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Your Space in my Blog : 11th June of 2009

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Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew 7;7-8

Paulo Coelho

Based on my message earlier this week – about the different languages of God – I would like to share with you this week some of the prayers that point in the same direction:

“Ask, and it shall be given you;
seek and you shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
For every one that asks receives;
and he that seeks finds:
And to him that knocks,
it shall be opened.”

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Bookstore in Seoul, South Korea by Teresa


Thank you Teresa!
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Your story in my Blog – Spilling and Splashing by Krishna Mohan Menon

I remember visiting the pantry car of a train, as a child. In there were two huge steel vessels with boiling water, placed close. As the train moved these would rock violently, spilling and splashing the boiling water around. These would spill water, sometimes on the floor and sometimes into the other, and in the process empting themselves.

I sometimes feel the relationships in youth, be it ours or our parents when they were younger, are in a way like those tumblers in the pantry. The feelings of egoism, anger, jealousy and insecurity boiling within individuals in the relationship; spilling and splashing on each other and creating emptiness in them.

Then during the morning stroll, I saw an old couple who had also come for the walk. They probably had things boiling in them once, but they now seemed at peace, calm and serene. They were like tranquil blue sea water after a stormy night.

The hotel I visited the other day, had a pool by the riverside. From a distance the pool looked commingled with river. But it actually wasn’t that way. These were very close yet respected each other’s space. May be at times few drops from the river would spatter into the pool but that would only add to the vista. The placidness and serenity of the view was similar what I had seen in the old couples.
May be that’s life – you boil initially, spill a bit and splash a little and in the due course learn the art of calming yourself and your relationships.

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Quote of the day

Paulo Coelho

God uses fire to teach us about water. He uses earth so that we can understand the value of air. He uses death to show us the importance of life.
(Manual of the Warrior of Light)

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Today’s Question by the reader : Spider

What is your view of Gothic culture? How do you feel about what you see and what you know of “goths”?

I think the Gothic aesthetics is quite beautiful… For me today’s goths have followed the path of the English romantics : tumultuous passions, bottomless despair, irruption of the strange.
In a consumerist society, this clan sets itself apart – as if a reminder of another world, or another aim.

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Edición nº 200 – Promiscuidad animal

Edizione nº 200 – Fedeltí  animale

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