Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew 7;7-8

Paulo Coelho

Based on my message earlier this week – about the different languages of God – I would like to share with you this week some of the prayers that point in the same direction:

“Ask, and it shall be given you;
seek and you shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
For every one that asks receives;
and he that seeks finds:
And to him that knocks,
it shall be opened.”

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  1. Brian Barker says:

    I think that God must be multi-lingual. But I heard an ignorant comment the other day namely….”If English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.

    In today’s World however the language problem is still relevant, and we need a common international language!

    As a native English speaker my own choice would be Esperanto. Can I ask your readers to check as well as

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I will be in Paris on the 17th of June and would like to know if I can meet with you.

    My reason is simple I want to share the experience I have
    had on this blog with you -if you are available on that date of course-.

    With love,


  3. Gina Re says:

    The Spirit and the bride 11 say, “COME!” Let the hearer say, “COME!” Let the one who thirsts come forward, and the one who wants it receive the gift of life-giving water.
    [Revelation 22:17]

    1. THELMA says:

      Yes dear Gina RE, you are right, thank you, because He said: ‘I am the alpa and the omega, the first and last, the beginning and the end.'[Revelation KB’ 13]
      Εγώ το Α και το Ω, ο πρώτος καί ο έσχατος, αρχή καί τέλος.

  4. Pilar says:

    AMÉN!!! Precious Prayer
    Besos querido Paulo

  5. Irina Black says:


  6. Breda says:

    It is a lovely prayer and these words help me to remember to take a little risk and to ‘ask’ for the information I need -in particular re work at present-I need information in order to make decesions about which road to take. Sometimes I find I am hesistant-and shy away from asking.
    This week it has worked out well ‘to ask.’..and I need to keep it up.
    I like short prayers and poems and words that inspire us on our journey.

  7. THELMA says:

    “.. because He is our Father in Heavens..” [11]
    Just by asking we will receive; to seek and we will find..
    All that is required from us is to seek for the Truth.

    1. Alan says:

      Dear Thelma,

      I like this sentence :D
      ‘All that is required from us is to seek for the Truth.’

      and I wonder how we can recognize whether something is the Truth or not? I mean, two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different. In this situation, can we say simply one’s opinion is right and another’s opinion is wrong?

      Do you think what is the essence of the Truth?


    2. THELMA says:

      Dear Alan,
      Thank you.
      I think that we -all human beings- ask the question looking up to the sky and .. inside us : ‘Where do we come from and where do we go’. This is the beginning of our ‘seeking the Truth’. The way of our Return and poetically expressed :the Return to Ithaca.

      You are right, two people see reality from their own perspective, using their senses and ‘inner senses’ according to their individuality. We ‘colour’ it according to our perception. The more advanced a soul is the more.. nuances of the colours of the Rainbow can ‘see’.
      But White and Light is the colour that absorbs, includes and reflects everything. It is the feeling and vibration of LOVE and Harmony. This is the end of the road. To reach ‘theosi’. To be the expression of LOVE.
      Love is freedom and acceptance of different opinions and ‘individualities’. I was born a Greek Orthodox, this is the reason I always cite ‘wisdoms’ from the Evangelion. But every road leads to the same end: Heavens and Jesus has said: ‘I did not come to abolish the Old Testament [Law], I have come to supplement it’. He gave us the ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΟΝ [ΕΥ + ΑΓΓΕΛΙΑ] the good message, the message to LOVE each other. To forget the ‘eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth’ and start ‘LOVING OUR ENEMIES’ and ‘turn the other cheek’ too.
      Love each other = ΑΓΑΠΑΤΕ ΑΛΛΗΛΟΥΣ.

    3. Alan says:

      Dear Thelma,

      Thank you very much
      Yes, it’s true… I always felt that kind of curiosity – Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go?..(as you mentioned)

      Maybe that’s why I am going to be an astronomer, which can be a good opportunity for me to answer those questions… in my own way. And after reading your post, I realized that all different people in the world are actually pursuing their own ‘Personal Legend’ in different ways… but their purposes might be same.

      ‘Seeking the Truth’

      You know your metaphor about colors really inspired me. Thank you.
      Yes, people have different opinions as lights have different colors. As all different wavelengths of light emerged into white color, all different opinions emerged into the only one Truth. ‘Love’

      Ahhh it’s really a wonderful and great idea. :)


    4. sara says:

      Dear Thelma,

      I’m very impressed by the way you explained seeking the truth, yesterday night i was chatting with my friend about religions… how all religions tend to point to same God but from different perspective..i will ask him to read your comment, it summarizes what we were saying during the whole night, thank you:))

      Sara from lebanon

  8. Marcela Carvalho says:

    Segunda vez que vejo essa passagem em menos de 12 horas. Ontem um padre anglicano disse a mesma coisa no Programa do Jí´. É uma das mais lindas, ní£o? Dentre tantas outras lindas! Beijo, Paulo.

  9. Savita Vega says:

    Again: “Just be careful what you ask for, because you might just get it.” Because I believe in karma, in the creation of subtle impressions left in the unconscious that come to fruition, if not in this life, then eventually in another, I also believe that words are very powerful and should be treated with great care, especially words spoken in prayer.

    Let us say, for example, that you pray fervently for many years to become rich, but you never attain great wealth in this life. You may conclude that God has not heard or has refused to answer your prayer. But, in speaking that prayer, in holding it so intensely in your heart, you have created samskaras. You have, in essence, created your future – your destiny. Eventually you will be rich. Maybe not in this lifetime, but in some lifetime that wealth for which you prayed will come to you, but (and here is the catch) it may not take the form that you wish. You may be born rich, but crippled. You may have the wealth you asked for but not the health to enjoy it, and so that wealth will become, for you, a cause for bitterness and resentment. You will think: Oh, if only I could just be poor but healthy, then I would be happy. You will then be willing to give all your riches just for a cure. Or, maybe you will be born rich but fall in love with a peasant girl and be unable to marry her because she is of a lesser class than you are. In other words, it is impossible for us, as humans, to fully think through the extenuating consequences of that which we desire and ask for.

    So, I think there is great wisdom in this verse from the Bible, but I also think that it is a passage which is often taken all too literally and wholly out of context. We, as humans, are like infant magicians who do not understand our own powers. We should not ask for things lightly, just because, in that moment, we desire them. When we do, we just create a mess for ourselves. We must first ask to be close to God, to have God’s will revealed to us. We must follow the signs and let those signs be our guide. This is the way I read that passage: “Ask and it shall be given to you.” Not ask for what you want and you will get it (you might, but you might not like it either once you do get it). It is rather, ask to be shown the way and it will be revealed to you. Through signs, the Divine will show you the path in life you are meant to take. Knock, and the doors will begin to open before you.

    1. Carolena says:

      Well said Savita. Although I don’t think that always something bad accompanies wealth, in this or another lifetime. I believe it is the intention of whatever the prayer is.
      This reminds me of what my uncle George (RIP) would say, he was a joke-ster, he’d say- would you want to have a million dollars? but your teeth would be made of sugar so when you drank tea, they would all melt! haha.

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      Dear Carolina,
      I hope it is green tea . a saviour for cancer. :)

    3. I also believe deeply in the power of words, a great source of energy. Jojo

    4. Satora says:

      Dear Savita,

      The power of word spoken and unspoken…”We, as humans, are like infant magicians who do not understand our own powers.” Exactly!!!

      With loving kindness,


  10. Sara says:

    Ask, Seek, Knock.. all of these actions are based on courage.
    By having courage to ask, courage to seek and knock, by always having faith in God and in our journey, we will sure arrive to the right place at the right time.
    As it is mentioned in the Coran and the bible:
    when God says to Moses: Speak onto the people of Israel, that they go Forward’ and only after that, He told Moses to lift his rod and then the sea parts, and the way appeared… He didn’t part the sea and then asked them to walk.. it was the courage of Moses and the people that made the path clear, their courage took them to the safe land..
    the best prayer for God, is to show him that we trust him and we have the courage to take actions we never thought we could take.

    1. aditya says:

      ” The best prayer for god, is to show him that we trust and that we have the courage to take action”

      hmmmm…. interesting Sara.


    2. sara says:

      Dear aditya,

      That’s what God wants from us-I think, to be able to take responsability of our own lives, never be afraid to take risks…

      Sara from lebanon

  11. J.S.H. says:

    Nas várias teorias sí´bre a vida de Jesus Cristo, ele pode ter vivido em lugares poucos imaginados, como mostra este video:

    Mas, deixando as teorias de lado, o importante e que Jesus Cristo vive dentro de todos nós, independente de paí­s ou etnia!

  12. Marie-Christine says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I will be in Paris on the 17th of June and would like to know if it is possible to meet with you please and say Hello.
    It will be nice to see you, like Lex, face to face.(I don’t sell churches though).:)
    I wrote a poem a while ago and would like to have some advice from you.
    Thank you.


  13. What is there is “action” … Ask, seek, knock. That demands of me discipline and responsibility to be present to me and the Source. It speaks of a relation between me and Him. I personally am going through a stage, been asking, seeking and knocking, to Him, friends, and different places. Some responses, some not, some doors open, some not, some to whom I ask give and others not … and then I have all this, and I decided to go into one door, and now peace is inside for there was anguish … the good response, the good finding, the good door? I will enter and follow, staying present in the relation and to myself, and if it flows, serenity is there, a sense for me, good for me and Him, since both has for me to be satisfied, then I will continue asking, seeking and knocking … With affection, Jojo

  14. Alexandra says:

    Yes, I know that quote.
    But why is here a different language? I dont know is God use different languages, maybe man only think that. God use an unique universal language, but people decode it in their own way. Thats my opinion.

  15. aditya says:

    Jesus is so clear and most certainly he is no liar ” Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find…”

    then where are we making the mistake, why what Jesus says with such authority does not become true for us.


    1. Aditya, I think it goes with the purpose of the demand … remember Salomon, who asked for “sagesse” (intelligence of God) and not possessions … and God blessed him with both … Jojo

    2. Alexandra says:

      Dear Aditya, but thibk what chance have one if not ask,or not knock…less of course.

    3. Marie says:


      Il n’est pas toujours facile de demander…parce que l’on ne se sent pas toujours í  la hauteur ou que l’on a peur de paraí®tre ridicule.

      Il n’est pas facile de chercher…pas í  cause des questions que l’on se pose mais í  cause des réponses qui vont s’offrir í  nous.

      Frapper í  la porte est une démarche vers les autres. Dans un monde oí¹ l’individualisme forcené est roi…pas évident de frapper í  une porte sans craindre de perdre…

      Il ne me semble pas que Dieu est dit qu’ici-bí s se serait Disney Word !! (lol).

      Avant lorsque je craignais une situation, un évènement, une personne…je me disais : que vais-je y perdre ? Maintenant, je me dis : qu’est-ce que cela va m’apporter de positif ?
      C’est en décidant de changer mon regard que je me suis améliorée. Et comme l’a dit un psychanalyste : “on ne doit pas faire de projets sur les autres, on ne peut faire des projets que sur soi-míªme”.
      C’est vrai que l’on a peur d’íªtre repoussé, incompris parce qu’il y a pire que le désamour, c’est l’indifférence.


      Absolument d’accord pour Salomon. D’ailleurs, peut importe le temple…le premier est celui de notre coeur.

      C’est une belle aventure que la vie et elle vaut bien quelques combats…je vous transmets une belle phrase de William James.

      “La plus grande découverte de ma génération est qu’un íªtre humain peut changer sa vie en changeant d’attitude”.

    4. Chère Marie, je crois que nous nous rejoignons beaucoup!!! Merci pour ton partage! En passant, tu viens de quelle région, ou pays? Jojo

    5. Marie says:

      Johanna, nous nous rejoignons et ce que tu dis sur ce blog me parle beaucoup. J’admire ta sincérité í  dire les choses. Tu es certainement beaucoup plus forte que tu ne penses ! J’aime í§a !

      J’habite dans le sud de la France í  Montpellier. Si tu passes par lí , je serais très heureuse de faire ta connaissance et que nous partagions un moment ensemble.

    6. Marie-Christine says:

      Adytia –
      “It is not always easy to ask…because sometimes we don’t feel equal or we are frightened to be ridiculed.

      It is not easy to look… not because of the questions we are asking ourselves but because of the answers that we are going to receive.

      Knocking on doors is a move towards others.

      In a world where fanatical individualism is King… it is not evident to knock on doors without fearing loss.

      I don’t think that God said :”that there below it will be Disney Word” (LOL).

      When I feared a situation, an event, a person I used to say to myself “What am I going to loose?” -Now I say to myself :”What is the positive out of that?”

      It is by deciding to change my look that I improved. And as a psychoanalyst said :”We cannot make plans for others , we can only make them for us.”

      It is true that we are frighten to be pushed out of the way, misunderstood because there is nothing worse than rejection, it is indifference –

      Johanne –
      Agreed for Salomon –

      In any case, the Temple is not important. The first one is the one from our heart.

      Life is a beautiful adventure and it is well worth a few fights.

      Here is a beautiful quote from W. James :”The biggest discovery of my generation is that a human being can change his life by changing his attitude.”


      Chere Marie,
      Ce que vous dites m’instruit. Merci.

    7. aditya says:

      Hi Jojo,

      thanks for your reply, certainly purpose seems important, as u have pointed out,

      Hi Alexandra,

      what u ahve siad seems logical, but divinity is not logical, must it follow logic, must it give only when asked, then it is like the market place those who can create maximum visibility for themselves seem to win. In our region ( not India as a whole but the small part to which i belong ) a story was shared with us, in villages there used to be a tradition, at night we youngesters will massage the feet and body of elders who have been working the day and in the bargain they will tell us beautiful stories from pachtantra, jatakas, ramayan, purans, and local fables. One of them was. a brahmin, poor as he was, brahmins are normally poor, was a great devotee of Lord Siva. This chap had no sons or daughters, everyone used to taunt them for this, many years had passed since marriage. Once his wife got really upset and said to him” u are such a great devotee of Bholenath, he who gives things to everyone, just for asking, why don’t u ask him for a son” brahmin replied “but why should i, does he not know my plight, i won’t go to him as a begger” matter reached Parvati, wife of Siva who also cajoled her husband ” such a great devotee this poor brahmin is, why don’t u grant him boon of a son” Siva said ” that is not how things are supposed to work, u muts ask before it can be given” Finally siva appeared bbefore brahmin and asked him to ask for a boon. Brahmin said ” u know i need a son, then why do i have to ask for it” ” no, u must ask” replied siva. “If I am made to ask, i will, but for this may thunderbolt strike you” and that is what happned brahmin asked for a son but at that very momnet a thunderbolt struck a famous Sivalingam in nearby temple. and as mark of authenticity we were told, one could go even now and chek in that temple which was nereby our village. so yes one must ask, before one can receive.

      marie i will need a translation of what u have written, i will find it.


  16. sido says:

    Yes Paulo , Yes . Jesus replied: here is the first ; listening, Israel, the Lord , our God, is the one Lord ( Marc 12:29 )

    E’had (hébrew)

    Lí¢ ilí¢ha illa-llí¢h (al Chahada/muslim )

    I and the Father , we are a …( John 10:22-31)

    The universe is the all , and in all , we are one (thought)

    December 2008: I have asked and I have received , and You told me , in the mountains: ” come down, go toward them …” . Then I am . And I was one with nature . Thank you for the graces received my God

    And today , i request: ” toward where to go now, guide me ”

  17. Carolena says:

    Who’s there?? ;)