Lao Tsu, China – 6th century B.C.

Paulo Coelho

Based on my message earlier this week – about the different languages of God – I would like to share with you this week some of the prayers that point in the same direction:

“For there to be peace in the world, the nations must live in peace.
For there to be peace among nations, cities must not rise up against one another.
For there to be peace in the cities, neighbors must get on well with one another.
For there to be peace among neighbors, harmony must reign in the home.
For there to be harmony at home, it must be found in your own heart.”

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  1. Different languages of God can be very subjective. I have found that many of these speakers end up in alcohol rehab centers. Everyone should just enjoy the life we have.

  2. Jane says:


    Beautiful prayer, thankyou Paulo

    Love and Blessings,
    Jane xo

  3. chialing says:

    first,i would like to say thank you for sharing your thought,and i enjoy reading your book very much.
    hm…i check “Da-Shia”(大學) again,and it’s authour could not be “Lao Tsu”(老子),i was taught that it’s from “Zian-Tsu”(曾子).

  4. Wow!! Thank you all for your lovely comments I love reading through them, it uplift my spirit.

  5. Cristina says:

    It’s always the relationship between microcosmic and macrocosmic.
    From ancient Egypt, to medieval alchimisis… stil valuable now.
    There must be a balance of energies, and they must be free to flow.
    Love Chris.

  6. Cats says:

    A beautiful verse.

    but what when there is no profit in peace!??
    yet, I still wonder.. going back to an earlier topic of conversation on your blog… how best it is for humanity to achieve this: peace…, given that there is man’s nature to will on an environment far from peace as a result of striving to create, change, etc for example.

    Maybe I should refer to the actual topic and then return here.


  7. marja says:

    Very wise words Thanks like mother Teresa sayd “Peace starts with a smile”

  8. Irina Black says:

    To reach Harmony means just to Strike the Right Chord.

  9. Heart says:

    Yes, find harmony in yourself and share it with those you meet on your journey.

  10. Savita Vega says:

    Yes, it is good to work on changing the world – to work toward instituting justice and equality within our society, to strive for world peace, to seek to resolve conflicts among peoples and nations – all of this is good, if it is one’s path in life to take on these challenges. But it is equally good to do none of these.

    I think of my grandmother, for example, who is now ninety. She’s never been involved in anything in her life. She’s never joined any organization, never donated money to a cause, never sought to alter the society in which she lives or change the government in any way. So far as I know, she’s never even voted. Some might look at her life and say that she lived in vain, because she never contributed a single thing to the world in which we live.

    But my grandmother has raised eight children, nurtured twelve grandchildren and so many great- and great-great-grandchildren that I can’t even count them. She is this little woman about four-foot tall, completely unimposing, looking so fragile and unimportant, and yet she is, in reality, this solid rock that sits at the core of a whole spinning world. And, over the years, I have watched her – her attitude and her behavior toward any and all who are downtrodden or in any sense less fortunate than she is.

    A young man from the neighborhood stops by to say hello. My grandmother knew his parents and his grandparents when he was growing up. They are a very poor family. They live in a shack with no air conditioning and often the neighbors can hear them screaming at one another. My grandmother invites the young man in for coffee. My cousin whispers under her voice, “Granny, what are you thinking? Don’t let him into your house – he’s a drug addict!” Granny ignores this. She says, “I’ll do what I please. He won’t hurt me.”

    On several occasions over the years I have seen her take people in who had no place to go – inviting them to live in her house, giving them food, and money if they needed it – individuals that many people wouldn’t even speak to because they were known drug addicts or alcoholics or otherwise just plain misfits and “failures.” In other words, the “dregs” of society. No one in my family has ever understood what compels my grandmother to do this, and many worry for her safety. When questioned, all she ever says is, “I remember when we didn’t have any food,” referring to her own childhood.

    I certainly won’t claim that my grandmother in her kindness has ever “converted” any of these individuals. They didn’t stop being drug addicts or alcoholics or “thugs” just because she took them under her roof and fed them and treated them like human beings. Mostly, they just stayed for a while and then went back to their same way of life. So, many might say that even my grandmother’s charity was in vain – that she changed nothing and no one with her acts of kindness. In fact, I’ve heard people, my own family members, reprimand her, telling her how futile her efforts are. But I really don’t believe this. First of all, she wasn’t trying to “convert” anyone – she was just trying to help them. Secondly, I believe that, even if her kindness didn’t wholly transform the lives of any of the people to whom she was so kind, her kindness still had to leave some lasting impression upon them. I know it has left a lasting impression upon me.

    It has made me realize that we can reach out to people in need, even those who are supposedly “scary” or “dangerous,” because it is sort of like the tale of removing the thorn from the lions paw – the lion recognizes this act of kindness, respects it, and will not eat us. It has also made me realize that we need not travel to the other side of the world or even send a check in the mail to reach those who are in need. All we have to do is open our front door and take a look around – within the small circle of our nearest neighbors are those who need us the most and who can benefit from even the smallest acts of kindness, generosity and compassion.

    So, I think that my grandmother, in her small way, with her meager resources, has indeed changed the world. She did this simply by being who she is and by not caring what other people think or say. To many, her life might seem small and insignificant – she has never been anyone “important” and she never did anything “great,” she has no “successes” or “achievements” to advertise as the work of her life – and yet I think that her simple kindness has touched the lives of so many that she has greatly contributed to the harmony of our society and even to world peace.

    1. What an heritage! Loved to read what you grand-mother did to you by being simply who she was and doing for the other what she would have love to have receive, food when she had not, a roof when it was cold, a person who sees the other one from a soul to soul level and not based on apperances. Thank you. Jojo.

    2. Wonderful Savita! Heroic acts do not need to be big! Sweet little granny you have! :)

    3. Nancy says:

      Today’s prayer makes a lot of sense. It is true wisdom, which is why so many people in the world have trouble following it.

      Savita, I hope your family supports you as much as you did in this story. A lovely story.

    4. Alexandra says:

      I see my grandmother that lived in village. Quite same. I never wanted to think that way, but maybe people that live in country side had more respect for the important moments in life, for religion, nature.Maybe because they dont live a frenetic life.
      With the lion, I would not try , because a beast is a beast, for a lion eating is surviving. As a metaphor, is ok.

  11. Carolena says:

    Everything Does start with the individual, Very true. And nice story Aditya…

    1. aditya says:

      thnak u, it makes me like a little boy who cannot contain his happiness when one candy is in his mouth and another he is safely clutching in his first.


  12. THELMA says:

    So, I think, we will start from the … last, upwards!!
    We begin with our heart.. “KNOW THYSELF”…

    1. aditya says:


      that is the begining and that is the end too “Know thyself”


  13. On a pamphlet for the therapy of groups, group reunions at my Center, I cite Confucius which is similar to that prayer … it comes to the same, meaning to have order in the world, all starts with the person who needs to look into him self and see what is not in harmony, etc … I am well aware that for me going to make a difference at the “higher levels” is a fight that is not mine, but I can make and am doing what I can to make a difference with one person, a group, in my community, and now that another Warrior is doing the same in his territory. But before, I made the journey of coming in relation with myself, asking, searching and knocking to know who I was truly and why I reacted or had that attitude or why fears were there, how I reacted to them, etc … Light came for me, conscience, and I walk my path now to share the wonders that I discovered for myself and of the God that I have learn to know. I do not pretend to know the truth, all the truth about myself and/or God, I continue, asking, searching and knocking, to grow, to become more and more responsible of my actions, my words, my thoughts, the energy that comes from me. Peace came back in relation with me, and then became more present in relation to my children and them between them, extended to the relations to my neighbours instead of what was there before (judgment, incomprehension, internal conflicts, etc …) and when I walk and interact with my community, I have impact, communicate in simple ways the wonders I have discovered, love for my God who loves me because I am special and important to Him and never abandoned me.

  14. aditya says:

    As Obama says – the buck stops here.

    When paulo is so lovingly sharing prayers, let’s talk a little bit about prayerful attitude, afterall more than the prayer itself it’s the attitude that counts, anything said when one is in a prayerful state of being is a prayer ! no.

    recently i cam across a buddhist tale, i would have loved to copy paste it here, but unfortunately ( alas, now i would to work, huuhhh ! but i love it ) it’s lost and so i rewrite it for freinds.

    Buddha was sitting in his place, by the side of the river, in the warmth of the sun, enjoing his winter morning. Bhiku daya came and stood next to buddha, peaceful and serene. after sometime, less than a minute really, buddha looks lovingly at daya and asks, “yes?” “master my robe is old and torn at many places, it needs replacement”. “very well” said buddha ” meet Seth bhagwandas at noon today, he will help you”.

    few days later Buddha was just taking a stroll of the bhiku’s quarters when he came across daya, sitting radiantly and meditating. buddha too sat down and waited with his other people. Daya opened his eyes and on seeing the scene in front of him, fist he got up and then he immediately fell on the feet of his loving master. Buddha stroked his head which was of course shaven and then said ” how is the new robe, u look good in them” ” it is very fine master, thnak you”.
    “what did u do with the old one? did u throw it away ?”
    ” no master, i have used it to make bed sheet”
    “good good, u are a dear, and what have u done with the old bed sheet”
    “it was quite torn, we tore it further and made mops out of it”
    “now that is my boy, but what about the old mops, did u throw them?”
    “no master, we cleaned them and made wicks out of it, one of which is lighting the lamp in your room”
    buddha eyes were almost filled with tears of bliss and he dazzled his famous buddha smile, a smile which only buddha could manage.

    story over, sorry folks, i could not resist the temptation to play around a little with what i had read. anyway, the idea is that, when one is taking only that which one must from nature, when one is not being a ‘consumer’, then one is in prayeful state. possibly the kind of austerity daya was happy with is the solution to world problems be in environemtal ( so that we do on go on plundering mother nature to take that unnecessary print out ) or economic, when one can live with 100 dollers why does one need 1000. in our times such prudence and auteriry maybe considred ‘abnormal’ but at least a will in that direction is what i feel is being in prayer. then whatevosevr you say is a prayer.


    1. Alexandra says:

      I love todays quote.Thank you.

    2. Alexandra says:

      Hi Aditya,lovely story.

    3. Love Boudha’s lesson! Has power! And has I read, Savita’s grandmother came to my mind … Thank you for sharing. For the term “prayer”, like you probably know, for me, I do not pray God, I talk to him, share with him, and most of the time in silence … when I finish or have to terminate that close moment of relation, some say Amen, me I say “Que ta volonté soit faite” (You decide) because I know that then I will be where He needs me to be, where He knows I should be. Jojo.

    4. aditya says:

      Hi Alexandra, thank u.

      And Jojo, u are alreday in that state which is the fruit of being in prayer for long, when one can just live one’s life in accordance with unfolding times, without getting bitter about things, just doing one’s bit to improve things inone’s immediate environemnt, without bothering too much about what is politically corrcet as Savita granny ( and i hope savita too ) keeps on doing, it’s done.

      Our times are time of media, time instant information, time of glamour and fame, in such situations living a simply life simply is a great blessing one can bestow upon oneself. but then no rules, if someone is happy to aim and recah for stars, so be it.


  15. aditya says:


    yes ! as awlays,

    but let’s guard against,” oh ! if only i had done that yesterday….” guard against guikt that is, because that is the greatest weapon used against our betterment and gretaest impediement to begining of our journey ! i feel. no that we have not erres or will not in future, but we will get up that 8th time that n th time, for we are invincilbles !