Witches and pardon – Part 2

Paulo Coelho


But I also met many people who were truly capable of dealing with forces that were far beyond my understanding. I saw time being altered, for example. I saw operations without anesthesia, and on one of these occasions (precisely a day that I had woken up with many doubts about man’s unknown power) I placed my finger inside the incision made with a rusty pocket knife. Believe it as you wish – or ridicule it if that is the only way of reading what I am writing – I have seen metal being changed, cutlery twisted, lights shining in the air around me, because somebody said that would happen (and it did). I was almost always with witnesses, generally skeptical. In most cases these witnesses went on being skeptical, always thinking that it was all just a very clever “trick”. Others said it was “the work of the devil”. Finally, a few believed that they were witnessing phenomena that went beyond human comprehension.

I have seen this in Brazil, France, England, Switzerland, Morocco, and Japan. And what happens to most people who manage to, let us say, interfere with the “immutable” laws of nature? Society always considers them as marginal phenomena: if they cannot explain, then they do not exist. The vast majority of these people also fail to understand why they are capable of doing astonishing things. And for fear of being labeled charlatans, they end up suffocated by their own gifts.

None of them are happy. They all await the day when they can be taken seriously. They all await a scientific answer to their own powers (and in my opinion I do not think that is the solution). Many hide their potential and end up suffering – because they could help the world, and they do not manage to. Deep down I feel that that they are also waiting for the “official pardon” for being so different.

Separating the wheat from the chaff, and not growing disheartened by the giant amount of charlatanism, I feel that we should ask ourselves once more: what are we capable of?

And then go out and seriously develop our immense potential.

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  1. MIRELABARON says:

    Turrific Savita! You expressed the same atitude that i have with my both children!__…and I try too, to find the right SCHOOL for her ,in september .Romania do not have so much” alternatives” schools but ,the positive thing,The comon people are still in DIALOG with the ROOT our ANCESTORS.However God will guide me to do the best for their future,wherever I may be.____You speek me from the heart Thelma!The last few days are showing me this a thousand times!____Love,__Mirela(the woman in l…)____http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GheTxJ1F-mw
    Thank you again SANTOSH,because through you I can share too one of my favored Norah Jones songs!

    Hope you like it!

  2. jojo1402 says:


    My son is now 15 … when I say not attending meetings I am speaking of all
    those “reunions” in the name of the sake of my son to “adapt” to school …
    I always tried to do my best as a mother to try to help them (meaning
    explaining, going to psychologue, etc …) in making my son “be and behave
    like he should” … but even when I tried and tried to explain that the
    problem is not “all” my son and that I have a limit as to ask him to be more
    of a rational type than what he is “clairvoyant, intuitive, having to make
    sense of the experiment to stay in, having to make sense for himself to stay
    in …” As a mother of 4, without the father, I can tell you that among
    them Vincent has enormous power, and adult sense it and react often (meaning
    the authorities at school). Because they cannot change him (his hair, his
    attitude of denoncing the “truth”, etc …) they harass, me and him … but
    you know, I stay calm, polite, but I do not give a damn today of what they
    (meaning director, etc …) think of what me I think is more important …
    acceptance of the other's difference, working of ourself instead of working
    on the other, trying to find solutions instead of throwing the kid out,
    yelling, abuse the authority … I am always there for my kids,
    participant. Vincent today is able to speak for himself, stay in school and
    make the effort accepting the “society's rule and way of doing” … he is
    staying to have what he must have to be able to have a decent life … when
    the time comes, he aspires to write and study in what has a meaning to him.

    You know, when I look and see my kids, the relation we have between us, I am
    so happy to have decided to go my path, and transmit them the love of their
    difference, the faith in something bigger, the importance of expressing, of
    being sensible to one another, to have the right to be sad, angry, happy,
    and I am so happy to have show them in “real” what taking our life in hand
    is (from a mother assuming a role and becoming sick I became a mother that
    is a person with dreams, goals, limits, and in action). I passed from not
    living to living full, with passion. Today I look at my kids and have faith
    in them … if I did it, they can … and I am there to share my experiences
    and have to accept that they have to do theirs … because experience
    becomes part of us and not just in our rational minds.

    Thank again to sharing, and yes, all that you say is a good way to fight a
    battle, the battle of life


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  3. marlene_073 says:

    Now that the 'material' world has eaten itself up, civilization has a chance to turn to the world of 'spirit'. And 'oh wonder'- it exits! The spiritual had been killed so that the material world could grow. The material with all its allies- and the new spiritual with the same? Vanity is not the leader to the new universal cause, it is not about smby being so special (we all are special). This new world should be special in its uniqueness where people don't stand in their own way but are relived of that burden in the -and through the universal spirit.

  4. aditya says:

    Hi moms !
    agree with you that we grow with our children , if we are not in too much hurry to make them grow as per ours wishes !

    as for helping them with the 'fights' of their life, there are two ways ( as always :-)) one is to actually go with them to schools and meetings and be on their side when everyone else seems to be opposing ! this is required anyway, but only sometimes, occassionally, and those occassions becomming rarer and rarer; other more important way will be to make them internally strong to be able to stand up for themselves, and that too with minimum damage to themselves. a two pronged approach is what i adopt.


  5. The 'power', gift exists. We know, by experience, that paranormal qualities and phenomena exist. Scientist are doing their duty silently to check and explain them. I have read many books regarding 'out of the body and near death experiences'. Most people, trying to attract attention and feed their egoism claim of their 'so -called' powers. I think the more you know, the wiser you are, the more you understand, the 'clearer' you see under ISIS VEIL, the more secretive and .. humble you become. Because, as Jesus has said, 'we do not give our pearls to the swine'. There is so much ignorance, prejudice, jealousy amongst people, that the unexplained to their eyes becomes a reason for attacking the person who carries the Gift and the Aura of the Mystery. In my country the people with Magical beliefs and powers are called scornfully : 'the one who deals of a Light[ opposite of Heavy] Element = Ελαφροίσκιωτος, Ελαφρο/στοιχειώτης = the one who sees the Light elementals and believes in the, beyond the material World.
    Well what I could 'see' and 'feel' is my … individuality and personality and I am as others see me and love me and … 'I know one thing, that I know nothing' as philosopher Socrates has said. I am a 'Researcher of the Truth' and as Paulo Coelho has named us : A Warrior of the Light. [ Light = φώς and light =not heavy !!] The word Eosphoros [Εωσφόρος] means the angel who brings the Light.
    May we all see the Truth and humbly accept the Mystery.

  6. Dear Savita, I read your comment, I am very touched. You are such a good mother… Love your way that you use with your daughter. I can see that you are open minded and you have very powerful phantasy. Take care, God bless you

  7. jojo1402 says:

    Thank you for sharing … I do not fell alone with that “battle”, and let me tell you that I know that they cannot wait to tell my son to leave when he's 16! But my son is growing and he says to me … leave it me mom, it is my battle! I was there fighting since he was 5 because he did not fit in (he is an autodicdate, intuitive, sees what others don't see, comprehend what is happening). He is called an arrogant when he tells the truth, he is called lazy when he says that he does not need to write since he just has to listen and see … So, my battle, is to refuse going to meetings that does not help me or my son, and that only helps nourish a “dark system”, and my son does what he has to do to obtain what he needs in the society to do his mission … his mission or his goal … be a professor of history or even a director, sensible to all, in relation with the kids, motivated by his work, passionate about transmetting … and be also that in his life because that energy we are responsible and must drink from it on a daily basis. Happy that you found that school … and yes children makes us adults grow and yes our responsability is to let them be “who they truly are” …

  8. Lynne says:

    Most of us are unaware of our true potential, and then when we do recognise it we are fearful……………mostly I think of ourselves, yes of course others do contribute………….. our society,family and friends……….but when we can truly recognise our own potetial, do whatever we have to do to move towards it then we are able to begin to 'be' with it…………for me being connected is soo important, which is why this forum really, really supports me (my fear was lonliness) and is a constant reminder that I can and do make a difference in the world.

  9. arina says:

    All these Phenomena prove Universalia against Nomina.

  10. SavitaVega says:

    In raising my daughter, now six, I have striven to protect and preserve two things: 1) her creativity (an attribute which I believe is natural to all human beings but which, unfortunately, is pounded out of most of us by the time we reach adulthood), and 2) her right to believe and participate in worlds that are not readily perceptible to our five senses (the world of fairies, the world of forest and tree spirits, the realm of animal spirits, the energy fields of crystals, etc.).

    This has been no easy endeavor, because just as often as she has been told “you must always color inside the lines” or “this is the way you draw a flower,” she has also been reprimanded or scoffed at by other adults (and even children) who insist that “fairies do not exist,” “there is no such thing as witches,” or “trees are made of wood – they do not have spirits.” And yet, these same individuals have frequently questioned me, wanting to know why I have not encouraged my daughter to believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny – why I am “robbing her” of these “harmless” childhood fantasies. It is perfectly acceptable to teach her (even brainwash her into believing) that one day she is going to die, and depending on whether she has been “good” or “bad,” she will go either to Heaven or to a burning Hell; and yet it is not acceptable to allow her to entertain the thought that she has within her “a tiger spirit” or that, when she grows up one day, she wants to be a “witch.”

    Recently, when I read “Brida”, my daughter asked what the book was about. I told her briefly and she became interested, so I began reading to her certain passages when we went to bed at night. She loved it, she said, because it was like a “real story” with “real people,” in other words, not just a fairytale. She was also very impressed by the fact that the witches in this story were not portrayed in a bad light, as so frequently they are. So, not long after this, she came home with an assignment from her Kindergarten class which included an 18 inch high, blank cut-out of a human form, which she was meant to decorate and bring back to school for “Career Day,” representing what she wants to be when she grows up. So I asked her: What do you want to be? I thought she would say “an artist,” because this is her usual answer, but instead she said “a witch – I want to be a witch when I grow up, like Brida.” I was delighted by her answer and more than willing to assist her in decorating the form as she wished, but this also put me in a rather difficult situation: Here, my decision to allow my daughter to entertain the thought of Otherworlds and explore those concepts was about to clash with the reality of the expectations and taboos held by the society in which we live. My choices were two: I could either let her go to school and say “I want to be a witch when I grow up” and let the teacher send the assignment back home to be re-done (perhaps I could even go up to the school and insist that she had the right to make this declaration), or I could simply try to re-direct her to choose some less debatable profession.

    It was nearing the end of the school year, and having already posed several major battles with the school administration over similar issues, I opted for the less confrontational path. I told my daughter, “If you go there and say ‘I want to be a witch,’ they’re going to tell you that witches don’t exist and they’re not going to let you post your artwork up for Career Day.” After a little coaxing, she conceded and decided to decorate the form as an artist instead. But this was a decision I almost immediately began to regret.

    A couple of days later, my daughter came home after Career Day, and I asked her what professions the other children in her class had chosen. One little girl wanted to be a cheerleader, which apparently was not problematic at all from the teacher’s point of view. That’s when the regret really hit me and I wished that I had gone up to the school and fought it out to the end if necessary, defending my daughter’s right to express herself freely. Somehow, in our society, in it is fully acceptable for a child to aspire to be a cheerleader – to wear skimpy clothes and shake their behinds in front of crowds of thousands, to encourage a team of muscle-bound gladiators to go out and crush one another – but it is not acceptable to say that one aspires to heal people with crystals, to read Tarot cards, to commune with and tap into the primordial energies of the forest and the celestial bodies which inspired and spiritually uplifted our ancestors for thousands of years. It is okay to be a cheerleader, but not a witch; great to be a medical doctor, but not a “healer;” wonderful to be a priest or a nun, but not a spiritual guide or shamanic practitioner.

    The point I am making is just how early on in our lives these external forces begin to take hold of our aspirations and shape us, conforming us to fit society’s ideas of what is “valid” and “acceptable” as a chosen path in life. One of the greatest attributes of the human species and perhaps the one that has allowed us to survive as well as we have, blanketing the entire globe with our presence, is our adaptability. Children are highly intelligent, even small children, keenly aware of their environment and quick to learn what actions and expressions of thought gain approval and attention and which do not. In this sense, education is never “neutral” – it opens certain doors, while tightly closing others.

    For this reason, after this last incident with the Career Day assignment, I decided to find a new school for my daughter, one that reflects and supports our beliefs and values, even if this means having to move hundreds of miles away. The public school system, and even most private schools, are never going to provide the doorways I want left open to my daughter, because these institutions are, in essence, a reflection of our society as a whole, one that still considers the term “witch” a bad word and one that seeks to “burn at the stake” any and all ideas or aspirations that venture from the “norm.” Thankfully, I would also like to report that I have found a new school that fits our needs and our values. So, for any other parents who might be reading this, I would just like to encourage you to explore your options – there are other alternatives. It is possible to find a school that does not proliferate the age old tradition of the witch hunt, a school that encourages children to explore and know the world even beyond the reach of their five senses.

  11. Heart says:

    Why is it human beings often are envious of other peoples talents? Isn't this the root of why we have to suppress our natural talents? There is a place for medicine men and developing the power of the nature in indigenous tribes. Why have we lost this openness to who we are by nature? The way I see it, is; these powers can be used for good or for bad. If for instance a healer start to use his/her natural powers to make money, and become famous, I believe it's going a dangerous path. Love can only be loved, not sold for money, or used to get power over others. We know a prophet rarely was loved by his own people. Often a person has to break free from his family, to freely evolve as a liberated human being. Everybody is free to believe in what we want to believe in, only we are not free to commit crimes. There goes my limit. If a medicine man tells the tribe, a child has to be set out in the woods, because the child has a mental or physical handicap, then we should intervene. Everybody has a right to live.

    And one more thing. No doubt there are more between heaven and earth than what we can explain. We explore the reality of spirits. To go this road alone, can be dangerous, as we often aren't able to separate between what spirits we encounter. We want to become part of the Holy Spirit, not just any force? 'The force be with you' (Star Wars) is ok with me, when it is the Holy force!

  12. Mariëlle says:

    I think we are capable of so much more than we use!
    I could tell you now what I can do :) but I already know that almost everybody in this blog, even in this blog!, will think I'm a lunatic for believing that I'm doing that.

    Does that make me a witch? Yes. Do I care? No, I'm proud of it. BUT am no fool and I don't want to be labelled as a madwoman.
    And what Paulo says as well: “The vast majority of these people also fail to understand why they are capable of doing astonishing things” is also very true. I vaguely have some notice, but don't really understand it myself either. It is exactly how Paulo describes it: I say that THIS is what will happen, or write it and email it to somebody. And than it does.



  13. jojo1402 says:

    I personally am, since few months, a witness to many “events” … Life puts on my path people with immense potential and I was told that I was one of those. I knew it deep inside me since I was a child and decided to listen to the message of Life for me, being vigilant, etc … and I reconnected to my potential … well, I think I reconnected when I decided to take “my” life in charge and began the path of reconciliation with myself. And for having experienced it, by rejecting or refusing to be “me”, I almost died, like most of the people are dying from inside, not developing their own potential, because I truly believe that each has at least one if not all … are we not from the Source’s origin … I see people with big potential waiting the “good moment”, “not acting too much because of this, or that”, and I see others showing it with respect to what is inside them. I admire them … but for me, I am in the “apprentissage” process and as a Warrior, a leader, I think strategic … well, less impulsive … because that potential is a “menace” not for the others but for what is, in my opinion, restraining them, refusing them to see the Light or be the Light … the Dark … It controls, influences minds, making others judge, letting fear invade, putting on defenses, resistance, a very powerful and “incouscious” energy … and even conscious for many … the battle is more in the “unseen” … with that potential, one must be vigilant, connected to the Earth, the Source … I honor that gift. It is powerful and must be well used, in a love manner for the other, brother and sister, and not for my own … I will finish by saying that I am totally of that opinion that in waiting for the official pardon, of not letting our true selve immerge and be, by fear of rejection, of judgment, etc … we are the ones practicing those with ourselves. And we are the first ones to reject ourselves. When are we going to accept the great that we are? When I look at me through my eyes, the Source’s spirit, I am not different … I am me, a “magnifique creation”.

  14. candieb says:

    YES!!!!!We want to be taken seriously and YES developping our potential!!!

    NO to intolerance!!YES to equality and freedom!!


  15. Eu AMO essa história…. sua opinií£o e tudo o que envolve esse “levar a sério”… ní£o conheí§o meu potencial – sei que tenho, pois sou filha do mesmo Pai e Mí£e – mas talvez ní£o me tenha sido dado a conhecer nesta encarnaí§í£o. Entretanto acredito tanto, SEI da verdade que se passa no meu coraí§í£o que temos mesmo que fazer algo para que os charlatíµes ní£o continuem a ofuscar os presentes de Deus.
    Obrigada Paulo – sempre.
    Beijos, com AMOR

  16. bright_light_sparkle says:

    I will repeat a well known phrase: a genius is very close to the semblance of a mad person. The gifts and other skills might be just a natural thing,that lies inside each of us, but we still dont know how to awaken that power. Some may found ways to use a part of the powers accidentally. I want to say that we live in a world where many things are difficult to understand, and majority just are afraid of the unknown that lies in each new thing. Even supernatural is just a new thing, that one day maybe will be a common feature of each man.

  17. aditya says:

    yes paulo ! such powers and people with such powers exist !

    but what u have said “……phenomena that went beyond human comprehension.” not beoyond comprehension if one allows one's limits to expand, comprehesions other than science exist !

    in part 1 u spoke about crimianls 'pardoning' the victims, and u spoke of the deep seated prejudice which is still prevalant. yes it's true ! human nature remains almost same across time, only the methods of expression becomes diffrent with time.

    in this particular instant, the prejudice is due to human fear of the unkown, sadly that is the greatest problem on path of spiritual develeopment. unless one is willing to walk into the unkown, go beyond the known, go even beyond knowable one cannot arrive ! ever wonder why the 'god' designed this whole 'system' the way it is !