Timeshifting – Part 2

Paulo Coelho

Deal with experiences in more depth: a study on the visitors to the National Zoo in Washington showed that the average time that people spend looking at an animal show is less than ten seconds. So why go to the zoo? Better just to leaf through a book with photographs, right? A guide explained to me that people complain that the hippopotamuses are always under the water, but as a matter of fact the average length of submersion is between 90 seconds and a maximum of five minutes – so, the urge to rush ahead is what makes the visitors miss all the enjoyment.

Knowing when to reflect or act: a patient of mine with an obesity problem said she was prepared to do anything to get better. I asked her, whenever she felt the urge to eat, to observe the feeling and not act. “But I feel hungry!” she answered. “Exactly,” was my comment. “If you can manage to live with that feeling, observe the hunger, let it come in all its intensity, suffer occasionally – but without acting – soon you will manage to attenuate the anxiety and you will the master of your will rather than the slave of your impulses.”

Acting in the face of negative emotions: when we sit down on the sofa, we turn on the television (which is actually a way to “turn off” from the world). Or else we grow very anxious, feel we are wasting time, that we need to call someone, do gymnastics, tidy up the house. Why? Because if we stay quiet, all the wave of repressed emotions will assail us, depress us, leave us feeling sad or guilty. But the more we “keep busy” the more these emotions pile up, until one day we run the risk of seeing them explode out of control.

Yes, we all have our problems, which have to be faced – why not do this today? Stop. Think. Maybe suffer a little. But in the end, understand who we are, what we feel, what we are doing here at this very moment – instead of wanting to determine the Agenda of Life.

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  1. jeeva says:

    A similar topic related conversation took place one evening with my mate. He told me how he found this method of switching his minds direction everytime he is faced by a ‘problem’. I told him how i have grown used to contemplating my problems or situations. He ask why go through the pain, and i said i like the feeling when i untangle the knots. Thanks for the reinforcement Paulo.

  2. Umer says:

    i totally agree with ur stopping our hand right there thing. For stopping ourselves from desire we need a special tool WILLPOWER. I failed a year coz I didn’t wanted to become a doctor but an engineer. I suffered had to study course of two years in six months but its going. I am happy that I did it. I am in the process maybe I will make it to where I wana go. Every painful story has successful ending. That is what I believe.

  3. THELMA says:

    ..”you will be the master of your will rather than the slave of your impulses.”

    This sentence is the .. first lesson to mastering our material body!!
    STOP and THINK!
    This is the .. second step!! To use our logical mind and determine of our actions.
    The PAUSES!! : Are important so that we will learn to ‘quiet’ our thoughts and feelings and see through the Veils, Reality, our pure ..Self, our Soul, without the … mask.

  4. Laudy says:

    I must’ve missed the first part of this topic.

    I make sure that every day I have at least 10 minutes to myself (this can be quite tough to find!), and at least one night a week, I have a ‘me night’… only me and a good book, or a good CD with no talking! No TV (I dont watch it anyway), no friends, no family, no phone, just moi… and it is by far the best thing I have decided.
    It gives me time to clear my mind, keep me balanced. Focus on the real world, think of what makes me tick and basically keep me driven.

    In 8 weeks, I set sails (really sit in the back of a squashy plane!) to sunny Europe – just for me, bc thats what my soul wants.. its good to listen and then provide :)


  5. Irina Black says:

    Clear up.Our projects will become our memories one day.The best time to sort “the luggage”-is now.Time will make the events pass.Time can not change memories,just projects.We have to live with memories in eternity-what is worth taking with?

  6. Ca says:

    Cher Paulo,

    Laisser le fleuve couler peut íªtre difficile parfois, mais comment j’ai dit sur mon dernier post, regarder les sentiments e nos pensées de prés, c’est très importante pour notre développement. Pas seulement la faim, mais tout les sensations doivent avoir notre attention tout le temps. On doit chaque fois íªtre attentifs a nos pensées et aussi a nos actes et nos actes í  nos prochains. L’équilibre, l’attention de gérer les dualités de nos sentiments… . parce que si l’amour n’est pas bien géré, s’il tourne d’autre cote, il aura la míªme puissance qui l’haine. L’attention de rester toujours sur le chemin de l’amour demande beaucoup d’efforts et patiente. Regarder notre douleur de prés, et rester dans le chemin d’amour demande aussi bcp d’humilité parfois. Mais rien ne vaut la sensation et la paix de ne pas se laisser aller par l’haine ou les sentiments négatifs. Il y a ceux qui se prennent la tète pour les choses qui arrivent dans la journée, pour l’inquiétude, s’ils vont réussir dans l’avenir. Je ne peux vivre comment í§a, et pour centrer l’yoga et la méditation m’aident gérer mieux mon énergie. On dois íªtre toujours attentive í  nos sentiments, a nos besoins, a nos pensées, en laissant toujours le fleuve couler… C’est difficile quand on doit gérer en plus de nos sentiments et attitudes les sentiments et attitudes de notre prochain, surtout quand ils ne sont pas positifs. L’inconditionnelle n’attends jamais le malsain. Avoir la pause pour jamais répondre a la míªme faí§on, et enfin réussir calmer les ondes du fleuve qui parfois peut devenir des tsunamis… Tenir sur les tsunamis en acceptant le mal qui l’autre peut te faire, sans lui culpabiliser, prendre total responsabilité de ta vie, pardonner, se pardonner, c’est parfois très difficile, mais on doit donner toujours le mieux de nous míªme. Me souvenir de tout ce que je dois remercier a la vie, me mets en connexion avec mon DIEU, et m’aide a équilibrer avec mon íªtre, mes pensées, mes sentiments…



  7. Alexandra says:

    I have bad moments at times.Moments when I feel really weak,when i drink 2 beers,or smoke ,or cry like hell.But that happens because I forget the ways to be myself,the real me,the balanced person,who has faith,intelligence,the power to control emotions.

  8. Anca says:

    “Take your time. Direction is outmost important” – Paulo Coelho

    “If we don’t change our direction, we’re most likely to arrive where we are headed” – chinese proverb

    Your last paragraph brought these two quotes to light, they’ve been bugging me to take some meditation time for a while, but I can never find time… to schedule it, haha.

    The timeshift makes me understand better yet another ‘concept’ that we’ve created and allow influence our minds and lives. And that nothing is impossible, even not being at the time’s mercy.

    After all, it’s just another gift at our disposal.

    With love & gratitude,

  9. I suffered from panic attacks precisely because I would use television and friends and movies to hide from myself. So my soul had to make me pay attention, and it chose a violent way to do it. This is the experience I treasure the most in my life – because it gave me no choice but to digg deep inside.

  10. Marie-Christine says:

    CHer Paulo,
    Est-ce que la faim n’est pas un besoin d’amour? Je pense que lorsqu’on a faim et que l’on abuse la nourriture c’est parce que l’on n’alimente pas son ame.