Using both pockets

Paulo Coelho

A disciple remarked to Rabbi Bounam from Pssiskhe:

“The material world seems to suffocate the spiritual world.”

“Your pants have two pockets,” said Bounam. “Jot down this sentence and put it in the right pocket: ‘The world was created only for me.’ Now write in the left pocket: ‘I am nothing but dust and ashes’.”

“Divide your money between the pockets. When you come upon misery and injustice, remember that the world exists only so that you can show your kindness, and use the money in the right pocket. When you are tempted to buy things that you haven’t the least need for, remember what is written in your left pocket and think twice before spending it. In that way the material world will never suffocate the spiritual world.”

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  1. […] Using both pockets Paulo Coelho A disciple remarked to Rabbi Bounam from Pssiskhe: “The material world seems to… […]

  2. Mirela Baron says:

    Too keep the balance betwin those two Worlds is not easy but posibel!

    Mirela(the woman in elevator)

  3. Pandora says:

    According to the Gospel of Thomas Christ said:

    “Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar, give God what belongs to God, and give me what is mine.”

    Sometimes you have to dig deep into your pockets.

  4. THELMA says:

    The interaction of the material and spiritual worlds.
    Jesus said: ‘To give to the Caesar those that belong to Caesar and to God those that belong to God’.
    But He had also said: ‘You cannot work for two masters at the same time: God and Mammon’.
    We must use our FREE WILL and choose our .. master.

  5. Irina Black says:

    Two poles are doubles and wait,when the space in between will be filled with..

  6. Candie says:

    HA!The fifth of pentacles from yesterday?

  7. austere says:

    One should remember in time!

  8. munrocea says:

    yes – when I hope to be still, have prescence of mind, feel whole and grounded, to reflect and consider – I like to put my hands in my pockets.

    I won’t necessarily write the two quotes down on paper, but I shall certainly think about them ;o)

  9. Alexandra says:

    Since we live on Earth,and not in Paradise,we will always have to deal with both things,that is ,flesh and soul.Yes,good advice,indeed.

  10. Kasia May says:

    How perfect! Beautiful advice!

  11. sido66 says:

    yes , it’s a reality to live

    so i try every day
    ( and misericorde too )