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Paulo Coelho

A responsible warrior is not someone who takes the weight of the world on his shoulders, but someone who has learned to deal with the challenges of the moment.
(Manual of the Warrior of Light)

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  1. THELMA says:

    Agapimeni mou Carolina Sabah, se efcharisto gia tin agape sou!
    Ι came from our two days break with the family, three hours ago and I am just reading the Blog and your comments. Yes I feel much .. lighter now, I love you all. Your warm wishes have reached me ..
    p.s. Happy Easter to everybody.T xxx

  2. It’s true. I have a lot of problems or challengues in my life right now, I have tried to find answers and solutions for all of them, but I cannot resolve anything… because there is too much noisy in my brain, in my head… so, Paulo, your are right… I have to focus on one problem at same time, and do not be so stupid and find someone to help to solve a challenge that I can do it by myself. Gracias!

  3. THELMA says:

    My dear Candie, thank you for your concern. You look so beautiful in the photo and your comments are so sensitive. Paulo Coelho is right, we women are the heart of the Universe!!
    Today I am going with my husband and daughter away until Saturday. By then I am going to be fine! After the … full Moon.. It makes us so sensitive.

  4. I know how Thelma feels!!!

    Sometimes I feel like that more than other times.

    It must the planetary movements and their gravitational effects…
    It is a Full Moon!

    This too shall pass!

    Sending you some Love Thelma. ti nomisis? ola tha eine kala. sagapo!


  5. Yerlin says:

    Es cierto… Muchas veces pensamos q no podemos soportar las cosas q se nos presentan, pero cuando hemos perdido la esperanza el sol vuelve a salir demostrandonos que en cada amanecer hay una nueva oportunidad. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  6. candie says:

    What is all that pessimism those days Thelma?It’s not like you.Hope you’ll be fine.

  7. THELMA says:

    Sometimes I feel I carry the weight of the World and the sorrows of the people in my heart. I feel guilty for what I have, because I always think of those in need. I am full of Love and I do not know what to do with it and how to reach other people… Everyone is closed into his/her tower, thoughts, egoism..
    A voice shouting in the .. desert.

  8. Breda says:

    I agree that ‘a responsible warrior does not take on the weight of the world on his shoulders and learns to deal with challanges of the moment’-integrating this into our daily lives can be the challange of the moment!
    It is good to be reminded of these wholesome concepts on this wonderful blog : )When I do not deal with a challange I carry it home ie something that happened in the workplace today-or I can mentally set it down and leave it behind emotionally and relax.

    I need to know where I end and other people begin so I can create boundaries in situations where I find myself shouldering too much-some times other peoples pain. I am glad to carry my loved ones for a distant if they really need the support too,in times of crises.

  9. Breda says:

    Thank you Jessica for reminding me to be grateful for all the good in my life today,
    Keep well,

  10. Irina Black says:

    To be able to see,where the wind blows and where river flows,means to become the part of the changable world,which will make necessary and sufficient adjustments.

  11. Caterina says:

    Atlas … should never have been inspired, admired him and mimicked him LOL.

    Jessica – remember to thank your SELF for being so strong
    [even if you are not aware to this]
    – YOU ARE xxx


  12. Diego says:


    I am so happy of you, because, a bunch of times i came to your blog and read just what i needed to.

    kind regards,

  13. Alexandra says:

    So sorry.Haste made me write with spelling mistakes.Need to slow down.

  14. Alexandra says:

    God asks from us only that much as our limits aloud us to do.Thats why we dont have to make things we are not fit for,or that we have no resources to do.And,besides,doing our little services,things,day bay day,as many others,if we count we will see that together we are doing big things.Gos takes care of the World

  15. Borgny Sofie*Norway says:

    Very good to hear those words again*

    At a certain time in my life – trying to fit in as a good christian, I really tried to take the weight of the world on my shoulders
    This without cherishing my own heart & soul – unhappy I became

    By doing it all wrong – and spiritually suffering alot
    I guess I`ve really learned how to dance in the moment* and to enjoy life with it`s joys & challenges day by day*

    Thank U

  16. Caterina says:

    should never have listened to that greek god ;o(

  17. Savita Vega says:

    Trying to be Atlas will only make you crazy! Either you’ll become a workaholic (ever in motion, never able to rest), or you’ll be overwhelmed (frozen, unable to do anything, because you realize you can’t do everything all at once.)

    Again, the analogy of the battlefield is fitting. Think of the old days of hand-to-hand combat – imagine being in the midst of a clash of two opposing armies. That must have been overwhelming! So much happening all at once, and at such close range. But there would not be time to think of that. The warrior who would survive it, who would persevere and come through victorious, would be the one who had the capacity to focus, to tune out everything else and concentrate on the immediate hand-to-hand battle that he himself was engaged in. If he stopped for a moment to survey and consider the battlefield as a whole, in that moment of inattention, he would surely be killed by the enemy who stood right in front of him.

    This does not mean that he was oblivious to the plight of others. It does not imply that he would not turn to help his fellow soldiers who stood near him and who suddenly found themselves in a moment of desperate crisis. Indeed, if he were honorable, he would even lay down his life to assist a fellow warrior who was overpowered by the enemy.

    Nonetheless, he did not attempt to fight the whole war himself, singlehandedly. Instead, he concentrated on fighting his own battle and fighting it well, putting all of his skill and attention into it. In this way, the war was won – each warrior doing his own part, not trying to do everything all at once.

  18. sido66 says:

    yesterday I read in a book, bought recently:

    ” I always want to be able to see the faces that we do not see – those who do not seek fame or glory, who silently carry the role that their life destiny.

    I want to be able, as the most important things of life, that we build ,do not show their faces ” Paulo Coelho, Comme le fleuve qui coule, p203 ;-D

    I want to burn his sentences in my mind, never forget to consider this;

    LOVE and FAITH