Your Thoughts in my blog: Paula Braconnot

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Hildegarde dear. What an intriguing story…As many linked to the Borgia name.

  2. Alexandra says:

    Ok, I just remembered that in our country it was a project called “Dracula Park”… Even had shares at stock-market. But after many plans and public adds nothing ever started. And I wanted to invest in it money…

  3. Nanci says:

    Hi Paula, nice to meet you through your video! I looked at the Monster Park and it seems like a fascinating place. I can imagine that people thought it was haunted (as one article said) during the period when it was constructed.

    I have a friend from Canada who is beginning to make plans to travel to Italy with her sister next year and will point her in the direction of the Monster Park. Who knows? Maybe she will be able to see it first-hand!

    Thanks so much.


  4. kealan says:

    This is a great idea. I was only thinking yesterday about saying to put up a video thing from the readers.. Great minds think alike! It would be cool as well if people diversified what they film… your house on my blog, your city on my blog, your cat on my blog, whatever!

  5. Heart says:

    Hi Paula!

    Nice to meet you on your video. I will check out the Monster Park. My husband has a t-shirt saying ‘I’m a Monster’ because he loves Monster cables for his stereo.

    Take care, and thank you for keeping this blog running!


  6. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for sharing about the Monster Park. I looked at some pictures online, very interesting statues and they’ve been preserved fairly well.
    This is a great section, thank you Paulo!
    I must submit something!

  7. Alexandra says:

    Oh, we can send it anytime,or there are some” dead-lines”?