Prophet Mohammed, 7th century

Paulo Coelho

Based on my message earlier this week – about the different languages of God – I would like to share with you this week some of the prayers that point in the same direction:

“Oh Allah! I come to you because you know all, even what is hidden.

If what I am doing is good for me and my religion, for my life now and later, then let the task be easy and blessed.

If what I am doing now is bad for me and my religion, for my life now and later, then keep me far from this task.”

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  1. Yajna says:

    Dear Thelma,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, I apologise for this late response as I’ve been a bit busy. I suppose though, your response came at a perfect time. I am trying to move on. Face reality, and accept the fact that life can bring anything. Does leave me feeling powerless but I find strength in places and times I least expect. I’m also trying to find some faith again, and it seems to be working as I do things I love. I think it will all work out somehow, like most things, I’m not sure how that’s going to happen yet, but for some reason I believe it will. Guess thats a step forward, right? :)

    Take care now,

  2. sandra says:

    The answer is always within the self, or reflected in congress with others working toward a solution.

    To pray to a disembodied other is to give up. What many call surrender, but which seems to me to be what the helpless dress their hopelessness in.

  3. Hicham says:

    This is an insightful supplication after a prayer that has nothing but surrender to the Creator, Allah (GOD). We need to surrender to HIM to accquire the balance in our mundane life.

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  5. sido says:

    “THE soul can live without love, he must always something to love because it is through love that God has created »
    Sainte Catherine de Sienne

    In effect, Neela , all those who see the light speak the same language: that of God , that of Love

    Because we are all of the children of God , regardless of the worship chosen: each child can speak with words different ( religion ) and say the same thing . It is just whether listen , because in fact we all say the same thing.

    If each listening his heart , if each listening his brother with compassion : yes it is possible , i dream of a unification , in respect of each religion , and breeds : together all brothers: a same language unites us all = the love . I will therefore on this path in the light of God , for all

  6. Cristina says:

    I, humbly, add:
    ….and please let me understand if I have to go on, or give it up.
    Love Chris

  7. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo and friends,

    Since this story is about prayer, i’d like to pose a question to you all as maybe you can identify with my current situation.

    Recently, I lost my cousin, who was actually more like a sister to me. She was still in her 20’s and it was for reasons that could have been avoidable. It was extremely traumatic, and while i’m trying to deal with many emotions, i find myself in a state of doubt. It seems to be getting better each day, and I feel more and more apart of this world, but for some reason, I still feel very much like a restless soul. When I pray, for whatever I ask for or am thankful for, I try to believe in it but I feel this annoying sense of fear inside of me. It is as though, while i’m asking for help, while i’m speaking of love, i still feel somewhat fearful and maybe even insignificant in a way (in the sense that anything can happen at any time and I have no control of it). I wondered if anyone has experienced this- especially after a trauma? And if so, what suggestions do you have for me to soothe my soul a bit? As much as I know it’s got to come from inside me, and i’m currently doing what i feel is right for me, it never hurts to see what others do, and know you’re not the only one whose been through such things.

    Thank you for being

    1. THELMA says:

      Dear Yajna, everyone has experienced this post-traumatic situation. It is the acknowledgement that we really do not ‘rule’ our lives. Things are coming and happen even if we are in a ‘golden, crystal palace’.
      So this is the time to contemplate and decide to ..move on. To find the strength, see that the only thing we have is our life, the present minute and by placing our selves under HIS Will, we must continue our journey to find the Truth. “Then the Truth will set you Free “.

  8. Carolena says:

    Paul, I like what you said, and Savita too. Even with belief and faith, one must also have a little surrender, and not cling on to something with one’s dear life that if it doesn’t turn out the way we planned, we will avoid becoming too disappointed.

    1. THELMA says:

      Very wisely said, dearest Carolena.

      We do not really know what God’s Will is!”Αγνωσται οι βουλαί τού Κυρίου”.

      With our ‘small human mind’ and perception, we cannot grasp His majestic Plan..

    2. Carolena says:

      Thank you Thelma!

  9. SONNET says:

    Usually we are telling this prayer before choosing something and we are in doubt.

    1. Thanks for the light! Jojo

  10. Irina Black says:

    It’s no rose without thorns.

  11. THELMA says:

    To completely surrender to His Will ..
    We are in His hands..
    May all our thoughts, desires and actions are in accord with the LIGHT,

  12. Heart says:

    Last night I watched ‘Vertical Limit’ about a group climbing in the Himalayas, climbing the famous K2. A Muslim climber had out a little map and sat down for prayers during the extremely challenging conditions. He appeared so calm and content and gave his complete being in God hands. Very beautiful. He was killed shortly after. I believe people like him, will be where God is when they die, so death isn’t something gruesome, but something to celebrate.

  13. But my Dear Child, that is why you are not feeling well inside and that you come to me … your body, spirit and soul are telling you to keep far from this task, the silence is there to tell you to stay away, the messages that you have recently received wants you to come to me and ask Me to help you comprehend why it is so for the time being … Yes, my Child, when inside it flows for you, that you feel at ease and blessed, you are doing good for you and Me.

  14. nungkhiez says:

    I think these words describe the true meaning of of love towards our creator, no matter what religion we are.

    We surrender to a form beyond our control, something beautiful, something peaceful, not fearing the unknown but simply grasping it to our full potential.

    Being able to trust, and to simply let go…

  15. Elaine M.Aoki says:

    Eu sempre tive mais facilidade em fazer oraí§íµes feitas pelo meu coraí§í£o, embora tantas outras sejam tí£o lindas e igualmente poderosas.
    E sempre que me deparo com uma situaí§í£o nova, ou difí­cil, sempre peí§o para que se for para o meu bem, que eu tenha forí§as e entendimento para vivíª-la. E se ní£o for algo bom para mim, que tal situaí§í£o saia entí£o do meu caminho, ou que eu saia ilesa dela.
    Ao longo dos meus 41 anos tem funcionado. A oraí§í£o nos conecta com nosso lado Divino e invisí­vel. É uma ponte que nos liga ao outro lado. E que ní£o nos deixa desviar de nosso caminho. Mas há situaí§íµes tí£o especiais em que ní£o conseguimos traduzir em palavras o que sentimos. É quando nos conectamos, e mesmo sem palavras somos ouvidos, confortados e guiados. Porque com certeza Ele, em sua Sabedoria sabe traduzir tudo que vai em nosso coraí§í£o.

  16. sido says:

    ” Lí¢ ilí¢ha illa-llí¢h … ”

    you, the only, guide me so that I listen to the words of my heart, words for all

    that all we were ONE

  17. Savita Vega says:

    What a beautiful prayer, and so full of wisdom! Reminds me of the saying: “Be careful what you pray for – you just might get it.” How often in my own life have I prayed for something, prayed deeply, and did not get it, only to realize later that God’s failure to answer my prayer was an enormous blessing in disguise.

    As humans we are so foolish in this way, because we cannot see beyond the horizon – at times, we think we know what we need, but often we are mistaken, misguided in our prayers because we only see a small fraction of the larger picture.

    The older I have gotten and the more I have come to realize this – just how blind and ignorant I am as to the larger scope of my life – the less I have come to pray for anything specific. I just try to get close to God in my prayers and let God decide what is best for me and for those around me. I think that when prayer becomes more of a communion and less of a petition it actually opens our own eyes a little, enabling us to see the good fortune that has come to us even in circumstances which, on the surface, may seem unfortunate or tragic.

    When prayer becomes an act of surrender, this does not mean that we have become “pathetic” creatures, helpless puppets in the hand of God; it just means that we are allowing our own will to align itself with the greater will of the Divine. We can still strive to achieve things, we can still dream, but we also realize that there is a hand guiding us in the direction we need to go, sometimes a different direction from that which we assumed to be right for us as a given moment. With this attitude, there is much less struggle and disappointment when things do not go as we had planned, because we realize that even these obstacles and road-blocks are there to guide us in the right path.

  18. Alexandra says:

    This prayer seem same many people use to pray.

  19. “What a feeling … feeling is believing …” Know that song? “Now I am dancing for my life”. I think it was with a film about young people hoping to be … yes, it was FAME … strange title by the way … for the fame of God … Jojo