Secret and hidden art

Sometimes we are afraid to say that we like some art… In my case, earlier on in my life, I loved ABBA – but it was politically incorrect to say that in public since it was considered a too sweet and low…

I also love writers such as Henry Miller and bestsellers such as Stephen King. It would probably be more politically correct to say that I love Baudelaire – which is not the case.

So, what are your secret, hidden artists that you like but believe others don’t?


  1. Well, my secret artist is not so secret, my site is more secret than this artist.. couse it’s unpublished yet. But, the one who I think is very mysterious and transcendent is William Blake, followed by Salvador Dali. In our lovely Brasil I allways liked Ney Matogrosso. There are some others artists that I prefer to keep secret…

  2. Julian Bates says:

    Brilliant question… I love it…
    I am a musician -although very part-time, but when I get the precious time to improvise and create on the guitar and with mny voice, I know that I ‘need-to-start-from-the-place-where-I-am-REALLY-being-me, then something good, creative, unexpected can come through.

    It transcends the need to be ‘cool’, to do ‘interesting’ music, to do the ‘right’ tasteful’ kind of music. If I have the courage that what my “essence” creates may be ‘cool-enough’ for me and others, then it’s Ok.

    And that’s the point for me when admitting all the music I really like. I think I like a combination of different/alternative-more expereintial music be it “classical”, “jazz” or ‘rock’. But I also like things that are nostalgic for me, and also very shamelessly conventional and -as some of my snobby friends may bsay, ‘tasteless’.
    However, it is about enmbracoing both these sides of me/you- the ‘cool’ as well as the ‘uncool’ parts.
    I don’t think you can like a person who is always being ‘cool’ that much; there is something desperately limiting, repressed, unfree about them!

    Indeed, like paolo, it was an Abba song that moved me, awoke MY heart for a few minutes, a few years ago – something called ‘Move On’ – a less famous one.

    Let us celebrate our ‘uncool’ parts of ourselves, cos who knows, -maybe they’re the ‘coolest’ parts in the end!

    Let us Like what we like, for reasons that are our own, and be able to be honest ot others about this-if asked, and respected for this!

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  4. […] Forum : secret and hidden art Sometimes we are afraid to say that we like some art… In my case,… […]

  5. dhede wantah says:

    Well here’s something, I really like Save Ferris with their skankin’ tunes, in my opinion, their music can cheer me up.. I kinda asshame to admit it to my friends because ska music its been somekind a black list music in the neighborhood *dough..*
    Despite of Save Ferris and all ska music, I proud myself of being an artistic lover and yet try to share it with others – even I often deal with rejection and insulting my activities like: wrote poetry, amaze by paintings, searching for Indonesian’s art heritage (I’m Indonesian-red), loves the 80’s music (the era of my birth) and watching art theatre :)

  6. Marie-Claire says:

    Ok si es cosa de confesar gustos derrepente “socialmente” no aceptados (o por lo menos dentro del grupo social en el que nos codeamos); he de confesar que me sigue gustando MENUDO (los primeros) a pesar de que paso los 30 años; las comedias romanticas, aun cuando se que son puros cliches y leia las novelas de Corin Tellado que salian al final de las revistas femenidas…a sabiendas de que eran demasiado rosa y siempre con un final feliz. Pero es que a veces necesito escuchar canciones dulces y saber de finales felices en medio de tantas cosas tristes…