Taking the decision to follow the light

Paulo Coelho

The Warrior of the light had begun to believe that it is better to follow the light. He had already betrayed, told lies, strayed off his path, paid court to the darkness. And everything continued going well – as if nothing had happened. Now he wants to change his attitudes.

When taking this decision, he hears four comments: “You always acted wrongly. You are too old to change. You are not good. You don’t deserve it”.

He looks towards heaven, and a voice says: “well, my dear, everyone has made mistakes. You are forgiven, but I can’t force this pardon. Decide for yourself”.

The true warrior of the light accepts the pardon and then takes some precautions.

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  1. Mari Ann says:

    I will follow the light. I will take precautions. But I also need friends that I can see and talk to.

  2. vert says:

    i love the light

  3. karen says:

    DEAR HOPE, dear everyone.
    Thank-you for your blessings and comments.
    my heart goes out to you. You have done something very healing by just writing about your pain and despair here in the blog.
    I can see the words “what if” in what you have written.
    That horrible “what if” world of fear and imagined disasters.
    I don’t know your situation Hope, and can’t tell you what to do, but I know that you must not listen to the “what if” in your mind.
    Identify one monster-sized “what if” and challenge it.
    It is not true.
    Blessings Hope
    Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Shakha says:

    please tel me about the precautions th ewarrior of the light takes.i can feel the continuity of what you are trying to say get blocked without this.

  5. THELMA says:

    Only our Inner self knows our MR. HIDE, our dark side.
    When we decide to proceed and change and become brighter it is our .. Divine Spark that .. makes the decision. We have to look up to the sky and deep inside our Soul for forgiveness.. It is our Soul, through remorse, tears, humility, faith, that drives us to LOVE.
    We were born from God’s Love and we are travelling towards HIM/HER: Love.
    The quickest way is to LOVE.

  6. rogvarok says:

    Life can be seen in two different ways: as a path we must understand and follow to get hapiness, or as a challenge we must bend to get what we want. In either two ways, we’ll do whatever we need to, even lie, cheat, betrayed, etc; but we must understand that this part of the way things are, so forgiven must be our nature.


  7. Hope says:

    I looked at heaven too,and i dunno what is his answer,he still says i love you my child.I am tired of fighting for my dreams and want to go on a pilgrimage( kind of)for a while, take a break from my monotonous routine which use to be my passion and dream.And am scared what if i never come back,aside from those 4 questions.The fear is eating me up.I am even willing to take up the road of my dream all over again,i know w/c might take longer than usual.I mustered up all my couraage and finally decided to leave behind and go on a journey for a while and more obstacel fall on my ways.I dunno what it means.Does it means go back do what ur doing or it means i should try to be free for a while.i feel so lost despite knowing what to do.I saw God crying and i still dunno why did he cry coz i am abandoning my present stuff and he knows i wont return or he is crying that i am too weak and am willing to give up before even starting another deadly journey.And the guilt of his tears is killing me everyday.what did i do wrong or which decision is wrong or right,my heart mind everything is clouded.Both decision has high prices to pay but i dunno which price is the worst,killing oneself or saving oneself.

  8. Alexandra says:

    Karen, you are an example to all of us.

  9. Catherine says:

    Thank you Paulo
    That is such a nice fable to hear today ;o)

  10. Heart says:

    In the novel ‘Father Elijah an apocalypse’ by Michael D. O’Brien, Jewish, Father Elijah prays for Mr Smokrev on his deathbed. Mr Smokrev was responsible for the death of Father Elijah’s parents during World War II, and he had committed grave sins like sexually abusing young boys and being mean to animals. The novel describes the sick, twisted mind of this old man, and how in the end prayers and Father Elijah helps Smokrev to confess his misdeeds, and then dies peacefully. Yes, I believe at anytime, we can regret our sins and God is there with His Forgiveness. Only God knows our heart’s intentions and can be the Judge. I indeed believe in peoples potential to change in a heart beat, at any time. Nobody is born evil. Nobody. There is always hope for everybody.

  11. karen says:

    Yesterday a miracle happened.
    There is a young man who is homeless who I made friends with 3 weeks ago.
    He begs outside my local foodstore.
    I gave him some money last week. It was my food money, but my heart told me to eat porridge for a few days, becasue with this money, he could stay in the night shelter for one night.
    Yesterday I woke up and my heart told me I had to find him and give him more help.

    I went to the foodstore in the afternoon, and he wasn’t there. I looked in the window of a local cafe, but it was closed.
    I felt disturbed. I was sure that my inner feeling was true, but he was nowhere around.
    I walked to the end of the street and stood infront of a house and prayed. “Please Lord, let my dreams come true.”
    I walked back up the street, and suddenly saw him standing at the bus stop.

    He was going to the hospital because he had an infected leg.
    I gave him my food money again, and told him to ring me.
    This morning the telephone rang. It was Chris.

    “I have a flat!!!!” he said.

    “A nurse at the hospital gave me the address of a man renting flats, and I have seen him this morning. He has given me the keys, but he needs another £30.00 from me Karen. Can you lend it to me?”
    I trembled a little. I would have to give him my telephone bill money, but I was in the middle of a miracle, so I couldn’t say no.
    I met Chris outside the foodstore, and gave him the money, and he gave me his NEW ADDRESS.

    My heart’s desire had come true. He HAD A HOME.


    I have been following the light for years, but I was looking at it in the distance whilst walking through a very dark tunnel of many difficulties and tests. But I had kept looking at that light in the distance.

    Today, I think both Chris and I, through the workings of God’s Fate stepped out of our personal tunnels, and into THAT LIGHT.
    Blessings friends
    Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Alexandra says:

    Thanks,thanks, thanks. How wonderful,now I am happy I read these lines. Is true, seem exactly the comments when one decides to improve, and if we are weak, we listen to them. But God knows better, and He is more powerful, so we must take the chance, with much enthusiasm.

  13. Anna M says:

    I believe sometimes we don’t change our attitudes, not because others will or won’t forgive us, but because we cannot forgive ourselves. Forgiving ourselves is really difficult, but I believe is one of the most important steps in life.
    We should always analize our mistakes, learn from them and forgive ourselves.