Today’s Question by the reader : Martin

What is your vision about free online distribution?

For me internet is a way of being in touch with my readers and this contact has been priceless. I really enjoy having a direct contact, with no middle-men, with my readers.
In regards to online distribution, I have also always been very clear that I don’t consider pirating as “stealing” at all. I see this as a way of enabling the circulation of information and entertainment.
That’s why I created Pirate Coelho and constantly spoke about the necessity of changing our view about free online distribution.
You can read the speech I gave at the Frankfurt Book Fair, to have a more in depth grasp of what I mean.


  1. sido says:

    and can reading a book of Paulo coelho, like the valkyries, that i find thus

    une míªme recherche , un míªme chemin , une Vie, un chemin de Vie

  2. Christine McClure says:

    Yes I agree with direct contact, why wait for someone else and their opinion or the one with the money to publish, to tell us it is okay to speak to others. Christine

  3. THELMA says:

    ‘For me internet is a way of being in touch with my readers and this contact has been priceless. I really enjoy having a direct contact, with no middle-men, with my readers.’

    The direct contact with you, Paulo Coelho, has been priceless for me as well.. You have not been the ‘distant Star’.. I feel, I am ‘sharing’ your life, your success, your .. dreams.. I feel we are a big company here and any minute we can be ‘in touch’.. The feeling of loneliness and ‘Sunday afternoons’ has flown away.., because you have taught us that everything is possible and how to … dream and open our … wings again!! ;] The sky and clouds and aether and light are our natural … dwellings.. [where are you dear/est Paul from Austria??!! The cloud dweller. ;]]

  4. Alexandra says:

    Not always…There are people that can do it only alone,cant count on others.More,it has the duty to help others too. But I agree there are rare cases.

  5. Dances With Crayons says:

    May the desires of one’s heart always supercede another’s greed (and of course, it will)! Many blessings to all. LOVED the speech at Frankfurt Paulo – nice to see some light on the situation!!! Thank you : )

  6. You know what, I was there this morning, meditating, well speaking with my God, and then I had a flash about that subject. It came to my mind that story in the Bible where God divided the people, created different languages, when they were creating the Babel Tower. And I asked myself, if there was no Internet, like now, well I would be writing my material for the people I am helping, I would take in my community, in my surroundings … and I thought, what if a problem was created when we have had the genius to create planes, television, internet … I started going in another country, seeing another culture, yes, good, but then, compare it to mine, think this and that, start to put my philosophy, my way of viewing, etc … If Christopher Columbus had not come to Canada, Indians would still be here and their culture! An invention has a good intention, but we do not see the long term effect. I think that it is good to share what is the essence of each of us, spiritual essence, to get force, energize, but do we act in our community, do we take the essence of all that material and transmit in our community, by being, acting, doing, communicating? I know that I put many things now but this morning, I wonder why that theme of Babel came to mind while thinking of that question … I think that if every person would habit their territory, invest in it, create in it, transmit in it, and the other one did the same in the other, well, I have that sense of a big garden with enormous flowers and trees. Invasion … that is what destroyed …

  7. jjj says:

    The big problem with copyright today is that noone in the mainstream press bothered to think about it.We are all so used to not question the law and the MPAA/RIAA propaganda is so strong that noone stops to think why was copyright created and what it is suposed to do.
    So i’m gonna dare to ask for a favour,for me and you and the future,you must have access to some high profile journalists,ask one ,ask some of them to listen,to think about this.
    Copyright was created to protect the artists and stimulate the art but in it’s form today it does the oposite.A more relaxed copyright law could stimulate arts and the entire society could become better too.
    On one hand we have a handfull of corporation and on the other the interest of the entire society what do we choose?

    I’ll add a couple interesting links (got many more)

  8. Alexandra says:

    Well,if it is illegal what to talk about…Nobody desire to go to jail…

  9. When I read that question and your answer, well … no comment since I do not in my life what is related to Internet, etc …, is very basic. But I went to surf on Pirate Coelho, stopped myself to reflect of what that made me sense, and the only thing that comes if “Ah, when Fear, Desire of Control, Power, Money are in stake …” The word “free” takes a big place now. I created a Foundation that will offer the same resources that people obtain in private for those who cannot afford that kind of financial burden … for today. For I know that when the Light will operate, responsibility, building a dream, helping the soul take its place, that will change for the person who will benefit. Many need to receive the information, the lights of the others, and well, money is often an obstacle for them in the kind of societies that we built, being those that are not free to have because of power and dictatures, and those who are not fee to get because of the control and power of the ones in control financially, etc … So, for me, well, I thank God that I can go and get what I need, but having considered and taken into account my limits, and I thank God that I am able to just limit myself on Internet for my messages (professional domain) and for this blog. And I stop there! Because I know that this would occupy to much my time. When I read a book, I can be outside, or near the ones that I love, in my bed, take my book, travel … with Internet, well, I always look at the same window, and my laptop is too hot on my legs! All that to say that for me like everything excess is not good and well in inventing a mean, there is always the bright and dark side … the responsibility is of the user’s.

  10. I totally agree, and I will add that to really occupy that dream, I must become conscious of all the rays that compose it and emanates from it.

  11. aditya says:

    what is it about middle-men, no one likes them, but the world can hardly do without them. they walk away with most profits – the middle men,

    teh way civilisation progresses, what goes up what goes down, almost everything is decided not by the producers or teh consumers but by middle men.

    why should there be any price to any intellectual property. no one can produce any intellectual property on one’s opwn, society tecahes you ABC of both good and evil from where springs creativity. materialitic, consumers that we have become, people tend to put a price tag to everything. where are we headed, does anyone has any idea.


    1. Savita Vega says:

      I agree, Aditya. As my former spiritual teacher used to say, we must always remember that we can reach so high only because we are standing on the shoulders of others: our parents, our mentors, our exemplars, our ancestors…. The great works of all former generations compose the foundation of our current ideas and creations. For this reason, we must not become egotistical in estimating the value of our own contributions to the world. Without those who have come before us, we could do nothing.

      For this reason, it saddens me when I hear a contemporary song and mention something about it being a re-recording of an old tune, only to learn that someone of the younger generation has no idea what I am talking about. Just the other day, for example, my niece played a song that I recognized, not just as a re-recording, but as a sampling from an old 50’s Blues tune. She and her young friends were shocked when I told them the name of the artist whose voice they were actually listening to in that line of the song. They had no idea. By these sorts of examples, it is clear to me that sufficient credit is not always being given where it is due. And yet this very same generation of artists is eager to claim their own “property rights” and litigate at the slightest sign of infringement upon those rights.

    2. When I read you, what comes to me is that the property or rights title is like well a power that needs to be examined. When I created my concept, I am the thinker and the creator, and I go every day trying to get known and getting visible to reach the clientele that I need and that I wish to help. By doing so, I tell my concept, and I am well aware that it will give ideas, or that another one will take it and create also. That is the beauty of being a creator. In creating my concept, I want to share a way of thinking, of seeing, and I must accept that this will give ideas or be duplicated. But you know, I am the creator, and if one must talk of it, sing it, draw it, I am the best in that way. But in creating, I wanted to let people know, communicate, and am happy if another one takes it to do the same, but in respecting some limits … and again, why do I say that … my creation is for me, my brother and God and God, and so once the product is there, well, if God wants it heard, or if He likes it and wants it transmitted, well … He is the Owner of my creation. When I see all this subject, what comes to mind is a subtil theme of money, power … God gave me the talent, the inspiration for the creation. I was the instrument. And thank God, I received the day if was done, and I received more the day it was listened, and I received even more the day I got money, etc … And also, it brings me to create another thing, to be original, since now a copy or other has been done … that is the beauty of creation, to develop my talent in another song, another writing, another way of creating an event … For me, at the beginning and at the end, it is fulfilling my objective, be it making my dream a reality. But a dream that emanates from the soul, the inner, is never achieved but always on a continuum basis …