The way of the tiger

Paulo Coelho

The man was walking through the forest when he saw a crippled fox.

“How does she feed herself?” he thought.

At that moment, a tiger approached with an animal in its jaws. It satisfied its hunger and left what remained for the fox.

“If God helps the fox then he will help me too”, he thought. He returned to his house, locked the door and waited for Heaven to send him food.

Nothing happened. When he was getting too weak to go out and work, an angel appeared.

– Why did you decide to imitate the lame fox? – asked the angel. – Get up, take your tools and follow the way of the tiger!

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  1. issy says:

    Absolutely beautiful! you are the only writer that truly touched my deepest feeling. i love your pure and simple manner of writing. it’s sublime. please keep doing it! my spirit(and i bet many others) needs your books…it’s like a balsam for its wounds. sincere greetings from Romania.

  2. Alexandra says:

    Dear Jessica. Lovely quote, thank you.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Just now I realized how odd is that story.Who saw such a kind altruistic tiger? But I guess is an fantastic story.

  4. the way of the tiger teaches me – learn to give and share – teaches me compassion

  5. Mari Ann says:

    Give me one more month, and my tools are ready…

  6. Irina Black says:

    Some people prefer to fight the tiger,but others to “see the elephant.”

  7. T.K. says:

    Faith without WORKS is dead.

  8. Alexandra says:

    We say” God gives you,but do not put into your bag”…

  9. This is a great story! Teaches one to empower oneself. Thelma, thanks for the Greek lessons!!

    1. THELMA says:

      Beautiful Carolena, Thank you for … reading my .. Greek lessons!! :] I know you have spent some of your happiest years [until now of course], in Greece. So it is a good practice.. Thank you for the Greek song you put in the last comments. Μόνο γιά σένα! Ηatzidakis’s song ‘Paper Moon’ is a melodic song that I like since I was 11 years old! A romantic girl!!

  10. Marie-Christine says:


  11. THELMA says:

    An ancient Greek quote, I have learnt at school, says:
    Σύν Αθηνά καί χείρα κίνει = With Athena [the Goddess] you must move your hand too.
    It means that we must pray but not rely just on our …prayers.. We must move and make our duty and utmost for fulling our dreams..
    So whenever I ‘know’, that I have done my duty and everything that was possible, then I .. relax and I let myself in the hands of God and destiny. To act as it is the first and last chance in our lives, full of passion and enthusiasm. The way of .. the Tiger!! ;]

    1. THELMA says:

      Dear Neela, I did not get what you mean. ;] Maybe you did not understand what I have said!!;]
      Well I put all possibilities!!: Prayer, and ‘endeavouring .. tough’, as you say, but then the last word belogns to .. God and destiny, Karma!!

  12. Alexandra says:

    Because the fox was in need , and man was able to hunt for himself.

  13. THELMA says:

    Better ..laugh and .. pray, dearest Annie!!

    Animals do not have … LOGIC! So it seems that the ..evil use of it is what makes us ..worse than animals! The .. Archangel of ..Earth, that keeps us in the material World.