The importance of allies – Part 1

Paulo Coelho

The warrior of light who does not share with others the happiness of his choices will never come to know his own qualities and shortcomings.
So before you start anything, find allies – people who are interested in what you are doing.
I am not saying “Find other warriors of light.”
I am saying: “Find people with different skills, because a warrior’s fight for his dream is no different from any other path that is followed with enthusiasm.”
Your allies will not necessarily be those people that everyone looks at in admiration and says: “there is nobody better.” Much to the contrary, they are people who are not afraid of making mistakes, so they make lots of mistakes. That is why what they do is not always praised or acknowledged.
Yet this is the type of person that changes the world and after many a mistake manages to get something right that will make all the difference to their community.
Allies are people who cannot hang around waiting for things to happen and later decide on the best attitude to take: they decide as they go along, even knowing that this type of behavior is very risky.
Living with allies is important for a warrior of light; together, they all understand that before choosing the objective they are free to change their mind. But after the objective has been decided upon, they focus only on the steps they have to take. And they think as they go along: “each step requires a lot of effort, but it’s worth the risk, it’s worth betting one’s very life.”
The best allies are those that do not think like most people. That is why, when looking for companions to share the enthusiasm of the dream, it is important to believe in intuition and pay no attention to others’ comments. Most human beings always judge others using their own limitations as the model – and sometimes the opinion of the majority is full of prejudice and fear.
Join all those who experiment, take risks, fall, get hurt and then take risks again. Stay away from those who affirm truths, who criticize those that do not think like they do, who have never taken a step without being sure that they would be respected for that, and who prefer the comfort of certainty to the tension of doubt.
Join those who expose themselves and are not afraid of being vulnerable: these watch what their neighbor is doing, not to judge him but rather to admire him for his dedication and courage.


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The rest of this text will be published here tomorrow.


  1. andrea h. says:

    Paulo faz tanto tempo que me falta inspiracao para escrever, dar opinioes ou falar de mim mesma, a minha vida nao esta ruim, muitas coisas boas estao acontecendo, mais estou sem “VONTADE”. Nem me comunicar direito com as pessoas da coluna eu consigo, sei la da medo de eles rirem de mim se eu escrever errado em ingles, infantil nao e mesmo? Pois é assim que me sinto. :(

  2. margherita - Italia says:

    Caro Paulo,
    hai ragione quando dici che nella vita bisogna cercarsi degli alleati, quando si incomincia una nuova opera. Io ho cercato un alleato in Te, leggi la mia ultima lettera e, per favore, dimmi se anche Tu vuoi essere mio alleato nella realizzazione del mio Progetto, del mio Grande Sogno. Pace e Amore

  3. Nancy says:

    Sido66, Thanks for the link. I loved the short film titled Validation. It says so much wonderful things.

  4. Maria says:

    We tend to go through life in search of our happiness, in search of what will make us complete that we fail to bring along those who matter most to us. We forget that allies or companionship is necessary in our lives. Without thier support, who would we have to fall back on when all else fails. I am glad to say that I have (and if so few) those who I can call an ally. Those in my life willing to accept me and not judge as others may jugde and those who lend a helping hand.

  5. Grace says:

    Sido 66 thanks for posting the link to the video.
    Thelma thanks for saying that Sido was amazing and commenting on the video which made me watch it. I needed to watch it today.

  6. Mirela Baron says:

    Thank you for the english lesson!,ha,ha.I´m happy that you are not loosing you humor!
    You should look on my space,the last komentar-then you will laugh´ with me´ more!!!


  7. Candie says:

    I totally agree with that post this is what i think too in fact.I agree even more with the part in following our intuitions and don’t mind other’s comments.

  8. Paul… having your family against you is almost equivalent to Savita’s situation of having the entire community against her yoga studio. Satanic, LOL…..

    Allies are Great! but the truth of the matter is that even allies are not there sometimes, and it is my hope that despite, one will have the courage to accomplish that which they set out to!

    So you have the whole neighborhood against you, but once it’s effects spread out, and draw more people in, the transformation to the people and community will be so much greater!

    Paul, I know it’s the worst feeling having your family against you, i have been in the situation many times. When I wanted to go to India, some ten years ago, my family was completely against it, they could not understand why I wanted to backpack all over India all by myself, when I could go to some tropical island lay out under the sun and enjoy pina coladas… :P

    I had to hear about it everyday, everyday, even on the day I was going to the airport, leaving the house, my mother was trying to talk me out of it and change my mind, But I did it anyway, and it was amazing!

    Once you get there, you will forget about all the negative energy that was against you going…

    Allies are Great! but sometimes not present, and even that’s ok!
    Follow your dreams like Santiago. Amen!


  9. Alex M Uk says:

    Dear Paul
    Do not worry about the people who do not offer support, just follow what feels right to you. I have found along the way that more often than not, people are not always happy to celebrate your successes. I brought this up with my Reiki teacher only last week as I could not understand how some people react negatively to decisions I make or lifestyle choices that I take even when I know that what I am doing makes me happy and is the best thing for me. I wondered if it was something I was doing wrong and she told me not to concern myself with what other people thought of my journey. It is my journey and my decisions and if other people are not happy with it, then they are the ones that need to deal with why that is – not me?

    I had never understood this before and suddenly realised that in some strange way, I was constantly asking for acceptance and would not let people know the good things that were happening to me as this would often provoke negative reactions. One time that this was very strong was two years ago, when me and my fiance and daughter decided to move away from my home town to live by the sea 200 miles away. I received negative reactions from the people that I thought would offer me love and support and this confused me. I was moving to a beautiful place, but they did not seem happy for me and did not support my decision. Fortunately I trusted my instincts and the move was wonderful for us and we have never been more happy.

    The same thing will happen for you too. As long as you trust what is inside and follow the signs, then you are on the right path and if you do not see it through these feelings will still be within you and you will be saddened at not following your dreams. You will only be gone for a short while and will soon be reunited with your family and friends with a so many fantastic tales and experiences to tell them of and I pray that they will enjoy listening to it all – if not, there are plenty of people here online eagerly waiting to hear of your travels!! :)

    You are not doing anything wrong, so don’t feel that way, you are simply going on the adventure of a lifetime that will bring to you all the things you think and know that await you along the way.

    I know it will be good journey, and hope you keep us all up to date whenever you can!! Look forward to hearing of the amazing experience you are about to encounter!

    Alex :)

  10. luce says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I’m always in “tension of doubt” and most of time vulnerable, I like to think I do not act on prejudice and I know I do not judge …..but I do not know if all this makes me good ally ? Doubts !

    Thank you for this post, it opened another path within me tu surch and uncover.


  11. luce says:

    Dear Paul from Austria,

    I’m with you, with my spirit and my wishes. Ever since I read The Pilgrimage I wanted to do it, now it is your turn, God bless you and be with you !


  12. THELMA says:

    Dear Sido66, you are amazing! Thank you for the video above! I admire your patience and love for us. You write so often. Sometimes I do not have time to read everything, but now I know what you wanted to say to us.
    All my love to you, may God bless you.

  13. Borgny Sofie*Norway says:

    I would really love to meet some allies
    along my way right now*

  14. Irina Black says:

    Two components:WHO? and WHAT?Who is going to be around and what for?Convenience,laziness,or cowardice can be a reason for “togetherness” as well.Until the question “What for?” is not answered,the question “Who?” will be around,can not arise.Sympathy,Friendship,Love(what for?)-give “birth” to “Who?”.I would put “What for?” first.

  15. Alexandra says:

    Oh,Paul,you such a sweet man.Intelligent,kind,how is possible you are not seen that way by your family? I am your ally ,and admire you for your courage to take that decision.Think,I thought about it many times myself, but maybe I will do that soon. You try it and say to us how was it..All the best,I am sure you will enjoy the experience.
    I really agree that we need allies, and I noticed over the years ,that only very intelligent people are willing to support me ,or to take my side.Is a case,I dont know.Intelligence are of many kinds,not only a professor is intelligent.Sometimes I cant find the right words to express my feelings.I think ,if we find our place in that world,we find allies too.

  16. Mirela Baron says:

    Love,you dear Savita Vega for this beautiful true story!

    Dear,Paul as i allready said ,I feel very honourated to have you as a allias Friend ,and my thoughts will be with you!

    Because of your Courrage,you will achieve your Destination!

    May God be with you!

    Mirela(the woman in elevator)

  17. sido66 says:

    a wonderful short film: a lesson = love can truly change the world, WE WANT

    here, there, now and always, for everyone, for everyone

    smile, love

  18. Diego says:

    I was reading that text and analysing my very life. I realized that simple things we choose change our whole life, because of this, we should be connected to our reality, istead of hurring up.

    kind regards, Diego

  19. THELMA says:

    A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed, it feels an impulsion….this is the place to go now.

    But the sky knows the reason and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons..
    – from “Illusions, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” Richard Bach.

    We will be with you in spirit, dearest Paul from Austria, walking next to you, keeping you company in the .. journey, because sometimes people that are far away may be nearer to those next to you.

  20. Pepper says:

    Good thoughts to you, Paul from Austria, in your are an inspiration to others through this site.
    Paulo, thank you once again for sharing your insights with us. It blesses me every time I visit this site.

  21. Savita Vega says:

    This post makes me think of a very dear friend of mine – a true ally – who has proven herself extremely supportive lately. In fact, I haven’t even known her for very long. It’s almost as though she popped up from out of nowhere the moment that I decided to get serious about making my dream happen.

    I am in the process of opening a yoga studio in a small, predomanently Fundamentalist Christian town in Texas. It is the only real yoga studio within a hundred mile radius. Even the gyms don’t offer yoga classes, as they do in many places, because many people here seem to perceive yoga as contrary to their religion. It is a subject that they won’t even discuss, much less would they consider trying a yoga class. By many, it is perceived as somehow associated with “idol worship” and, therefore, is deemed as something dangerous, if not downright “Satanic.”

    In example, one visitor to my house, not long after I moved here, took notice of a small altar to Lord Shiva, that is located in my study. She was very “polite” in her approach, yet she went to great lengths to point out to me how Shiva was so obviously the Devil incarnate: the snakes coiled about his arms; that long, tangled hair, hanging down in dreadlocks; his near nudity; that symbol on his forehead; even the animal skins upon which he sits in quiet meditation. All of these, to her eyes, were obvious emblems of Satan himself. I listened to her openly, and did not cut her off, because I really wanted to understand her thinking. Nonetheless, I didn’t make the slightest gesture of “repentance.” Needless to say, that was her last visit to my house. She did invite me to her church, however, and told me that she would “pray for my soul.”

    Even the word “yoga” itself seems often to illicit similar reactions from many people around here. It is, apparently, closely associated with Devil-worship in the minds of many. Similarly he word “meditation” seems to spark suspicions of “brainwashing.” They think if someone asks them to empty their minds for a moment and meditate, this person’s devious intent is to take advantage of this gap and somehow fill their minds with evil.

    Despite all of this, I have decided to open a yoga studio here, right on the main street of this little town. Indeed, there are those who act aversely from the very first moment that I mention yoga, but then there are also a lot of people who seemed to be thrilled by the idea. They seem excited by the notion of trying something completely new, something they’ve never encountered before, something so very different from all that surrounds and attempts to smother them on a daily basis. They are eager for change, hungry for fresh air to breath. I grew up in this same small town, over twenty years ago, and I know that I felt that way, even then. The Fundamentalist Christian element is so all-pervasive, and its rules and norms so strict and harsh, that any relief from that, seems to many like a beacon shining in the dark. They are eager for an alternative world-view. In this society, if they do not subscribe to Fundamentalist Christian views, then they are outcasts. These “outcasts” are excited at the thought of anything that promises to validate their individuality, anything that gives them room to explore themselves and grow.

    So, as I have started this process of trying to open a yoga studio here, I have met with a fair degree of averse reactions, even from my own family. One of my cousins, for example, is appalled by the idea that her own cousin is, as she termed it, a “yoga freak.” Because it is a small town, everyone knows everyone else, and it seems a great source of embarrassment and shame for her – the fact that her close relative is opening a yoga studio, right there on the main street, for all the world to see. What will the neighbors think?! How will this reflect back upon her? In weighing her reaction, one would think that I must be opening a gambling establishment, a pornography shop, a house of prostitution…. For her, my dream is her worst nightmare come true.

    But, since all of this began, since the day I decided to make this long-standing dream a reality, there has been this one outstanding ally who has been by my side non-stop, giving her support, urging me on, doing everything within her power to help me see this dream manifest itself in reality. She is, as Paulo describes, “one of those who don’t think like most people,” who “is not afraid of making mistakes,” who is willing to “experiment, and take risks.” Her support and encouragement have been invaluable to me in this effort. And regardless of the outcome – whether the yoga studio proves successful or not, I will remember her always as a true ally and a genuine friend. Truly, I think she was sent, like an angel, the moment that I decided to get serious about making my dream a reality. My gratitude toward her is eternal.

  22. karen says:

    An ally is someone who will bring you their mistakes, their defeats, their lessons, their victories, and without telling you exactly what they were, they will share with you what they have learned.

    They will bring you what they have learned about Truth, and pass it on to you – with Love.

    Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. sido says:

    “each step requires a lot of effort, but it’s worth the risk, it’s worth betting one’s very life.”

    life is not certainty but faith; The goal is not fixed but intuition guide

    the only certainty is that I want to do something

    and that the love lives my heart, his love today

    certainty today is my desire that vir in me is the love that devours me (my being)

    it’s in the ” CARPE DIEM ”

    and what is not certain: tomorrow (which I do, what you will, what will be allowed to do)

    my fear = no longer feel this love eating and wonderful, the presence of my guardian angel and the love of angels around me

    my doubts: the man is ready = anything can be, or may not be (and I am sad at the thought of the 2nd case)

    Nothing is sure except that each step in the LOVE.

    I’m afraid … I have faith … I cry in my soul, and j’exalte joy in my soul … I feel the love of the world and I want to nascent

    for THE LIFE of world’soul