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Paulo Coelho

Anyone who gives help also receives help and needs to teach what he has learned.
(Manual of the Warrior of Light)

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  1. carmen says:

    Que bonito. No encuentro mi comentario. Recalco:
    No siempre se recibe ayuda para enseñar lo aprendido.

  2. carmen says:

    Esta es una de las grandes mentiras del mundo. Quien ofrece su ayuda muestra su vulnerabilidad, su sensibilidad, y los FUERTES se lo comen, lo parten en mil pedazos, se aprovechan de él.
    Raras veces es ayudado el que ofrece su ayuda.

  3. Dances With Crayons says:

    I have learned that loving is never wrong and is the only thing that never dies.
    Children and animals teach me a lot!
    Thank You : )

  4. THELMA says:

    Yes Aditya thank you, and we Christians were told : “Not to know our left hand, what our right does”!
    And regarding your first issue : ‘Be afraid of those who have been benefited by you’!! ;]

  5. aditya says:

    “Anyone who gives help also receives help and needs to teach what he has learned”

    without getting oneself crucified, if possible, learning from Christ and Mohammad too ( he too was almost )1

    my personal expereince is slightly diffrent from general perception ( as always :-: what can i do, it is the way it is, even if it is politically incorrect, let’s do it )

    no one likes to receive help, being able to receive help gracefully is not for everyone. receiving help puts people in a inferior position, ego takes it as if one is inferior to the one giving help, let’s put our hands on our hearts and remember how many times when we were giving help to say a begger or anyone else in need, did we not feel superior ! same ego makes one feel inferior when receiving help. and then poeple wait for an oppertunity when the one who gave help is down so that they can help and things can even out. human interactions are not that much ‘garden of roses’, not that stright forward and simple. else christ would not have been crucified, mohammad would not be hounded, Krishna won’t be abused publically.

    having said all the above it’s still our duty to help others as we received help, gratefully. teach others what we have learnt, if possible without getting killed in the process.

    I am reminded of a scene from movie gandhi. gandhi comes back to india and decides to tour the country, train has halted near a bridge on the holy river ganges, gandhi gets down and sees a woman giving a bath to her child, both are so scatily dressed that gandhi cannot bear it and he decides to give that woman his shawl. the way he does it is so touching, he is so shamed at the situation that he does not go upto the woman and give his shawl, he puts it on water and let teh current carry it to her, helping in such a manner that “not even the right hand knows what the left is doing”, of course the woman notices, accepts the shawl to cover her nakedness and the look in her eyes says …


    1. sido says:

      the gift is to give to another, through devoting oneself

      there are so many people who need to receive (oh yes so many!) to be given, give

      a word, a smile, a shawl…, a comfort: the comfort of a brother can save a life …

      give, even if it is clumsy in the gift giving, even if the other does not ask (or not: he (she) can refuse what you give, but he (she) your act of love by = and this is sometimes the most important )

      then, give, just to give, looking the other as yourself, and respecting their dignity ( like a freind , a mother , a father , a sister , a BROTHER ….LIKE gANDHI FOR THE WOMAN : TO LOVE !! )

      on the road de St Jacques de Compostelle ,this winter: the poorest need so much = they do not refuse, as they expect …they both need and we give so little (they especially need to be watched in LOVE)

      God gives us the means to help. AMEN

  6. Irina Black says:

    The half-full jar is always 2-functional,but the half-empty can’t be filled.

  7. Elaine M.Aoki says:

    Precisamos do próximo sempre em nosso caminho. Para deixar que nosso anjo fale através dele, e para que sejamos instrumento utilizado por ele tb.
    Aprendemos com o próximo muita coisa se prestarmos atení§í£o aos pequenos detalhes, e por tantas vezes, uma simples frase nossa, dita num momento nem tí£o importante, pode mudar o destino de muita gente.

  8. Heart says:

    Yes, as Aditya writes about who support him, it is when parents take care of their children, one realize all the things your own parents did for you. In the same way taking care of anybody, it really is taking care of one self, because the care one gives make you more human… turn you into who you are supposed to be.

  9. Alexandra says:

    Hope so, because I use to help people…I know I must not wait to be rewarded, but, I am not perfect.

  10. THELMA says:

    The happiness of sharing wisdom and the .. humility of opening our heart to what others have to offer us.
    To be open in the .. vibrations of others, but to be able to distinguish and accept those who really vibrate on the same ..’level’ or ..higher than us, so that we will not be drained from our Energy.
    To be attuned with ..love.

  11. Cristina says:

    Absolutely right.
    I ‘ve given help so many times in my life, now I hope the World will give me help back.
    PS. it’s the “law of the return” (i.e. Felicia de Aquitania in the Pilgrimage)

  12. Well, true … let me say that I have that “energy” that makes people come to me and like automatically be like inspired by me, by my force, my “drive”, my passion, my capacity to always find a solution, to see the positive in an adversity, etc … it is hard for me as a professional, as a leader of my concept, of … do not know how to say it but I see that when I am like “low”, it has an impact … even as a mother, I need to stand strong, be the Warrior that transmit light … when I feel in need of being myself helped, I have my secret place with my God, and some specific people who I go to, and also the ones God places on my path … but there is one thing, when I do feel that I need “help, energy, learnings, etc …”, I take care of myself, express where I am now, (like the kids tell them that their mother feels vulnerable, not to fear for me or them, that I need space and that I will take care of me, and go pray, read or to a rendez-vous … and that they know I will do, and they respect me, for they saw the miracles that happened in my life and their lifes for me by doing so). And yes, when I respect my need of help, and ask and go to have it, I learn, and I come back and “strangely” it happens that the next client is going through something that is similar to what I just experienced, and I can transmit what I have just learn … the power of communication, the power of relationship, the power of interaction between us …

    1. solange says:

      Es lo mismo que siento con mis hijos, decirles la verdad, que somos madres con sentimientos y emociones.
      Yo siempre hago mis oracines y le pido a Dios sabiduria y asi he creado a tres hermosos hijos… son mi pasion, son mi motivo de vida.
      Gracias por tus hermosas ensenanzas Paulo, gracias por tu sabiduria.
      Dios te bendiga.