1. Eran Tal says:

    Melchizedek was not christian nor muslim and existed much earlier, he is mentioned in the old testiment, or what i, as a jew, call Torah. he is in genesis, this is his first ever mentioning in the oldest book known to mankind:
    the bible (not king george’s – which was written by the king just to separate england from the roman catholic church) – which was written by Moses – as god instructed him to write.
    check this link on wikipedia:
    and i don’t believe what it says about him being importent to the other religions, as when something is mentioned first time, it can not be mentioned for a seconed time, and still be considered as original at the second time.
    christianity took it as a copycat from Judaism – which existed about 1500 years before christianity.
    macki – in hebrew (the first language in the world) is: my king, or king.
    salem – in hebrew is: shalem, meaning: whole (in one piece – or: perfect)
    meaning: the king of jerusalem: the perfect city (jeru – comes from hebrew: yeru or yeer: meaning: city)
    cheers, Eran.

  2. Len Tagal says:

    Hi Paolo,

    I have read The Alchemist 5x. Each time I read it, I learn something new from the book or I discover something new about myself.

    You seem to write with ease, judging from the books that you’ve written or your blogs.

    Just curious, did you encounter any difficulties in writing the Alchemist? Was there a point when you did not know if Santiago will find his treasure or not?

    Thank you.


  3. soundzero says:


    If my understanding is correct, Melchizedek, King of Salem (Jerusalem) is Yeshua (Jesus)? This makes perfect sense to me.

    1. Manu B. says:

      I have that question too…i just can imagine Melchizedeck as Jesus guiding Santiago on his way..

      Manu B.

  4. olivia says:

    What to say when you have said it more beautifully, more majestically than i could ever suppose. i have read the alchemist, three times, and every time i am a bit drunk travelling on a train or bus or plane and it makes me look at the people around me and think the most amazing interconnectednesss thoughts, making me want to be closer and more honest and more real with people than i have ever dared nyself to be. and i realise….i am afraid. i am a single, lonely, isoolated human on this planet i am fear. amd it makes me sad, and excited and scared at the same time. it makes me feel more real and more connected and more alone than i have ever felt. and i feel like the boy, and i wish my soul and life were as free as his, to leave my redundant, meaningless life behind and do something as pure and honest and necessary as him. and then i feel unafraid. i would love to feel the cool sand of the desert beneath my feet and i pray for the moment i might dare to take a teacher. and a teacher may take me. and gold, it is nothing. i feel love right now. thank you from my heart paolo. thank you xxx

  5. Marta Adriana says:

    I don’t understand why the discussion on Paulo’s books has gotten so cold.
    Paulo’s books are unique and this is a unique opportunity for us to discuss about them with other readers and to express how we feel and what we think about them.
    Maybe we think they’re going to be here for us to discuss about them forever. The same attitude because of which we always put off doing what we need to be spiritually alive. The same reason because of which we almost never think we are going to die.
    Let’s not waste the chance to comment on them.
    Tomorrow might be late.

    I understand that Melchizedec symbolizes some kind of agreement between God and us. The character is enlightning and encouraging and helps Santiago to make a decission.
    What I like the best is that he teaches him that everything has a price and we all should be willing to pay it if we want to follow our hearts. The tithe is the symbol of that price.

  6. Serafim says:

    А сейчас есть Мельхиседеки на планете.
    И какие уровни духовных наставников существуют.

  7. Heart says:

    Oh, Ninni… varm klem til deg!

    Why, WHY… do we have to struggle so much? Why does a mother has to run and fight to keep he children safe. Her man should protect her. The society should protect her. What’s wrong with this world! I am very happy to see how you are able to use any channels you can find, and BEING SO STRONG. Yes, thank God you found support somewhere. God bless your two darling children :)

    All my love and blessings to you too,

  8. Ninni, wow, what a story! You were brave. That should be a personal choice, which seems you gave to your child, that’s really wonderful!
    The Melchizedek Priesthood? what are they really about?

    1. Thank you for your reply Ninni,

      I did manage to find that information online, rather, I was looking for firsthand experience. I understand though your second hand language is a barrier!

      Thank you,

  9. lrg says:

    In the Roman Catholic tradition, Melchizedek is considered the original ancient priest (presbyter), from whom current priests spiritually descend, making Melchizedek in some sense immortal. A presbyter, similar to the usage of “elder”, as in “village or town elder,” encompasses the knowledge, wisdom, traditions, temperance, and strength of innumerable generations before, the ultimate source of which is the Father.

    With the role of Melchizedek, the novel reaches the ancient source of the three great Abrahamic faiths, rendering the events to follow applicable to all. In this manner, Melchizedek becomes the presbyter or elder counsellor to a young Santiago (a contraction of Santo Jacobo (Hebrew Ya’aqob), or Saint James) and upon whom he grants blessing. Melchizedek himself does not give grace, but, much like a priest today, gives Santiago the tools to fulfill his own spiritual destiny. These tools come in the form of blessing, the two rocks, and confidence of having met and received the approval of an immortal king.

    Melchizedek thus becomes, to the prepared mind, a guide at the start of the path: “It begins here.” To all minds so prepared, Melchizedek will continue to get you on your way and grant you blessing, so that your name will truly fulfill its own sanctity. With Melchizedek’s “immortality” and the sign of the devine in Santiago (as in all of us), the book draws us in to seek our own Personal Legend, making it easily applicable to all.

    1. WOW, I appreciate this explanation very much. Thank You Irg!

      Love to All, Jane : ) xo

  10. aida vyasa says:

    melchizedek in arab and islam can be describe as Malikus Sadiq rite? :)

  11. Heart says:

    Some years ago I wrote, what I believe is the best I have written in my life (I’m not a writer), a little novel called ‘Serenade’ (unpublished). The last word in this text is ‘Immortality’. Now, when reading a bit about Melchizedek I learn he often is seen as a symbol of gaining immortality. Will our work make us immortal, will our children, will our souls and heart and physical beings be immortal? This is such a huge question.

    1. Immortality is a central issue for an Alchemist. I believe any number of things can bring us immortality. Writing is a major one, music, any one of the arts. I believe it is an individual thing.

      Best way to describe it would be to say it is ones’ Personal Legend, which when followed and attained, sets the soul free, able to connect with the soul of the world.

      For me, I would say writing is a major one, but higher in importance than that is giving birth. Being a mother has been in my soul ever since I can remember, even before I started writing. It’s what has guided my every step in life and once I give birth, that would be the greatest alchemical process of my life and would bring me immortality!


    2. Alexandra says:

      I totally agree, and I linked the story teller, or writer to Sheherezada, the smart woman from the Arabic nights, who eludes death telling each night a new story. The story teller do the same, through a story we forget our troubles, so we live in another realm. A writer will survive with his work.

    3. True Alexandra, and that’s a Great story! She was Smart!!
      Amor :)

    4. Heart says:

      Carolena, YES! Two fascinating statements; ‘…giving birth…would be the greatest alchemical process’ and ‘would bring me immortality’. May I add, writing or creating art, or even just care in a humanitarian sense, gives very similar personal growth. I’m thinking about all the holy saints, who for instance gained immortality though martyrdom. Both ways are painful during the process, but looking at the outcome, we don’t hesitate to go through hell to reach heaven.

      Yr a genius Carolena Fatim,

    5. Thank you Annie and Heart!

    6. Marta Adriana says:

      What a beautiful way to talk about motherhood! I felt inclined to reply because being a mother is the most life-enhancing event that has ever happened to me. When I took my son in my arms he also grabbed me by hands and led me through the fields of my childhood , heaven , and soul to restore everything that was broken. In other words , he saved me. I’m very proud of the person I am now because God decided to send me an angel. Your comment about gaining inmortality through motherhood is an amazing way to put it.

    7. Thank you Marta!
      I like the way you described it, as I have not had any children yet!
      I’ve been waiting a long time to be a Mother :) I’m sure my Angel will come soon too! Hopefully!

    8. aditya says:

      Hi All !

      a very interesting thought ‘immortality’ and very nice takes on it by annie and carolena ! i too tend to beleive that one lives on through one’s children.

      But why should we pursue immortality, a long life yes, bbut why do we want to be immortal ? one who has faith, lives in the moment, lives till he lives and does not live when he does not. In m,y view there is no need to pursue immortality, if someone may indeed become immortal, it would be more of a pain than pleasure !


    9. Aditya

      If you believe that we are souls, spiritual beings on this planet, then we are already immortal! Unless you think that when you die, you’re done for!

    10. Heart says:


      Perhaps if you would let women dress in Jeans, and Paulo would wear pink once in awhile, you’d want to live forever too :)

      Of course I’m just joking and teasing you,

  12. Suzanne says:

    You(Jesus Christ) are a priest forever…a priest like Melchizedek of old-Bible

  13. Debbie says:

    Hi everyone, when I was younger I only liked reading VERY VERY short stories, like those that were 3 pages long. The Alchemist was the 1st fictional book I risked reading knowing it had more than 3 pages but that was one of those magic moments that I will forever be grateful I used.
    When I read about Melchizedek,for some reason,as I read more about the character I got goosebumps and I could tell there was something divine about the character. I would like to know Paulo Coelho’s opinion on if the character were more of Santiago’s guardian angel or God.


  14. Jennifer says:

    I’m interested in understanding why Melchizedek, Fatima, and Urim and Thummin, were used in the story? Were these specifically chosen for their Semitic/Jewish/R. Catholic roots?

  15. Barcelona_20_euros_en_un_café says:

    For me Melchizedek is like the push that sometimes we need to jump to the unknowless, to make our dreams.

  16. Dances With Crayons says:

    Melchizedek is of interest to me. There was a recognition; immediately I trusted his sincerity, love, understanding and truthfulness, in whatever form, as he walked with Santiago. Thank You Paulo, Love to All xo

  17. Nancy says:

    I did not understand the character Melchizedek. I remember having to re-read the part where Santiago meets Melchizedek at the square. I kept wondering who is he and what does he mean to the story?? The Alchemist introduced a type of person I have never met. Now I wonder was Santiago the only person able to see Melchizedek?

  18. Biombo says:

    The King of Salem, Melchizedek, gives our brave Santiago two stones, Urim and Thummim. He gives him the instructions to ask an objective question and the “black” stone will reveal a “yes” and the “white” a “no”.

    Warrior of Lights (meaning us readers) if you had the stones in your pocket what would be your question?
    Mine: Will I ever meet my brother?

    1. Dances With Crayons says:

      Hello Biombo. What a great question! I will pray that you meet your brother. My question would be: Will I be blessed to live long enough to make all my dreams come true?
      Thank you Biombo, Love to All xo Jane : )

    2. My question would be… will my baby be a boy or a girl!
      I have always had the feeling that my first child will be a girl.
      To me it doesn’t matter what sex my child will be, it will not make me love him or her any less, but I guess that’s one question that I would like to know.

  19. Alexandra says:

    Dear Carolena, you were always kind to me. Of course I see the point. Was my mistake of expressing myself…Sometimes I write without thinking too much…Or checking my lines. HMMMM.
    Take care dear

    1. Oh Alexandra, I know how that is, typing fast sometimes I do the same. No worries Alexandra, we had a good laugh!! :D Thanks for the laugh!

    2. Alexandra says:

      I know what you mean…I read the post of Mirella Baron …Cant help…

    3. What do you mean Alexandra, pardon me, I do not understand!

    4. Alexandra says:

      Dear Carolena, I read yesterday a post on the Signs section…But I cant find it today…Was about the party at Paulo Coelho feast.And about someone we know… I was dreaming??? I dont think so.I not say more, because is not nice. Take care

  20. Elaine says:

    I find it interesting that you would choose Melchizedek for the name of the master. Are you aware that Melchizedek held the highest order of priesthood? I find it amazing that you would have Melchizedek put his hands above the boy’s head and bless him before the boy began his journey. A wonderful practice don’t you think? Do you bless people?

    1. sido66 says:

      For my own experience , i appreciated the blessing of the priest, in the church of the “collegiae church of Roncevalls”, for the 4 pélerins present , that were going on the paths of Santiago de Compostela.


  21. Alexandra says:

    I had search information about the biblical character, and found different point of views. I can say that is one of most mysterious, some think is God… I really love that character, and the magical relation that develops between him and Santiago, a master servant relation maybe? Interesting that he leave to Santiago the final decision, and he does not offer everything to Santiago, but let him struggle for his dream.

    1. Alexandra, I think so too. The King, is like a guiding master to Santiago. Symbolic of a Guardian Angel. I find a correlation between Melchizedek and J. And although J is male, I see a very feminine aspect to J. The reason I do not know, but the impression is strong.

    2. Paulo Coelho says:

      Dear Alexandra,
      the relationship developed between Santiago and Melchizedek is not a “master-slave” one. But rather a “master-disciple” one.
      There’s an old saying that if you wish someone not to starve, teach the person to fish. The best way to help someone is by empowering that person. This is also how the person can brake away from the cycle of dependency.
      Much love

    3. What a funny thread lol… master and slave… this is turning into a Dominatrix story lmao ;D

    4. Dear Alexandra, I am sure you know that I was joking, knowing your humor, I’m sure you’re only laughing at this too!

    5. Heart says:

      Hi Carolena,

      Sounds like you are discussing ‘Eleven Minutes’. That kinky Geneva!

    6. Hi Heart, ‘Eleven Minutes’ was a Great book and kinky yes, but it’s not the Alchemist… I’m giggling too! lol

    7. Alexandra says:

      That was my intention to say, indeed. Master disciple, but my not perfect English made me that bad joke now…So sorry. Thank you for your answer.

    8. Alexandra says:

      Ha ha ha, you do have funny fantasy…Enjoy…A good laugh is sun-shine in a house…Much better than cry.

  22. Alexandra says:

    Maybe as yin and yang …

  23. Hi Annie and Alexandra,

    Well, the words Urim and Thummim are derived from Hebrew Urim meaning Light, and Thummim perfections & innocence.

    Considering Urim means light, it most probably is the white stone meaning ‘NO’ whereas Thummim being the black one, means ‘Yes’

    They are used for divination, used to determine God’s will and still the king said to Santiago to make his own decisions whenever he can.

  24. You’re welcome Annie! I hope I’m right although Paulo rarely ever replies to my posts and questions :(

  25. Heart says:

    Mikroteri athelfi, you are so beautiful!

    Yes, immortality through work and through your children and what we do for others, we know this will live on. However, I want immortality with my heart, soul, mind and my whole human being. I want to live forever…pass on to another life ok, but not die, and no afterlife.

    I really liked your comment on Hemingway about how we all can identify better individually with the story, if the character’s name isn’t repeated all the time. Yr, a very clever young lady!

    S agapo poli too… Jeg elsker deg lille sí¸steren min, I love you my little sister,

  26. Heart says:

    Annie…It’s beautiful, beautiful. Thank you so much. I never noticed this tune by Queen till now. You know he died from HIV. So sad. Two things comes to mind. A lot of rock music lack that spiritual dimension you are talking about, ‘passing on to another life..nothing ends, just transforms..your soul – your true being – is eternal’ Yes, I really, really hope so. Second, I remember reading about the Alchemist, that he can heal all diseases. Where were he when Freddie Mercury died? God Rest his soul.