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Paulo Coelho

Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.
(Unpublished sayings)

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  1. montega says:

    help: i’ve become a milf,
    – or so i was told….
    and i hate that word.

    so i’ve tried to look pretty despite getting mature, – and what does it bring me? milf-dom…..

    what a horrid world some man create for woman

  2. orly says:

    i dont know
    i see so many children who become mature even when they r young- not becouse of their age but cuz of all kind of traumas – wars- sudden death in families -and all kind of others reosens,,,
    so i think in life there r other factors which paying high price for maturity!
    have a nice weekend

  3. karen says:

    Belen, tienes razon totalmente.
    The phrase is a contradiction in itself, because if a person has truly acquired wisdom, then they would not feel that they had paid too high a price for that aquisition of wisdom.
    But we are human, and sometimes it takes time to accept the price we have paid for having achienved something inwardly which required sacrifice, pain and suffering.
    But, when we have made the adjustment, the feeling will always be that the price was definitely worth it.
    No pain, no gain as they say.
    In childbirth, the sacred contract of life begins – the pain the mother experiences to give birth to the child.
    No pain, no gain.
    So, as they say, you cannot make an omlette without breaking eggs, so you cannot say you have lived without dying in the end.
    Nobody likes the terms and conditions of Life God gave us, but learning to love the process and accept it and find the blessing in it is what we are here for.
    As the title of a film said, “Life Stinks”, but there is treasure in that stinky life.
    Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Alexandra says:

    I saw yesterday in tv that Rita Levi-Montalcini,Italian woman who got Nobel prize for astronomy have 100 years birthday party.She is in the Senate still.Very alive and clear mind.I think is an example .She said she never payed too much interest in her person,but a huge interest in the world around her.And if she die tomorrow, no problem.

  5. T.K. says:

    I just hope I don’t go bankrupt trying to learn all that’s necessary to make this journey successful.

  6. Hicham says:

    How true! However many people don’t even bother themselves to pay for! Anyway being older or younger has nothing to do with being wise because it’s all about the mentality of the person. Hereby I agree with Yajna’s comment (see up).

  7. Breda says:

    Ah, I was so much older then,I’m younger than that now’Bob Dylan.

    Age can mean having more time and freedom and still loving rock and roll, playing air guitar AND loving the music my older kida love and dancing.
    Having the maturity to handle difficult feelings is good! : )


  8. Breda says:

    You make me smile Thelma with happiness at the mention of our great evening in Paris-great we dressed up and felt child-like qualities -and excitement : )

  9. Belén says:

    Se pensamos que la edad es un precio muy alto es porque tenemos miedo a la muerte. los tiempos actuales de culto al cuerpo joven y sin arrugas, no nos ayuda nada. Recuerdo una pelí­cula donde una mujer esperó a que su marido llegase muy tarde a casa; ella sabí­a que estaba con una mujer más joven que ella y le dijo:

    -hagas lo que hagas, te vas a morir igual.

    besos a todos y como lo irremediable no se puede evitar, acéptalo

  10. Marie says:

    Je ne dois pas comprendre suffisamment bien cette citation et la trouve très ambiguí«. Etonnée que l’on associe « échéance » avec maturité seulement parce que le mot « í¢ge » apparaí®t !

    Je suis perplexe ! De quelle échéance parle-t-on ? Et puis c’est quoi exactement la « maturité » ? D’après quelles valeurs ?
    Cela me fait penser í  la question d’aujourd’hui posée par Ankit ainsi qu’í  la réponse.


    Translate :
    I should not understand enough good this quotation and think it is very ambiguous. I’m surprised that they link “expiry date” with “adulthood” only because pass “age ” appears!

    I’m perplexed ! What about “expiry date” do they speak ? And then it is what exactly “adulthood” ? According to what stocks?
    It’s make me think of the today’s question put down by Ankit as well as answer.

  11. Belén says:

    lo de que la edad sea un precio muy alto, no expresa más que el miedo a la muerte que tiene el ser humano. Es cierto que esta vida no es más que un camino de aprendizaje, pero también es cierto que no toda la gente necesita recorrer el mismo trayecto para madurar. en cuanto el miedo a la muerte y a la decrepitud es algo que la madurez nos tiene que enseñar a superar. Esta sociedad en la que vivimos tampoco nos ayuda nada, con sus culto a la juventud y a la apariencia fí­sica.
    la muerte es una realidad a la que debemos mirar a los ojos; solo así­ perderemos el miedo a la vejez.

    un abrazo a todos

  12. THELMA says:

    Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.

    As a child and teenager I was very ..solemn!! I got engaged at 18 and married at 21 and in nine months I was a mother.. My husband, whom I knew from … away [romantic times;]], is three and a half years older, he used to complain that I was always thinking like … an old lady! Mature!! I take everything so seriously in life! Well I laugh, I make jokes but I am always very thoughtful. So it seems that maturity does not have to do anything with age, although now being ..old the ‘packet’ is more in tune, in harmony!!
    Dear Breda the … black hair and .. modern outfit at the Paris party, is my … lucky star and .. mask, becoming a …child again maybe.. or a fashion victim, loving beauty!

  13. Irina Black says:

    “Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.”(Unpublished sayings),if today’s experiences we “plant” on past or future soil.

  14. Marie-Christine says:

    I know I am repeating myself still I’ll say it, the solution lies in the education of our future generation to restore the balance.

  15. Alexandra says:

    Very high price…I agree only in part.Why we have to think that way?
    I know old persons that behave worst than some young.Is not a rule.And what is age? Some consider a 40 years woman old.I hate that kind of people.Is not fair.Well,and if we used the years of our youth to become wiser, than our age is filled with the treasure we gathered on our road.

  16. Dear Paulo,

    -“Age is barrier for society, love and relationships.”

    -“Age cannot determine the power of wisdom and stupid humans as we all are, think; more older the better wisdom.”

    God bless you all !

  17. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo and friends,

    I smiled when i read this. It’s so true. While wisdom often comes with age, that does not necessarily mean the young aren’t wise. I’ve seen young people, far more mature than some old. We should remember, we can learn from everyone, old and young. Especially parents- they should listen to their child instead of any adults at times. They should not always see them as the age they are. They should teach their children that maturity is not measured in numbers and the sooner they learn to think for themselves the better.

    Thank you for being

  18. Savita Vega says:

    …And some pay the price, and still don’t get what they paid for.

    (I may be one of them!)