Fate x Destiny


  1. nidhi says:

    hello paulo,

    I dont know how to start but from the past few years i have been hearing voices, dreams regarding this man whom i am supposed to meet, i dont know the purpose as to why i was getting his dreams, but very recently i got to know that the person in my dreams is actually a very famous personality in the media industry. no matter how i try to escape i end up thinking about him, i tried to move away thinking all my dreams are utter useless ad that it wont work out, so i started to change and see other men in my life
    but the biggest surprise i got was when i heard the news that my dream man was coming to my town and i actually have an opportunity to meet him in two days time.
    my problem is that i am confused right now because i stopped following my dreams and started leading my regular life and have committed few mistakes which i would not have done if i was following my dreams. And i am also scared thinking, what if no magic happens between us after i meet him, i will be disappointing. Though i have made up my mind to meet him, i am not confident about myself
    please help me out


    i am very confused now, i dont know what to do, on one side i want to meet him because i have had his dreams, on the other side i am very unhappy because on my unpleasent way of living( not tat my way of living is bad, its jus that i was dating few men inbetween), i feel i cheated on god and on my dreams.. what am i supposed to do ??

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  3. Paola Rhoden says:

    A vida é uma missí£o. E a missí£o é a vida. Acompanhei o personagem pelo deserto como se lá estivesse. Abs.

  4. xavier says:

    hola, paulo
    dime como puede un homosexual sobrevivir a la soledad y a la depresion, se siente muchas sin ganas de vivir, sin metas en la vida, que se se debe hacer………… leeras algun dia esto…….

    1. walter says:

      no entiendo porque llevas tu rol sexual a todo? la soledad no es exclusiva, la depresion es un estado, no un fin. busca dentro de vos, de tu persona, hombre, mujer, ambos o ninguno, lo que tu corazon quiere de la vida.

  5. Hemanth says:

    Fate ,Destiny on one side and dreams ,choises on other side .. or make Dreams ur fate N Chose ur destiny

  6. Elahe says:

    Hi.you’ve helped me alot & its one of the abillity of books.now I’m in the way(I hope)but trustly…it’s so hard & I’m not sure enough Paulo.Anyway!thanks 4 every thing!

  7. littlemiss-s says:

    for important decisions to be made, how do u know whether the best thing for u to do is to leave it to fate or destiny or whether u should take immediate action yourself because of the risk of losing the thing that u want forever??just a dilemma i’m faced with…

  8. mieke says:

    a great book: in 2005 we made a multicultural performance around the theme of refugees; with a group of dutch and africans with acting, music and dance, inspired by this book of destiny….translated to:
    an african boy who leaves his country through the desert and marocco, spain to holland, survives, finds love and work and when he has done his integration-exams, he has to decide to stay or go back within diff. dilemma’s….
    we all lived with your texts for a year, just to get inspired and make our own performance.
    I have many foto’s for whenever you are interested i can make a picasa album to look at!
    I am just new on this, by facebook-fan and would love as well to read if you have shared already somewhere about how you get inspired to write and if you do research or just write of inspiration, and how many moves you make during the writing in changing the order of texts…?

  9. Veridiana says:

    Destino X Missí£o: O quíª vivenciamos ou o quíª deverí­amos vivenciar?

    Quí£o difí­cil resposta, principalmente, nesses nossos dias vertiginosos que descambam numa miscelí¢nia conceitual e que por vezes,torna uma coisa,outra e vice-versa.
    Estou í  procura, contudo, de minha missí£o. Acho que ao encontrá-la, encontrarei meu destino. Mas sou Bordeline e como é difí­cil, estando sob esse estado, definir algo.
    Minha única certeza é que adoraria ter sua perseveraní§a. Li sua biografia e confesso: como gostaria de ter 1/10 da determinaí§í£o desse cara!
    Um Grande Abraí§o pra ti!
    Veridiana (Recife/PE – Brasil)

  10. Roy says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I just read The Alchymist and I must say that it was one of the best I have ever read – if not the best. As a believer in the “superstring theory”, or the “entanglement” of all things and particles, the book really got me thinking of these things and reassured me that what is stated in the book really is true. All is one. Everything in the universe is somehow connected and thus the universe “talks” to you through signs and the strangest things. A good point is that the ability to listen to or see those signs has been lost for most people, since the modern society is moving further and further away from nature and is getting more materialistic. Everyone has the ability deep down though. I believe we are all part of one common consciousness, but we have “forgotten” how to stay connected to it. Thank you so much for this book! /Roy.

  11. adios says:

    she what they told her not to, turned her back and looked back……

  12. Polter says:

    My best friend and I was discussing things about the past, and we were analyzing the events that happen in relation to what he “sees”. We’re not sure if he has a vision of some sort but every time he see flashes of images in his mind it tends to happen. Does mean that its fate? or its just what he sees and people chooses that path?

    Love and prayers

  13. Marta Adriana says:

    Dear Paulo!

    What is the book the sheperd boy is never able to read? the one that is about people’s inability to choose their own destiny? Is it Ulysses by James Joyce?
    I remember having read that is a very important book in terms of language use and critics adore it. It is presented in a very complicated way and almost nobody has read it. It seems it has a lot of monologues that flow like a person’s thoughts and pays tribute to Homer’s Odissey. I looked for it at Wikipedia and read one paragraph about cleaning corpses. This might be the burial in the snow you mention in The Alchemist.
    It’d be very kind of you to answer my question. But if you can’t I´ll understand. I prefer to imagine you walking to sitting five hours at the computer.I really appreciate the effort you do to cultivate communication with your readers.
    Lots of love

  14. Harish says:

    Hi Paulo,

    I have read The Alchemist 3 times now in my life..when I was a teen..book made me think for sometime. again read it, when I was in my first job..I felt this book means something..now..I read it again..it has lots of meaning and a lot to unravel..The reason I’m posing in this blog is..every time I push myself hard towards my goal..God tests me with another huge problem which makes me lose my focus on my goal..and it makes me hate God. Coming back to Fate X Destiny..can I change my fate if I follow the signs of life..if that is the case what is the purpose of God.

    I thank you from my full heart for your thoughts.


    1. Sunil says:

      Mr. harish,
      can u give me some refernce of Indian writers who have written on fate and destiny plz.

  15. Aminah says:

    I personally do not believe that things are predetermined for one in life. It does not seem to be fair or logical at all.

    I think that the way things are and will be in our lives (the present and the future) are all consequences of the choices that we make on daily basis.

    I believe that first of all it is us who have the greatest power to influence and change our own lives for better or for worse rather than anybody or anything else.

    For example, say you were supposed to live up to the age of 90, as according to your or somebody else’s beliefs, but you were leading terribly poor and unhealthy lifestyle – do you think you will still live up to the age of 90?
    Or say someone was supposed to win in a particular tournament or beauty contest but he/she actually never went for it or gave up in the middle of it and quit – is this person going to win?

    And how can one know anyway what is his purpose on this planet for sure? Its all our assumptions and guesses. Nobody can know for sure how you will end up – its only probabilities we base things on. This is my opinion.

    We all have a free will and we have been given a power to live our lives the way we want to, having to pay for our so called mistakes and learn from experiences.

    Most of the time we know anyway what the consequences are going to be, how things are going to be. However, life is like a lottery – whatever choice you make – you will never know what you are going to get – you can only assume.

    So my advice is – live your lives in the way so that you would not have to regret a thing. Fear nothing and reach for your dreams! Don’t let anything stop you or anyone tell you that things are not possible because your life is predetermined!

  16. Angela says:

    Hello Paulo, I read your book for the first time last week…it moved me tremendously but it also left me asking many questions in my own life…I was a strong advocate that fate is a the driving force in determining our destiny…and now I am not so sure…but in the absence of a “personal legend” not sure what I WANT to do in this great life…how do i determine my own destiny…fulfill my obligation if i don’t know what my dream entails? Does this mean my life is aimless?

  17. Andrea says:

    i’m so shocked… i’ve read all this comments and opinions and now, i feel happy and touched by such a beautiful thoughts. i appreciate that Mr Paulo Coelho could give us the opportunity to state our thinkings , experiencies, life, love, hope, etc. this is a wonderful blog. THANK YOU all of the people who wrote in this page!!

  18. Victoria says:

    My own destiny lead me to read The Alchemist once more, quite recently, and I found this site and this discussion. The multiple synchronicities involved in the chapter of my own experience as it relates to having re-read this book, are literally fantastic. I simply wanted to offer a deep bow of profound appreciation and gratitude, that you chose the life you did, brother, and – after choosing – had the strength and faith to pursue your own personal legend, for you pull a great host of uplifted beings along with you. There are books which serve as a signature of an age, and without question The Alchemist is among the most obvious of such books. Where do you suppose we are in the process as a world? I’d say late separation… I hear rumors of conjunction – I must, and I have faith…

  19. francesca says:

    destiny and fate,
    this subject is haunting my whole life

    There are times when I really believe we can create change with only or thoughts. I do believe that you attract what you radiate. I do believe thoughts can create our (perception of) reality. But I do not think that everybody who reads ‘the secret’ and does enough positive affirmations becomes a beauty-queen or rich, just by believing in it. Sometimes fate seems to point us in a direction we didn’t expect but when we look back we see it was exactly what we needed. sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish the dreams that come from the soul and the dreams that come from the ego. But maybe in the journey towards an illusion we discover our true dreams. I like to believe so.

    I believe God or the Godess knows our deepest dreams and that she can guide us towards it. There is a beautiful prayer of Kahlil Gibran that I love: (i don’t remember the exact words)

    give my the courage to change what I can change
    and the strenght to accept what I can’t change
    and the wisdom to know the difference

    There are times when I don’t know anymore what direction I should go, when I feel lost, and at these moments this prayer gives my hope that I am going forward in the right direction, although the road is misty, god knows where to.

    I do believe in positive thinking, but at the same time I believe in gods intervention and guidance if we are open to it. For my predestination is that I feel destined to a certain path. My choice is in following that path and asking gods guidance, but I do not foresee or want to control anything that is going to happen on that path. I believe God will take care of these things. This doesn’t mean i sit back my whole life and wait. It just mean my planning stays open for unexpected vistors, happenings, Gods miracles. We have to follow our freams, yes. But, there must be always some space for the unexpected to manifest. That’s why I don’t totally agree with Oprah and other teachers of positive thinking. I feel we would not know the light if we wouldn’t experience the dark from time to time. So pain or suffering is for my not necessairely a sign I am on the wrong path. Light and dark are part of the seasons, part of life. I would hate it if it were summertime all my life.

    1. francesca says:

      thank you Luminata,
      you give also a beautiful metafore for life
      and I undertood you perfectly!

      by the way
      the bridges of madison county is one of my favourite movies :-)


    2. Daniel says:

      Lovely Francesca! Without winter there would be no summer, and I agree, pain and suffering are part of every path, every life. How can the path you are on be anything other than the one meant for you?
      Kalil Gibran also likens us to bows which the divine uses to shoot forth the arrows that are our children towards their destiny. And as Paulo has so beautifully put it, our wounds will help us. Love what is! The path, like love, simply is!

      Love to you!


    3. Andrea says:

      i really love the way you expressed your idea about fate and destiny, i agree with you the fact that God guides us, and we could reach any of our goals if we trust in him. it’s all about BELIEVING and TRUSTING that he will be by our side always. we should be the instruments of God in this world.

    4. Sandra says:

      The prayer you are quoting is known as the Serenity prayer, and is as follows:

      “God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

  20. Gilberto says:

    I will agree the topic of fate and destiny has always intrigued me, though I had developed a slightly different definition of growing up.

    I guess I went with the saying that “Fate lies in our own hands” in the sense that one has the choice to live up to their destiny or not. The quote was both figurative and literal to me when I helped a friend deal with an issue of thoughts of suicide and not believing in a dream becuase the world came crashing down on them so hard, as a young teen (dealing with divorce and possible abuse).

    Furthermore, my belief of this philosophy continued through my studies in wanting to be an engineer noting that both hands-on and critical thinking were part of the process, yet both were required to make a difference. Additionally, after studying and practicing traditional Japanese Martial Arts and sword, the person has the ability to either unarm an opponent or permenantly disable one with the swift of a blow, throw, or cut depending on location and depth.

    Then, after reading both “The Alchemist” and “Warrior of the Light”, I honestly feel the philosophy is reinforced (BTW I try to read a page of the Warrior of the Light almost as religiously as reading a Bible Passage).

    My point for this, I welcome any discussion of this and a great thanks to you Mr. Coelho for helping me to reach out to my dreams again and revitalizing my spirits to listen and see the omens of guidance for life.

    Much love and appreciation amigos!

  21. soha says:

    I liked your analysis of destiny and fate. Really… this issue appeals to me all continuously.

  22. Thanks for the Alchemist: it changed my life

  23. Alx says:

    I was struck by the reply the Arab fighter gives santiago in one of the interchanges He says “Today is as good a day to die as any other”
    To me I read it that we live for today because tomorrow never comes -it is so uncertain and not guaranteed. In fact there are no guarantees in life except physical death.

  24. Claudia says:

    I love the quote:

    “There is no such thing as luck, only preparation meeting the moment of opportunity” Oprah Winfrey

    We have to prepare the path to our destiny, so that when Fate provides us with a moment of opportunity, we are ready for it!

    1. Alexandra says:

      Yeah, another definition for luck…

  25. Tes says:

    If destiny is our own choice, and fate is the result of our choice,then it is us who write our own Maktub?

  26. Antara says:

    Dear Paulo and readers,
    I’m wondering if sometimes it is necessary for us to forgo our small dreams which are of lesser priority to fulfill the greater ones?


  27. Dances With Crayons says:

    WOW, This is really important, because in certain instances, I allowed others to choose for me, and felt very sad inside, losing myself. I seem to need to go through certain experiences first hand sometimes, like testing myself. God gave us free will and the power to Love. Through choices made now, I hope to reach my destiny!! Thank you god, Thank You Paulo, Love to All xo

  28. Thao Bui says:

    Fate and destiny is such a strange concept for me. At times, I want to believe in fate and destiny, that perhaps our road has been paved for us, but at the same time, we have to really work hard to get what we want in life. Maybe the harder we work, fate will work in our favor? – I’m simply not sure what the difference is. From your response to dear Aditya’s comment, I am assuming that you believe that fate is not under our control while destiny is?


  29. Ema says:

    Hi. I think that these workshops are great! Fantastic job, Paulo.

    Is possible a soul to die in a human body? And how?

  30. Alexandra says:

    I thought from your writings that you can be an humanist. I saw many critics did agree. From your lines one might understand that you strongly believe in hidden powers of people, in their capacity to change their faith. I loved that, because after all God wants for His favorite creation only the best.Here I thought you have similar ideas with Eliade…dont mind . And the adventures mingled with miracles, that a common boy is able to accomplish, shows your believe that man have all the qualities that needs to fulfill the dream, everybody can make it.Hope the term “humanist” is not my mistake?

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Dear Alexandra,
      I don’t take this as a mistake at all. It’s an honor.
      Much love

    2. Alexandra says:

      Thank you dear Paulo. I love this workshop, now you help me to clear my mind.

  31. aditya says:

    For one one is mostly refered to with reference to past like it was feted to be like this, or it was my/his/her fate to ….whatever, while destiny is refered to with reference to future. destiny deals with destination, destination is always in future.

    fate cannot be changed as it is alrady referring to past, while destiny is also unchnagebale. it’s everyone’s destiny to be enlightned finally. that destiny is beyund time, while we are subjectt o time and space, destiny gets made continuously, it’s like a compueter program which is there working, but like a free source code stuff, it goes on chnaging also. destiny can be changed, by changing oneself.

    but problem is that we should not tinker with anything, live happily and chase dreams as kids chase butterflies, as warriors take to contest fights, because suppose one is given absolute power to change one’s destiny, one is taken to the wishfullfilling tree, our intellect, our brain is not capable of handing so much freedom and power, we will harm ourselvs.

    get up with his/her vision in your mind, sleep with her/his vision and do everything under the sun, keeping that visiosn in your heart. everything else is inconsequential.


    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      I completely agree “get up with his/her vision in your mind, sleep with her/his vision and do everything under the sun, keeping that visiosn in your heart. everything else is inconsequential.”

    2. aditya says:

      Thank You, Sir

      as they say in french ‘merci’ ( i don’t know excatly what it means, but i like the sound of it and whatever i think it means )

      But sir, u break my heart, no dear aditya, no ‘much love’ for me. ahhhhh.


    3. sido66 says:

      When reading this post , i wonder: during the events spiritual intense , I do not dreamed more; why?
      ( That is dreaming new that I realized that I do not dream more since 6 months : strange …)

    4. Anna Marie says:

      Dear Aditya,

      Very well said about fate and destiny. Fate is in the past, destiny is in the future. Now I wonder, where does Maktub fit in here. Maktub might be the present, the will, the desire of the individual personal legend and that of the soul of the world.

      So Maktub, it is written, it was meant to be. It is the present since it can be the past or the future. Dear Paulo, I would love to hear your opinion on this and also yours Aditya.

      And do not worry Aditya, dear Paulo must have only overlooked it. I will say ‘Much love’ for him.
      Much Love,
      Anna Marie

    5. aditya says:

      HI Anna,

      thanks for your much love, it’s appreciated and reciprocated.

      where does Maktub fit in here ? i liked this word so much when i first read it in paulo’s writings, maktub !

      There have been / are people who can see the present, past and future too, so in a way it’s all written, that also means there are no saints and sinners, no right or wrong, in an absolute sense, all is written, like a play. where does the question of our efforts in such a scenario. it’s a bit confusing, that is why it is a called ‘maya’ illusion.
      Happenings in our life are predetermined, but our response to it is not necessarily prederetmined, there is a default recation which we will give automatically, subconsiously, if we have not made efforts to awaken ourselves.

      enlightned masters like zesus have called us asleep, asleep even when we are supposedly awake, that is because we go on gettiing dictated by our default recactions. The moment one starts to excet his/her own authority over oneself, the moment one starts to choose his her response, one has started awakening, as one grows in consiosuness, one modifies one’s ‘what is written’.

      To me it appears this whole debate is good for a good debate and them to be forgotten, life is here and now, always in the present, if me make the best use of the present, and that best use is simply by being fully available to the present, not lost with some past fate or some future destiny, we as human beings need not bother much with the rest.


    6. Anna Marie says:

      Dear Aditya,

      Thank you for your response. I understand what you are saying, but at one point you are contradicting yourself. You say happenings in our lives are predetermined. If that were so, destiny would not be since it is in the future, and all would be fate.

      Predetermined by whom? I believe I gave a better meaning to it, it is the present, as it is the past, fate and as it could be the future. And yes I agree we need to be available to the present to be fully in the now, to live to the fullest as our dear Paulo.

      I do hope we will meet someday dear Aditya, maybe at Paulo’s yearly party.

      Anna Marie

    7. aditya says:

      Insa Allah Marie, we will meet someday, maybe in paulo’s Party.

      at many places things appear contracictory, but see it from my eyes, contracdiction may become less pronounced. U have put it in a nice manner, yes.


    8. ankit says:

      hi aditya,
      what are ur views or what u think that how a person can realize his destiny?i mean are there any signs to recognise or something like that.

    9. aditya says:

      Hi ankit,

      to be honest with you, i don’t know ! an indicator can be that when you are pursuing something which is in line with your destiny then the activity, the work itself gives you pleasure, it is nbot as if the pleasure will come with the final outcome.


  32. Aditya Damarwulan says:

    What is the difference between fate and destiny?

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Dear Aditya,
      fate is blind, manipulated by absent Gods. In this mindset, there is no space for free will.
      Destiny on the other hand, is a path that lays in front us. It is the path that will make us complete because it is the way of our dream. We choose to walk this path. We can also choose to avoid it. He are always free when confronted with destiny.
      Much love

    2. Aditya Damarwulan says:

      Thank you for your answer, I hope I can follow my destiny.

    3. Alexandra says:

      Aha, now I understood…Thank you.

    4. Savita Vega says:

      I love this definition! Thank you!

    5. sarah says:

      Dear Paulo,
      we are studying your marvelous “Ahe Alchemist”,and I have a little presentation about making a distinction between fate and destiny throughout your novel, and how did you mirror your own perspective in this matter.
      Now if you are saying that in fate “there is no space for free will”…and if you are saying that “destiny is what you have always wanted to accomplish…to realize your destiny it’s your mission on earth”.(and this was saying on the lips of the old man to Santiago)
      The question is : where would our dream,our mission on earth,our destiny go if fate confronts us?


  33. Beatrice Martins says:

    I just believed in mine and did the crazy thing!!