Pupils and teachers (Sufi tradition)

Paulo Coelho

Nasrudin – the eternal character of Sufi legends – was standing on his doorstep when he saw a teacher passing by with his pupils.

“Where are you off to?” he asked.

“We’re going to pray that God puts a stop to corruption, for He always heeds the prayers of children,” answered the teacher.

“A good education would have put an end to that already. Teach the youngsters to be more responsible than their parents and uncles.”

The teacher felt offended: “What an example of lack of faith! The prayers of children can change anything!”

“God listens to all who pray. If he only listened to the prayers of children there wouldn’t be a single school in the whole country, for there is nothing they hate more than their teachers.”

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  1. THELMA says:

    Two sides of a river

    Nasreddin sat on a river bank when someone shouted to him from the opposite side:
    – “Hey! how do I get to the other side?”
    – “You are on the other side!” Nasreddin shouted back.

    I think everything has to do with …perception!!

    I used to like … school and most of my teachers!! I still respect them, because as Greeks used to say : To my parents I owe my life but to my teacher my .. good way of living. [ Στούς γονείς μου οφείλω το ζείν, αλλά στον δάσκαλο μου το Εύ ζείν]
    I hated those who made exceptions between the pupils according to their family status. I felt sorry for the poor .. I hated the …gymnastic teacher, because I was always so clumsy..
    I was never afraid of them, because I was thinking of them doing everyday things!! They were humans too !!!In the nursery school that I went at the age of three, I refused to answer to the questions of the teacher, although I knew them, because I was thinking that I would speak only when I.. wanted to speak!!

    Regarding prayer. I found out very early that prayers are …answered. Once my grand-parents came from Nicosia and stayed for a few days in our house. I felt so happy and was, of course, by them spoilt! Then I heard my parents saying that my uncle was coming to take them back home. I felt so sad. I prayed and prayed to God asking Him, to stop my grandpa from going aways.. Then in a few hours my grand father got sick and they had to stay and they postponed their departure… Oh I felt so .. guilty in my little heart! I may have been 3-4 years old, but I already have known that prayers are answered. Since then, I am very careful in what I think and what I ask from the … Universe!

  2. T.K. says:

    To Monika: MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The student learns from the teacher…respect….and hate.

  3. That’s kind of sad, I don’t know about all children, but I used to hate school sometimes, but not necessarily my teachers.

    In fact, I remember really having an affinity for 2 of my teachers during my schooling years. The reason is I felt they really enjoyed passing on their knowledge… One was my English as a second language teacher, Tania, I even wrote a poem for her once.
    And the other was my philosophy teacher in college. That was my favorite subject then. One day I took him something, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was a writing, a feel good kind of writing, and he said that he wasn’t doing too well that day and he was very glad and thankful!

    And my ALL TIME Favorite…… who else?? of course you!! The Magician, because it’s incredible how much and what kind of difference you make in peoples lives. I love you!

  4. Nancy says:

    I think the world needs faith and education. In Faith we are certainly taught by an excellent Teacher and we must be the willing student. In education we gain knowledge past down from people, the more caring the teacher and school the more inspired the student.

  5. B*Sofie says:

    The Father & His children

    We are children & God our father
    He wants us to come to him in that image too
    The importance is to pray with an open,
    trustful & childish belief –
    Not nesceserily
    to pray for desires like a child
    I assume

    Love to all*

  6. Savita Vega says:

    This is funny, because my daughter and I have been talking a lot about schools in these past few days – the types of alternative schools that are out there (not here, but in other places we might choose to live), the kind that she might like to attend, the type I think might suit her best…. She begs me on an almost daily basis to please take her out of school and not make her go anymore. Her ideal, from the examples she has seen of schools, is an “unschooling co-op” where there are no teachers and the children do as they please, with virtually no rules and no agreed-upon or enforceable consequences to negative or hurtful behavior. I say that I remember the place well – all the small children running about using profanity and hitting one another over the heads with plastic bats, while all the teenagers opted to lock themselves in a room and play video games or explore the internet unsupervised. I say, “No, you need a teacher, and I’m not very good at teaching what you need to learn right now, so it has to be someone other than me.” She does not know yet that her prayers will be answered, but not in the form she expects – not in the absence of teachers and rules, but in an environment of mutual respect and shared enthusiasm for learning. Thank goodness that God does not only answer the prayers of children, but listens to all who pray! Even mothers who pray for a good education for their children – an education that recognizes the individual and their dreams, but also recognizes the benefit of certain essential resources and skills.

    Yesterday, my daughter’s teacher left at lunch to run some errand, and a substitute was scheduled to come in. All normal activities were cancelled, and the rest of the day was spent in contemplation of the “lesson” the substitute had chosen to bring with her. Her husband had recently gone on a hunting trip to Minnesota, where, at her request, he had killed a bear and brought back the hide for her to use as a rug in their den. She brought to school, not only pictures of the trip to share with the children, but the hide of this poor bear as well, with the head still attached! All of the children were invited to run their fingers through the fur and feel the bear’s teeth – how sharp they were – while they watched a slide-show of her gun-packing husband on his hunting expedition. The officials of the school obviously saw no harm in this; perhaps they even felt it beneficial for these children to learn about hunting. I do not know what was going through the minds of the adults who planned and executed this teaching scenario. My daughter knows about big game hunters, who kill animals only for their hides or for the stuffed “trophies” they can make of them, but she also knows the other side of the story – the story of these wild animals who have done no harm to anyone and seek only to survive, in peace. Animals that are not just flesh and bone, but Spirit, just like us. She came home virtually in tears, in complete horror at what she had just been made to sit through and endure.

    So, tonight, I will be praying. God will be listening, I’m sure.

  7. Heart says:

    Auch! ..’there is nothing they hate more than their teachers…’ There is nothing that children love more than their teachers either.

  8. Monika says:

    The relationship between pupils and teachers is quite simple (like any other relationship) – if a teacher loves and respects his pupils he is loved and respected by them and if he hates them he is hated by them.

  9. Irina Black says:

    Proportion between religion,morals and art is worth waching to turn everydaylife into “a small eternity.”

  10. Alexandra says:

    Pretty funny, is true. Kids hate school, my niece was crying yesterday because the teachers strike was canceled, and she had to go to school. But many think that God listen to those with a pure heart, and kids are almost always with a very pure heart. Thats why many think Gos listen to kids sooner. But I agree, God loves us all, because we are all as His children.

  11. Pradeep says:

    Brilliant! Nasrudin never fails provoke serious thoughts even as he amuses. This is a very good example of his ageless wisdom .

  12. marie-christine says:

    that’s not right, I like mine.