Quote of the Day

Paulo Coelho

Courage. By beginning the journey with that word and continuing with faith in God, you will arrive wherever you need to arrive.
(The Manual of the Warrior of Light)

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  1. Rey says:

    Thank you so much.

  2. orly says:

    courage- faith- love- good willing- hope-
    those powerful caracters would ever bring u to the highest level of spiritualism,,, and with that u would ever be able to face!!! to face the good the better and the best!!!

  3. Irina Black says:

    LOVE.Becoming One with the desired goal by arrival,you will become part of it without changing the true nature of both.

  4. luce says:

    Thank you, bless you !

  5. Pandora says:

    Courage, is a word I like it derives from Cor – Latin for Heart.

    The word gives me strength in my heart.

    Thank you.

  6. -“Fear will always bother you before you make any decisions, journey will always take you to give some positions.”

    -“Courage of lion is all what you need when you have lost everything, my dear friend even though you do not win.”

    -“You cannot change the world, you need to learn how to change your changing mind, how to quit addiction of sex, desires and habits then you might think of changing the world.”

    -“Kill me before killing your scriptures, do not follow me as I will never claim who I was.”

    -“All we need is patience, O dear Soul; why don’t you understand that world moves on your decisions.”

    God bless you all !

  7. munrocea says:

    and if courage is too big a concept to grasp … then begin at patience and discipline ;o)

  8. THELMA says:

    Thank you, Paulo Coelho, I needed it!! ;]

    Tomorrow I will not be here ‘anchored’ in my chair and lap-top, I will be in … Paris, with the help of God.
    I think, my friends will .. miss me here or maybe they sigh with … relief, I will be … silent!
    Take care and be happy.

  9. sido66 says:

    Courage to follow the road and to face the tests, and ” the spirit ” will be my guide….. The spirit of the truth in the faith

    http://sido66.blogspot.com/ : The spirit, the guide, and the road of love towards the Father