1. grace says:

    love how Fatima represents obstacle 2 that you described in your conversations with your master. that if they truly love us, they will want us to be as happy as possible. we shouldn’t be afraid to lose them, because they will go where we go

  2. Anni says:

    I’m so very glad I’ve stumbled upon this forum because the character of Fatima has actually bothered me for quite some time. The Alchemist is very well written and left me very inspired, but there was a part of the literature that almost caused me to dislike the novel regardless of the significant positive impact it had on my life.
    My concern about Fatima’s character arises from the fact that she basically just waited for the male character to pursue his journey. I felt disquieted at the lack of interest the she had towards discovering her own personal legend. The fact that it was Fatima’s destiny to wait at home while Santiago went out and followed the plan the universe had in store for him, was very upsetting to me.
    I initially overlooked the facts that she is the only leading female character, and happened to be defined mainly by her physical appearance. But when I learned that her second defining characteristic was her willingness to wait for Santiago while he follows his personal legend it made me very sad.
    I’ve kind of had this topic in the back of my head for a while and although I’ve recommended ‘The Alchemist’ to numerous friends and even gifted a copy to a friend, no one has ever seemed to be bothered by Fatima’s character, why wasn’t she given a personal legend of her own? Thank you for your time!!!

    1. adrenaline says:

      Though i feel like you have read this book and analysed it in great depth…but still ill still like to share what i felt. Fatima did become overwhelmed by the journey Santiago offered….but she found her personal legend by standing firm by her rules and values…which all told her to be the woman of the desert she was! When Santiago told her of his dream…she dreamt of one as well….her dream was her true love returning and to await for that moment…and so she followed this dream, also insuring her personal legend…which she achieved when Santiago later returned. Perhaps with the finding of true love she found her personal legend. and perhaps it is legendary to stay away for someone you immensely love.

  3. Salam says:

    I love when their eyes first met !! and how the time stood still, and the fact that they know that they are each other destiny .
    dear Paulo, you write love so beautifully.
    I wish that people quit their pride and open their hearts more .

  4. Lisandro says:

    Paulo….hace 4 años me sente delante de un ordenador como este soñando con la idea de escribirte cosas, de explicarte todo lo que tu significabas para mi, con ganas de agradecerte a gritos lo que habias conseguido o mejor dicho me habias ayudado a conseguir….hace 4 años me lei el alquimista (como mucha gente) y (como mucha gente) decidi dejar todo en busca de mis sueños, y emprendi mi aventura siempre con tus libros a mi lado, y segun pasaban tus libros esas ganas iterribles de hablar con vos crecian enormemente. Los lei TODOS….

    CADE paulo?
    Donde estas Paulo?
    en que te ocupaste?
    no estaras ocupandote vc de los colores que mas venden de esas tapas casi 3d de tus ultimos libros ?
    seguramente aquellos mails que te enviaba ( pero recibia un ordenador) eran mas bonitos, pero ya ves.

    …no se, pasaron casi 5 años y estoy un poco cansado, quemado y triste en un pueblecito surfero (zarautz,españa)trabajando en la 6ta o 7ma (por media europa) temporada de verano y a 15000 kms de casa… o sera porquer de repente tus libros me hicieron enfadar…

    de cualquier forma, gracias por lo que me diste, y Dios nos ilumine

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      no soy yo quien elige las tapas. Pero me alegro que sean visibles. Se te enfadas…que Dios te ilumine

  5. depress khusi says:

    she iz a character in every teenagers..
    on chains of wisedom
    strong and unconditional trust in love or may be blind faith

  6. Jenn Besonia says:

    Does “love at first sight” like what happened to Fatima and the boy really exists? If it does, does it STILL exist?
    Usually it’s just “attraction” right?
    I can’t help wondering.

  7. Yury Netessov says:

    Сантьяго считал дочку суконщика главной женщиной
    в своей жизни…
    Да,она и осталась ею.
    Это любовь к своей соотечественице,ровестнице. Он вернулся к ней в свою родную Андалузию.
    Это натоящее.
    А Фатима и сокровища это выдумка.
    Чтобы это понять достатчно прочитать в Библии в 1 книге Моисеева с гл.37 про Иосифа (Сантьяго) и 2 книгу Моисеева Исход про коварство ,жестокость,упрямство,
    Ненависть к иноверцам египтян.
    Ни за какие деньги,заслуги они бы не отдали Сантьяге Фатиму.
    Найти сокровища в Испании в старой церкви так же не возможно,как и у нас в России.
    Все уже давным давно разрыто и растащено.
    Santiago draper’s daughter thought the main female
    in his life …
    Yes, she left it.
    This love for his compatriot, peers. He returned to it in his native Andalusia.
    This is reality.
    And Fatima and treasure this invention.
    To understand this enough read the Bible in 1 book of Moses with gl.37 about Joseph (Santiago) and 2 books of Moses Exodus about the perfidy, cruelty, obstinacy,
    Hatred for infidels Egyptians.
    Not for any money, services they would not give Fatima to Santiago, .
    Find the treasure in Spain in the old church just is not possible, as we have in Russia.
    All have long since dug and pillaged.

    1. Nadia says:

      Why You so negative, You didn,t have love in you life, when your spirit almost fly, and everything is possible, open your heart and I wish meet Your Love. Nadia

  8. arabian princess says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I wanted to tell you that I have lived your quote of the week ‘I believe that when we look for love courageously, it reveals itself, and we attract even more love. If one person really wants us, everyone does. But if we’re alone, we become even more alone. Life is strange…’ A man told me to read the Alchemist. There was a strong spiritual attraction between us and as that was happening a strange phenomenon happened to me many men were attracted to me some younger and some older. I thought it very strange at the time as I had never experienced it before.
    The story of the Alchemist has changed my life and I feel alot like Fatima. I found my Alchemist and we became friends and he helped me become an alchemist too. Except we face the fourth obstacle.

  9. Allison says:

    “The boy went to the well everyday to meet with Fatima. He told her about his life as a shepherd, the king, and the crystal shop. They became friends, and except for the fifteen minutes he spent with her, each day seemed that it would never pass”p.96
    I don’t like the way Paulo Coelho introduced Fatima in the book. It seemed too abrupt and irrelevant at the moment. She just showed up and then she was gone. He should have spent more time describing her so that we would feel a connection with her when Santiago misses/ talks about her. But we don’t because the time Santiago spent with her went by too fast.

    1. Osho Sidhant says:

      Well said
      U forgot one thing, santiago in the novel is a maniac, lost after his aim. Had he concentrated more on fatima, then u cudn’t expect a firm and dogwilled santiago. At the well ,he felt like eternity, n all laws of einstien wereapplied….. Relativity…. That is alll ….. Sir paulo is correct and apt in his definition of fatima..
      osho sidhant

  10. FatimaMK1 says:

    I didn’t get how Santiago and Fatima could just ‘know’ that they loved each other at the very moment that they met! Like I get how people say they had love at first sight, but the scene was just too fast!! And I can’t believe that Santiago said to Fatima, “‘I came to tell you one thing,’ the boy said. ‘I want you to be my wife. I love you.'” that completely threw me off board! Like how can someone know in one day that they really love someone and want to spend the rest of their life with them?? Like that was very fast, too fast!! And the detail wasn’t enough for my taste, I like a whole lot of detail in a book and this one just didn’t have enough detail in general and in this scene for me.

    1. Steve says:

      Maybe you will know when you are presented with such a case.
      I am in love with the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Not only outwardly beautiful, her soul her spirit, her kindness are the epitome of unconditional love.
      Anyways…after our first kiss we were in love. Mind you, I kissed her spontaneously while we were just friends.
      Discussions followed and she said she had felt drawn to me…I also felt the same.
      If there weren’t complications in our situation we could have married months if not weeks after that first kiss. We had love at first sight…the kiss opened our eyes to the love that we didn’t realize we had for each other.

      Although not as quick as the love for Fatima, ours came on quickly and has washed over us time and time again.

  11. Marta Adriana says:

    I look up to her.
    No matter that love is what gives meaning to her life she sets him free.
    She even encourages the boy to leave her.
    No clinging to a man allowing him to fulfill his destiny.
    What a challenge for a woman.
    I love the part where she frevently says that if she is part of his Legend he’ll come back one day.
    What faith.
    I also love when she decides to send him kisses with the wind.
    This way ,they will be united in the level that escapes five senses.

    1. How adorable was that!!!!!! OH just Too cute!
      Thanks Jane!

  12. Santiago says:

    “I’m coming, Fatima” :D

  13. ksenija says:


    Fatima is my beloved feminine character.She inspire me.


  14. Hello Heart!

    I didn’t forget you! You had asked me to tell you about the number connecting to Fatima. Well, I’m here to tell you, but you are very right about it being private. I will say that a main connection has been through a recurring dream I have had repeatedly since my teens, as well, there have been so many signs, recurring signs, and what not that I couldn’t even begin to tell you. And I will use the Alchemists words to tell you why. Because:

    “When you possess great treasures within you, and try to tell others of them, seldom are you believed.”

    Another genius quote from The Alchemist. I have experienced this to be true many times, so I am speaking from experience and not by rote.

    So Fatima as I believe Paulo named after The Lady of Fatima. ‘The Lady’ appeared in Fatima Portugal to three children who professed that they all had visions of The Virgin Mary, on the 13th day of the Month, for six consecutive months. So The Lady of Fatima is another name for The Virgin Mary. There’s a long interesting story behind all this, but to keep it short, the Roman Catholics built a church called The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima in Fatima Portugal venerating the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    As you may know, The Assumption of The Virgin Mary is celebrated on August 15th, which is the day I was born. This is a big festival, celebration and Holy day of obligation for Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics. For example in Greece, 8/15 is a mandatory holiday, it’s a major day of feasting where they sacrifice sheep and drink and celebrate. And funny thing, I just recently found out about this on my trip to Greece last Summer. Mamma Thelma would know about this!

    My birthday’s coming up, I should perhaps go to Greece, what a big celebration I’ll have in the whole country! Now that’s what I would call a Birthday celebration ;)

    So that’s the connection of Fatima and my birthday, Aug. 15.

    1. Heart says:

      Carolena dear,

      Pardon me, but I have to laugh reading your words. You are sweet! Being born on one of the feast days of Our Lady, or the Virgin as Paulo often refers to her, sure means you have Her protection and a special connection to her. Yes, I know of the apparition of Our Lady in Portugal, which often is described as ‘The Miracle of the Sun Dancing’, and you are so correct, Paulo probably named his Fatima, after this apparition. It is so beautiful to be close to the Mother of God, you are a very lucky lady who found her :)

      H :)

    2. What’s so funny Heart? why the laugh?? :)

    3. Heart says:

      Oh, what you write is just so adorable! Your repeated dreams and signs are very, very fascinating. They are divine messages to you, and I’m very curious where this will take you. Already you won Paulo’s Witch project, because your contribution WAS THE BEST. From all the movie interpretations I watched, no doubt yours was the most beautiful, and showed the Athena I had pictured in my mind. Who knows, perhaps you will be THE ONLY ONE who can give us a picturesque version of the worldwide beloved Alchemist fable. As close as you are to Fatima, and also you understand Santiago, like few else, it’s so obvious you’d create a wonderful cinematic masterpiece. Why I was laughing, is probably, because I am very close to Our Lady myself. And it was just funny to hear your enthusiastic presentation of the vision the children had in Fatima, Portugal. Hildegarde is smiling too, I cannot explain it, you just made me smile :) Paulo…as the Virgin would have said; ‘They have no Alchemist movie’ (they have no wine..in the wedding in Canaan), and Jesus performed his first miracle. Our Lady didn’t tell him what to do, just pointed to a need, and let Him decide.


    4. Hello Heart!

      Wow, your words are so Sweet! Thank you! Everybody did great!

      What you are saying sounds Sublime!!That would be WOW! :D

      Thank you for the reply, reading it was funny too! :)

      Amor! ;)

  15. Dances With Crayons says:

    This song reminds me of the book, a spirit singing in Santiago’s thoughts as he travels (before he meets Fatima):

    Love to All, Jane : ) xo

  16. Satora says:


    I sent it again…don’t tell me you lost it again….

    With loving kindness


    1. Satora,

      :) Thank you so much, I received it!
      I will take a look and reply to you in email!

      Thank you very much Satora,

  17. Eliza says:

    I read The Alchemist, and while reading the book, experienced many signs; almost so many I could write a book about them all. I somehow just found this page, and even that is a “coincidence” but one thing that really just got to me is the 815 reference in Carolena’s post. I have certain numbers that I just are always coming to me, and 815 is a set that I’ve been trying to figure out why. BTW the person that gave me The Alchemist, wound up being my twinsoul; he’s now off on a journey to find his dream…

  18. Satora says:

    Dear Carolena,

    The number “8” is your “life lesson”.(Same for you as for Paulo) But there are other numbers involved:
    your soul number, your outer self, your destiny, your development, your maturity and the 4 zeniths. Your life lesson no. 8 has 7 levels (so do the other numbers).

    With loving kindness,


    1. Satora,

      That’s quite interesting. I would be interested to know how to calculate the soul number as well as the others. Won’t you elaborate?

    2. Satora says:

      I have sent you the info to your email at carolenasabah.com.

      With loving kindness,


    3. Satora, somehow it came into my spam folder, I lost it trying to move it, if possible, can you please send it again?
      Thanks so much!

  19. Tes says:

    Perseverance is Maktub!

  20. Alexandra says:

    Ahhh, thank you Carolena for insisting so much. Thank you Paulo for replying to us. Very interesting inspiration, but I think the character is not only built upon that vision, but is the point where from the character start to be alive? Do you think it could be a Fata Morgana?

  21. Heart says:

    Thank you Paulo, for giving in to us. As Annie says, a magnificent vision. It is right there, in the story; ‘…Fatima arrived and filled her vessel with water. I came to tell you just one thing, the boy said. I want you to be my wife. I love you’.

    You moved your vision, who you named Fatima, from the pyramids to the well in the oasis. May I ask how the woman was holding the jar? Did she hold it on her shoulder, or in front of her. Did you see her fill the jar with water? Was she as if an historic figure from biblical times, or was she as a modern Egyptian? How close did you see her? Did you see her face, her eyes? And, have you seen her again at any time? These might be too private questions to ask. So forgive me if you don’t want to tell us EVERYTHING.

    If you are still looking for her, please come and see us, here, here, me, me. I’m her, Annie is her, Carolena is her. I have some photos taken of me in the desert standing in a water with a jar on my shoulder, but there were no pyramids there. I’ll give you a copy of them, if I get to know you really well.

    We love you so much,

    1. Heart! you’re so funny!! Let’s draw numbers, see who gets picked. haha… But you know what I Just realized, shortly before meeting Paulo I wrote a poem/story. A short poem, and it had to do with water. It’s titled ‘The Power Of Prayer’ and it’s all about the properties of water. I honestly cannot say that it was my intention or even a conscious effort on my part to write about water. Definitely not, but I do remember how it got written.

      I was in bed just about to fall asleep when the entire poem got written in my head. Every line just came into my head and normally, I have to write it right away or else I forget it later for sure. But I didn’t even feel the need to move because just as the poem came, it was there and I knew that I would remember it in the morning and sure enough, I woke up and wrote it all down.

      I think the connection of my poem to Fatima’s jug and water is interesting.

      But Heart, I think we’re pushing our luck asking Paulo for more info on Fatima… but it doesn’t hurt to try ;) Good job! ;)

    2. Heart says:

      Dear Carolena,

      Thank you dear. I hope its like when my grandmother drew numbers, and we all won. Hehe.

      I found your numerology very interesting indeed, how the universe in signs can convince you there is a special meaning between you and Paulo. How beautiful of you to write the poem with water. Water is life. In psychology, dreams about water, is often interpreted as sexual dreams. You also say you have found a number that connects to Fatima. I’d be delighted to hear how. What meaning does Fatima have to you? I understand this is VERY private, and please don’t say more than you want to. It might be better to keep that to yourself.

      Yes the image of a woman with a jug, has been explored in art. The jug, I think can be symbol of the womb, and the woman offering life giving water. Always, if I see old biblical movies, I find the women in them look so feminine and beautiful, a timeless softness.

      I think Paulo should “Summon us” (an expression he uses in WSA) to a special Fatima session face to face. He doesn’t seem to mind being pushed a little bit?

      Did you hear Enigma’s Fatima…the refrain sounds like whispering Fatima…but I could only find a pretty poor recording. The music is divine..and this was recorded in Brazil. Hope you will enjoy it;


    3. Bingo! haha

      Thank you Heart, for that information. I found it Very interesting. Never really looked into the symbolism of the jug.
      I didn’t find Enigma’s Fatima anywhere, would love to hear it if you can find a link for the song!

      What a wonderful idea, ‘summon’ us to a face to face!!

      Ok, I will write more on the connection to Fatima, just not right now because I’m feeling… a little dangerous. The moon has entered Taurus, so must be the bull bullheadedness I am feeling right now. Later I will!

      I have been seeing a lot of water in my dreams lately, I’ve seen the ocean and pools. Lots of water!

      Wow, silly me!! I just saw your link! Agh….
      Yes, I’ve heard that song before, but didn’t know it’s called Fatima. It’s beautiful. The beginning must be Latin, although I don’t understand it, in the beginning there is a part where it says ‘siretzin eiraroo’ and in Armenian that means -they loved each other. Always every time,that part, I think it says that.

      Yes Paulo, won’t you ‘Summon’ us to a special Fatima session face to face??

      I will write more later! Thanks again Heart!

  22. Dances With Crayons says:

    When reading the book I thought of Love. Not knowing about human love, this is an adventure for me. Fatima is a beautiful name, unheard of (by me) until reading The Alchemist, yet, the essence of her meant a couple of things. One, acknowleging my own other half, (what they call in my culture, a tom-boy). Second, I saw Fatima as being love, a sacred love. I identify with Fatima, because love is god; giving, patient and waits. There is so much to learn. I love this topic and this whole story so much!! Thank You Paulo, Love to All xo

  23. Fatima !! what to say about this character ..

    simply i will like to marry with gal like Fatima


    1. Heart says:

      Yogeshkadvekar you are funny! With your humor she probably will say yes!

  24. Oksana says:

    Dear Paulo, dear all,

    As far as the character of Fatima is concerned, I have a commentary which, I hope, will be interesting for you.
    When The Alquemist was first published in Russia, one of my friends read it and put it directly into her practice (she is a psychologist). She started a course of group therapy for women under the idea: FATIMA – The Art of Loving a Man. She insisted that the ability to love your man and, at the same time, to set him free is vitally important for every woman. In Russia (as, I think, in other counries, too) it is still concidered to be the greatest achievent in life to meet a man (a rich one – the best option) and cling to him as tight as you can. Love has nothing to do with it, but who cares? Then these women start to ask themselves: why am I so unhappy? And they are unable to see the reason. For such women Fatima and her wisdom is a beacon. My friend’s seminars were dedicated to them. Many of them said that the idea of loving somebody without being possessive is “blowing up their minds”, they had never looked at it at this angle.
    As for me, this is the trait that attracted me immediately to the character of Fatima. As well as the idea that true love cannot prevent you from walking your path and following your destiny. Does it mean that if your loved one opposes your intentions, ideas and desires and tries to talk you out of doing what you want, the feeling that you think you have toward each other is not true?

    And there’s another question which may not be connected directly with Fatima from the Alquemist, but it is connected with the famous symbol – Fatima’s Palm. I am very interested and attracted to this symbol, I’ve been recently given a few things containing this motif and keep seeing it everywhere. I can feel that it is very meeningful for me. Unfortunately I cannot find any sufficient information about it. If anyone knows something on the subject, please share with me!


  25. costea adian says:

    cred ca fatima e adevarata comoara pe care o gaseste santiago..femeia e unul din chipurile lui dumnezeu dupa ]]la raul piedra am sezut si am plans”

    1. Alin says:

      Bună ziua şi Costea Paulo,
      Da, iubirea este í®ntotdeauna o comoara, cred că acest lucru. Åži aduce o í®ntrebare Paulo, Fatima, ea este o femeie l-ai cunoscut pe Camino ÅŸi indragostit, sau ea este direct simbolismul doamna de Fatima ÅŸi dacă da, de ce ea ÅŸi despre faptul că ceea ce iti place.

  26. Melyssab79 says:

    Fatima was so wise for one so young. She understood that love is not possession or ownership and that you cannot cage it. When she wanted Santiago’s happiness and sent him on to his Personal Legend with her blessing it really resonates with me that she understood something about love that many people struggle to accept: If you love someone it has to be for who they are and not for who you want them to be. I would love to know the rest of Fatima’s story. Sure, she lived at the Oasis and understood that men sometimes need to leave in the desert, but there is more to her.

    One thing that troubles me is the larger cultural picture. She let Santiago go and to pursue his dream…and yet culturally, as a woman, would she have had the chance to do the same? Aren’t there times and places and cultural traditions in which some, often sons, are allowed to leave home and define themselves, while others, often daughters, are prohibited from the same? My life in the US has offered me small, comparably negligible limitations being a woman, but I wonder how this text is read in other places in the world with more traditional gender expectations. Are there women reading this beautiful story of personal growth and thinking, “Good for Santiago….but what about Fatima? Did she have his freedom to grow, learn, travel, and thrive? She waits for her love to return from his Personal Legend and I admire her strength…but I can’t help wondering does she discover hers?

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Dear Melyssab,
      as you know in a story it’s impossible to write about everything. That’s why the questions that remain within your soul should make you act in your life.
      Much love

    2. Melyssab79 says:

      My musings were not a critique of your work, Paulo, but of the societies whose rules we find ourselves subject to. As for those questions, they have often guided my actions. One of the reasons I teach is because I believe strongly that sons and daughters hold equal promise and potential. Thank you for your response.


    3. Monika says:

      Dear Melyssab,
      That’s just the question I wanted to ask here too!
      By the way I am also a teacher.

    4. Jennifer says:

      Hello Melyssab,
      I recently finished reading “The Palace of Illusions” by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and the author explores your question through a retelling of the Mahabharat from a feminine perspective. You may find it a friendly book.


    5. Melyssab79 says:

      Thank you so much for the suggestion :) I’ll look for it.


  27. Alexandra says:

    Ok, Fatima, the proud Dervish maiden, is an example of the coincidentia oppositorum. For it relates to the daughter of the profett Mohamed, and to the Virgin Marry, that was seen by three little shepherd kid. Than her marriage, or love with Santiago, the boy that has the name dear to you, Saint Iago, hope I not misspell, is another example of duality, of two symbols that seem as opposite, but their union leads to happiness, harmony, love. I want to see clear your intention. Do you mean religions have to unify? Is that an idea you have from the so called Deus Otiosus?

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Dear Alexandra,
      religions are like the rays emanating from the same sun.
      Much love

    2. Alexandra says:

      Oh dearest, so beautiful comparison… Tank you so very much. Please once again, dont leave us…I see we take much of your time, maybe you need time and space, but now we are used to you, to the team, company… Please do know all was the best always here in your blog, as in your novels too…Take care ,thank you …

    3. Melyssab79 says:

      What a beautiful simile for the concept…I’ve often thought that religious traditions shared more in common than they were different, and yet I never had the exact words to express that thought….you’ve said it perfectly :)


    4. I like very much this thought. Ever I belive in this concept

    5. Paulo Coelho says:

      que bien, querida Rosa.

    6. Gracias Paulo recuerdo que en el año 2006 era esto lo que estaba esperando que tú nos contestaras y ahora ya lo estás haciendo ¿Qué más te podemos pedir si todo nos lo concedes?
      Gracias de nuevo

    7. Santiago, just a day after he meets Fatima, he says to her ‘I want you to be my wife. I love you’ I love that part, it’s so innocent and pure, Santiago has a pure heart. And so does Fatima, for all the love she feels for Santiago and makes it easier for him to leave reassuring him that she will be there when he returns. I imagine it must not be easy to let go of love, but she does. And the Alchemist knows when he says, ‘She already has a treasure: it’s you’ what great lines.
      I too believe in love at first sight, it’s magical.

      Also what’s interesting is that Fatima appeared to the Shepard kids on the 13th, of May I believe?!

    8. Dear Paulo,

      I am curious about Fatima. Is the character of Fatima based on a woman you knew at the time you wrote the book, or is it based solely on the biblical lady of Fatima?


    9. Paulo Coelho says:

      No, it is based in a vision. And pls don’t ask me to ellaborate…

    10. Now I feel like Aditya, no ‘Dear’ or ‘much love’ !! :(
      I would like you to elaborate dear Paulo, but since you don’t want me to ask you, then I won’t!

      Thank you for your reply.
      Much love,

    11. Oh Paulo… won’t you share with us your vision? pretty please?? :)

    12. Monika says:

      To explain matters is quite simple. – Women as understanding like Fatima don’t exist in real life. They only exist in mens visions. ;-)

    13. Monika says:

      …and please don’t ask me to ellaborate.

    14. Lily says:

      Wow, this is very interesting Fatima being based on a vision. I thought it was your wife Paulo. Christina, since it was her that pushed you to go on the Pilgrimage and like Fatima she said that she will wait for you.
      If Fatima is based on a vision than is the merchants daughter based on Christina?

    15. francesca says:

      Monica, women like Fatima do exist,
      Fatima is all over the place, just open your eyes
      maybe there’s also a Fatima inside you, waiting to be seen ;-)

    16. aditya says:

      U naughty carolena,,
      paulo asks u not to ask and u ask, very human i will say since times of eve and hence adam too, afterall what men do all their lives other than following their women ( who sometiems appears to them in teh form of their ambitions ),

      how can a vision be shared, paulo has tried his best, by writing that book.

      i wrote that just in lighter vain ( we know the value of his time ) as i am sure u too have writen above and i am writing this.

      u know we are ( all people who visit teh site here ) are part of a first time in history situation. there have been great authors in past, and i am sure great readers too. But this is teh first time when an author as evolved as paulo is intercating with a large group of people on daily basis. Do u feel special.


    17. Paulo Coelho says:

      Dear Aditya
      Carolena is like this. I met her personally this January. She insist till she gets an answer, or she gets tired of asking. In my case, she always gets tired of asking. A wonderful person, with a very strong character

    18. Alexandra says:

      ha ha ha
      very funny

    19. Heart says:

      I’m with Carolena. Elaborate! Please! Fatima, a vision? She is so unlike any other of your other female characters. She cannot be Pilar. She cannot be Maria. She cannot be Zahir. Let’s hear at least some about your vision? You cannot first say A then not B. Now you HAVE to tell us. Please, please…

    20. Paulo Coelho says:

      Perfect – perseverance brings good luck. In 1987 I was in Cairum, a friend of mine and a friend of him I went to the desert riding horses. On our way back, it was night I decided to walk to the pyramids (that’s why the sheperd also see the pyramids at night). It would be a 1 hr walk.
      The friend of my friend took the horses, and went to the pyramids to wait for us. While walking, I SAW – then it is up to you to believe or not – in the middle of nowhere this young woman with a jar. She appeared in front of us, walked silently in the opposite direction, and disappear.
      Later on, in 1988, when I wrote the Alch, she was the inspiration.

    21. Paulo!!!… What are you saying about me??? You are right though! lol
      And yes, I can never get a straight answer from you, and yes, it tires me… So you win, but I’m learning from the best, and if the universe conspires in us meeting again, watch out! ;)

      But all jokes aside, it was Such a Pleasure to meet you and be in your vicinity, experience your energy and your aura… I feel very comfortable with you, Well, I was very nervous to meet you as I’m sure you noticed, I almost broke out in tears when I saw you face to face. Not almost… I did, but being around you I feel very serene and comfortable. Like I know your soul, it’s not quite the same as feeling like you know someone from another lifetime, but more like knowing their essence, the soul.

      Did you know that numerologicaly, we have the same birth number, 8. I have quite an interest and fascination in astrology, numerology and alchemy and such so this is not only exhilarating for me, but almost unbelievable Ok not only that, we actually have our month, day and year deducing down to the exact same numbers:
      8/24/1947 = 8+6+3 = 8
      8/15/1974 = 8+6+3 = 8

      Crazy don’t you think? I am not an expert in arithomancy, but it is an ancient science which contains many mysteries and revelations originating probably way before Pythagoras. The universe is based in mathematics which in turn comprises energy vibrations in all existence.

      Furthermore, 8/15 has a direct relation to the lady of Fatima, but I will not go into that.

      Paulo, Thank you for the elaboration! :)

      And Thank you for the opportunity to meet you! I will cherish it forever!

      Love Always,

    22. Jennifer Estellore says:

      Oh, I would love to have that chance of meeting you in person! And thank you for coming up with this forum. I hope you have knowledge of the breadth of your influence to millions of lives out there. You took this one bold step – dream!, and you’ve shown the world how to do it.