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Paulo Coelho

Good and Evil have the same face; it all depends on when they cross the path of each individual human being.
(The Devil and Miss Prym)

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  1. THELMA says:

    Good and Evil have the same face, because they appear in ..disguise! It is up to us to recognise it or to… our Destiny!
    We must be always on guard and ..pray.

  2. iryne says:

    there’s no such thing as good and evil… there’s only perception.

  3. My practice teaches me that everything that happens to me is the best thing for me at that time. In other words, that Evil is actually Good. And after a lot of sleepless nights and a quite thorough analysis of the most important events in my life, both good and ‘bad’, I came to the realization that it’s TRUE! The most terrible things that happened to me (deaths or horrible experiences) were inextricably linked to the most beautiful things that ever happened to me (spirituality, qigong, meeting amazing persons that are now my best friends). There would never have been the Good without the Evil. It’s like a thread that connects certain events, like domino pieces, if you change one piece of the game, the ones that come after it also have to change.

    I am very grateful for all the good things in my life – and I really have a lot of goodness in my life. The simple kind: I have friends and wonderful people around me, I have a roof above my head, I have food on my plate, I have things I love to do, I have all my five senses and a little extra, I live in a beautiful country, I have spring every year…

    But equally, I am grateful for the bad things – the ones that brought me the great things and gave me a broader perspective of life.


  4. Liina.L says:

    May we recieve the knowledge to recognize and distinguish the good from the evil and the evil from the good.

    May we know how to look into a human and see them in their full view of how and what they are, outside and in.

    May we set our heart on the right track, letting the love be poured in us, letting the love dwell in us, and letting the love flow out of us.

    Liina L.

  5. cyrpric says:

    the thing is who i spersecuting whom? that is the question

  6. cyrpric says:

    Wow i meditated on this theme today.People are only paying attention to thr big headlines on the news, they are not wanting to look at their neighbours ding dong , pouting and so as not too disturb the peace, its nor laughing matter either always putting themselves through ob such trials and tribulations, wanting to control everyone and nothing and persecuting the others. Lord have mercy.
    it disturbs my sleep ar night.i have to get away idont want to put u[up with it anymore

  7. Nancy says:

    Wow, I meditated on this topic yesterday. Humans seem to pay attention only to the big evils done by another person such as murder, rape, serial killing. But it is the little evils, which we are responsible for, that holds us in constant destruction. Such as verbal abuse, ridicule, placing fear, controlling a persons movement, wanting other people to fail in their work or dream so you can be more successful.

  8. orly says:

    we live between the good and evil- they exist in our every day life and in every corner ,,, we some times have to choose temptation- and we many times in our life have to choose who is going to win over us- the good or the evil,,,, and u know some times only thanks to our education- the society stigma- we choose the good even though we know evil is not so bad!!!
    so we have some more chalenges in life!!!!

  9. Breda says:

    Evil intentions are masked by ‘good’ face and emotional manipulation achieved by some good deeds to entanagle and confuse-in my own experience of another person.

  10. Grace says:

    I really liked The Devil and Miss Pryn. I discovered the Alchemist last July and have read most of the others in this year’s time. They have helped change my perception and this has changed my life. The last couple months I have been stuck reading The Pilgrimage for some reason. The Devil and Miss Pryn is definately at the top of my favorites written by Paulo Coelho. It would be very hard for me to rank then in order of most favorite. I find myself thinking about it when I am facing different situations in life.

  11. T.K. says:

    Beauty (as well as evil) is in the eye of the beholder. What do you see?

  12. Borgny Sofie*Norway says:

    I experience
    the spiritual fight
    between the good & bad
    as something inside – my heart & soul;
    Continuous revelation and
    transformation of my own shades*

    And yes Irina,
    it`s all about living & beeing
    rather than thinking and doing

  13. Irina Black says:

    By breaking linear continuity and living now-it starts to appear that by spontaneous living we perfectly define what is what.(Angels do not make plans)

  14. Mauro says:

    Exactamente, Don Paulo, Todo esta en Uno, segun la Puerta que abramos
    se manifestara El Bien o El Mal, depende de cada uno de nosotros, de
    Estar Totalmente Presentes y Concientes, para entender, comprender y
    saber, que estamos haciendo cuando actuamos…



  15. THELMA says:

    Good and Evil have the same face, because they appear in ..disguise! It is up to us to recognise it or to… our Destiny!
    We must be always on guard and ..pray.

  16. Mauro says:

    Exactamente, Don Paulo, Todo esta en Uno, segun La Puerta que abramos
    se manisfetara El Bien o El Mal, depende cada uno de nosotros estar Totalmente Presentes y Concientes de que estamos haciendo cuando actuamos…



  17. Mauro says:

    Exactamente Don Paulo, Todo esta en Uno, segun la Puerta que habramos, se manifestara, El bien o el mal…Depende de nosotros, estar Presentes y Concientes, para Saber y Entender, que atraemos y que hacemos cuando actuamos…



  18. Alexandra says:

    I loved that novel,I think was the first or the second that I had read ,from those written by you.I guess is about the freedom to chose,and is us who decide what shift to give to an event or to another.In that novel,miss Prym chosed to turn everything for the good ,saving poor old woman destined to the sacrifice,right in the last moment.The inner struggle and the torn between bad and good was won by the goodness, in that case.

  19. candie says:

    Yes it is true.Sometimes it is hard to recognise it or if you’ve recognised it,you don’t want to listen to what your inner voice is telling you and the flashes you got.And Evil is so powerful in his black magic that it will do evrything to destry you and for a long time.But the real good one is so powerful with his white magic that it can comfort you when you need it.You feel that strentgh.