Dhammapada (attributed to Buddha)

Paulo Coelho

Based on my message of yesterday – about the different languages of God – I would like to share with you this week some of the prayers that point in the same direction:

“Instead of a thousand words,
Better just one,
One that brings peace.
Instead of a thousand verses,
Better just one,
One that shows beauty.
Instead of a thousand songs,
Better just one,
One that spreads joy.”

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  1. Breda says:

    the words of this simple poem are calming and beautiful-supportive like the person behind the camera !

  2. ksenija says:

    Beautiful and simple.
    Love is all,love is you.

  3. Irina Black says:

    The Way to create Comforting Place.

  4. Marie says:

    Merci Paulo pour cette prière. Lorsque je la lis, elle me touche énormement. Peut-íªtre plus que de raison mais je prends cette émotion telle qu’elle est. Merci encore…

  5. Alexandra says:

    How wonderful!Not quantity, but quality. Is the motto of my granny.

  6. aditya says:

    good thoughts ! Buddha dear !

    how about
    “Instead of a thousand words,
    Better just one,
    One that brings peace,
    better still thousand such words which bring peace”

    these words maybe attributed to buddha, but who can exactly say what buddha said, for the first records of what buddha said was kept much after his death, even otherwise who knows what buddha said, for what is said and what is heard is / may not be same.

    if one is better than many, then is God a fool to have allowed creation of many.

    before anyone gets upset, let me say, i agree with spirit of the passage, it was probably against the ritualistic chanting of vedic mantras in those times when people recited the sounds without imbibing the feeling behind !

    if its only one word which i say with love and sincereity then that one word is better than whole books, but if i write whole books with the same love and sincerity then nothing like it !


    1. Aditya, what I sense is how you give importance to the words! When I read your comment, it is like yes, good, but … I read that you agree with the spirit of the message and then but it was … I think what is there is to just be careful of all those words that are there and could divert from the real needing of prays, be it prays of help, prays of joy, prays of love … sometimes I only say “My God” and stay silent … in those words are contained all what is within me in its profoundess and I know that my God knows what is all there and I do not have to say more. Love, Jojo

    2. Heart says:

      Thank you Aditya for taking us beyond the lovely message in this prayer. I don’t believe it should be taken literally, but it is a message to keep it simple. The Bible too give warning ‘But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites…’ (Mat 23.13) when they were standing on corners resiting all their prayers, but I don’t believe it is a warning against reading the Bible itself, which we believe is the Word of God, thousands of word, as one Word of God.

    3. aditya says:

      Hi Jojo ! Hi Heart !

      for quite sometime now i was caught in words as indeed all of the terrorists outfits operating in name of religion are, we have a tendency to catch the words, because for those who can look beyond words and catch the essence no waors are really required.

      Jojo, u won’t beleive the amount and kind of beatings i have received in my life, keep on receiving for trying to point that which is the essence, which is beyond words. why i wrote what i did was that, paulo is a respected figure as is buddha and if someone ( maybe only 1 %) people conclude that one words is better than whole bible ( taking a cue from heart), then my writing was for them to not get caught up in words; for rest who anyway are looking at the essence this para from me is just ignorable, ain’t it !

      thanks for taking notice ! caring enough to write back.


  7. Simplicity with all its profoundness

  8. Mata Hari says:

    so simple.

  9. THELMA says:

    The only one : LOVE = ΑΓΑΠΗ

    Thelma xxx

    1. Heart says:

      Yes Thelma you said it; love. If I’m not wrong, in Portuguese the word is Amor? In Norwegian it is Kjí¦rlighet..and the word sound so beautiful in French too.

    2. In French … AMOUR
      With (avec) love (amour) Jojo

    3. Heart says:

      Thank you Johanne…and nothing is like saying I love you in French…Je t’aime…so sensual.

  10. aditya says:

    love brings an intense longing too, and love for a person and thing can initiate wars too, love can make or even break ! no !


  11. THELMA says:

    Dear Aditya, we mean …. pure, unconditional, complete LOVE, AGAPE!
    It is the meaning and feeling that goes with the thought and sound AGAPE, that turns it to a Magical Word.