentido que sugeres que a vaidade seje aceitável, ní£o concordo. De modo nenhum a vaidade é benéfica e espero que me convení§as do contrário mas, náo aceito palavras bonitas e nem sofismas. Tem que me convencer com lógica e com fatos.

  8. Vou redigir algo em meu blog e depois voltarei aqui. Falarei de vaidades.

  9. kiran says:

    I like exploring the many ways of seeing and designing that are part of the universe and that we may just discover some day! I write two blogs – one on ‘Indian Bazaars’ and another on ‘a Way of Seeing architecture’. I include here an excerpt from one of my blog posts :

    All of us “see” in a different way. We make for ourselves each day our own kaleidoscope. A child climbs a wall to seek adventure. He wants to know more. When he sees more, he knows more. One day, he stops climbing the walls. He thinks he knows enough. So, he stops “seeing”

    Many of us cannot stop “seeing” more. With a mind to perceive what comes before us, we continue to look and to see, if the grass is green and if the pebble is indeed round. Every day one sees and cannot help seeing.

    Who is to decide what architecture can or cannot say? Each of us may read a different story. Why believe in any one story when you know that within each story are wrapped up many, many stories; or that the end of one story is the beginning of the other. That everything in this world has a story to tell, and if we care to listen, we can hear them all.

    In a world of people and places, in a world of nature and light, there is much that we may not have seen before. To look within our world for a new story, for the many, many stories that each story has within it. We find a new beginning sometimes, when we think we have reached the end of our imagination. It is for this beginning to a more creative existence, that more stories unfold.

  10. The Gewl says:

    The first book i read of yours was Eleven min 5 years ago my freshman year of college. I cannot begin to explain the depths of your book and what those depths mean and continue to mean in my life, daily. With this being said i will try to answer your question of vanity.

    Many people in my life and my relgion (catholic) feel that vanity is a sin but i tend to think that vanity is like many other things in life, it is a source of power that requires moderation and respect. For me being a young women in the legal field that is dominated by males I at times look toward vanity to help build and inspire my character. When I tend to doubt myself and feel down I’ll take a look in a mirror recite my name and remember the best qualities and traits about myself. I know that your thinking this sounds like the most vain way to approach a situation however, I would be clearly lying if i didn’t admit to this behavior and that it worked, and worked well!

    THank you Paulo I hope this blog helps you the way you continue to help and inspire me with each chapter i read.

    Your Devoted Fan!

  11. Dear says:

    I just want to say “Thank you” Mr. Coelho. I’ve never read your books until last month. The Zahir was a present of a girlfriend I share love with. And last week she gave me The Alchemist. Both helped me to get to know her better and not to feel sad about love, desire, passion, sadness, despair, destiny, and happiness.
    Interestingly, I seem to have the same true optimism that I read in your books, which is why I probably never read them or needed to read them before.

    Still I enjoyed reading them and I will continue to do so in the future.

    Thanks again…and thank you, Dear!

  12. Denis Rubra says:

    Gostaria de compartilhar uma poesia de minha autoria, que se encontra em meu blog “Poestisando a Vida”


    Cadíª tudo aquilo!
    Aquilo, Cadíª ?
    Já foi tí£o bem vindo
    Sumiu-se por qu�

    O que foi aquilo
    De que tanto gostei
    O melhor dos feitií§os
    O que mais ansiei.

    Cadíª o tal canto
    Cantado, provado!
    Hoje ouí§o silíªncio
    Nascido do tal ser desamado.

    Cadíª tudo aquilo!
    Se aquilo existiu
    Imploro que volte
    Ao ser que lhe escreve, aquele tí£o vil.

  13. Amitabh says:

    Today I shall share a post from my blog …

    If your ideas do not create ripples, then chances are that the ideas are flat in the first place. But, and this is very important, if the ideas are ridiculed AND you believe that your ideas make sense, there are chances that you have hit jackpot.

    Here are a few names and ideas from history that should give you the courage to think beyond ridicule.

    German geophysicist, Alfred Wegener. First proposed the Continental Drift Theory in 1912. He was ridiculed till the 1960s. Who would have believed that India was in the southern hemisphere and moved all the way to the north to slam into Asia to give rise to the Himalayas.

    S Chandrasekhar. His thesis that predicted black holes was roundly criticized by his own guide. His predictions now go by the name ‘Chandrasekhar Limit’. He received the Nobel prize 50 years after he first proposed the theory.

    Karl Frederich Gauss, the prince of mathematics, did not dare publish his work on non-Euclidean geometry for the fear of ridicule. There are now three types of geometry (including Euclidean) that are correct and internally consistent. It is said that universe follows non-Euclidean geometry.

    Hmmm…. Did someone laugh at you today?

  14. Timothy Tang says:

    The Arrival and Assistance of Liberating Energies

    The year 2009 began with the arrival of energies that are bringing forth more flow and peace. Restrictive energies are undergoing their own changes and transmutation to energies of positive liberation. With the lessening of restrictive energies present in higher rates in the past, the newer lighter energies assist changes to occur more smoothly and quickly.

    The increase in these energies would allow the real needs of the soul perception to be met easier and quicker. The real needs of a person are synchronized with the level of the energy vibrations of body, mind and soul perception. And they can be fulfilled more easily as the lessening of restrictive energies allows the concentration of liberating energies to work more effectively.

    Now is a useful time to utilize the liberating energies to further assist your detachment from your remaining self-destructive notions of reality.

    Opening a larger allowance for your soul perception to align with the liberating energies will allow an efficient assistance of its power. You can better route the liberating energies through your normal ways of flowing energies through your peaceful and liberating hobbies.

    As you accept more of the liberating energies, you will be assisted in your detachment from the incompatible, conflicting and destructive energies of falseness, lies, willful ignorance and superficial social norms you accumulated from the past. This will help to attain the full spiritual range of your soul perception as well as contribute to its ascension.

    One would have to align in a positive and peaceful manner with the liberating energies to benefit. Needs must not contain destructive but enlightening intentions, otherwise it will cause personal vibrations to mis-align from the flow of the liberating energies and one may not be able to catch up to it.

    Those who cannot give up their destructive nature will mis-align and move further away from the liberating energies. Those who can align to the liberating energies will be assisted and move in higher synchronicity and unification with similar-vibrating soul perceptions, and be taken even further to where they could go.

    Now is never a better time for purification.

  15. Timothy Tang says:

    The Judgement of Good and Bad and Achieving Happiness From The Law of Alignment

    Judgment can only be applied in the perception of things to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

    However, things that are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are relative.

    What is ‘good’ to someone promotes the person’s qualities and is seen as compatible. What is ‘bad’ to someone distorts the person’s qualities and is seen as incompatible.

    We see things/people/circumstances as ‘good’ if they are in accordance to our notions of happiness. We see the same things as ‘bad’ if they do not go accordingly such notions. Therefore, things, people and circumstances can be perceived to have good and bad qualities, by how they fulfill our notions of happiness.

    We are happy when we feel we can be more of ourselves by fulfilling our own needs, desires, notions, assumptions, beliefs.

    However, we share one reality and each person’s path to happiness is unique and can get in the way of others’. A certain circumstance might seem compatible and ‘good’ to manifest a person’s own form of happiness. But that circumstance might seem to be grossly incompatible and ‘bad’ to manifest another person’s form of happiness. This is how the terms ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are variables by containing relative, ever-changing values.

    The energy vibration in things/people/circumstances has to be similar and compatible to a person’s thought vibration in order to manifest personal notions of happiness. A person can be happy when both personal and circumstantial vibrations align into a matching frequency. The Law of Attraction is therefore more accurately described as The Law of Alignment.

    We can more easily get what we want when we can align and match our emanated vibrations to the right time/things/place/people/circumstances that are in our visualized notions of happiness.

    Due to people’s massive overlaps of energy vibrations and their different notions of happiness, massive interferences and incompatibilities to one’s search for happiness can often occur. The search for happiness is therefore not often easy.

    The world as we know it may not grant each individual an interfered path to happiness, but we can make each others search for happiness a little easier.

    If we can recognize people’s need to do things that feels compatible to them, we would more easily understand the reasons for their actions. Therefore, we would be less likely to be too critical of their notions of happiness in respect to our own. We would also be less likely to impose our notions of happiness onto others that can restrict their happiness, especially those that are achieved with minimal incompatibility or interference to others.

  16. Liina.L says:

    Antara: thank You for sharing this. It’s a beautiful happening. And I’ve lived through similar things – some people can understand You when You explain to them, some people can read between the lines. But not many have the unvisible connection of the world and not many use their unconcious, and even less believe in it.

    Good moment, good moment…

    Manish: Last Christmas my mom gave it to me as a present. Btw there is a movie out of it, also. I’ve seen it about 3-4 times now. Did You know about the movie?


    Today I started to think:
    There are people, who communicate with You, without even trying to figure You out. And on the other hand there are people who want to figure You out so much that You, for the sake of Yourself, are trying to hide more and more. I hope, Paulo doesn’t feel that too often.

    The extremes are never any good. One week we discussed keeping Yourself and Your world in balance, and this is what I agree on. We need balance in our life. But only we know, what we need to balance.

    I recently met up with someone that I concidered to be a friend of mine. That friend of mine showed a side of herself to me that I had never seen before. I can’t say it didn’t influence/bother me at all, that would be lying. So – then there are people who try to figure You out, and then, when they (think they) have (at least to a comfortable stage), they will try to shoot You down, because they think they know You well enough to hit You hard. This saddens me: I think we first need to look inside ourselves, and then see the faults of others. And is this really a life to live? For a change – lets concentrate on the positive.

    I have noticed, that some people bring the best out of us, and the others bring out the worst, or at least to us it seems like it’s the worst. But sometimes this needs to be adressed to. Maybe, if the people, who You are communicating with, (in Your eyes) constantly bring out the worst in You, it can mean that You need to let go.

    If I can’t be happy, free and be myself in the company of a close person, then maybe it’s not a friendship to be treasured and held highly.

    What makes a friendship? A friendship can function on many levels. There are people who we feel closer to, and who we feel less closer to, but still call friends (or acuaintances).

    To me, a friend represents many thing, but lately, to me, it’s very important to be around people who make me a better person. In private life it’s possible. Often, in the life of a proffession You are in, it’s not always possible. But in my life, if I’m able to choose, I am choosing well.

    Lately I’ve recieved many possibilities to choose something in life. At the moment I feel as if those were the “right” decisions, that I made. Because simply – it makes me be able to feel good.

    Why am I writing about a simple thing like that? Maybe, because there are, as they say “emotion vampires” or “energy vampires” out there, that suck all the good out of You… and sometimes we don’t even realise it.


    Have You ever felt like the words You are writing, the texts You are producing is coming from somewhere else? Sometimes I feel like “a pen”… I am just an instrument… someone else is doing the work.


    Lately I’ve started to think about the ‘new years’ resolutions we “did” in PCB. I’ve actually already acomplished a few. Hoping You are on Your way to success also. Although, from all of mine, there is one that isn’t changing at all… :( and it is a silly thing, really. Hoping to get a sign to see what am I supposed to do about it.


    Best of luck to all of You!
    A bit of a ‘jumpy’ posting.

    Have a great end to this week,

  17. Manish says:

    In recent days I decided to read this book – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which I’d strongly recommend to anyone, and everyone to go through at least once.
    Reason, you can check this picture, the promises. This I found on the website of author, and it really encouraged me – to follow.
    Another thing which was interesting, a friend asked, is it practical, and easy to follow? She meant, isn’t it being more positive is difficult, and might need lot of will?
    I answered being positive is easy, and thought later by me, was it so? Yes. Being good, being dedicated to yourself and a cause is like helping yourself, being true with yourself, and discovering yourself. And if doing it with devotion, it gives immense pleasure and feeling of abundance to life.
    And these principles – called The Law of Attraction, is just amazing and so easy to apply – including the promises made above. And, to the Paulo reader’s – these are echoes of the words: “when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – be it good or bad, decision is onto us, on what we focus.
    ‘You create your own universe as you go along.” – W. Churchill
    Love to all,

  18. Cindy says:

    I was just wondering if anybody noticed the effects of the moon today in his/her life?
    Today it’s full moon. That means the attraction of the moon is at it’s biggest, and as an effect of this people feel energetic and more emotional. Also we are less grounded on days the full moon is there.


  19. Antara says:

    Here is an incident that I would like to share with all the readers and with Mr. Coelho of course. It is something that I had experienced just yesterday and I thought that this is possibly the best place to share it, a place which helped me rediscover my spiritual beliefs.
    It is one incident about faith, trust which you have on God.

    The incident is really commonplace, it may occur with any body. But the way the things unfurled, left me wondering about God’s blessings which he showers upon us. It was that I was really upset with the behavior of a dear friend. It seemed that I didn’t matter to him in any way. It left me hurt. Not only that, some of my old friends too started to drift apart and I felt like alone, dumped in a place where no one seemed to listen to the sounds of my crying heart. I had my faith in God, though I don’t deny that sometimes I doubted his plans for my life and questioned them.
    It was yesterday that the feelings surfaced once more and left me feeling more betrayed by life. I faced incidents which further reinforced the emptiness. I asked “Why me?” and my tears knew no bounds and flooded my entire soul.
    It was just then my cell phone rang and I became apprehensive. There had been many instances when I expected his call only to found that it was someone else. I was definite that it was not my friend this time, and picked up the phone…found his name shining brightly in tune with the rhythmic ringtone. We talked. As I resumed to my chair once again, it left me wondering about the one person who hears everything…even what is unspoken.