To be like a river flowing – Part 2

Paulo Coelho


F] We are one. We were born in a place that was meant for us, which will always keep us supplied with enough water so that when confronted with obstacles or depression we have the necessary patience or strength to move forward. We begin our course in a soft and fragile manner, where even a simple leaf can stop us. Nevertheless, as we respect the mystery of the source that gave us life, and trust in His eternal wisdom, little by little we gain all that we need to pursue our path.

G] Although we are one, soon we shall be many. As we travel on, the waters of other springs come closer, because that is the best path to follow. Then we are no longer just one, but many – and there comes a moment when we feel lost. However, as the Bible says, “all rivers flow to the sea.” It is impossible to remain in our solitude, no matter how romantic that may seem. When we accept the inevitable encounter with other springs, we eventually understand that this makes us much stronger, we get around obstacles or fill in the hollows in far less time and with greater ease.

H] We are a means of transportation. Of leaves, boats, ideas. May our waters always be generous, may be always be able to carry ahead everything or everyone that needs our help.

I] We are a source of inspiration. And so, let us leave the final words to the Brazilian poet, Manuel Bandeira:

“To be like a river that flows
silent through the night,
not fearing the darkness and
reflecting any stars high in the sky.

And if the sky is filled with clouds,
the clouds are water like the river, so
without remorse reflect them too

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  1. jay says:

    very help paul…thank you =_=

  2. Joeway says:

    be inspired :)

  3. Mari Ann says:

    I wouldn’t mind going back to the crowd next month. The solitude, obstacles and challenges have been necessary to gain strength to face the future. The emotional capabilites have to match the will to work for change. Walking uphill has been a favourite for years – as a physical and emotional preparation for whatever challenges the future holds.

  4. lynne says:

    thank you! I really needed that, already I feel less alone, love to you all, good night, sleep in peace. LXX

  5. Gérard says:


    Le fleuve de notre existence doit t’il fnir sa course dans l’ocean de l’absolu ?

  6. THELMA says:

    We have said before that ‘we cannot step into the same river twice’ and that everything flows.. ‘Τα πάντα ρεί’
    We have imagined that the river was LIFE.. Now we become the RIVER ..
    So we are the expression of life, but the life itself.
    We are Water in all its expression.. Starting from the corresponding Moon, but Fire the Sun as well.
    The clouds, the sea, the river, the lake, our bodies, our … tears is water, it is the flowing river. We are a drop in the sea but we are the sea.. Micro-cosmos into macro cosmos.

  7. Dear Paulo…

    I´m writing from Mexico and I think it will be better to do it in Spanish…

    You don´t imagine the concept I have from you. You´re my master in many aspects.

    Well, about the river you wrote… After many years, I have the fantasy, people is like water drops. Souls are like water drops, any drop has his own characteristics and all the drops are made of same thing. When people die, drop of his soul returns to a big container and is mixed with all the water exists there. Drops loose their individuality, and becomes part of the “whole”. When people borns their souls a drop is taken from the container and this new drop has many experiences in each element of it…

    Have a nice day

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Dear Isaias,
      your view reminds me of one of the essays of Plutarch – in which he describes the souls departing the bodies as bubbles of light. Some are swift and very bright and go straight to the top while others are much heavier and tainted – wraped in their fear.

  8. aditya says:

    ya let’s be a like a flowing river, rapid and tranquil !

    let’s be like that lake too which feeds the river.

    and let’s not forget the glacier which collects the energy for river to be when the rains have gone away, then sacrifices itself slowly so that the lake and river can be.

    and let’s not forget the rain drop which we once were. are.

    as we look at clouds and refelct, them don’t we see our own refelction, now that we are flowing river,

    let’s be all that while we continue our journey in this river of consiosuness, while we be whatever we are, whatever we are meant to be. K sera sera ! whatever will be ! will be.


  9. Irina Black says:

    A burden of one’s own choice is not felt.

  10. The river does not doubt, it just has one intention, to flow, to pursue, to go in the direction that is there. It does not fight to go the other way. When the flow is interrupted, it knows that rain will come, that the season of help will come, that someone will come its way to remove the leaf, to hurt the stone that blocks the way. And for me, it is time to unite to the other Warriors, for I was a long time a sole Warrior. For many days now, God gets me to see ducks coming back, (in Montreal, the ducks are returning from the South) and I am there looking at the way they proceed, touched by the sign of fraternity flying together, in that triangle shape, with the leader in front, and the ones at the end, the strongest one, because they have to fly faster, be stronger and protect the ones in front of them. Why search to be the first … all are essential in that community flying, for the preservation of their race … And yes solitude has its limits. I make distinction between a healthy solitude and a unhealthy solitude. I chose for a year to separate and be by myself in the intention of reconnecting with my God more profoundly, to prove to myself my capacity of taking care of me, to not be distracted and be sure of what is truly important for me, for I had the tendency of forgetting myself or not giving enough importance to my sole realization. Now, I decided to engage myself in the relation, but my vision of “love” changed. I accepted to come back in relation, in a close relation, meaning living together, aware that he is not there to fill my emptiness, or fulfill my needs or secure me, or that I am not there to just give and nourish and be dry … we are two who will bring each of us our water to bring the river to a stronger flow and pursue each of us our path, but in a helpful way, since our objectives are the same, to reach the Ocean. And like the ducks, sometimes, I see the leader in front going to the side and another one take the lead, and I see the last one going near a little one that is getting out of the triangle, and so it goes, and they all reach the pound …

  11. Annette says:

    …And , while the brightness of a distant star caressed her eyes , she again thought :Yes ,it’s a beautiful way of life.I like listening your silences…

    …And she hoped the nigth to dream his dreams.

  12. I love analogies of water. One of my favorite is Buddhist:

    How do you keep a drop of water from ever drying up?
    Answer: Put it in the ocean.

    1. Alexandra says:

      Hello Mathew. Where are your nice stories? I still remember the funny cat tale.

  13. Alexandra says:

    I love so much the poem…I already copied and post on my page…
    Today I had no time to walk near the river…But I was, just not in the place that goes out from the city.I remember Chinese tales that are so similar to the idea that expresses the poem you posted.

  14. Thank you also Annie. And for the removal of the leaf, I must confess that my major problem is to do all by myself and that I tend to do all the jobs! That is why I think my God has having me seeing lots and lots of ducks recently to view the work of the fraternity … Happy to read that you love the duck story … it is a scene that I love to watch every year in autum and in beginning of summer … and I hate to hear the gun shots at autumn … Jojo